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He’s Lived on a Sailboat for 20 Years! 3

His 20+ Years Living on a Sailboat

Ian started living in his 1978 Hedonist Yatch, “BLOWN AWAY” back in 2000. He spent his free time making the boat livable, completely reconstructing the hull and repainting the lime-green exterior. His background in marine engineering definitely helped! About 5 years ago he met Natalie, who now lives in the sailboat with him, and the [...]

Stockholm House Boat 2

They Built a Nordic House Boat Cabin in Stockholm

Houseboats aren’t exactly popular in Sweden, but when done, they are done well! This one sits on a special ice-resistant float so it can stay in the frozen water all year long. It’s set up as a vacation spot and includes a huge sauna, comfortable bedroom, and a full kitchen and office space. Double-glazed windows [...]

Catching Dinner & Baking Bread on their 220 sq. ft. Sailboat Home 2

Catching Dinner & Baking Bread on Their 220 sq. ft. Sailboat Home

Jenny & Mac weren’t boat experts before selling their home on land and purchasing their 1980 Alberg37 sailboat — but they figured it out quickly! They’ve been living on the boat and sailing the seas now for 3 years. They love fishing from their sailboat and eating the catch of the day. And believe it [...]

Six Years on Her 70s Party Boat Turned Tiny Home

Six Years on Her 70s Party Boat Turned Tiny Home

All it took was a serendipitous six-hour bus ride to change Molli’s life forever. But I won’t spoil the awesome story of how she came to possess this former 70s party boat she has called home for the past six years. The boat doesn’t sail, but it sits happily in the marina where Molli has [...]

1988 DeFever 44 Trawler Sea Y’All 2

Sea Y’all: Empty-Nesters’ 1988 DeFever 44 Trawler

When these empty nesters moved from Texas to California, they never imagined they’d choose full-time life on the water! But they discovered that purchasing a boat home was far more affordable than they’d originally thought, and they are now celebrating 5 years of marina life. After two years in a smaller boat, they upgraded to [...]

2000 Homemade Pontoon For Sale in Naples, FL 2

2000 Homemade Pontoon For Sale in Naples, FL

Here is a handmade pontoon that has potential to become an off-grid houseboat. While at this point it’s just a living room box without a kitchen or bathroom, I’m sure a handy person could fix that! I’m a huge fan of that roof deck. Would you like to live on the water? It’s for sale [...]

Active Duty Navy Officer & His Trawler Tiny Home 2

Active Duty Navy Officer & His Trawler Tiny Home

When Johnny thought he was getting a new Navy position that would have him deploying more frequently, he chose to rent out his home and purchase a 1981 CHB Ed Monk Trawler to use as his home base wherever he went (rather than paying rent in a number of cities). The Navy ended up cancelling [...]

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