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Bus Conversions

The Sunny Diaries Skoolie 2

Family Downsizes and Travels in their Bus Conversion

Jon Paul and Lindsay are the proud owners of a 2004 Thomas bus that they lovingly converted into a light & airy skoolie for themselves and their two kids. They have front benches in the living room, a split kitchen, bunks for the kids, and a cozy back bedroom for themselves. Enjoy reading their story [...]

Couple & Dog in Teal DIY Skoolie 3

Couple & Dog in Teal DIY Skoolie

When their lease was close to expiring, Hannah and Danny knew they had no desire to renew it, but also weren’t sure about their next move. That’s when they landed on a bus conversion! Both of them quit their jobs, so they could work full-time on the bus conversion (they’ve since gotten travel/remote work). The [...]

UK Couple Renovated this Bus in 1 month for US Tour 2

UK Couple Overhauls Bus in 1 Month for US Tour

Nick and Harri are a 23-year-old British couple who graduated from university in 2020, just in time for the world to close down. They decided vanlife would be the best way to make lemonade out of lemons. After traveling in Europe, they decided to come to the US and build out a bus in just [...]

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Their $30K Bus Conversion 9

Their $30K Bus Conversion: 2002 Blue Bird

Brittany and Justin converted their skoolie thinking they’d travel the country and find a new state to call home — but after months on the road, they discovered their hearts were in Colorado after all. They went back and found an awesome mountain cabin, which they bought and are renovating in between travels in their [...]

Getting Degrees Online While Traveling in Their Bumpin Bus 4

Online College In Their $32,000 Bus Conversion

Ginnie and Austin met in the Army and got married, eventually deciding to leave and get degrees with the GI Bill. They’re able to do online school and travel in their skoolie! Pretty amazing. They have a gorgeous self-converted skoolie that cost them $32,000 to build out (including the bus cost). Enjoy the photo tour [...]

Abandoning the American Dream For Real Happiness in Their Skoolie 6

Ditching the American Dream for Skoolie Life

Tawny and Mike had the American Dream — a home, a gym, and all the trappings of modern life. But they felt trapped and unhappy despite their circumstances and wanted to find more. So they started selling everything and building a school bus home! It’s been four years, and they split their skoolie’s time between [...]

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Live, Work, Travel in Their 1995 Thomas Vista Skoolie 16

Live, Work, Travel in Their 1995 Thomas Vista Skoolie

Tim and Meg wanted to get out of the rut of office work and apartment life, so they converted a 1995 Thomas Vista into their cozy home on wheels. The shorter bus still houses everything they need, like a kitchen (with an oven!), a mini wood-burning stove, and a snug back bedroom. They tell their [...]