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Van Dwelling

Van dwelling seems to be gaining in popularity lately. More and more people are hitting the road in converted vans, RVs, or even just tents or cars. And there are lots of reasons why people are choosing this lifestyle. Maybe they want to downsize and simplify their lives. Maybe they want to travel and see more of the world. Or maybe they just want to be closer to nature.
But van dwelling isn’t for everyone. It can be challenging, and it’s definitely not the same as living in a traditional home. So if you’re considering van dwelling, here are some things to think about.
   * You can go wherever you want
   * You can live a simpler life
   * You can be closer to nature
   * It can be cheaper than traditional living
   * It can be challenging
   * You have to give up some conveniences
   * You have to be prepared for bad weather
   * You might have trouble finding a place to park
   * Your van could break down
So, what do you think? Is van dwelling right for you? If you’re still not sure, why not check out some of the resources below. You can read stories from people who are already living the van life and find out more about how to buy or build your own van conversion below.

What is van life?

Van life is a popular way of living among young people and digital nomads. It’s a great way to save money on rent and travel costs while still having the freedom to live your life the way you want to. If you’re considering van life, here are some things to think about:
   * Are you ok with living in a small space?
   * Can you live without a lot of stuff?
   * Are you comfortable with minimal amenities?
   * Do you mind being away from civilization for long periods of time?
If you answered yes to all of the above, then van life might be right for you!

Why People Choose Van Life

For many people, van life is the epitome of freedom. You can live and many even find ways to work from almost anywhere, making it the perfect way to see the world and experience new things.

Common Van Life Challenges

Van dwelling has become a popular way to travel and live minimally. But, it’s not without its challenges. If you’re considering van life, here are some things to keep in mind:
   * You have to find the right balance in planning and letting the adventure unfold.
   * You need to keep your van and belongings secure.
   * You have to figure out where to park and sleep every day.
   * You have to maintain all of the moving parts of the van.
   * You have to adjust to very limited space.
   * You have to overcome any of the constant obstacles that may come your way.
If you’re still interested in van dwelling after considering these challenges, then you might want to start considering what your dream van looks like.

Types of Van Conversions

There are several different types of van conversions if you’re considering van life.
   * There are cargo van conversions.
   * Class B motorhomes.
   * Minivan conversions.
   * Shuttle bus conversions.
   * Short school bus conversions.
   * You can hire a builder to customize a new van for you, or convert one yourself.
Van dwelling is a great way to explore the world and live an adventure, even if you start out by just doing it on weekends and vacation periods. There are lots of resources available to help you figure out what sort of van to build or buy.

Buy or build a van

For anyone considering van dwelling, reading stories of others who have made the lifestyle switch can really help you figure out if it’s right for you. Van dwelling can be an incredibly rewarding experience, but it’s not for everybody. So weigh the pros and cons of van dwelling before making a big decision, and don’t hesitate to ask others who are van dwelling for advice.
There are pros and cons to both buying a van conversion and building one yourself.
If you buy a van conversion, the main pro is that someone else has already done the work for you. All you have to do is move in and start living your life. The main con of buying a van conversion is that they can be expensive, and you may not get exactly what you want.
If you build a van conversion yourself, the main pro is that you can customize it to your exact specifications. The main con is that it will take time and effort to do the work yourself. You will also need to be comfortable with tools and have some experience working with them.
Ultimately, the decision of whether to buy or build a van conversion is up to you. Consider your needs and wants, and go from there.


If you’re considering van life, weigh the pros and cons carefully. It’s a great way to see the world and live an adventure, but it’s not without its challenges. There are many resources available to help you buy or build your own van conversion. So, what are you waiting for? Start your van life adventure today by exploring the stories and resources below! And if you like what you see, join our Free Tiny House Newsletter for more stuff like this in your inbox!

How a Summer of Vanlife Turned into 4 Years!

Anjali’s 4 Years of Van Life

Anjali has been living on the road for more than four years, first out of a basic build that was supposed only to last the summer until 2020 hit, and her job went remote! She loved the van so much that she decided to stay on the road and eventually upgraded to this ProMaster, which [...]

Photographer’s Professionally-Built All-Black Rig

Photographer’s Professionally-Built Dark Interior Van

John Weatherbe works as a professional photographer, and he wanted a van conversion that would take him to remote locations and allow him to get epic nature photos. At first, he tried converting the van himself, but he eventually decided that wasn’t his expertise and he had it professionally finished — and the results are [...]

Adventurous Couple’s Second Van Conversion 77

Traveling Couple’s Custom Sprinter Van Life

This adventurous couple met at a climbing gym and, not too long afterward, did a 4-weekend conversion of their first inexpensive van. They used that rig for two years as a weekender van but then started the search for a Sprinter so they could do a full conversion. Once that van was complete, they decided [...]

Doc HoLiday Family Van Conversion Off Road Vans 12

Doc Holliday: Family Van Conversion

Meet the Doc Holliday five-seater van conversion, a family-friendly off-roader built by the professionals at Off Highway Vans. We interviewed the folks at OHV about their history, plans for the future, and this great rig that seats and sleeps up to five people! Designed to go just about anywhere, these luxury rigs have all the [...]

Their DIY Expedition Truck From Former Firetruck!

Their DIY Expedition Truck From Former Firetruck!

If you’ve been reading Tiny House Talk for a while, you might remember Heather and Dana, a couple who renovated an RV to live as nomads. Well, when a tree later fell on the RV, their plans shifted, and they went back to “normal” life for a while—until the call of the road pulled them [...]

Using Micro-Cement To Make a Gorgeous Van

Her Micro-Cement Van Conversion

Deyana is a former classroom teacher who now teaches virtually. You might remember her skoolie conversion that we showed you, but now she’s living in her self-converted van with her adorable dog. She used a micro-cement product from Spain called Smartcret to cover many of the surfaces in her rig, and the thin layer looks [...]

Uma Off Grid Campervan 5

$16K Off-Grid Van Conversion: Uma by The Secret Van Man in the UK

UPDATE: Uma is sold. Today, we’re introducing you to “The Secret Van Man,” a camper conversion business in the United Kingdom that’s creating gorgeous vans. Like many conversion companies, this one started with a personal passion project — a 2020 van conversion that went right! Below, Joseph shares his story about getting into van life [...]

Winnebago Revel 002

Winnebago Revel Community: A Guide to Forums and Groups

Are you a proud owner or enthusiast of the Winnebago Revel, seeking to connect with like-minded individuals and share experiences? Look no further! In this article, we’ll explore two vibrant online communities dedicated to all things Winnebago Revel: the Winnebago Revel Forum and the Winnebago 4×4 Facebook Group. Winnebago Revel Forums & Groups Winnebago Revel [...]

Large Transporter Volkswagen and Tiny house 2

Van Life with Tow-along Storage

Roman & Ioana are based in Switzerland, and they love the freedom that living and working on the road provides them. They purchased a 1990 Volkswagen van that had been converted and did some major renovations to make it work for modern full-time vanlife. They tow along a storage trailer which allows them to keep [...]

Boondocker 3.0 Van Conversion

Boondocker 3.0 Van Conversion: Built for Cooking!

Josh loves to cook, and his previous two van conversions didn’t have the space he needed to make amazing dishes on the road. So in his latest van, Boondocker 3.0, he made sure to have double countertops and a super cool “speakeasy” cabinet that rises from behind his pop-up shower. His van conversion is built [...]

Wood Turner’s Van Conversion

Wood Turner’s Van Life & Mental Health Charity

Floyd is changing lives while living out of his DIY van. A wood turner by trade, Floyd loves making artwork and leaving it around New Zealand to brighten up other’s days. With the artwork, he leaves a note about his charity, Gumboot Friday, which offers free counseling to young people in the country. He’s passionate [...]

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Colorful Van Conversion for Fun & Energetic 76 Year Old! 111

Colorful Van Conversion for Fun & Energetic 76-Year-Old!

This colorful van conversion is so fun! Sue is a 76-year-old clown, and she wanted to travel, so she got in touch with Safe and Sonder Vans, who created this fun van conversion for her. Named Rosie, the name of Sue’s clown, this bold red van is the perfect vehicle for her. Inside, she has [...]

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Familys $50K Van Conversion For Trips

Familys $50K Van Conversion For Trips

Greg and Maria purchased this van intending to convert it, but Greg almost resold it because he was so overwhelmed by what a conversion would entail! Thankfully, a friend of his encouraged him not to give up, and the results of sticking to it are incredible! This family-friendly van conversion has safe seating for the [...]

VanGo 3 Berth van conversion 6

Van Conversion that Sleeps 3 with Indoor Shower

VanGo Outfitters is a van conversion company in the United Kingdom. Max says it all started when he lived in Australia, where he got a job building out vans for a company in Sydney. He had previously worked as a boat builder for Princess Yachts while on his placement year, in which he studied product [...]

Our Van Susan Family’s Van Conversion Update 12

Our Van Susan: Family’s Van Conversion Update

The last time we checked in with Holly and Matt, they were about 3 months into an amazing van conversion for their family of 4. While the interior was coming together, they’d still be working for another 6 months before they moved in and hit the road. Incredibly, they completed the entire build for just [...]

Her $10K Van Conversion

Her $10K Van Conversion with Craft Supplies!

When Katya was out of a job in 2020, she chose to use her stimulus checks on something awesome — a budget van conversion! She and her brother spent 5 weeks working hard to transform this low-top van into a home-on-wheels. About six months ago, she decided to hit the road full-time in her rig, [...]

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His DIY Bamboo Van Conversion

His DIY Bamboo Van Conversion

In 2020, Anton found himself building out a van conversion, largely because some of his best friends were jumping into vanlife, and “you are who your friends are.” Three years ago he couldn’t even hang a picture, but you’d never know based on the incredible rig you’ll see below. He chose bamboo for the interior, [...]

Joey’s Amazing DIY Four Season Van Build

Joey’s Four Season DIY Van Build: From FBI to Van Life

Joey’s story isn’t one you’d expect — he nailed the “dream job” of working in mechanical and biomedical engineering for the FBI in Washington, D.C. — and then realized it wasn’t for him! He got a different job working as a software engineer that ended up going remote in 2020 — and before he knew [...]

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Pineapple Princess Retired Couples 6

Pineapple Princess: Retired Couple’s Ford Transit Van

JK and Kim live part-time in a Ford Transit van which they purchased second-hand and are actually the third owners of. Despite the van being built out when they first got it, they’ve gone through about 4 layout iterations to get it to the point it is today — and that’s come at the pricetag [...]

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Her Gorgeous DIY Van Has a Shower & Convertible Bed

Her Gorgeous DIY Van Has a Shower & Convertible Bed

Alexi works as a travel nurse, and a van allows her to have a home away from home while she goes from spot to spot. She initially thought she’d get a cheap old van and throw a mattress in it, but her dad encouraged her to “do it right” and that she did! Her van [...]

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They Built The Most Futuristic Van Conversion For $25K

Hey there tiny house enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the future with a sneak peek inside the most futuristic campervan you’ve ever laid eyes on, courtesy of the creative minds behind Ladi & Margaret’s YouTube channel. First off, let’s talk about this DIY masterpiece. Can you believe this camper started its life as a humble [...]

Loving Vanlife Despite Terminal Illness 2

Embracing Van Life Despite Medical Condition

Now, this is an inspirational van life story! Caleigh was born with cystic fibrosis, a medical condition that attacks the lungs. She spent the majority of her childhood and adult life seriously ill, and in and out of the hospital. After not one, but two double lung transplants, she was finally well enough to enjoy [...]

Byron Bay Mercedes Sprinter 2017 MWB 13

MWB 2017 Mercedes Sprinter by Byron Bay Van Fitouts in Australia

While plenty of people build their campervans, not everyone has that initial build turn into an incredible business that has now converted 40 different mobile spaces into homes on wheels! But that’s the story of Gina and Matty, who own and operate Byron Bay Van Fitouts in Australia. We got the chance to interview them [...]

Cedar Cabin Sprinter Van Conversion 001

2023 Cedar Cabin Sprinter Van Conversion

Hey there, fellow tiny house and van life enthusiasts! Today, I stumbled upon a listing that made me do a bit of a double-take, and I just had to share it with you. Imagine hitting the open road, with all the comforts of home packed into a sleek, modern van. Sounds like a dream, right? [...]

fat pony stay-001

The Fat Pony Hideaway: an Off-Grid Cabin on Wheels

This off-grid cabin on wheels, The Fat Pony Hideaway is a 1983 Mercedes 608D box truck cabin located in Devon, UK. With the capacity to sleep up to four people, the box truck tiny home accommodates 2 adults and 2 children over the age of 8, ensuring that the entire family can revel in the [...]

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Live More Campervans: Custom Van Builder near Atlanta Georgia

Introducing Live More Campervans: Your Gateway to Adventure-Ready Vans. Are you ready to embark on a journey where freedom meets mobility? Look no further than Live More Campervans, a premier custom van builder based just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Live More Campervans specializes in turning your travel dreams into reality, offering a range of layouts [...]