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Are you curious about others who are living in tiny houses? Well, great, because this area is jam-packed with tiny house people interviews.

So if you’ve ever wondered what it’s like going from 2,500-square-feet down to 250-square-feet, well, these people can tell you about it!

From folks who built their own tiny homes out of garbage, to ones who went from massive homes down to a 100-square-foot van conversion to adventure the world with!

It’s all here… The question is, when are you going to go tiny and start living the life you’ve been waiting for?

TINY HOMES make BIG IMPACT at Washington DC housing event – via Tiny House Expedition YouTube 001
Tiny house community for veterans in Phoenix via Tiny House Expedition 009
HomeMade Dwelling Differently Canadian TV Series Credit HomeMadeSeries-com 001
The Small House Book by Jay Shafer
Full Moon Tiny House Tour 1
He bought an oversized bendy bus and turned it into his tiny house images © Nick Jordan 001
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