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Van Dwelling

Are you considering van dwelling? Whether you want to do it full-time, part-time, or just on the weekends, there are lots of ways to do it, and there are various pros and cons when it comes to van life.

What is van life?

Van life is exactly what it sounds like! Living and often traveling out of a van. Now, why would somebody choose to live in a van down by the river, as Chris Farley used to shout on SNL?

Why People Choose Van Life

Most people choose van life for the freedom, simplicity, adventure, low cost, and, for the opportunity to become an entrepreneur or someone who works from home. The van gives many people the flexibility to live and work from almost anywhere. But van life doesn’t always work out well for everyone. Even for the most adventurous souls, it can present many new challenges.

Common Van Life Challenges

You have to find the right balance in planning and letting the adventure unfold all the while keeping your van and belongings secure, figuring out where to park and sleep every day, maintaining all of the moving parts of the van, adapting to very limited space, overcoming any of the constant obstacles that may come your way, as well as adjusting to different areas, climates, and people.

Types of Van Conversions

There are several different types of van conversions if you’re considering van life. There are cargo vans that people work to convert into their very own, often stealth, campers. Class B motorhomes are another option while you can also hire a builder to customize a new van for you.

Buy or build a van

Whether you want to buy, build, or just explore the lifestyle from a distance, exploring our van dwelling stories will definitely help you figure out whether it’s something you want to do, or not. And it can certainly help prepare you for the lifestyle.

Murphy Bed & Amazing Storage in Freelancer’s Awesome Van 2

Murphy Bed & Amazing Storage in Freelancer’s Awesome Van

Laurén might just have the best of both worlds — she owns her own little farmhouse in South Carolina where she stays during the nice weather, and when winter hits, she hops in her converted Ram Promaster to chase the sun. Her variety of remote work both for her family’s business and Tiny Home Tours [...]

ProMaster Camper by Challenger Vans 001

Multi-functional ProMaster Conversion by Challenger Vans

This is a 2021 ProMaster conversion by Challenger Vans. It’s built on a Ram ProMaster 1500 136 wheelbase van with 2WD and features a unique multi-functional layout. This Challenger Van seems to have everything you can imagine for full-time van life! What do you think? Don’t miss other interesting vans like this, join our Free [...]

From Bus Conversion to Van Life in Their Ford Transit 2

They Went from Bus Life to Van Life

When Kels and Jay first went tiny, they converted a large bus into an awesome tiny house. Kels said that was largely for her — she couldn’t imagine downsizing any further into a van. But after two years of #buslife, she realized she didn’t need that much! So they sold the bus and converted a [...]

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After Losing His Wife, zman Retires in His Overlander 5

Retired in an Overlander RV After Losing his Wife

Daniel served in Vietnam and Thailand and got married, had children, raised them, and retired. Just after retiring, he lost his wife to cancer.  He felt completely lost and ended up hiking the Camino de Santiago Trail in Spain, where he came to realize how little he needed to live and feel content — so [...]

Canada to Panama and Back in ProMaster with Murphy Bed 3

Canada to Panama and Back in ProMaster with Murphy Bed

Anne-So and JP met in university and later started dating. It was their New Zealand road-tripping in a rental van that made them fall in love with vanlife, but JP wasn’t quite sold on selling all their stuff, quitting their jobs, and moving into a van full-time — at first! Thankfully, he came around, and [...]

Artist and Web Designer on the Road at 18 Years Old 2

Artist and Web Designer Hit the Road at 18 Years Old

Emma and Justin fell in love at 15, and as high school graduation loomed, were trying to decide what to do next. College? Stay home with their parents? Neither option sounded fun, but they saw van/bus conversions all over YouTube and thought that was their best course of action. While they spent $6,000 more than [...]

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Super Moody 2008 Chevrolet Express Conversion 8

Super Moody 2008 Chevrolet Express Conversion

In a world where almost every van/tiny house/big house is “bright and airy,” it’s pretty fun to come across something stylish and — dark! The moody interior of this 2008 Chevrolet Express feels cozy and stylish in it’s own way, proving that you can use dark colors in a small space. I also love how [...]

Their High-Tech Professionally Built Promaster. 2

Their High-Tech, Professionally-Built ProMaster Van Conversion

Rocio and Gabe were enjoying their lives in Puerto Rico before a hurricane forced them to move back stateside. They were struggling to pick just one city to make their new home, but #vanlife seemed like a great solution — they could experience a number of places before settling down. While they are both somewhat [...]

Colin’s Short Bus With Rooftop Deck 3

Colin’s Short Bus With Rooftop Deck

What better way to find your future home than by traveling the whole country? That’s what former manager Colin is doing in his 2003 Ford E350 Short Bus conversion. Tired of his high-paced life in San Francisco, he purchased and converted the bus to meet his unique needs. He ramped up his solar, so he [...]

Her Van with a Skylight & Lazy Susan 3

Her Van with a Skylight & Lazy Susan

Sarah was familiar with #vanlife when she graduated from college and settled into her 9-5 job, but the work routine finally convinced her that an alternative life was the right choice. She expected to do the conversion by herself, but it turned out her mother was very excited about the adventure and jumped all-in with [...]

Enjoying Wheelchair-Accessible VAN life! 2

Enjoying Wheelchair-Accessible VAN Life!

What an inspirational couple! When neurological issues forced Tanya to retire early, she started looking at #vanlife. Her husband, Derec, is in a wheelchair and didn’t think it would be possible to adjust to life on the road or get a vehicle that met his needs. With the help of the VA, the couple got [...]

boho.life Laverne 7

Laverne Stealth Van Conversion from Boho Vans for $89,000

Fall is an underrated time of year for road trips. If you’re in the right places in the country, you can enjoy gorgeous foliage and unmatched views — especially with a camper van! Laverne is one of the latest of boho.life’s van conversions that will be ready to pick up in October. Just in time [...]

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Nurse & Teacher Take 6 Months Off for Baja Van Life 2

Nurse & Teacher Take 6 Months Off for Baja Van Life

This nurse & teacher couple were burnt out after COVID did a number to their professions — so they decided to take a sabbatical in Baja — in a van! Their DIY promaster is just lovely, with a long countertop for cooking and a huge picture window to let in the sunlight. They have a [...]

Shirley The Silver Promaster For Sale 7

Shirley The Silver Promaster For Sale

Here’s yet another boho.life van that you can make your own! If you are still planning your van life adventure and need to (or can) hold off until September, their rig “Shirley” could be for you! These professionaly-built-out vans are gorgeous and have had a previous life as rental vacation vans. They come with everything [...]

Billie Sandstone Pearl Ram Promaster For Sale 3

Billie: Sandstone Pearl Ram Promaster For Sale

We’ve introduced you to boho.life and their awesome van rental service, but did you know when they are ready to retire fleetmembers, they sell them? As of June 20, 2022, their “billie” van will be up for grabs and can be your new van home. If you’re not into DIY but still want to enjoy [...]

Jonnie’s Journey Building Vans & Travel Nursing 3

Jonnie’s Journey Building Vans & Travel Nursing

Jonnie wanted to get into travel nursing, and van life seemed like a perfect option for that lifestyle. It turns out that once she started building vans, other people wanted her to build theirs! Now she primarily builds vans and then travel nurses between builds. Her van has a shower, toilet and beautiful walnut accents. [...]

His Box Truck Condo with Full PC Gaming Set Up 10

His Box Truck Condo with Full PC Gaming Set-Up

Back in 2018, Jasper had two choices: Van Life or Homelessness. He managed to find a box truck and outfit it to make it a home, but as soon as he got back on his feet he returned to “sticks and bricks.” That’s when he found himself quite unhappy and decided to revamp his box [...]

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Savannah’s Babe Cave Compact Van Conversion 3

Stealthy ‘Babe Cave’ Van Conversion

Savannah had dreams on #vanlife but originally was worried about what others would think of her. Thankfully, she decided to outfit her own DIY van after realizing no one was living her life but her! The “Babe Cave” she built is gorgeous, with a full-sized bed, micro kitchen, and space for her cat and copilot, [...]

International Traveler to Van Lifer in Stealthy Ford Transit

International Traveler to Van Lifer in Stealthy Ford Transit

Blaine loved his life of international travel, but the pandemic shut the world down back in 2020 and he was looking for something to satisfy his wanderlust. When he dove into #vanlife research, he found his niche! His Ford Transit conversion is simple and stealthy and allows him to go just about anywhere. At 6’3″, [...]

Merchant Marine’s Part-Time Van Life Advenutres 3

Her Part-Time Van Life as a Merchant Marine

Caroline works as a Merchant Marine, which means she is on for two-and-half months and then off for about the same time. She used to just go home and “do nothing” during her time off and was wanting to use her time better. It was then that her captain actually recommended vanlife! She had no [...]

Tech Workers Empowering Van Life Conversion 2

Writer’s Empowering Van Life Conversion

For people who have grown up in a close family or always been in a monogamous relationship of some kind, jumping into solo #vanlife can feel terrifying and nearly impossible. That’s what Melody thought before she took the plunge. Now she feels empowered and happy living in her van with its super-deep sink, closet space, [...]

Manifesting Van Life & Her Super Cool Shower Set Up 4

Manifesting Van Life & Her Super Cool Shower Set Up

Tess didn’t actually know #vanlife was a thing when life pushed her into it, but her time learning meditation and mindfullness in Thailand prepared her for the massive life-shift. She went from having a large master bedroom and walk-in closet to paring down her things and enjoying her compact van closet. Her build includes a [...]

Gloria Ram Promaster 10

Warm & Rustic Gloria Ram Promaster by Boho Vans

Have you ever wanted to rent a van? Maybe for a vacation, or to help you decide if #vanlife is right for you? Well, Boho Vans not only builds custom vans (which are amazing), they also rent out their vans for short-term excursions. They recently sold their Gloria model, which they previously used as a [...]

Her Fourth Tiny Rig 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon 3

Her Fourth Tiny Rig: 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon

Halle’s first introduction to #vanlife was actually in her Kia Soul which she used to travel the entire country for 3 months. The experience left her wanting more, and she eventually decided to jump into full-time nomadic living. She had two other rigs, including a Sprinter she shared with a former partner, and then downsized [...]

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Their Black & Copper Promaster (Toilet & Shower) 3

Their Black & Copper Promaster (w/ Toilet & Shower)

We’ve all had a bad first date, but for Dan and Kenz, they knew something was “right” when they both discussed their desire to someday live in a van! They just needed “a push” and the pandemic made their jobs remote, allowing them to take the plunge. Their van has a gorgeous black-and-copper design with [...]

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Vanlifing w Disabilities

Grad Students Van Life with her Cats

Below is a beautiful van tour with Kalen and her cats. Unfortunately, the van and most of her belongings are gone since she had an accident and rollover. Fortunately, she and the cats are all okay. Watch her pre-accident tour below (her van was beautiful) and consider donating here to help her get back on [...]

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