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Tiny House Plans

Are you looking for tiny house plans? You’ve come to the right place because this is likely the largest collection of available tiny house designs and floor plans available on the Internet in one place.

Explore hundreds and even thousands of varieties of tiny homes from all shapes and sizes and who knows, you might find the perfect match! Maybe by this time next year, you’ll be working on the finishing touches of your very own tiny home.

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350 Square Foot Stand Up Loft THOW 322

Tiny House with a Standing Queen Bed Loft

I’ve never seen a tiny house layout quite like this one! Not only does it have built-in full-sized bunk beds, but above those beds is an entire loft that you can stand in, making it easy to sleep 6 people (7 if someone sleeps on the couch)! The kitchen takes up the back wall, while [...]

2023 NOAH certified 28′ double loft Tiny Home 10

2023 NOAH-Certified 28′ Double Loft Tiny Home by Nomad Tiny Homes

This is a brand-new NOAH-certified tiny house that’s 28 feet long and has two lofts. One loft is accessible via a staircase loaded with storage underneath, and another can be reached by a removable ladder. There’s a large galley kitchen with a farmhouse sink, and the spacious bathroom includes a tiled shower stall and a [...]


The Luna Tiny House on Wheels by Hauslein in Australia

The Luna is a stunning one-floor model from Häuslein in Australia. The 27′ tiny house offers a private first-floor bedroom with a built-in closet, a living room slide-out for a comfortable couch, and a beautiful galley kitchen with a tile backsplash. There’s a small bathroom at the end of the THOW with a shower stall, [...]

Lénai Bunkhouse Gooseneck 4

Two-Bedroom Tiny House with a Home Office

The “Lénai” is the newest version of the 36′ Bunkhouse model from Indigo River Tiny Homes. Custom-built for a client, this iteration has an office/sitting room in the gooseneck, with a spare bedroom on the first floor. A galley kitchen takes up most of the main area, with a full bathroom on one end with [...]

Their Awesome THOW w Stand up bedroom 4

Married in Their Tiny Home with an Office

Shelby and her husband decided to downsize into a tiny home after the frustration of paying for a hefty mortgage on their home. Living in a tiny house community in California has allowed them to reduce their payments and enjoy more time not working! The house was a floor plan from Shaye’s Tiny Homes (in [...]

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Catskills Tiny House Workshop 7

This August 25-26: The Next Catskills Tiny House Workshop!

The Catskills Tiny House Workshop, two hours northwest of NYC, is having another two-day class on August 25th and 26th—teaching people how to design, move, and oversee-the-building of their own small house. The $495 fee (there are couple’s and group discounts) includes accommodations in three different tiny houses, all meals, sample blueprints, sample written plans, [...]

26′ Liv-Connected Via Standard Ground Floor Bedroom 24

26′ Liv-Connected Tiny House with Standard Ground Floor Bedroom

If you’re in the market for a beautiful single-level tiny house, this 26′ one designed by Liv-Connected, manufactured by ATOMIC Homes, and sold by Endeavor might be the perfect option! It’s a studio-style layout, but the bedroom is separated from the living space just slightly by the bathroom. The home is sleek and modern, with [...]

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Sandpiper by Orca 2

418 Sq. Ft. Sandpiper: New Prefab Home by ORCA

Steel-built prefab homes are a new way to tackle the housing crisis, and ORCA has just released their Sandpiper model, a 418 sq. ft. tiny house that’s built using a pop-up factory — sometimes on-site! There’s no trailer, which allows for the 13-foot width that leaves the home feeling extra spacious. ORCA also takes advantage [...]

7.2m Macrocarpa model 10

Macrocarpa Tiny House with a Stand Up Loft by Evergreen Homes in Australia

Here’s the 23.6 ft. Macrocarpa Model by Evergreen Homes Australia with a great stand-up loft and a full kitchen! There are pictures from two different Macrocarpa homes below to show off how you can customize it to your own needs. We also got to interview the owner of the business, Adam, about why he started [...]

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Craftsman Tiny Homes Nordic Exterior

The Nordic: 24′ THOW by Craftsman Tiny Home

This tiny home was built as a family project by a father and his three sons. The floor plan and design were created by mom. They call it the “Nordic” and have named their company Craftsman Tiny Homes. I’m proud of my 3 sons: 20, 22, & 23 years old who have been in the [...]

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Amelia Tiny House For Sale

The Amelia: A Mid-Century Modern Tiny House on Wheels

The Amelia is the latest tiny house creation from Teacup Tiny Homes in Canada. The gorgeous THOW has a mid-century modern feel on the interior with fun dark wood cabinets with flat round cabinet pulls. A staircase with rounded steps leads to the main loft bedroom, and there’s a ladder to another bedroom that could [...]

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Zero-3 Backyard Studio

Build Your Dream Backyard Studio with These Free Plans

Are you looking for a backyard studio design? These free plans are for a 17×12 cabin with space for an office area and a bed/couch set up. It would be a great way to expand your living space or create a guest room. Just like all the new Zero plans, these are free to download [...]

Zero 2 Gable Roof

Build a Cozy 10×14 Cabin with Free Plans from Zero

Here are some more awesome free plans from Zero, this time for a 10×14 cabin with a Scandinavian feel. The building has a traditional gable roof and includes planning for a wood stove to keep it extra cozy. This would make a great backyard office, although you could easily add a mini kitchen without sacrificing [...]

Zero-1 Tiny A-frame 7

Get Your Free 12×16 A-Frame Plans from Zero-4

Did you see the Zero-1 A-Frame plans? Well here’s the bigger version of that design, this time including a loft and space for a bathroom, making it much more conducive to full-time living or longer-term vacation stays. The Zero-4 plans come in at 192 square feet. Remember that these plans are all free! You can [...]

Zero-1 Tiny A-frame

Zero-1 Tiny A-frame: FREE Tiny House Plans

Get excited! The folks over at Small House Catalog now have a new website, Zero, where they are posting *FREE* tiny house plans. You select the plans and then customize them with certain details to meet your local requirements. Then you can submit the plans to the powers-that-be in your municipality and get to work! [...]

001 Free Tumbleweed Mica 20 Tiny House Building Plans

Four Tumbleweed Tiny House Plans for Free (2023)

Tumbleweed is giving away four tiny house plans for free! If you’re interested in building your own tiny house, looking at tiny house plans, and just learning what it might entail to build a tiny house, these 20-ft. tiny house plans from Tumbleweed could really come in handy someday when you are ready to build! [...]

One-of-A-Kind Fat Barrel 11

One-of-A-Kind Fat Barrel Cross Between Airstream & Wine Barrel

If you live in California, you might want to get one of these amazing Fat Barrel homes, “where Airstream meets wine barrel.” Fat Barrel Studios builds and installs these units (only in California) for $65,000, but you can also purchase plans to build your own! Not interested in owning one, or you’d rather try it [...]

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Adorable A-Frame DIY in Minnesota 2

Tiny A-frame Cabin Built for $2,500

Jack and Rylie lost their jobs in 2020, moved out of California, and back to Jack’s home state of Minnesota. That’s when Jack got to work building an A-frame retreat cabin on family land. He completed the build in 7 days for well under $2,500. The cabin is primarily a “glamping” set-up, with a twin-sized [...]

Pequeno 2

Pequeno Tiny House Plans Ft. Stand-up Loft & Office

Looking for a unique tiny home design? The Pequeno plans by Uber Tiny Homes offer a fun layout that includes a standing platform next to the queen-sized bed and a loft office where you can work in peace. There’s a compact but comfortable bathroom with a shower stall, and the galley kitchen makes room for [...]

14×28 Saguaro 5

14×28 Saguaro Modern Tiny House Plans

These are modern cubic home plans, perfect for creating a living space for one or two people that includes a separate first-floor bedroom area. There’s also room for a three-quarter bath and a u-shaped kitchen. The plans include a covered carport space, and a patio off the bedroom accessible by large folding glass doors. All [...]


Seattle’s List of Pre-Approved Tiny and Small House Plans

If you’re looking to build a detached accessory dwelling unit in Seattle, the city has a list of pre-approved construction plans. This can streamline the permitting process, as all you need to do is pick a plan and connect with the designer. There are plans available in various sizes, from 288 square feet to 1000 [...]


Joshua Tree Harebnb Built with Small House Catalog Plans

Here’s a sleek and modern two-story foundation tiny home built by Robert Abasolo from the Robuilt YouTube channel and is now used as an Airbnb in California. The “Conejito” plans for the build came from the Small House Catalog and you can purchase them to build your own tiny house here. This model is just [...]

Cottage Tiny House by Den Outdoors 001

Cottage Tiny House by Den Outdoors

This is the Cottage Tiny House by Den Outdoors, a tiny house design you can buy plans for and build yourself! It’s a minimalist-style cabin featuring a compact kitchen, bathroom, living space, and dedicated sleeping quarters as well as a storage loft. Don’t miss other interesting tiny house plans like this, join our Free Tiny [...]

Tiny House 2-0 by Den Outdoors 001

144 Square Foot Scandinavian Cabin Plans

This is the Tiny House 2.0 by Den Outdoors. It’s an upgraded version of their original design with a modernized touch. Don’t miss other interesting tiny house plans you can build yourself, join our Free Tiny House Newsletter for more blog posts like this!  144-sq.-ft. Tiny House 2.0 Plans by Den Outdoors A Versatile Space [...]

Two Tiny Homes in One Small House Tvo Duplex 7

Two Tiny Homes in One with this Duplex Cabin

While you’ll be hard-pressed to find many municipalities allowing foundation homes under 400 square feet, more and more communities are accepting in-law apartments and ADUs that allow members of the same family to live on the same property. These duplex plans could be a great way to give in-laws or kids their own space while [...]

The 500 sq. ft. Inzu Has a Moody Scandinavian Vibe

The 500 sq. ft. “Inzu” Has a Moody, Scandinavian Vibe

Tiny home enthusiasts across the country are trying to find ways to make it legal to build small homes on foundations — something to call their own and something with “roots.” These “Inzu” plans are for a one loft, one-bedroom (on the ground floor) tiny home on a foundation. The house comes in at just [...]

Stuga One Bed One Bath Foundation Tiny Home Plans

Modern 390 Square Foot Cabin Plans

At just 390 square feet, the Stuga tiny house is a “true” tiny house (under 400 sq. ft.) that’s designed to be built on a foundation. It’s essentially a modern square that’s divided into a kitchen/living area and then features a separate bedroom and bathroom. Lots of windows and doors bring light inside, and there’s [...]

Hickory Outlook 2

Hickory Outlook Tiny House Plans

Looking for a one-level, loft-free tiny house that you can build? Look no further than these amazing Hickory Outlook tiny house blueprints and building plans that are on sale now! The plans include all you need to have your home professionally built. It includes a bathroom with a luxury shower and space for a washer/dryer [...]


He built a Tiny House at age 24 and Updating it at 30

We all grow and change, and unsurprisingly, the first tiny house Richard ever built has needed some updates as the years rolled by. He lived in the THOW for about 18 months after building it, and then had it on Airbnb for about 4 years as he traveled cross-country in a micro tiny house! When [...]

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Building Their DIY Modern House Cabin 0020

How They Built Their Modern Tiny Cabin

After living in LA for several years and traveling in their self-built camper van this couple decided they wanted to build their own tiny cabin in Portugal where they can grow their own food and live a simpler and more sustainable life. It’s an off-grid house that they built themselves while documenting the process from [...]

Mom & Uncle Build This

Mom & Uncle Build THOW for This Teen’s College Dorm

With the help of her brother, Holly built her daughter, Tilly, a tiny home to act as her college dorm! The pandemic made Holly and Tilly realize how little of their huge home they actually used, and Tilly had a lot of anxiety about what her future was going to look like. That’s when they [...]

The Thistle 16′ – Framing Package Plans 1

Thistle 16-ft. Tiny House Framing Plans

While going totally DIY is great, sometimes a little structure and guidance can go a long way to creating the tiny house of your dreams. Right now, Summit Tiny Homes has a Christmas sale going on for their framing plans, and this Thistle 16′ model looks awesome. For C$375 (usually C$500), you’ll get a cut [...]

Felling Tiny House Plans by tmbrz 001b

Felling Tiny House Plans

This is the Felling Tiny House Plans by Adam Rasmussen of TMBRZ Design! It’s a modern 30-ft. tiny house design with one-level living in mind which means no lofts or stairs and a regular bedroom in a tiny house! You might remember the Tiny Two-fer design from Adam, as well as his STEM-N-LEAF tiny house. [...]