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Are you curious about others who are living in tiny houses? Well, great, because this area is jam-packed with tiny house people interviews.

So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like going from 2,500-square-feet down to 250-square-feet, well, these people can tell you about it!

From folks who built their own tiny homes out of garbage, to ones who went from massive homes down to a 100-square-foot van conversion to adventure the world with!

It’s all here… The question is, when are you going to go tiny and start living the life you’ve been waiting for?

Tattoo Artist’s Van Life Funded by Social Media 10

Tattoo Artist’s Van Life Funded by Social Media

Elen was struggling with too much space and a not-so-great landlord in her Glasgow apartment. So when she went on a 2-week European tour in her van and saw how amazing nomadic life could be, she finally took the plunge into full-time van life! She spent six months making the van livable and might purchase [...]

Is This the Perfect Family Tiny Home 5

Is This the Perfect Off-Grid Family Tiny Home?

Just wait until you watch the video tour of this absolutely incredible DIY family tiny house. Ingeniously designed by the owners on Sketch-Up (and largely built by them, with the help of some specialists), this house features double lofts, a cozy living, a luxury bathroom, and more counter space than I’ve ever seen in a [...]

Family of 4 Sells 2600 Sq. Ft. Home for 5th Wheel Life

Home on Wheels: A Family’s 50-Day Transition to RV Living

After Brianna and Tyler went on a travel trailer vacation with their two kids, Tyler jokingly said, “I wish we could do this all the time.” Back then, he was working 12-hour days at the office and Brianna was struggling to manage her job, her kids, and taking care of a 2,600-square-foot home. So that [...]

His Incredible DIY Adventure Rig

His Incredible DIY Adventure Rig

While Gordo’s epic skoolie conversion might look ready to take on the zombie apocalypse, he has no intentions of using it to survive the end of days. Instead, he built the adventure rig as a passion project, and uses it to travel on vacations or transport the many tools that he has stored on the [...]

Her $8.5K Box Truck Build (Stealthy) 2

Her Stealthy and Affordable Box Truck Home Built for $8.5K

Heather loved her successful career in the Bay Area — until she didn’t. Between 2020 and the wildfires, she found herself feeling trapped. So she found an old army van/box truck and converted it into her home on wheels with her dad’s help. She intentionally left the exterior simple and “masculine” to offer her protection [...]

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Paraglider’s Incredible DIY Tiny Home 3

Paraglider’s Incredible DIY Tiny House

Deb loves paragliding, and she wanted a lightweight tiny house that would take her to the best paragliding locations! With the help of family members, she was able to build this amazing DIY tiny home that met all her needs. She has a large first-floor bedroom, a compact bathroom off the back, and a lovely [...]

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Couple’s Second Stunning Bus Conversion

How They Built Their Dream Bus in Just 3 Months

Raela and Tyler were working normal jobs when they got married and took a road trip for a honeymoon. They didn’t want to go back! Soon they got a big bus and turned it into their first home on wheels, which they traveled in for about a year. After that year, they realized they needed [...]

This LAWYER Lives in a DIY Van Conversion 2

This Lawyer Lives in a DIY Van Conversion

Favian is a civil rights lawyer who enjoys a nomadic life from his van! He can even do Zoom hearings from the comfort of just about anywhere because of his office setup and Starlink connection. He purchased the van as an empty shell and converted it over the course of about 10 months. He had [...]

30 ft Rainier yurt for sale in Vermont 4

30-ft. Rainier Yurt For $13K in Vermont

Yurts are my all-time favorite type of tiny house, and this pre-owned one is only $13K! The original 30-foot Rainier kit cost $32K, but it could be yours for more than 40% off. You’ll have to disassemble it from its current home in Brattleboro, Vermont. The yurt sale includes the kitchen set-up, solar array, the [...]

This Skoolie Seats 10 & Has a Giant Bed!

This Skoolie Seats 10 & Has a Huge Bed!

The Wooly Mammoth is an incredible skoolie featuring two giant couches with the capacity to seat up to 10 people (with seatbelts)! Originally, the school bus was going to be a tour vehicle for the musical group that Isaac and Julie were a part of, but when the band broke up, they decided to keep [...]

Vintage Houseboat Living on Seattle Waterfront 2

Vintage Houseboat Life in Seattle

Lily and Dylan have an incredible tiny life — living on the Seattle waterfront next to million-dollar homes — for a fraction of the cost! Their floating home allows them to enjoy incredible views without the crazy price tag. While the house is now mostly a barge, it was “seaworthy” in its heyday. The couple [...]

Stealthy Work Truck Turned Tiny Home 2

The Wander Box Reveal 2nd Box Truck Build

You might remember this couple’s party box truck we showed you some months back, but they sold it and built a whole new box truck! This one has “fixed” everything they didn’t love about Build #1, and you can tell it’s been carefully crafted. They have a fantastic step-down shower stall, tons of gorgeous resin-covered [...]

Travel Nurse’s $26K Van Conversion 2

Travel Nurse And Her $26K Van Life

Lindsey spent some time after college traveling in a truck with her friends, which planted the seed for her now-nomadic life in a van conversion. Because she’s a travel nurse, she can take assignments all over the country and live there for a few months at a time in her van! She purchased her van [...]

Full-Time RV Life After a Stroke 3

Full-Time RV Life After a Stroke

Like so many others, the events of 2020 changed the trajectory for Libby and Alex. Instead of going to concerts all summer, they purchased an RV and started traveling. Alex also suffered a stroke at 25 which changed his perspective on life. After they went on a 6-week honeymoon exploring the Northwest, they couldn’t go [...]

Bus Life after an Empty Nest 3

Single Mom’s Bus Life after an Empty Nest

Jamie lost her husband 17 years ago and raised her daughters on her own. About six years of that time they spent on a homestead with horses and dairy goats! But when her youngest got engaged, she decided it was time to do something for herself and see the country. While she tried to work [...]

The Cow Bus.

The Cow Bus: Family of Three Hitting the Road

Margaret was traveling to National Parks when she decided a vehicle of some kind would allow her to see all the great stuff between the parks. That’s when she rekindled romance with a summer camp crush and ended up buying The Cow Bus. Their plans changed a bit when Margaret found out they were expecting, [...]

Their $15 Skoolie w an Artist’s Touch

Their $15K Skoolie w/ an Artist’s Touch

Alli was the first one in this relationship to want to live on the road, but her husband Allan — who was going through quite a bit of emotional and physical trauma with degenerative disc disease — eventually came around. Now they couldn’t imagine living any other way! They found this bus for $15K — [...]

Bunk house craftsman tiny homes 2

Three Brothers and Their Tiny House Business in Florida!

Bradford, Ryo, and Falcon are 24, 22, and 20 years old, and they’re carrying on the Florida family carpentry business with a new spin — a tiny house business! And they’re keeping things affordable. The Bunk model below is just $29,900 for the 20-foot version (and only $25K for the 16-footer). This studio-style tiny house [...]

Family Ditches Thankless Job for Full Time RV Life 25

Trading the 9-to-5 for Adventure: A Family’s Transition from Big House to Tiny RV

Like so many of the families we’ve interviewed, this family of five had the American Dream — the big house, lots of “toys” and plenty of stuff — but it came at the hefty cost of the dad working lots of hours and missing valuable time with his family. They already owned an RV and [...]

Couple Converts a Van & Starts a Festival 3

Their Van Life and Van Fest Festival

Lance and Jess were homeowners with steady jobs who went to a van festival and fell in love with what they saw. Soon afterward, they sold their home, quit their jobs, and found a van to convert. The results are gorgeous! They have found new remote positions, but also head up “VanFest” as a way to [...]

Couples Short Bus w Residential-Size Shower

Their Short Bus with a Residential-Size Shower

When Andrew was done with military life, he wanted to do something different and found van life on YouTube and began a bus build. Susanna grew up in a small town in the Midwest and was traveling to see more of the country. The couple met during Andrew’s bus conversion process and hit it off [...]

DIY Van Life in South Africa 3

DIY Van Life in South Africa for 2 Years

Michael and Acacia have been living in their self-converted van in South Africa for the past two years. While van life is not particularly popular in South Africa, they’ve had lots of success and enjoy staying at campgrounds for very little money. Their conversion only cost them about $10K, which is the average cost of [...]