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Shipping Container Tiny Houses

40 foot insulated container home 1

$10k Shipping Container Tiny House Project

Looking to get started on a tiny house? This 40-foot container house in Lakeland, Florida is insulated and has two doors and three windows installed, along with luxury plank vinyl flooring. While it’s certainly not finished, it’s an awesome shell that you can work off of to create the home of your dreams. The seller, [...]

20′ Container Home | “The Abilene” Model 1

“The Abilene” Model: 20′ Container Home For Sale, $17.5K

This is such a great opportunity to get into tiny living without spending a huge fortune up front! This 20′ container tiny house, named “The Abilene,” is finished inside and out with electricity, plumbing, siding, and a mini-split. All it needs is furnishings, kitchen appliances, and decor to make it the perfect starter tiny house. [...]


Bamboo Hideaway Shipping Container Vacation in Austin

We haven’t posted any shipping container homes in awhile, so I was excited to come across this gem that’s a vacation rental in Austin, Texas. The dusty blue exterior makes way for a sleek interior lined with lots of galvanized metal. The home features a studio-style set-up, with a queen bed tucked at one end, [...]

Black Box Shipping Container Home 1 – 72 dpi

Couple Living in an Ultra-Modern Shipping Container Home

The Black Box Container Home is a modern 2-bedroom shipping container home in Kamloops, British Columbia, Canada, built by Honomobo. Cathi and Trevor downsized from a 2,300 square foot home to this smaller 704 square foot space three years ago after their sons left home. The couple then built a stick frame studio space with [...]

The Lily Pad – Hocking Hills- Shipping Container 18

Stay at The Lily Pad Shipping Container Cabin in Ohio!

Meet The Lily Pad at Hocking Hills — a converted shipping container cabin with a giant covered porch with a swing and hot tub! One of the best ways to maximize your living space while going tiny is to create an awesome outdoor area, and they’ve done just that here. That said, the interior of [...]

Stacked Modern Cabin in Australia

Stacked Modern Cabin in Australia

Check out this stunning stacked modern cabin in Australia. The downstairs houses the kitchen and bathroom area, while upstairs is a bedroom leading out to a lovely raised terrace with bush views. The home sits near Litchfield National Park in Rakula, where there’s plenty of outdoor activities and sports for everyone. The container comes with [...]

$10k Shipping Container Dwelling 005

$10k Shipping Container Dwelling For Sale in North Carolina

This $10,000 shipping container dwelling is a great start for your tiny house! The electrical system was professionally installed and can support kitchen appliances, and the entire place has been insulated already. While it doesn’t have plumbing yet, you could easily connect this to another building or container and make it better for full-time living. [...]

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