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Floating Homes

Vintage Houseboat Living on Seattle Waterfront 2

Vintage Houseboat Life in Seattle

Lily and Dylan have an incredible tiny life — living on the Seattle waterfront next to million-dollar homes — for a fraction of the cost! Their floating home allows them to enjoy incredible views without the crazy price tag. While the house is now mostly a barge, it was “seaworthy” in its heyday. The couple [...]

Average Brad’s Amazing Sailboat Conversion

Tiny Living, Big Healing: Brad’s Sailboat Transformation

If you’ve been reading our content for a while, you know Brad even if you don’t think you do. He’s been recording and editing many of the video tours we show you from Tiny Home Tours! And he also lives tiny in his sailboat named “Stinger.” Brad wanted to travel for his photography work, and [...]

They Raised a Family on a 100 Year Old Tugboat 6

They Raised a Family on a 100-Year-Old Tugboat

Pamela and her husband Ulrich have been living on a boat since the day before their wedding — 30-plus years ago. When expecting their first child, they debated buying a home on land but ultimately ended up with a 100-year-old tugboat that they renovated and made into a floating home. The tugboat had had a [...]

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8 Years of Sustainable Sailboat Living 2

Eight Years Living in Their Sailboat

Sonya was in her Sophomore year of college and was looking to buy a boat to live in. She ran into Jack, who had just bought a boat that day. Taking it as a sign, they decided to move onto that boat together and start sailing. Eventually, they upgraded to the Passport 42 you’ll see [...]

Floating Oasis w Rooftop Lounge Deck. 6

Floating Tiny Home on Pontoons

Here’s a really neat floating home that’s moored in Sarasota Bay in Florida, where you can stay for a couple of nights. It’s an off-grid adventure, but they have some solar power and plumbing to make your stay as comfortable as possible. The one-room houseboat has a couch that turns into a bed, a little [...]

Nautical Porthole Houseboat 8

Nautical Porthole Houseboat in Clearwater, Florida

This is a beautiful little houseboat docked near the Gulf of Mexico in Clearwater, Florida. It has one bedroom in the back, a 3/4 bathroom with a lovely tiled shower stall, and a nearly-full kitchen that has a large fridge and a little cooktop. There’s also a little porch off the front of the houseboat [...]

From Van to Narrowboat 88

From Van to 58ft Narrowboat NamedLaika

Jess, Harry, and their cat Saffi have been living in a narrowboat for about a year after moving out of an apartment and doing vanlife for a while. They wanted a bit more space, so a 58 ft narrowboat seemed like a perfect way to keep a nomadic life but have some breathing room. The [...]