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Shipping Container Tiny Houses


The Overlook Box Hop Shipping Container Home

The Overlook Box Hop shipping container home is located in Rockbridge, OH and is made up of four 40′ shipping containers. Carefully placed and beautifully decorated, the home boasts gorgeous views from all angles. It has 3 bedrooms, 1.5 bathrooms, a rooftop deck, hot tub and so much more. Check out this awesome shipping container [...]

The Anchor by CargoHome 7

Shipping Container Home with Rooftop Deck

CargoHome builds impressive shipping container homes; this “short” container home is no exception. The rooftop deck, which you access via a spiral staircase, adds square footage with a view! Plus, the large glass front doors open wide to let the outside in during nice weather. To “fit it all in” without a loft, the house [...]

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Man’s Incredible Expanded Container Home 44

His 377 Sq. Ft. Expanded Container Home

Ready to see one of the most gorgeous container homes ever designed? This is the primary residence of John Winder, who owns and operates Winder Tinyhouse Factory in New Zealand. What started as a hobby turned into his full-time job, and finally he used his skills to build his best container home yet, which he [...]

Luxury Shipping Container Home for Sale

Luxury Shipping Container Home for Sale

This is a gorgeous 40-foot shipping container built by Telescope Homes in Florida. The container has a modern single-level design, with a private first-floor bedroom on one side of the house, and a spacious living room on the other side. In the middle, you’ll find a galley kitchen with an oven, farmhouse sink and apartment-sized [...]

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cargohome container tiny house 6

Cargohome Container Tiny House in Texas

This container home feels like a cozy cabin as soon as you walk in the door! It has faux exposed beams, shiplap walls, dark wood trim, and floors. But the best part of this home is the private first-floor bedroom, or perhaps the rooftop deck you reach with a spiral staircase… The bathroom houses a [...]

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Mountaintop Tiny House on Their Own Land

Mountaintop Tiny House on Their Own Land!

After living on a sailboat and in a studio apartment, respectively, Bryan and Chloe decided to purchase a used tiny house and put it on their own mountaintop property in Washington! In order to have some more storage, they also bought a smaller shipping container for their clothes, long-term storage, and tools. They built a [...]

Unique Container Holiday Escape 20

Unique Container Cabin with Rooftop Deck

This is a 160-square-foot container home in Blue Ridge, Georgia that’s perfectly situated among the trees. One of the coolest features of the cabin is a giant rooftop deck that extends out from the edges of the container to act as a roof for the lower wrap-around deck. It’s down there that you’ll find a [...]