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Testimonials and Praise for Tiny House Talk

“Tiny House Talk is one of the best resources I’ve read on the web for tiny home living. Alex’s blog has a ton of resources for any and all types of tiny home living including treehouses. Even if you’re not planning on living in a treehouse, I would take a peek at that section, this beach treehouse in particular! The newsletter has a ton of info as well! Overall, there are very few excuses you can make to not build a tiny home after diving into the content.
– Austin, Outbound Living
“Thank you so much for the post! I totally love it & am feeling super tiny house famous right now lol 🙂 Again thanks for all that you do, you have no clue how much your newsletter has inspired me & brought me joy in the past couple years!!”
– Brittany


“Heyyy Alex, Just wanted to let you know: I LOVE your newsletter. Ordinarily, I won’t sign up for newsletters as a rule. I hate them; feel they’re intrusive; and are usually worthless, but yours is the best I’ve seen. I find myself checking my email, waiting for another update to show. What I like most are the hyperlinks with examples of different tiny homes: great stuff. Also, the layout of your newsletter is perfect. It’s very simple, so I can sift through it quickly, clicking on only the info I choose to make time for (there’s nothing worse than having to wade through volumes of info, only to realize at the end, none of it relates to you – ouch!). Keep ’em coming.”
– Chris P.

“My wife and I love your website….Bravo for starting it…I refer all the people I can to go take a look at what your doing on the web…Thank you!”
– B. Winger

Awesome! Thank you! You are chock full of helpful resources. So very appreciated!
– Tuline

“Alex- Hey I just wanted to write and thank you again for all you did on the Terrapin.  I haven’t sold that particular unit yet, but I just received a 50% downpayment from a woman in VA for a very similar model.  She mentioned in her first email that she came across the post on Tiny House Talk.  This is sort of big moment for this venture, and I can’t thank you enough for helping it along. If/when our paths cross, dinner and beers are on me.”
– Peter Pavlowich, Casual Turtle Campers

“Hi Alex, I LOVE Brian Levy’s NO LOFT Tiny House!!! 🙂 I hope more people start designing these. I’m not a fan of lofts either, so was pleasantly surprised to see this little gem. BRAVO! GREAT planning ideas all the way around; the hidden bed, the movable table, double duty furniture, and good “cooking” kitchen. ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL! You just restored my interest in Tiny Houses starting to be built for real people! Thanks! 🙂 Cheers!”
– Roxanne H., Reader

“Hi, Alex– THANK YOU for posting Dee’s reading— I just finished reading the Big Tiny, and it was awesome to hear her speak. Thanks again!”
– Kerry

“Good morning, Alex, This blog is the highlight of my day. I mean it. Have a great day, and thanks for all that you do.”
– Sara, Reader

“Thank you very much for all the information you share with us, Alex. Have a great day!”
– George

“Hi Alex, I must first say I love your website. I am intrigued by the Tiny Houses. After living the American dream and raising two children I now find myself in a very different place. I am single and alone. Do not feel sorry for me. I couldn’t be happier! I currently live in a 300sq. ft. apartment by choice! I am still working on living with what I need, but your examples have really helped me realize what I need and want. What I want is to work less and have more time and money to travel. My dream is to live in The Outer Banks of North Carolina. I travel there as often as my work permits. Seven times last year! Three times this year, but a cruise in June is limiting a few trips! Next year I have a trip planned to Scandinavia! Not something I would be doing if I were still in that American dream house!! Keep the newsletters and information coming. I love it! Sincerely,”
– Melinda B.

“Dear Alex, I wanted to let you know how much I enjoy these emails from you and the info in them. Thank you for the time and effort you put into it.”
– Terri

“You are doing a great job, Alex! Thank you for sending these encouraging examples of tiny house examples to my in box!”
– Dave

“Hey There!!! So, I just discovered this awesomeness today, after being bored and surfing Netflix. I came across a documentary called, “Tiny,” and was hooked!!! Talk about making me reflect on how I let society tell me what I need and how I should live to be happy. I was sick to my stomach. I know it seems a bit radical to most…the thought of simplifying your life in order to live less wasteful and more efficiently. Oh, wait…the idea of NOT wanting to live that way seems radical to me! Ugh… Anyway…I’m ranting, but I wanted to say that I’m looking forward to this newsletter and learning more!!! Thanks!…for all you do!”
– Delilah

“Alex, I look forward, each day, to your newsletter and am enthralled with the variety of tiny homes. I long for one, and hopefully, when I retire, can move closer to the coast and have my own. I live in Darlington, South Carolina, and would love to be near one of the less populated beaches on our coast. We shall see what the Lord has in store, but that is my dream. Again, thank you for sharing these wonderful homes with me. With joy,”
– Susan Bridgers, Darlington, SC

I’m always looking for more testimonials, success stories and praise for the tiny house movement so if you’d like to share your gratitude here just get in touch with me here and let me know.