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Are you curious about others who are living in tiny houses? Well, great, because this area is jam-packed with tiny house people interviews.

So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like going from 2,500-square-feet down to 250-square-feet, well, these people can tell you about it!

From folks who built their own tiny homes out of garbage, to ones who went from massive homes down to a 100-square-foot van conversion to adventure the world with!

It’s all here… The question is, when are you going to go tiny and start living the life you’ve been waiting for?

2022 Ram ProMaster 3500 Ext l 7

Stunning 2022 Ram ProMaster 3500 by New Life Conversions!

Today, we want to show off this stunning 2022 Ram ProMaster conversion from New Life Conversions. This new-to-us builder is a family-run business with two brothers-in-law and a father-in-law! One lived in a van full-time and convinced the others to leave their day jobs to build high-end custom vans. The men plan to expand into [...]

Couple Downsized & is Debt Free

How Downsizing to a Tiny House in an RV Park Made Them Debt-Free

Erica and Steve are the proud owners of a 24-foot tiny house already built and set up at the Orlando Lakefront tiny house community when they found it for sale. They wanted to simplify their lives and sell their big home, which had them in debt, and going tiny has nearly paid for itself and [...]

Her RV was too big so she bought a van 2

Her RV Was Too Big So She Bought a Van

Madilyn struggled with van life when she started. She missed her boyfriend, her family, her friends — and she had severe driving anxiety! But with frequent exposure and monthly trips back home, Madilyn has overcome the worst and successfully lived on the road for a year. Her 32-square-foot camper van is her second rig. The [...]

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Thor and Deb’s Valhalla Bus 777

Thor and Deb’s Valhalla Bus

Thor and Deb met later in life as part of a “hardcore hiking group” in Phoenix, Arizona. The chemistry was instant; soon, the couple traveled together and wanted to do it full-time! They purchased the bus from another couple and made some upgrades to make it work for them. The bus features a neat modular [...]

Tiny Tina Ballerina New Chapter After Divorce

Tiny Tina Ballerina: New Chapter After Divorce

After losing her job and getting a divorce, Mandy jumped on the opportunity to find herself through travel. Eventually, however, she wanted a bit more space than her backpack, and when this tiny house popped up for sale in the Orlando Lakefront community, she decided that was just what she needed! The 20-foot house is [...]

Overlanding Micro Military Camper 55

Overlanding Micro Military Camper for Solo Traveler

Juliana Rose is a fantastic woman! She started SUV-camping out of her FJ Cruiser and one day decided to do it full-time. After living out of her vehicle, she purchased and built a micro camper to give her and her two dogs more space. The 30-square-foot space was originally a military generator, but Juliana Rose [...]

Sunchasers- Young Couples Roof Raise Skoolie 55

Sunchasers: Young Couple’s Roof Raise Skoolie

Tyme and Andy are a young couple who have taken an excellent alternative path to “home” ownership. Instead of settling down in Upstate New York, where they’re from, they built a fantastic bus conversion and chased the sun in their school bus conversion. Tyme loves interior design and was excited to design the bus—and the [...]

Single-Story 928 Sq. Ft. Home Plans w: Garage

Single-Story 928 Sq. Ft. Home Plans w/ Garage

Single-level home designs are great for various reasons—they’re easier for aging-in-place, great if an accident ever makes it hard for you to go up and down stairs, and more straightforward for parents of little kids prone to accidents. This 928-square-foot layout includes an attached two-car garage, making it a wonderful full-time home. The design includes [...]

Family of 5 in Fifth Wheel Tiny Home! 7

Family of 5 in Fifth Wheel Tiny Home!

This adorable family of five has been living nomadically since 2018! Long before it was popular, they were inspired by a couple of brave families who went against the grain, selling their homes and living out of RVs. After five years in a travel trailer, they sold that and purchased a fifth wheel, which they [...]

Her Scandi-Style Home in Tasmania!

Her Scandinavian-Style Tiny Home in Tasmania!

Anna got her tiny house on a whim! She was renting a 3-bedroom home when a friend was going tiny. Anna loved the sound of that and contacted a local builder with an immediate build slot available—and jumped on the opportunity. Soon, she had a stunning Scandi-style tiny house on wheels and an incredible off-grid [...]

Their DIY Expedition Truck From Former Firetruck!

Their DIY Expedition Truck From Former Firetruck!

If you’ve been reading Tiny House Talk for a while, you might remember Heather and Dana, a couple who renovated an RV to live as nomads. Well, when a tree later fell on the RV, their plans shifted, and they went back to “normal” life for a while—until the call of the road pulled them [...]

Couple’s Amazing DIY THOW w: Two Giant Skylights!

Their DIY Tiny Home in Orlando with Huge Loft Skylight

Daniel and Alejandra live in the Orlando Lakefront Tiny House Community in Florida in their own DIY tiny house, “Skylight.” The name comes from the two giant 8-foot skylights that take up more than half of the roof! Letting in so much natural light helps make the space so much brighter. Daniel built the house [...]

Vacation in His & Hers Vintage Campers!

His & Hers Vintage Campers!

Do you love vintage campers? Want a unique spot to vacation in Palm Springs? You’ll want to check out Desi and Lucy, two adorable campers who sit side-by-side on a communal lot with a central living room and kitchen, two bathrooms, and an outdoor bathroom with a luxurious soaking tub! Below, you’ll see Mark and [...]

Family of 3’s Budget Bus Build 999

Family of 3’s Budget Bus Build

Matias and Austina got a fantastic deal on their bus! It cost them just $3,000 to acquire the bus, and they spent about $18,000 overall on the conversion (although they admittedly didn’t keep receipts). Matias had the idea to jump into nomadic life first, but Austina eventually came to the concept, and now they love [...]

German Family’s Amazing Worldwide Camper Adventure 4

German Family’s Permanent Motorhome Lifestyle

This German family of three got their first taste of nomadic life during a 10-month stint in 2020 when they camped around Europe in their previous camper. Returning to “regular life” proved difficult, and they wondered how to live on the road permanently. So they sold their home and purchased this new incredible RV, which [...]

Her $7.7K Art Studio & Home on Wheels

Her $7.7K School Bus Tiny Home Conversion

Alexa is an artist who was looking for an art studio on wheels. When she found this excellent short bus on Facebook Marketplace, her dad joined her to check it out. After confirming that the engine looked good, she bought the bus for just over $3K. She only spent $7,700 on her conversion, using tons [...]

Teacup Tiny House Ellie-Keya

423 sq. ft. Tiny House with Three Bedrooms

The Ellie-Keya is a beautiful tiny house initially built by Teacup Tiny Homes in 2023. It’s on a lovely wooded lot that you may be able to rent if you want to keep the home on the property in Slocan, BC. The house has three bedrooms—two lofts perfect for kids, and one private bedroom on [...]

Best Family Bus Layout Ever?

Gossett Family School Bus Conversion with Roof Raise

The Gossett family lives and travels in their converted school bus with a roof raise — and it might be one of the best family-centered conversions we’ve ever seen! They prioritized everyone having their own private spaces and made a great bedroom for their girls with residential twin-sized bunk beds, a two-person desk, and amazing [...]

Couple’s Stunning Off Grid Home for Retirement 4

Designer’s Stunning Off Grid Tiny Home for Retirement

Remember Shaye? The amazing tiny house designer in New Zealand? Today we’re showing you her mom and dad’s tiny house that they designed together to create a perfect retirement home! Sheila, Shaye’s mom, works for Shaye, and has helped design so many homes for the company, and it was her great joy to plan out [...]

Couple’s Incredible RV w: Fold-Down Deck

Couple’s Incredible RV with Fold-Down Deck

Allie had always wanted to get into vanlife, but she put those plans on the back burner for a while after meeting Seth. Eventually, they got married, and the conversion came up again. Since Allie already worked a remote job, she was all set, but Seth made a career shift so he could also work [...]

Fun-Loving Woman Settles Down in Ambulance Conversion

Her $19K DIY Ambulance Conversion

After teaching in the Virgin Islands for seven years, Jana was ready to change things up, but not ready to “settle down” in the traditional sense. Instead, she’s redefining her nomadic life in her self-built ambulance as “settling down” — this is her home, and she loves her life! Even if her family thinks she’s [...]

Using Micro-Cement To Make a Gorgeous Van

Her Micro-Cement Van Conversion

Deyana is a former classroom teacher who now teaches virtually. You might remember her skoolie conversion that we showed you, but now she’s living in her self-converted van with her adorable dog. She used a micro-cement product from Spain called Smartcret to cover many of the surfaces in her rig, and the thin layer looks [...]