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52 Tiny Houses with Downstairs Bedrooms!

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While climbing into the top bunk might have been fun when we were kids, it’s much less appealing as an adult. Loft bedrooms are a great option in tiny houses because they allow for maximization of space, BUT they have their drawbacks — especially if you have any mobility issues.

That’s why we decided to compile a list some of the best tiny houses with downstairs bedroom options we could find! We made a similar list back in 2016, but we wanted to make a part two with 52 more awesome examples of ground-floor sleeping options. From Murphy Beds to slide-out beds to full bedrooms, you’ll find it all in the list below!

Let us know which one is your favorite!

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1. Mustard Seed Tiny House on Wheels Has A Main Floor Bedroom With A Full Closet!

Mustard Seed Tiny Homes still sells their Everest model with its amazing ground-floor bedroom with huge closet! This room is large enough you can walk all around the queen-sized bed.

Read more about it here >>>

2. Cabinet-Maker’s Stunning 39 Ft. Tiny House With A Stand-Up Desk Loft

I tried not to include too many goosenecks in this list because they do require steps to get to the bedroom, but this home has such amazing storage it’s worth looking at for ideas. Plus you can fully stand up in the bedroom and walk all the way around the bed.

Read more about it here >>>

3. Tru Form Tiny Villa with Downstairs Bedroom!

Besides being absolutely gorgeous, this home manages to fit a downstairs bedroom into just 26 feet, without compromising on a spacious living area. Plus it’s a new design you can get built right now from Tru Form Tiny.

Read more about it here >>>

4. Young Man Builds DIY Tiny House For $8k With A REAL Bedroom

Matt Ryans DIY Tiny House on Wheels with A Bedroom 008

© Matt Ryan

Matt’s tiny house features a spacious main-floor bedroom design. It really doesn’t even look like you’re in a tiny house on wheels, right?

Get the full tour right here >>>

5. Clean & Modern Park Model Retirement in SoCal

Park models can get a bad rap, but if you find the right company and location, they’re an awesome option for tiny living. At 400 square feet, you get more space to fit in that ground-floor bedroom without feeling cramped. Take this lovely retirement home for example!

Read more about it here >>> 

6. Boho XL Wide Tiny House on Wheels from ESCAPE

ESCAPE has a number of awesome tiny house models with downstairs bedrooms, and the BOHO XL Wide is just one example. This has a great studio feel that works well for a single person or couple.

Read more about it here >>>

7. Affordable 34.5-ft. Tiny House with Up To TWO Bedrooms by Core Housing Solutions in Florida

This is an affordable tiny house with a main floor bedroom called the Dragonfly tiny house. It’s a 34.5-foot tiny home built on a trailer by Core Housing Solutions. It’s built with structurally insulated panels which give you great insulation, a strong build, and lighter overall weight.

See and learn more about it here >>>

8. Affordable And Compact 24-Ft. Tiny House With Main-Floor Bedroom

This is the Firefly Tiny House on Wheels. It’s built by Core Housing Solutions as a “truly affordable tiny house” out of Leesburg, Florida for $32,000. It even has a main floor bedroom. What do you think?

See and learn more about it here >>>

9. Cozy Rollers: Super Tiny Traveling THOW with Hidden Bathroom

While this bed does require setting up each evening, this home was worth a spot on the list because of its amazing use of space. At just 120 square feet, it includes everything you need plus a hide-away bathroom.

Read more about it here >>>

10. Even The Tiniest of Houses Can Feature Main-Level Sleeping Quarters, Like Frank’s Micro Cabin…

Franks Diy Micro Cabin Tiny House on Wheels

© Frank

This is the story of Frank’s micro cabin on wheels. He built it in all of about two months, doing all of the work himself, and using sustainable materials from his area in western North Carolina.

Learn more about Frank’s micro cabin on wheels >>>

11. One-of-a-kind 33-ft. Tiny on Wheels with Colorful And Artistic Interior, And Main Floor Bedroom

It was built in 2018 and features approximately 319.5 sq. ft. of space inside.

See the rest right here >>>

12. Jarid’s 32-ft. Tiny House with Main Floor Bedroom, Slide-Outs, Add’l Trailer Deck…

Jarids 32ft Tiny House in Florida 00b4

© Jarid

I built this to eventually be a rental so everything I built with, will last 30 years. A metal roof, high end vinyl siding, Trex decking, vinyl floors.

See the rest here >>>

13. Summer Night’s Dream Tiny House with a Real Bedroom by Teacup Tiny Homes

The Summer Night Dream Tiny House on Wheels by Teacup Tiny Homes 0022

© Teacup Tiny Homes

This is the Summer’s Night Dream Tiny House on Wheels by Teacup Tiny Homes.

See the rest/learn more here >>>

14. Tiny House on Wheels with a Full-Size Shower: The Orchid THOW by New Frontier Tiny Homes


Images via New Frontier Tiny Homes/StudioBuell Photography

Besides the amazing full shower, this THOW features a cool hide-away bed that rolls out from behind the couch when it’s time to sleep. Haven’t seen this much and it’s such a cool system!

Read more about it here >>>

15. The Beaverton Tiny House Escape in Portland, Oregon (Escape Boho XL)


Images via Tameka/Airbnb

Want a separate bedroom? This ESCAPE BOHO XL model has the room partitioned off with a sliding barn door so the bedroom can be a secluded oasis (or, you know, you can leave the bed unmade and not feel guilty).

Read more about it here >>>

16. Single Mom’s TWO Off-Grid No-Loft Tiny Homes in Australia

By combining two tiny houses, Amanda was able to get not one, not two, but three downstairs bedrooms in her home! Her room is one tiny and her girls each have a bedroom in the other THOW.

Read more about it here >>>

17. The Wanderer Tiny House by Summit Tiny Homes

The Wanderer Tiny House by Summit Tiny Homes 007

© Summit Tiny Homes

It’s a 22ft tiny house with with a main floor bedroom, additional loft, fold down deck, and more.

See the rest and learn more >>>

18. Tiny Bubble: Sylvie’s Retirement Home in France

This little teardrop-shaped home has an upstairs loft bedroom for guests, but the now-retired Sylvie wanted her twin-sized bed on the ground floor. Love the round window view!

Read more about it here >>>

19. Shellmate Island: Tiny Octagonal Home in Florida!

I absolutely love this little vacation home on an island built by the owners of Tiffany the Tiny House. It’s an octagonal home, which makes for a super unique interior.

Read more about it here >>>

20. Aging-in-Place Tiny House on Wheels by Tiny SMART House


Images via Tiny SMART House

We don’t see many tiny homes with Murphy beds and I’m not entirely sure why. That said, this retirement home makes great use out of one which doubles as a desk when folded up.

Read more about it here >>> 

21. Tiny Cottage On A Foundation w/ A Bedroom

This is the EverGreen Tiny Cottage at Tuckah Farms in North Carolina. It’s built on a foundation with a screened-in porch. It also has a pretty awesome outdoor shower. What do you think? Could a tiny home like this be the right fit for you?

See the rest and learn more about it here >>>

22. 512 Sq. Ft. Cottage Dwell Guest House in the City by Kanga Room Systems

Kanga Room Systems makes some of the best smaller foundation homes around, and I love their layout and size options. This gem has a spacious ground-floor bedroom in addition to a great loft room.

Read more about it here >>>

23. Kanga 16×40 Cottage Cabin with Modern Farmhouse Feel

Like I said, Kanga Room Systems knows how to do a little home. Another stunning bedroom in this larger farmhouse model. What’s cool is you can buy these homes turnkey, or as shells to save money.

Read more about it here >>>

24. 40 Ft. Shipping Container Home That Charges an Electric Car!

Had to include at least one cool shipping container home in this list. The couple uses a bookshelf to separate their bedroom from the rest of their home, and it works well! Plus they have a crazy solar system, so check all that out in the post!

Read more about this home here >>>

25. 572-sq.-ft. Prefab SledHaus Cabin with Spacious Bedroom

572-sq-ft SledHaus Prefab Home A Big Tiny House 0012

Images via Sledhaus

This is what we would call a big tiny house because it’s a 572-sq.-ft. space with a one bedroom, one bathroom layout built to IRC code featuring a spacious main-floor bedroom.

See the rest and learn more here >>>

26. 13-ft. Tiny House w/ Main Floor Bedroom… Tiniest THOW w/ a Bedroom?

13-Foot Tiny House with a Main Floor Bedroom

© Tiny House Building Company

This is the Alpine Tiny House on Wheels by the Tiny House Building Company. It’s amazing because it’s a 13-foot tiny house on wheels with a main floor bedroom.

Learn more and see the rest of it here >>>

27. 3D-Printed Concrete Tiny House by Icon Build

Talk about an alternative dwelling! This is a home created by a 3D Printer! It features a gorgeous ground floor Master bedroom and really neat curved lines (because why not?).

Read more about it here >>>

28. Nestron’s Newest Model: The Cube 2


Images via Nestron

Despite being just 290 square feet, this modern marvel includes two downstairs bedrooms in a sci-fi home. The floor plan shows you the full layout, but you’ll want to see the pictures here.

Read more about it here >>>

29. Honeycrisp Cottage in Southern Vermont: A 280 Square Foot Getaway


Images via Airbnb

This little foundation home is stunning. It was designed by the couple that now rents it out; and it features both a ground-floor bed, and a loft bedroom. It’s somehow modern and cozy at the same time, and you’ll want to see all the windows.

Read more about it here >>>

30. Epic Yurt on Stilts Bordering Flathead Lake, Montana


Images via Airbnb

At 855 square feet, this vacation yurt definitely isn’t tiny, but it does feature two ground-floor bedrooms and gives you an idea of how to lay out a round space. Yurts come in just about any size, so you can always shrink it down to “tiny.”

Read more about it here >>>

31. A 38-ft. Tiny House with THREE Bedrooms, Luxury Bath, And Bunk Beds


Images via Tiny Idahomes

This home does have a gooseneck master bedroom and a loft bedroom, but it makes the list because of its innovative bunk bed room with bunks embedded into a slide-out. Brilliant work, Tiny Idahomes!

Read more about it here >>>

32. Handcrafted Tiny House with Wings: All Reclaimed Materials!

This home is too cool not to earn a spot on the list. It’s innovative “wings” allow the home to fold out to nearly double it’s closed up size, and supplies a twin-sized sleeping area across from the kitchen. Plus it was handcrafted!

Read more about it here >>>

33. THOW with Ground-Floor Bedroom from Forever Tiny Homes

While it’s shown unfurnished in this picture, the ground-floor bedroom in this THOW has enough space for a queen-sized bed. It’s also adjacent to the bathroom which is great for those middle-of-the-night trips to the toilet.

Read more about it here >>>

34. Tiny House with Two-Bedrooms on the Main Floor


Images via Tiny House Siesta

This tiny home doesn’t just have a downstairs Master bedroom, it has a kids’ bunkbed room as well! Made from part of a lifeguard stand, it’s a clever little vacation home.

Read more about it here >>> 

35. Couple’s Affordable Tiny House with Main Floor Bedroom

This is the story (and tour) of Bruce and Shari’s tiny house with a main floor bedroom. It’s the Dragonfly model from Core Housing Solutions which starts at $39,500 – it’s probably the most affordable 34.5-foot tiny house on wheels you can find and it’s built with SIP panels.

See the rest right here >>>

36. The 20-ft. Ozark Tiny House by Tiny Idahomes

20ft Ozark Tiny House with a Dinette Slide Out 001

© Tiny Idahomes

This is the 20ft Ozark Tiny House on Wheels with a dinette slide out. It’s built by Tiny Idahomes and is available for $39,900. What do you think?

See the rest right here >>>

37. Portage Bay Floating Home


Photos by Aaron Leitz for Ninebark Design Build

Want to live life on the water? This floating home by Ninebark Design Build is sleek and modern, and features a downstairs bedroom with huge windows to give you the best view.

Read more about it here >>>

38. A 28-ft. Rewild Tiny House with a Cozy Bedroom

Tiny house with ground floor bedroom plus two lofts by Rewild Homes

© Rewild Homes

This 28-ft. THOW by Rewild Homes has a main-floor bedroom that features a small bed, wardrobe, and a desk. It’s the perfect little bedroom, isn’t it? It also has a full kitchen, two lofts, and more…

See the rest right here >>>

39. A 10-ft. Wide Tiny House on Wheels With A Bedroom (Built by Minimaliste)

Laurier 10ft Wide Tiny House by Minimaliste

© Minimaliste

This is the Laurier Tiny House on Wheels by Minimaliste. It’s a 365-square-feet tiny home that’s 10-feet wide and 32-feet long. As you may already know, Minimaliste designs and builds modern and very comfortable tiny houses thanks to the extra width they’re willing to build.

See the rest and learn more >>>

40. How this tiny brick house in Australia was legally built

Because these granny flats are classified as alternative dwelling units in Australia, they can be put up in backyards legally. Now, of course, you still need someone’s backyard, but if you have family that wouldn’t mind, this a great choice!

Read more about it here >>>

41. She turned a 40-foot shipping container into her funky tiny home (Interview + Tour!)


Images via Shelley

While the interior of this home is modern and simple, the exterior couldn’t be funkier! Love all the character. This shipping container home has the ground floor bedroom separated from the rest of the house.

Read more about it here >>>

42. $100k tiny house with two main floor sleeping areas

This stunning build by Modern Tiny Living features two ground-floor bedrooms — one in the main living area, and another as a separate bedroom. The entire luxury THOW is gorgeous.

Read more about it here >>>

43. $10k Tiny House Built in 3 Months

This Magenta tiny home was built very inexpensively, and while extra tiny, it features a couch-to-bed in the main living area with no loft-climbing necessary. It should inspire us all to think tiny!

Read more about it here >>> 

44. Boho XL Wide Tiny House, Lot #1, At Escape Tampa Bay Tiny House Community

Lot Number 1 Escape Boho XL Wide 005

© Tiny House Talk

This is a Boho XL Wide located on lot #1 at Escape Tampa Bay Tiny House Village. This is a one-level tiny house with a walk-around bed. It’s very nice!

See more of it right here >>>

45. Incredible Tiny House with Amazing Views in Akaroa, South Island, New Zealand


Images via Glamping Hub

While this is a vacation spot, it’s layout is still entirely practical for full-time living with a functional kitchen and bathroom. It features a bed in the main living area, with huge picture windows to take in the views.

Read more about it here >>>

46. Simple 28-foot tiny home w/ main floor sleeping (open-concept design)

This home is no longer for sale, but that doesn’t mean we can’t get some inspiration from the lovely ground-floor sleeping area. This THOW has a studio-style set-up, with no separation between spaces.

Read more about it here >>>

47. 365-Square-Foot Beachfront Tiny House on Wheels in Greece


Images via Glamping Hub

Here’s another open-concept tiny house with a ground-floor bedroom on one side. It has a fancy modern feel inside and one entire side of the home is glass. Take some inspiration!

Read more about it here >>>

48. Igloo-Style Tiny House Getaway near Riga, Latvia


Images via Glamping Hub

I just love this bed cubby! This home has an igloo-like style with cool curvature, and the bedroom really feels like you’re sleeping in a wooden igloo. What do you think?

Read more about it here >>>

49. The Anchor Shipping Container Tiny House by CargoHome


© CargoHome

Ending this list with a Murphy Bed, because I still think it’s one of the better ways to get ground floor sleeping in a tiny house. It doesn’t take up space during the day, and doesn’t require a lot of set up or take down.

Read more about it here >>>

50. Two-Bedroom, Two-Bathroom Tiny House at Escape Tiny House Village in Florida

Escape Mobile Home Two Bedroom Two Bathroom Tiny House at Escape Tampa Bay Village in Florida 001

© Tiny House Talk

This is a two bedroom tiny house on wheels. More specifically, it’s a two bed, two bath mobile home built like a cabin by Escape. The home is parked on lot number six at the Escape Tampa Bay Tiny House Village and features a large rear deck accessible via glass slider. The Escape Space CLASSIC shed pairs nicely with it as a guest house or office, doesn’t it?

See the rest right here >>>

51. The Nora Tiny House by Go Tiny, 240-sq.-ft. with a Bedroom

28-Foot Nora Tiny House on Wheels with a  Main Floor Bedroom by Go Tiny

© Go Tiny

This is the Nora Tiny House by Go Tiny. It’s a tiny home built onto a 28-foot drop axle trailer with approximately 240-square-feet of space inside.

See the rest here >>>

52. The 32-ft. Farmhouse by Liberation Tiny Homes with a Bedroom

88k Farmhouse tiny house w main floor bedroom and super nice bathroom via Liberation Tiny Homes

© Liberation Tiny Homes

This is a 32-foot Farmhouse tiny house on wheels with a main-floor bedroom for $88,000. It’s built by Liberation Tiny Homes.

See the rest and learn more about it here >>>

So tell us, which downstairs bedroom was your favorite?

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Natalie C. McKee

Natalie C. McKee is a contributor for Tiny House Talk and the Tiny House Newsletter. She's a wife, and mama of three little kids. She and her family are homesteaders with sheep, goats, chickens, ducks and quail on their happy little acre.
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  • Cyndi Lopriore
    August 5, 2020, 2:53 pm

    Of all the Tiny Houses listed today, I liked best the Orchid from Frontier Homes, and the BOHO XL. I must say that one I did not see here is listed in my Bookmarks because it could sit my whole family for seating on special days. It also had stairs and I could sleep down if I needed to. Although, I did not see a W/D in it though and do not want all those high cabinets, bottom 2 just fine. All in a dream!!! 🙂

    • Alex
      August 5, 2020, 4:08 pm

      Hi Cyndi, which is the one in your bookmarks? So curious 🙂

      • Cyndi Lopriore
        August 8, 2020, 12:47 pm

        Hi Alex, This model that I had put in my bookmarks was the:
        Rivendell THOW by Modern Tiny Living! The color of the seating and on the cabinets is gorgeous. I believe I have this correct. Thank you for the comment response, take care Alex! 🙂

  • August 5, 2020, 3:53 pm

    Natalie I love it when you and Alex put out a group of like units for us to compare and dream about, this selection was very informative and stimulating. It even got me thinking of waterborn options again and how most of my designs would work in waterway areas just mounted on a barge, some of the barges can even have tankage under for moving water and raising and lowering the profile as well as sea worthiness in High Wind times. We need these so the future of housing can be both smaller and flexible as environments and economies are REALLY going to change fast for the younger set. Keep up the great work.

    • Alex
      August 5, 2020, 4:08 pm

      Thanks, Bill, appreciate the kind words!

  • Nate Turner
    August 19, 2020, 11:47 am

    This is a great article. It’s useful to see different solutions people come up with for the same issues, even if the particular aesthetic style doesn’t match our tastes. Thanks for putting this all together for us to see!

    • Natalie C. McKee
      August 19, 2020, 12:41 pm

      So glad it was helpful!

  • September 12, 2020, 3:50 pm

    A lot of great configurations here but you missed one. Ours! We built in 2018, sourcing the shell from engineering firm #ZeroSquared Located in Calgary,Alberta and having the finish work done by ICanBuildItLLP in Hagerstown, MD in time for filming for the 5th season (episode 5) of the Tiny House Nation show. We had 60 days from the time we were contacted by the producers to the time that the cameras were rolling so a very intense time. We have been living in it full time since December 2019 after taking it to FL when efforts to locate it in the Annapolis, MD area fell through. Loving the tiny life! The Murphy bed folds up and the area becomes my office as I am blessed to be able to work remotely as part of the sustainable lifestyle. Thanks! Phil and Karen

  • Kim Schult
    December 11, 2020, 1:56 pm

    Our Tiny has downstairs bedroom too! It’s the Finale from Movable Roots. It also has a bedroom loft.

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