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Van Dwelling

Are you considering van dwelling? Whether you want to do it full-time, part-time, or just on the weekends, there are lots of ways to do it, and there are various pros and cons when it comes to van life.

What is van life?

Van life is exactly what it sounds like! Living and often traveling out of a van. Now, why would somebody choose to live in a van down by the river, as Chris Farley used to shout on SNL?

Why People Choose Van Life

Most people choose van life for the freedom, simplicity, adventure, low cost, and, for the opportunity to become an entrepreneur or someone who works from home. The van gives many people the flexibility to live and work from almost anywhere. But van life doesn’t always work out well for everyone. Even for the most adventurous souls, it can present many new challenges.

Common Van Life Challenges

You have to find the right balance in planning and letting the adventure unfold all the while keeping your van and belongings secure, figuring out where to park and sleep every day, maintaining all of the moving parts of the van, adapting to very limited space, overcoming any of the constant obstacles that may come your way, as well as adjusting to different areas, climates, and people.

Types of Van Conversions

There are several different types of van conversions if you’re considering van life. There are cargo vans that people work to convert into their very own, often stealth, campers. Class B motorhomes are another option while you can also hire a builder to customize a new van for you.

Buy or build a van

Whether you want to buy, build, or just explore the lifestyle from a distance, exploring our van dwelling stories will definitely help you figure out whether it’s something you want to do, or not. And it can certainly help prepare you for the lifestyle.

Digital Nomad & Travel Nurse’s Van Sanctuary 3

Digital Nomad & Travel Nurse’s Van Sanctuary

I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of a vanlife couple who spent as much time and forethought regarding making the move into a vehicle! They spent a full year plotting and planning and discussing all the things that could go wrong in order to prepare themselves. Now that they’ve been living tiny for over [...]

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Average Brad’s Short Bus 2

Average Brad’s Short Bus w/ Tons of Storage

If you’ve watched any of the Tiny Home Tours videos we post here, you are probably familiar with Brad’s work. He is a regular videographer for their YouTube Channel, but that’s not all! He’s an amazing photographer and sells his prints and works some commercial gigs as well. This isn’t his first rodeo with tiny [...]

Sam & Kelly’s Sprinter w Bathroom & Guest Bed

This Sprinter Van Conversion has a Shower and Guest-Bed!

There’s no denying that vans are just about as tiny as tiny living comes, but Sam & Kelly included the major comfort of a shower and toilet into their van design. For Kelly, it was a must-have when they moved in after 10 months of converting their Sprinter into a home — but now? She [...]

Lefty’s Promaster with Epic Bug Net Installation 2

He went to all the National Parks in his ProMaster Van Conversion

Lefty is a thyroid cancer survivor on the trip of his life visiting all the national parks! He rock climbs, bikes, and camps out in each park until he’s seen it all, and then he moves on to the next location. When he’s done with all the physical exertion of his day, he crawls into [...]

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Emraald ProMaster Van by Vandamme Conversions 0011

The Emraald Van Build by Vandamme Conversions

This is the Emraald van build by Vandamme Conversions. They’re a custom camper van company based out of San Diego, California. Don’t miss other interesting van conversions like this, along with other sorts of tiny homes, join our Free Tiny House Newsletter for more! The Emraald Van Conversion Details THE COMPANY Built by Van Damme [...]

Nomad Brad’s Uhaul Bachelor Pad

Nomad Brad’s Uhaul Bachelor Pad

Brad was a business-and-home-owner stuck in the grind, and he wanted a change. After a trip camping in nature in his SUV, he started the downsizing process – selling and tossing his stuff so he could go mobile. This Uhaul conversion is his third rig, and it has everything just the way he wants it! [...]

Cargo Van With Indoor Shower by Perry Vans 003

Cargo Van With Indoor Shower by Perry Vans

This is a 2019 Ram ProMaster cargo van conversion with an indoor shower by Perry Vans. It was converted in 2021 and includes a full-size indoor tiled shower, platform bed with storage, a kitchen, solar, lithium battery power storage, and more. Don’t miss other interesting van conversions for sale, join our Free Tiny Houses For [...]

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Lauren & Her Dad Built Out this Stunning Blue & White Van 5

Lauren & Her Dad Built Out this Stunning Blue & White Van

Lauren had been dreaming of #vanlife for awhile, but thought it would never happen. But when lockdown hit, she got her chance. She managed to convince her dad to help her build out the interior of her Ford Transit while she was living at home. They did an absolutely amazing job! The inside is a [...]


From Van to Bus to Home to Van Builders & Glamping Hosts

Get ready for a wild ride with this awesome family! Jake, Gianna and their daughter first set out with van life in 2018. When Gianna found out she was expecting again, they upgraded to a bus. But after three years on the road, the family ultimately decided to “settle down” again and purchased a home, [...]

Couple & Pets Super Stealth & Simple Van Life

Their Stealth And Simple Van Life

Meet Sarah and Trevor and Persephone the Van, their home on the road for over a year and a half. They spent a total of three years on the road, having had another van before that. While they now own a home and animal rescue, this is the story of their stealth and simple van [...]

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Ex-Military Police Force Member Finds Freedom in VanLife

Former Military/Police Force Member Finds Freedom in VanLife

Candyss was used to her life being defined by her military and police force obligations, so when she decided to transition out of that career, she had to find what freedom meant for her. That led her to van life! She started traveling during the pandemic and now is on the road full-time. She didn’t [...]

Lady Bug Out Ford Transit Connect Solo Female Van Life 2

Lady Bug Out: Ford Transit Solo Female Van Life

When Dee needed a home post-divorce, she chose this fantastic Ford Transit van which she turned into her “Lady Bug Out” house on wheels. She has her own space she can use for travelling, and she heads back to her 14-year-old son’s house when it’s her time to have him. That way he never has [...]

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Dustin’s Stealth Micro Van Life

This is Dustin Klein and his DIY 2020 ProMaster City van conversion. He built a stealth tiny house in the 131.7 cubic ft of cargo space in the van. It’s pretty amazing! Have you ever considered a smaller van build like this? Don’t miss other interesting stories like this, join our Free Tiny House Newsletter [...]

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Bougie Builds – Couple’s Vanbuild Business 3

Bougie Builds – Couple’s Vanbuild Business

Chris and Bobby met soon after Chris sold her Florida home. The couple wanted to travel together internationally, but the pandemic sidetracked those plans. Before they knew it they were dreaming of a van! While they still have a “home base,” they spent nearly 2 months on the road together in their van travelling the [...]

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This is Stephi’s Fourth Vehicle Home!

This is Stephi’s Fourth Vehicle Home!

About four years ago, Stephi set out living in her car post graduation from art school. After crashing it, she lived in two other vehicles before buying her Promaster. While most of us try not to think about when we might die, Stephi’s cystic fibrosis diagnosis meant that she wasn’t supposed to live through her [...]

Grad Student’s Ford Transit Connect w Pull Out Kitchen 2

Grad Student’s Ford Transit Connect w/ Pull Out Kitchen

Kayla has always tried to live in small spaces — purposefully choosing the smallest room in her co-op and figuring out how to live with less. When she got a remote internship for the summer, she decided to hop into vanlife and travelling! For such a tiny, quickly-built rig, Kayla’s van is so impressive! It [...]

Copper-Themed Cozy Sprinter Van 2

Fitness Trainers’ Sprinter Van Tiny House

Pre-pandemic Claire had a dream of living in a Volkswagen van and traveling the country, being able to see her then-long-distance boyfriend Jared more often. He convinced her that a Sprinter would be a more reliable choice, and it just so happened that Jared started working remotely in March 2020. He was able to convince [...]


Eva’s Solo Female VanLife in Her Ford Transit Connect

Eva graduated college and wanted to hit the road and travel. She has a full-time remote job and made this 2013 Ford Transit Connect into a gorgeous, very tiny, home on wheels. While most people hide their stuff in a “garage” under the bed, she created secret wall cubbie you’re going to love. Despite how [...]

JP taking Chance in his 1995 Sportsmobile 3

JP taking Chance in his 1995 Sportsmobile Van Conversion

After graduating college, JP decided to take his rescue dog, Chance on the trip of a lifetime in a renovated 1995 Sportsmobile. Chance’s previous life was hard, but now he goes where JP goes, spending hours of everyday outside and exploring! JP does freelance photography work to fund his travels, and has a great hanging [...]

Her Safety-First Stationary Van Home 2

Her Safety First And Mostly Stationary Van Life

Emily traveled Australia in a suitcase and lived in a 300-square-foot apartment before hopping on the #vanlife wagon, so you might assume she’d transition into her van without much trouble. But she was honest — it took about 5 months before she really felt like her vehicle was “home,” and it’s harder to live in [...]

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Ziggy Mercedes Minibus Van Conversion by Reset and Chill Campers 001

Ziggy Campervan by Reset & Chill Campers

This is Ziggy, the Mercedes Sprinter LWB Minibus turned luxury tiny home on wheels by Reset & Chill Campers. It’s one of their latest conversions that was built for one of their clients, what do you think? Don’t miss other interesting van builds like this, join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more! Ziggy, the [...]

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Le Chalet Noir, a VW Crafter Campervan

This is Le Chalet Noir, a luxury VW Crafter Campervan conversion by Reset & Chill Campers out of Suffolk, United Kingdom. It’s a beautiful campervan conversion with a shower, toilet storage, kitchen, two skylights, and a large slide-out bed. Don’t miss other interesting van conversions, join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more like this!  [...]

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heir DIY Van Build. 2

Professional Baker & Makeup Artist in their DIY Van Build

Brad and Shyla wanted to switch things up in life, so they went down the van life rabbit-hole on YouTube, purchased a van, and then moved in — when all they had in it was a platform and their Tempurpedic mattress! Neither had any construction experience, but the finished product is gorgeous. They included an [...]

Bev’s Bohemian Van Update! 2

Bev’s Bohemian Van Update! 59 & Awesome

When Beverly first got into vanlife three years ago, she kept things simple and to a tight budget just to make sure she really wanted to live in a van. You might remember her last van tour we showed off here. Well now she’s had some time to make renovations and wanted to share her [...]

Sage the Van and Jennifer’s Self Discovery

Sage the Van and Jennifer’s Self Discovery

Jennifer lost her beloved dog, her father, her job and a serious relationship all within 6 months in the middle of the pandemic outbreak. While plenty of people would sink into despair (and rightfully so!), Jennifer used the tragedy as a launching pad to set out on the #vanlife she always dreamed of living. The [...]

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2000 Dodge Ram 350 Camper Van For 9k 001

$9k Dodge Ram 350 Camper Van Conversion

This is a 2000 Dodge Ram 350 with just 68,000 miles on it and it has recently been converted into a camper van. It’s for sale out of Grafton, North Dakota for $9,000. It’s a 2WD van with a clean title, automatic transmission, gas engine, and was converted in 2020, according to the listing on [...]

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