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Are you curious about others who are living in tiny houses? Well, great, because this area is jam-packed with tiny house people interviews.

So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like going from 2,500-square-feet down to 250-square-feet, well, these people can tell you about it!

From folks who built their own tiny homes out of garbage, to ones who went from massive homes down to a 100-square-foot van conversion to adventure the world with!

It’s all here… The question is, when are you going to go tiny and start living the life you’ve been waiting for?

Solo mum and son Adventure Van Life 9

Solo Mum and Son Adventure Van Life

Shoshannah and her son have been traveling around New Zealand in their bus conversion for about a year now, enjoying the chance to see the country and make all kinds of memories together! She purchased a Mazda Parkway Bus already converted and has made it work for her family. There’s a toy corner, a little [...]

Crazy Micro Apartment in Tokyo 3

Four-Level Tokyo Micro Apartment

While we’re no strangers here to tiny spaces, this crazy 4-story micro apartment in Tokyo is something totally new! The apartment consists of 4 stories — two of which are a micro wet-bath and a twin-sized loft area. The other two stories are just 6.5 feet x 6.5 feet and act as the kitchen and [...]

Person Chef Jeff & His DIY Van Conversion

Personal Chef’s DIY Van Conversion

Jeff is a personal chef who bought a van to act as his daily driver, adventure vehicle, and a unique setting for his private meal offerings. Now you can get a professionally-prepared meal from Jeff and eat at his U-shaped dinette or outside at his slide-out table. While he doesn’t live in the van full-time, [...]

Family’s Skoolie w Giant Solar Array. 4

Family’s Skoolie w/ Giant Solar Array

This awesome family was on a mission to travel from Canada to Baja, Mexico — and they made it! They have enough solar power to provide electricity to nearly three buses —  which is quite impressive. The husband and wife have two young kids who sleep in sleek bunks painted to their tastes. They kept [...]

Instead of Getting Bitter, They Got a Bus 3

How These 3 Ended Up Building a Skoolie Together

What would you do if you found out your boyfriend was dating multiple other women? Well, when Becah, Abi, and Morgan discovered they all had the same boyfriend — they ditched him and bought a school bus! Unconventional? Certainly. Awesome? Definitely. These three went from complete strangers to DIY buddies to roommates in about 6 [...]

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Environmentalists’ Sunshine Collective Skoolie 17

Environmentalists’ Cankuna Sunshine Collective Skoolie

Lara and Julian began their tiny living journey hoping to stay free after years of school, but eventually ended up doing “normal life” with jobs and rent and typical work hours. In 2019, the two environmentalists decided to take the plunge into a skoolie conversion, creating a space to use as a studio where Lara [...]

Solo Travel in Her A-Frame Camper 3

Solo Travel in Her A-Frame Camper

Luz started her tiny living journey by building out the back of her Subaru Forester. After about 8 months on the road, she upgraded to her awesome A-Liner camper, which she lives in full-time (without running water!). She has some solar-powered battery banks to charge her devices and uses solar lights indoors. During her life [...]

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Thier High-Tech Almost-Perfect Truck Tiny Home 5

Their High-Tech Box Truck Tiny House

Nico & Jona are on their third tiny house on wheels, and by now they knew exactly what they needed to make their truck tiny home nearly perfect. Learning from past builds, they got this one professionally-designed by Nico’s brother-in-law (an architect) and it really shows! Plus, they chose to splurge on all kinds of [...]

Nailgun Nelly’s Ford Transit for Family 2

Family of Four’s Ford Transit Van Conversion with Shower

A tiny house, a vintage trailer, a toy hauler and now, a Ford Transit van — those are all the things Nailgun Nelly (Janelle) has overhauled since 2020! Janelle and her husband, Chad, are both nurses with fairly flexible schedules, so when they aren’t working, they’re renovating or traveling in their awesome creations. The couple [...]

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Woody The Van w DIY Wooden Roof Raise 4

Woody The Van With A Wooden Roof Raise

Carly says John was the first van lifer she met. They fell in love pretty quickly, and she moved into his DIY rig. John admits that plenty changed when a girl moved in and needed a few more “luxuries” to live comfortably. But the DIY wooden roof raise was all for him, so he could [...]

Physical Therapists Put Floor Heating & Recirculating Shower in Their Van 3

Physical Therapists’ Van w/ Heated Floors And Shower

Tim and Katie converted a Ford Transit to keep them busy in 2020 and have used it to travel part-time around Canada and the U.S. The van has only the best features, including a recirculating shower that uses only 3 gallons of water and heated floors that keep their toes toasty even in chilly Canadian [...]

Professor’s Sprinter with Keyboard & Paints 5

Doctor’s Sprinter with Keyboard and Paints

Doctor Serdner teaches psychology online, while also playing music and painting beautiful canvases. She managed to design a Sprinter van that has space for all of those things, including a heavy-duty drawer to house her creative materials. Her build process and results were featured on the TV show Van Go, and she is quite happy [...]

vintage 1964, 24′ Avion Trailer 14

Renovated Vintage 1964 Avion Trailer

This couple and their dog have been living in this amazing vintage 1964 Avion Trailer. It was a DIY conversion, and Keaton (a woodworker) stripped the RV down to the shell and framing, and completely overhauled the interior. After spending a few years enjoying this tiny space, the couple is ready to purchase a home [...]

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Millenials’ DIY Debt-Free Tiny Home

Millennials Build a Debt-free Tiny House

Back in 2018, Nicole and Jamie started building their DIY tiny house as a chance to own a home in the high-cost-of-living state of Massachusetts. It took them about 2 years and $30,000 to complete the build, and they have been loving living there ever since. The home features shou sugi ban siding and an [...]

Family Healing in Their RV Conversion 2

Family Healing in Their Motorhome Renovation

Travis had mentioned the idea of RV living, and his wife, Yanai, was having none of it. But a few years later, Yanai lost her dad and the world had changed, allowing Travis to work remotely. She had a change of heart and needed a project to help her process her grief — so the [...]

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Wallpapered Ford Transit 3

Couple’s Wallpapered Ford Transit Van Conversion

The road to van life hasn’t been easy for this couple. It all started when Daphne outfitted a van for herself and left Matt in New York, so she could go travel. After he spent some time visiting her in the van, he wanted to join her full-time. But, Daphne’s van was totaled in a [...]

Cozy and Private Riverfront Cabin on 50 Acres

Historic Late 1800s Cabin on 50 Acres: Restored!

This couple was in the process of building their first Airbnb back in 2019 when this stunning late 1800s cabin went on the market in Virginia — complete with 50 acres! After touring the cabin, they fell in love, purchased it, and got it visitor-ready as quickly as possible. The lovely spot has a fireplace, [...]

Plants and Paintings in His 3 Bedroom Tiny Home

Plants and Paintings in His 3-Bedroom Tiny Home

Mike started to realize he used very little of his larger Portland home and was ready to downsize. His new park model tiny home in Durango has two loft bedrooms and a ground floor bedroom with high ceilings. The bathroom is also incredibly spacious, with a shower you could dance in! The living room and [...]

Our Van Susan 3

Our Van Susan: Family of 4’s Van Conversion

This wonderful family was frustrated by the rising costs of rentals in the UK, and it led them to explore other living opportunities. That’s when they found van life on YouTube and Instagram and started thinking maybe they could live tiny as well! So they found a van, moved in with family and started their [...]

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A Cob Home Inside a Glass Dome!

A Cob Home Inside a Glass Dome in Norway

Every now and again, we see a home that just makes our jaws drop — and this is one of them! This amazing Norwegian family designed and built an incredible glass dome around their cob house built only from natural and reclaimed materials. The dome allows them to grow grapes, veggies and multiple fruit trees, [...]

Couple’s Greyhound Renovation 11

Couple’s Greyhound Renovation w/ Craft Room!

Aaron and Lorena wanted to leave the chilly winters of Boston and ended up down the bus life rabbit hole on Instagram dreaming of a different lifestyle. When they found an already-converted Greyhound bus for sale, they jumped at the opportunity. They did tons of renovations on the bus to make it match their style [...]

Family of 4 Lives in a Tiny Home, Sailboat & Van! . 1

Family of 4 Lives in a Tiny Home, Sailboat & Van!

Pretty sure we’ve never seen this many coffee-making apparatuses in a tiny home before, but for this coffee-loving couple and their two kids, it’s a must! They run a family-owned coffee distribution/pop-up cart so of course, they need a spot to try out all the varieties. Below, we have a video tour of the family’s [...]

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