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Van Dwelling

Ziggy Mercedes Minibus Van Conversion by Reset and Chill Campers 001

Ziggy Campervan by Reset & Chill Campers

This is Ziggy, the Mercedes Sprinter LWB Minibus turned luxury tiny home on wheels by Reset & Chill Campers. It’s one of their latest conversions that was built for one of their clients, what do you think? Don’t miss other interesting van builds like this, join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more! Ziggy, the [...]

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Le Chalet Noir, a VW Crafter Campervan

This is Le Chalet Noir, a luxury VW Crafter Campervan conversion by Reset & Chill Campers out of Suffolk, United Kingdom. It’s a beautiful campervan conversion with a shower, toilet storage, kitchen, two skylights, and a large slide-out bed. Don’t miss other interesting van conversions, join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more like this!  [...]

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heir DIY Van Build. 2

Professional Baker & Makeup Artist in their DIY Van Build

Brad and Shyla wanted to switch things up in life, so they went down the van life rabbit-hole on YouTube, purchased a van, and then moved in — when all they had in it was a platform and their Tempurpedic mattress! Neither had any construction experience, but the finished product is gorgeous. They included an [...]

Bev’s Bohemian Van Update! 2

Bev’s Bohemian Van Update! 59 & Awesome

When Beverly first got into vanlife three years ago, she kept things simple and to a tight budget just to make sure she really wanted to live in a van. You might remember her last van tour we showed off here. Well now she’s had some time to make renovations and wanted to share her [...]

Sage the Van and Jennifer’s Self Discovery

Sage the Van and Jennifer’s Self Discovery

Jennifer lost her beloved dog, her father, her job and a serious relationship all within 6 months in the middle of the pandemic outbreak. While plenty of people would sink into despair (and rightfully so!), Jennifer used the tragedy as a launching pad to set out on the #vanlife she always dreamed of living. The [...]

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2000 Dodge Ram 350 Camper Van For 9k 001

$9k Dodge Ram 350 Camper Van Conversion

This is a 2000 Dodge Ram 350 with just 68,000 miles on it and it has recently been converted into a camper van. It’s for sale out of Grafton, North Dakota for $9,000. It’s a 2WD van with a clean title, automatic transmission, gas engine, and was converted in 2020, according to the listing on [...]

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Her 8 Years of VanLife Instead of Rent Slavery 2

Her 8 Years of Super-Simple Van Living

No one would argue that vanlife isn’t minimalism, but Amanda takes simple living to a whole new level! About 8 years ago she decided that instead of working more to pay rent, she was going to hand in her keys and camp. Someone gifted her a van, and she never looked back. Her van is [...]

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