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Tiny Apartments

Paris Architect Turns Dingy Apartment into Gorgeous Minimalist Space 1

Paris Architect Turns Dingy Apartment into Gorgeous Minimalist Space

Architect Matthieu Torres and his partner were looking for an affordable place to live in Paris, but all they could find was a dingy, dated apartment. Yet, they saw the potential! They removed the walls and drop ceiling, added skylights and a bathroom, and created a spacious kitchen where they could cook together. His girlfriend’s [...]

Michelle’s Bold & Beautiful Apartment Style 7

Michelle’s Bold & Beautiful Apartment Style

Michelle got in touch with us wanting to show off her bold and beautiful apartment style. Many of us are still working remotely due to the pandemic, and just because you live in a tiny apartment rather than a “tiny house,” doesn’t mean you can’t make your apartment your own. She describes her style as [...]

Tiny Loft Apartment in Los Angeles California via Jeremiah-Airbnb 001

Small Loft Apartment in Hollywood

This is a small loft apartment in Los Angeles, California. It looks like the perfect place for a visit to Hollywood, doesn’t it? Yes, it’s available via Airbnb. I also really like the studio layout. If you’re interested in downsizing to a smaller space, but are not quite ready for a tiny house, a studio [...]

220-sq-ft Tiny Apartment in Los Angeles with Balcony Farm 006

220-sq.-ft. Apartment in Los Angeles

This is the story and tour of a reader’s 220-sq.-ft. tiny apartment in Los Angeles. It’s a small space with an open-layout, 12-ft. high ceilings, and a lovely balcony. It didn’t come with a kitchen, but Paul put a kitchenette together that’s simple, affordable, and functional (see below). What do you think about living tiny [...]

Studio apartment with descending bedroom via Kirsten Dirksen YouTube Furniture by Bumble Bee Spaces 001

Studio apartment with ENTIRE BEDROOM SET that DESCENDS from the ceiling!

This is the story of a tiny studio apartment with an entire bedroom that descends from the ceiling. It’s actually quite incredible! With this furniture technology, you can utilize your ceiling space to more than double the usefulness of your current space, all while making it tidy. This is pretty amazing! Don’t miss other super [...]

753 Sq Ft Artist Workshop with 300 Sq Ft Tiny Loft Apartment 001

Artist’s 753 Sq. Ft. Workshop w/ 300 Sq. Ft. Tiny Loft Apartment

This is an artist’s 753 sq. ft. workshop w/ a 300 sq. ft. tiny apartment within which makes it perfect for a live/work situation. How would you like to live with your own workspace and tiny home within the same structure? Do you think that would be useful for you? The building was built in [...]

Tiny Studio Villa with Nearby Coastal Views 001

Tiny Studio Villa with Nearby Coastal Views

This is a beautiful tiny studio villa with nearby coastal views. It’s located in St. Augustine and is available to rent on Airbnb as a vacation rental. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thanks! Tiny Studio Villa in St. Augustine with Coastal Views Nearby Photos via Airbnb Photos via Airbnb Learn more You can share [...]

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