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Tiny Apartments

Her Tiny Cube Home in Santa Monica 3

Her Tiny Cube Home in Santa Monica

Sung lives in Santa Monica, California in a cube-like backyard cottage that she rents for $1,600. While that price might seem staggering, it’s less expensive than any other rental in the area, and a huge savings from the $4,500/month she spent while living in NYC. Moving to the West Coast has helped her save significantly, [...]

Hit the Trail InnHabit Tiny House Resort 4

Tiny Shipping Container Trail Cabin in Oklahoma

Julie and Noel have built an incredible container home village in Oklahoma, where you can stay in one of 10 container cabins and visit the container businesses on the property, including a taproom, restaurant, and shops. There’s a central grain silo gazebo where you can grill and mingle with other vacationers! Each container house is [...]

Do Erasmus Exchange Students Have The Coolest Dorm Rooms? 3

Tiny Studio Apartments in the Netherlands

Do you remember your college days of being piled in a concrete room with one or two other strangers? Or perhaps your first off-campus apartment that was barely passing building code and featured constant repair issues? These new studio apartments, built for the freshman students at Erasmus in the Netherlands, are sure to make you [...]

Rent a Tiny Home at ESCAPE Village in Tampa! 92

Duplex Tiny House Rental at ESCAPE Tampa Village!

Remember the cool new tiny house duplex that ESCAPE showed us last week? Well, one of those units is available as a rental now! It’s a studio-style apartment with a first-floor bed, flip-up table area, and a galley kitchen. The unit comes furnished, and the $1,295/month rent payment includes water, sewer, garbage/recycling, landscaping maintenance, security [...]

Durango, Colorda Tiny House Community w an Island! 55

Colorado Tiny House Community with an Island!

Looking for a spot to park your tiny house? This amazing community in Durango, Colorado might be the perfect spot. It welcomes tiny homes of all kinds (including container homes) and even has larger mobile home spaces for park models. The coolest feature of this village is the private island that residents can use as [...]

Knitwear designer’s 280 Sq. Ft. Cali Tiny Home 4

Living and Working in her 280-sq.-ft. Cottage

Denise is a knitwear designer and sewing patternmaker running a successful business from her 280-square-foot tiny cottage in California. She intentionally chose to rent a tiny space, so she could afford to live in an area where homes cost $2 million! Her meticulously organized space features a separate bathroom and micro kitchen, and she’s arranged [...]

Crazy Micro Apartment in Tokyo 3

Four-Level Tokyo Micro Apartment

While we’re no strangers here to tiny spaces, this crazy 4-story micro apartment in Tokyo is something totally new! The apartment consists of 4 stories — two of which are a micro wet-bath and a twin-sized loft area. The other two stories are just 6.5 feet x 6.5 feet and act as the kitchen and [...]

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