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Bus Conversions

Traveling Musician in his DIY Shuttle Bus

Traveling Musician in his $16K Shuttle Bus

Stefan first bought a van for his band to use for traveling to gigs, but when the band broke up, Stefan was already hooked on vanlife! The algorithm started showing him more people living in vehicles and he realized a shuttle bus would give him more of the space he wanted, so he upgraded! Amazingly, [...]

Astrologist’s $20K Short Bus w: Rooftop Deck

Astrologist’s $20K Short Bus w/ Rooftop Deck

Kelsey and Luke own almost identical dogs, although each one is a mutt! That immediately bonded the pair and after Kelsey’s car and apartment leases were up, she moved into Luke’s home — but the house seemed way too big and constricting. That led them to begin searching for a van. However, they found vans [...]

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Shabby Chic Shuttle Bus Feels Like a Cozy Cottage on Wheels! 7

Shabby Chic Shuttle Bus Feels Like a Cozy Cottage on Wheels!

Josie is an amazing woman who took on the challenge of ever-increasing rent prices in Kent, England, and built herself a shuttle bus home — even without any previous DIY experience! You’d never know she was inexperienced with power tools by looking at the finished product. It’s cozy, creative and adorable. Right now, Josie lives [...]

Family w: 3 Boys Hits the Road in DIY Skoolie 5

Family w/ 3 Boys Hits the Road in DIY Skoolie

The Reiff Family love their life on the road in their roof-raise skoolie! Joel, Carrie, and their three preteen boys left Pennsylvania to travel west after completing their $70K conversion. They’re now enjoying extensive National Parks tours and getting used to homeschooling on the road. They raised the roof in the middle of their skoolie [...]

Couple Lost Everything & Built Tree House Bus. 5

Their Forest-Green Shuttle Bus Conversion

Kae and Alex were living in an apartment, thinking bus life might happen for them someday when they had more money. Instead, it took losing everything to push them into nomadic life! While it took them 5 years to make the bus what it is today, the results of their hard work are incredible. Bus [...]

Freedom on the Road in Shuttle Bus Build

Freedom on the Road in Their Shuttle Bus Build

Mike first fell in love with vanlife after he built out a ProMaster in Boston and traveled with his brother. Eventually, they sold that rig, and he went back to “normal” life, finding himself working in Florida where he met Sara. She’d never heard of vanlife, but he slowly convinced that getting a shuttle bus [...]

His Incredible DIY Adventure Rig

His Incredible DIY Adventure Rig

While Gordo’s epic skoolie conversion might look ready to take on the zombie apocalypse, he has no intentions of using it to survive the end of days. Instead, he built the adventure rig as a passion project, and uses it to travel on vacations or transport the many tools that he has stored on the [...]