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Are you curious about others who are living in tiny houses? Well, great, because this area is jam-packed with tiny house people interviews.

So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like going from 2,500-square-feet down to 250-square-feet, well, these people can tell you about it!

From folks who built their own tiny homes out of garbage, to ones who went from massive homes down to a 100-square-foot van conversion to adventure the world with!

It’s all here… The question is, when are you going to go tiny and start living the life you’ve been waiting for?

Epic Skoolie w Giant Bathroom and Adorable Eyes 3

Epic Skoolie w/ Giant Bathroom and Adorable Eyes

I love a touch of whimsy, and Irwin the Skoolie has just that with the adorable curtain “eyes” that grace the front of the bus. Bright blue, they make Irwin seem like a fun place to live. Owners Mike and Mandi would agree! When 2020 hit, Mike’s longtime dream of an alternative living space finally [...]

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Exploring Australia in Her Volkswagen High Top Transporter 11

Exploring Australia in Her Volkswagen High Top Transporter

Maddi’s former job had her traveling all over the world, but she hadn’t seen much of her home country of Australia. It was time to change that, so Maddi turned to van life. She’s been on the road enjoying all kinds of adventure activities — from spearing fish to scuba diving — ever since. Her [...]

He Finished His $15K Tiny House w No Experience 2

He Finished His $15K Tiny House w/ No Experience!

Do you remember David Rule’s tiny house that he started building last summer? Well, he finished it for a grand total of $15,000! And he documented the entire thing in a recap video below, which just might be the most entertaining tiny house video I’ve ever watched. The end result is a completely off-grid home [...]

Josiah’s Green Machine 1982 Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon 2

Josiah’s Green Machine 1982 Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon

Josiah had a successful career in Silicone Valley, but was ready for more! So about 6 years ago he decided to become a nomad, and was surprised at the stigma that accompanied his choice. Still, he regrets nothing and loves what he does outside his van more than his rig itself. His 1982 Volkswagen Westfalia [...]

Howling Wanderers Bus Life w Four Dogs! 11

Howling Wanderers: Bus Life w/ Four Dogs!

Jessie and Ashley — the “howling wanderers” — had always wanted to travel, but when they saw friends decide to go tiny, they knew they were ready to make the change for themselves. But it wasn’t immediate! A project they thought would only take a year ended up taking nearly two years as they worked [...]

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vansteaders_faces-2 (1)

The Vansteaders Left NYC To Travel the Country

For Alissa and Cody, what began as a simple lockdown project soon transformed into an entire lifestyle overhaul. They quit their jobs, built out this $60k rig and moved in ready to travel the country. They have a hammock, hidden toilet, full-sized bed and tons of storage. They also discuss a hidden laundry chute and [...]

Family of 4 Sells Home To Travel US in a Skoolie 3

Family of 4 Sells Home To Travel U.S. in a Skoolie

The Miller family left the “normal” American lifestyle, sold their home, bought a bus, and started traveling the country in it with their two young children! So far, they’ve been loving their simpler life, and enjoy making so many memories together as a family. You can read our Q&A with the family at the end [...]

Their Amazing Budget Shuttle Bus Conversion. 2

Their Amazing Budget Shuttle Bus Conversion

Sahil & Maggie are loving the financial freedom that comes with their skoolie lifestyle. For just $17,000 (including the cost of their bus!), the couple has a comfortable tiny home that meets all their needs — including a king-size bed! They lovingly named the bus “Appa” after the flying bison from “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” [...]

Backpacker & Artist Settles Down in a Bus Conversion (1)

Backpacker & Artist Settles Down in a Bus Conversion

Samuel hiked both the Pacific Crest Trail and the Continental Divide Trail, and felt like after all that exploration, there was no way he could go back to stationary life in an apartment. So he got a 1977 Ford B500 short bus and converted it into a home on wheels. He has limo-tinted windows to [...]

Two People, Two Dogs & Two Cats in One Tiny Cottage 4

Life in their 372-sq.-ft. Tiny Cottage in the Woods

When rent was about to hike up again, Eric and Gladys wanted to look for a less expensive and more sustainable long-term option. By chance, they landed on the perfect little cottage for sale on Facebook Marketplace that they could put on a wooded patch of land owned by Gladys’ parents. The 372 sq. ft. [...]

Sunshine Cottage 9

25-ft. Gooseneck Tiny House with a Standing Room Loft

This cute tiny home, dubbed the “Sunshine Cottage,” acted as a guest house in south Texas for a couple of years but is ready for a new address! Best part? No loft! The gooseneck bedroom has adequate headroom for most people. You walk into the kitchen which features a small fridge, hotplate, and other little [...]

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Airbnb Entrepreneurs Embrace Truck Life!

Couple’s Adventurous Life in a Truck Camper

Eric and Marissa always wanted to travel, but their non-remote jobs were holding them back. Once the couple figured out ways to manage a couple of Airbnbs and a rental van, they found the freedom to enjoy life on the road! Their camper sits on top of a flatbed truck and has all kinds of [...]

Four Window Short Bus Becomes Beautiful Home 2

Four-Window Short Bus Becomes Beautiful Home

Audrey was a nurse and Brad had come to the States from Australia for school. When they met, pursuing their dream of traveling the country in a converted shortbus. They just recently found a place they want to settle down, so the bus is for sale. It has a beautiful long countertop with a big [...]

13 Years of Vanlife & Now They Have a Baby!

13 Years of Vanlife & Now They Have a Baby!

Allie is one amazing woman — she’s been #vanlifing for 13 years in a number of self-built rigs, and she also built a chalet which they rent out on Airbnb. She met Dan in Baja about three years ago and the couple started traveling together. While they weren’t expecting to add a newborn to the [...]

Mirror House, Dome & Honeymoon Treehouse 5

Mirror House, Domes & Honeymoon Treehouse on a Cliff

Seth Bolt from Needtobreathe built his first treehouse with his father back in 2015 for his wedding and honeymoon. Since then, Seth and Tori have managed it on Airbnb and were looking for the perfect property to put more amazing rentals. They found this majestic land on a mountainside cliff in Tennessee and have added [...]

Dreamland Drifters Bus Conversion 11

Nine Months Living in their School Bus Conversion

Buslife offered a more affordable lifestyle to help Natalie and Gabe meet their goals. They purchase the bus already gutted, and moved in right away! They’ve been converting their rig as they travel and while they live in it, which is super neat. We have some great pictures of their tiny home below, along with [...]

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Family of 5 in Renovated 1998 Military Rig

Family of 5 in Renovated 1998 Military Rig

About three years ago, this awesome family sold their house and decided to live a totally unconventional life in a 1998 military vehicle converted into a truly spectacular home on wheels. They put a kitchen closet to the cab that can fit food for about 8 days of off-grid overlanding. Two 12-foot slide-outs hold the [...]

From Studio Apartment to Minibus for Freedom 11

From Studio Apartment to Minibus for Freedom

Budd the Bus is the home-on-wheels for Ethan, a nomad who wanted to have his own place, without spending so much money on Colorado rent. He had already downsized to a studio apartment, so the bus gave him much more freedom without sacrificing much space. His bus features an adorable wood-burning stove, a super-compact bathroom, [...]


Web Designer & Artist Put a Giant Soaking Tub in her Skoolie!

Nikki’s bus is proof that maximalists can live tiny! An artist and web designer, Nikki knew what she wanted in a home, and she made it happen. There’s a desk for her web design, a large counter-top studio for her art, and most incredibly, a full-sized soaking tub in the middle of the bus with [...]

Luxury VanLife w Three Dogs 2

Married Couple’s Van Life with Three Dogs

Steph is a full-time vanlifer who knows what she wants! A microwave, so she doesn’t have to cook, and a big enough water tank and hot water heater for daily showers. The van she built with her husband, Alejo, proves you can be a little “spoiled” and still live in a van. The couple actually [...]

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Writer Living Debt-Free in Her Tiny Home

Writer Living Debt-Free in Her Tiny Home

Alaska wanted to live a beautiful — and free — life. Tiny living took away her biggest expense — housing — allowing her to live debt-free and enjoy the things she really cares about. She was able to purchase her tiny home second-hand back in 2020, and has been enjoying it ever since! Oh, and [...]

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Tiny Home Built on a Humvee Chasis 3

Tiny Home Built on a Humvee Chasis

Mr. Wolf originally convinced his wife into a skoolie conversion, so long as he built it out like a home. But after some trips, they realized it couldn’t get them where they wanted to go! So Mr. Wolf had an idea – build a 4×4 Overlanding rig on a Humvee chassis. Using aluminum and marine-grade [...]