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Shipping Container Tiny Houses

On The Rocks Shipping Container Home w Stunning Valley Views 12

“On The Rocks” Shipping Container Home w/ Stunning Valley Views

Shipping Containers are such a great starting point for tiny houses, particularly if you’re looking for a little vacation property. This is one of three cargo container cottages on a property in Georgia with breathtaking valley views. The interior is nice and simple, with an open kitchen/bedroom area and a bathroom at one end. It [...]

Boss Cubez Prefab Tiny Shelters 002

Steel-built Shelters by Boss Cubez

These are steel-built shelters by BOSS Cubez out of Los Angeles, California that can be deployed quickly. They have several designs, configurations, and layouts to choose from. What do you think? Don’t miss other interesting stories like this, join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more! BOSS Cubez Steel-Built Shelters The Cube64 – 64-sq.-ft.; 8×8 [...]

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25k Shipping Container Tiny House For Sale in Central Illinois 001

$25k Shipping Container Tiny House

This is a $25k shipping container tiny house in Carlinville, Illinois. It’s listed via Lynde on the Tiny House Marketplace. Learn more below! Affordable Shipping Container Tiny House The container is outfitted as a tiny house inside. It features a custom built fold down bed with overhead storage. There is an in-wall air conditioning unit. [...]

Cam’s Container Home Sits Over a Stream 3

Cam’s Container Home Sits Over A Stream!

The fact that Cameron’s DIY container home sits over a stream is just the first of many unique features in this 125 square foot shipping container turned tiny house. Inside you’ll find a electric bed lift over the living room, which allows you to transform the couch into a bed with the push of the [...]

Model One Tiny House Plans 12

Model One: Container Tiny House Plans For Sale

Container homes are an awesome way to reduce-reuse-recycle, and with the cost of lumber these days it’s likely somewhat more economical than the alternative. These are plans for a container home (estimated $20,000 in materials to build — expect to pay more today as material costs have gone up quite a lot since this was [...]

Ship Shak On The River In Bryson City NC via Kyle-Airbnb 001

Ship Shak River Tiny House In Bryson City: A 20-ft. Shipping Container Cabin!

This is the Ship Shak tiny house. It’s a 20-ft. shipping container turned into a studio tiny cabin in North Carolina! And you can actually book a stay here yourself if you want to. It’s available via Kyle on Airbnb out of Bryson City, North Carolina. What do you think? Don’t miss other awesome tiny [...]

Big Island Tiny House For Sale w/ Downstairs Bedroom 2

Big Island Tiny House For Sale w/ Downstairs Bedroom

What was once an insulated semitruck trailer has been transformed by a master carpenter into a tiny house on wheels (with a downstairs bedroom!) and it’s for sale! The home is 40 feet long by 8 feet wide, and includes a beautiful l-shaped kitchen with open shelving, a living area where you can easily fit [...]

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