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Bus Conversions

Shuttle Bus Conversion with Roof Deck for 59k 001

Shuttle Bus Conversion with Roof Deck for $59,000

This is a shuttle bus conversion with a roof deck for $59,000. It’s listed over at the Tiny House Marketplace by Zander out of Las Vegas, Nevada. What do you think? Don’t miss other interesting tiny houses for sale like this, join our Free Tiny Houses For Sale Newsletter for more! Shuttle Bus Conversion with [...]

Metalworker & Artist Transcending Existance in His Roof-Raised Skoolie. 4

Metalworker’s ‘Transcending Existence’ Raised Roof School Bus Home

Wess had the travel bug as a young adult but chose parenthood first. When his boys were getting older, he decided to think about tiny living/travel again and that’s when he stumbled across the school bus that he bought to turn into a house (before they were really Instagram-popular). As a metalworker, he had the [...]

1990 Bluebird School Bus w Raised Roof FOR SALE. 2 10

1990 Bluebird School Bus w/ Raised Roof FOR SALE

If you’ve been following #skoolies for awhile, you’ll know that converting a school bus is a lot of work! What if you could get one that’s mostly complete? While this bus does need some updates (a few cracked windows and mechanical issues), the roof is raised and the interior looks stunning. You’ll find an L-shaped [...]

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Parents & Two Young Kids Skoolie w Epic Solar Array

Young family traveling in a school bus tiny house conversion

There’s no chance of this family being caught without power! Dad Derek got the wild idea to move his wife and two young kids into a school bus, and he pulled out all the stops with his brilliantly-designed solar system, fold-down bench seat for safe car seat travel, and large IKEA-mattress-sized bunks for his littles [...]

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His Son Had a Stroke & They Went Tiny Together

His Son Had a Stroke & They Went Tiny Together

Nelson’s son, Coley, suffered a stroke four years ago. It took three years of constant care for Coley to become medically stable, and in that time Nelson left his full-time job to be Coley’s full-time caretaker. The two started going up and down the coast for shorter trips that soon became longer ones. Eventually Nelson [...]

Heidi Lost Her Job & Chose Bus Life

Building an Epic $15,000 School Bus Tiny Home After Losing Her Job

Make lemonade out of lemons, right? Heidi saw her job lost in the midst of the pandemic as the perfect catalyst to bus life — she had been dreaming of traveling for years! With the help of her dad’s garage full of tools, she was able to transform her short bus for around $15K, including [...]

They’re Expecting A Baby & Building a Bus!

They Turned a Shuttle Bus into a Family Tiny Home

Matt and Nikki were supposed to get married in 2020, but when those plans got messed up, Nikki slowly started convincing Matt that a bus conversion would be a super fun lifestyle change. At the time they were childless, but the couple just moved into the bus and are expecting a baby any day now! [...]

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