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Bus Conversions

Double Decker Bus Tiny House 9

Double Decker Bus Tiny House For Sale!

Do you remember the “Royal Scott” double-decker bus turned Airbnb that we showed you a couple of months back? Well, it’s for sale! You might remember that it no longer runs (the engine blew years ago), but if you get it towed, you could be the owner of a beautiful piece of history. The entire [...]

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Empty Nesters Choose Bus Life Pre-Retirement 3

Empty Nesters Choose Bus Life Pre-Retirement

Tom and Jodie aren’t quite retirement age, but with an empty nest they were ready for a new chapter and didn’t want to wait another 20 or so years of work to get there! So they sold their home, purged a lifetime of belongings, and built out a Bluebird bus. Their 35-foot bus got a [...]

Funding Her Bus Life w Rental Properties

Funding Her Bus Life with Tiny House Rentals

Kari is an amazing woman who has had some great experiences, such as backpacking across Europe, spending two years on a sailboat, and converting a farmhouse into an adorable home. She also built out her bus, Willow, for vacations while living in her farmhouse. It was then that she realized she didn’t like leaving her [...]

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Angry Bird Hotel w 1929 Ford 2

Angry Bird Hotel w/ 1929 Ford Tow Vehicle

Rickey didn’t want to end up in a nursing home after a lifetime of adventure, teaching English and truck-driving, so he used his handy skills to transform a 1968 bus into his home — and he tows it with a 1929 Ford! He designed the exterior of the rig to look like the red Angry [...]

She Bought A Bus & Quit Her Job in 48 Hours

She Bought A Bus & Quit Her Job in 48 Hours

Olivia had been a nurse for about 5 years and was completely burnt out. She saw a listing on Facebook Marketplace for a converted short bus for $10K. She had enough money in the bank from selling her home to immediately purchase the rig — and quit her job — in just 48 hours. Believe [...]

Short Bus is Her 6th DIY Tiny Home!

This Short Bus is Her 6th Tiny Home Build!

Tasha is an artist who first got into nomadic life so she could travel the country selling her artwork. When craft fairs closed down in 2020, she shifted years to converting tiny homes for other people, and the bus you’ll see below is her 6th creation! It’s been sold, but it was on the market [...]

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Wedding Photographers’ Family Skoolie Life

Wedding Photographers’ Family Skoolie Life

Megan and Landon work as wedding photographers and videographers while traveling in their self-converted skoolie with an 18-inch roof raise! It feels incredibly spacious inside, even while they share it with their 15-month-old toddler. The toddler has a really cool set-up, with a pull-out closet filled with tiny clothes on tiny hangers, and a bed/crib [...]

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