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Tiny House Plans

Are you looking for tiny house plans? You’ve come to the right place because this is likely the largest collection of available tiny house designs and floor plans available on the Internet in one place.

Explore hundreds and even thousands of varieties of tiny homes from all shapes and sizes and who knows, you might find the perfect match! Maybe by this time next year, you’ll be working on the finishing touches of your very own tiny home.

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Mi Casita Custm Modern Tiny Living Build

Mi Casita Tiny House: Custom Build by Modern Tiny Living

Modern Tiny Living recently completed a custom build for a client named “Mi Casita.” The 26-foot tiny house has a sand-colored exterior and plenty of Southwestern flair, including an arched accent over the door designed to mimic traditional adobe homes. Teal and turquoise accents mix perfectly with the white walls, wooden trim, and built-in cabinets. [...]


White Oaks Cottage Plans

It’s always great to find plans for little housesβ€”just more significant than the 400 square feet most municipalities need to let you build on a foundation. The White Oaks plans are for a 523 sq. ft. cottage with a clever Murphy Bed set-up in the main living/dining/kitchen area to keep everything on one level. The [...]


Modern A-frame Cabin Plans with First-Floor Bedroom Design

This is the Fjallstuga A-Frame plans by the Small House Catalog. While we’ve shown you an earlier version of these, they recently updated the plans and added some new renderings to show off the possibilities! The great thing about these plans is the first-floor bedroom at the back of the A-Frame, which means you don’t [...]

Havhytter plans NEW pictures

New Pictures of Havhytter: 224 sq. ft. Cottage Plans

We showed you the Havhytter tiny house plans when they were first released, but Small House Catalog has re-released the plans with some updates and a couple of new images. This gable-roof cottage includes a loft bedroom above an open-concept living/kitchen/dining room. A compact 3/4 bathroom provides just the necessities, while the kitchen is a [...]

Craftsman Style Plan 890-11 432 sq ft, 1 bed, 1 bath

432 sq. ft. Craftsman Tiny House Plans

This is a gorgeous 432 sq. ft. Craftsman-style tiny house, and you can purchase the plans for the design! The house has a unique switchback roofline that allows for a vaulted ceiling in the great room, and plenty of headroom in the loft bedroom. The galley kitchen takes up one wall and the bathroom is [...]

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Kyka Plans Updated 32

Kyka Small House Plans: 497 sq. ft. 1 Bedroom + Loft Cabin Plans

We showed you the Kyka cottage plans back in 2021, but they’ve been updated with new renderings! These pictures show off a beautifully modern cabin that could easily serve as a full-time residence for a couple, or even a small family because of the loft bedroom space. The plans have a generous first-floor bedroom next [...]

Polaris Tiny House Plans 001

Polaris Tiny House Plans

Today, we’re thrilled to introduce you to the Polaris Tiny House Plans – blueprints for building a cozy tiny home of your own. Let’s dive into what makes these plans unique and how they may be able to turn your tiny house dreams into reality. Let us know your thoughts in the comments. Don’t miss [...]

2024 Studio Series 8’ x 20’ 133

8’ x 20’ 2024 Studio Series by California Tiny Houses

Here’s another winner of the TinyHouse.com awards! This one is considered the “Best Budget-Friendly” build of 2023. Dubbed the “Studio Series” by builder, California Tiny Houses, TinyHouse.com nicknamed it the “Blueberry” for it’s signature powder blue clapboards. The 20-foot tiny house boasts a single-floor layout, with a couch in the living room folds out Murphy-style [...]

Save 8K on eOne X 10

Save $8K on an eOne XL!

If you need a tiny house with extra space, the eOne XL from Escape is a great tiny house layout! This design offers two loft bedrooms, a cozy living room, a large galley kitchen with full-sized appliances, and even a full-sized bathroom with a tub and shower. The exterior of this one is a beautiful [...]

477 Sq. Ft. Plans for Stiltsville-Inspired Home 2

477 Sq. Ft. Plans for Stiltsville-Inspired Home

Now, these are some unique tiny house designs! This would be the perfect option for anyone living near water or as an alternative to a treehouse. If you live somewhere warm enough, of course, since the living room is a covered porch. I would screen in the area so you could enjoy it no matter [...]

Stuga Tiny House Plans 5

Stuga Modern Tiny Cabin Plans Update

Here are plans for the Stuga tiny house, a gorgeous 390-square-foot cabin with sleek lines and Scandinavian influence. This one-bedroom cabin has a private room to house the queen-sized bed, while the rest of the space is open-concept, allowing the kitchen, living room and dining space to flow together. You can purchase these plans from [...]

595 sq. ft. Foundation Tiny House Plans 9

595 sq. ft. Small House Plans

These are some gorgeous house plans for a sweet 595-square-foot foundation home. This would make a perfect retirement home because it’s all on one level, and the larger square footage makes it an easier size to get approved in many normal residential areas. The house has just one bedroom and a full bathroom. The living [...]

20′ x 26′ Adirondack Cabin w: Loft Bedroom

20×26 Adirondack Cabin Plans: 520-sq.-ft. Small House

The Adirondack Cabin is a 520-square-foot small house that has a full standing-height loft bedroom, and a second smaller bedroom on the first floor, which is great if you’d rather not climb up the stairs. The rest of the plans make space for a full kitchen and a full bathroom, as well as a living [...]

Forest Vagabond Haven 2

Studio Tiny House with Modular Bed

The Forest is a beautiful studio-style home design from Vagabond Haven in Sweden. The affordable layout is only about €35,765 (around $38,000), and it features a neat modular bed/couch area that does double duty depending on the time of day. The house also includes a stovetop and mini-fridge, large pull-out storage drawers, and a comfortable [...]

Cedrus Small House Plans 8

Cedrus Small House Plans: 945 Square Feet

Cedrus is a lovely 945-square-foot small house design that gets everything you need on one level. The house not only has two bedrooms, but also two bathrooms and a large open-concept living/dining/kitchen area. While this is too big to be tiny, it’s a great smaller option for a family, or for a couple who regularly [...]

Vanlifers Build Little Earth A-Frame Vacation Cabin 43

Van Life Couple Build Minimalist A-frame Cabin​

Michal and Monika built this unique A-frame using the A-frame Bunkhouse Plus plans from Den Outdoors. They live in Poland and built the house on 25 acres of family land. There’s also a sauna on-site to heat up your stay. The bunkhouse has a small kitchenette, a compact bathroom in the back of the A-frame, [...]

Make Plans Single Level Studio Style 4

320 Sq. Ft. Single Level Make Tiny Home Plans

We’re excited to show off a brand-new tiny house plan today, coming from Small House Catalog. Here are the renderings for their 320-square-foot “Make” tiny house, which is a 16′ x 20′ foundation/slab home with a studio-style layout. It features a shed-style roof that elevates at the corner instead of the side, creating a unique [...]

Falcon’s Perch by Groupthink Architects for TheHut.Company

Falcon’s Perch House Plans

Introducing the Falcon’s Perch, a 1488 square foot modern take on a traditional ranch-style home. Designed by TheHut.Company, founded by some of the architects at Groupthink Architects, this two-bedroom, two-bathroom home is a perfect small space for a family of four. It has a kids’ bedroom and a primary bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, but [...]

Tiny Home Scandi 10

Scandinavian Cabin Plans: 26 x 16 Two Bedroom Cabin

Here’s the Scandi, a lovely 416 sq. ft. foundation tiny house with a loft bedroom and private first-floor sleeping area. You can purchase the plans for this adorable 26×16 space on Etsy. You even get a lovely covered porch in the plans, which I imagine you could screen in if you wanted to (or hey, [...]

Woodworker’s Epic Ambulance Conversion. 45

Woodworker’s Epic Ambulance Conversion

Cole and Shae are an awesome couple who live full-time in their converted ambulance! Cole works as a woodworker, transforming reclaimed wood he finds or is gifted on the road, and turning it into stunning jewelry and cutting boards. Shae has a “normal” job in medical billing, and she can do it remotely. They needed [...]

460 sq. ft. Foundation Tiny House w: Shed Roof Plans

460 sq. ft. Foundation Cabin Plans

These are the plans for a lovely little modern tiny house with 460 square feet. The first floor has an open-concept living room and kitchen, with a bathroom off the side. A spiral staircase takes you up into the loft bedroom, which is almost a full second story because you can stand full height inside. [...]

215 Sq. Ft. Saltbox Cabin Plans 6

215 Sq. Ft. Saltbox Cabin Plans

This adorable 12 x 20 cabin looks like the perfect retreat or little home in the woods! While it does have a loft bedroom, there’s enough space on the first floor for some kind of convertible bed if climbing a ladder is too arduous. In fact, with 12 feet of width, this tiny space feels [...]

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180 Sq. Ft. Nordic Style Tiny House Plans 3

180 Sq. Ft. Nordic Style Tiny House Plans

At 180-square-feet, this is quite the compact tiny house design! With the steep, sloping roofline and contrasting metal and wood siding, it hearkens back to many modern/Nordic-style tiny houses that have gained popularity recently. This one is essentially a backyard studio, with the queen bed as the focal point of the home. A kitchen runs [...]

384 sq. ft. A-Frame Plans Loft Bedroom 8

384 sq. ft. A-Frame Plans w/ Loft Bedroom

If you have a wooded lot — especially on the water — an A-frame is such a great house design! All the windows on the front side allow you to soak in stunning water views, while the solid roof panels on either side provide privacy. Plus, they’re still relatively uncommon, and it’s nice to have [...]

oma – Charming, Small, Modern House Plan 2

Soma – 640 sq. ft. Charming, Small, Modern House Plan

This charming little cabin is perfect for those looking for a small footprint but modern style! With a shed-style roof and a wall of windows on the front, it seems like a great home to place somewhere with a breathtaking view. The integrated electric fireplace means it’ll fit in great in colder climates. The house [...]

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Small Home Plans w: A Mudroom! 3 2

Small Home Plans w/ A Mudroom!

We hope you’re enjoying the selection of new small home plans we’ve been digging up for you! While many people can handle life in less than 400 square feet, others need a little more elbow room. This 624 sq. ft. uses that extra 224 square feet to add a practical mudroom and a full bathroom, [...]

Winter Park 660 Square Foot Tiny House Plans 8

Winter Park: 660 Square Foot House Plans

These small home plans would be perfect on a longer, thin lot, as this house stands at 58 feet long, and only 13 feet long. Eight feet of it is a covered porch off of the living room where you could enjoy a cup of morning coffee. The home is all one level, with an [...]

442 sq. ft. Single Level Tiny House Plans 6

442 sq. ft. Single Level Tiny House Plans

This single-level tiny house design has tons of Mid-Century Modern charm. At just 442 sq. ft., it’s barely over the legal “minimum” size for homes in many jurisdictions, meaning you may have an easier time getting it approved than a traditional tiny house on wheels. It has some exterior storage built into the framing of [...]

3 Stand-Up Bedrooms 80 sq. ft. Balcony Tree House Tiny Home on Wheels 7

Tree House Tiny House with 3 Standing Bedrooms!

Indigo River Tiny Homes has really outdone themselves with this incredible version of their “Entertainer” model, which they’ve dubbed the “Tree House.” Designed with three separate sleeping areas — all with standing height — it’s the perfect THOW for a family. One of the more novel features of this tiny house is the balcony off [...]

25×26 Modern Small Home Plans 2

16 Γ— 26 Modern Small Home Plans

This might just be the perfect tiny house plan! You get a spacious ground-floor bedroom, a 3/4 bathroom, and a large, open-concept living/kitchen area with an eat-in island. The covered porch brings the total square footage to 600, but the living space indoors caps off at 400 — right under that “tiny” threshold. You can [...]

10’ x 22’ Tiny House Foundation Plans 4

10’ x 22’ Tiny House Foundation Plans

While this looks like a poolside cabana, these tiny house plans could work as a compact single-level home for someone. They include a ground-floor queen bedroom, a 6×6 bathroom, and a living room/kitchen, so you can cook and hang out! The home is also designed with big, beautiful windows to let in lots of natural [...]

The Arden Rewild Homes 15

The Arden Tiny House on Wheels by Rewild Homes

Tiny homes are a great and fairly inexpensive way to enter the Airbnb market. With more and more towns accepting ADUs, it’s getting easier to put a tiny house in your backyard for your grown children, visiting relatives, or paid guests! That’s the case with The Arden, a Rewild Homes build designed as an Airbnb [...]

The Raven Tiny House 21

The Raven: 30’ X 8’6” Tiny House by Rewild Homes

Rewild Homes is always building gorgeous tiny houses, and the custom Raven is no exception! This off-grid-ready tiny house has two lovely lofts that can be used as bedrooms, and an amazing U-shaped kitchen with so much counter space. I really think everyone needs a U-shaped kitchen — they’re so practical! You enter French doors [...]