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Tiny House Real Estate

This is our tiny house real estate section. It’s where we cover any real estate that has any relation to tiny or small homes. So you’ll find a variety of types of homes from studio apartments and tiny homes to tiny cabins and small cottages.

Occasionally, you may even find a plot of land that can be your next opportunity for your home. We also cover real estate listings that feature grandfathered-in homes that are smaller than you would normally be allowed to build. Pretty cool, right?

What sort of property are you looking for? Who knows, you might find your dream tiny or small home (with land) here!

Shed Tiny Home on 5 Acres in Hartsel Colorado for 65K 001

$65K for 5 Acres and a Tiny House in Hartsel, Colorado

Hey there, tiny house enthusiasts! We’ve got an exciting find for you today that’s sure to tick all the boxes on your tiny living checklist. Located on 5 acres in Hartsel, Colorado, we’ve discovered a mountain cabin that’s off the grid. Priced at $65,000, this 1-bedroom, 1-bathroom gem on 5 acres of land seems interesting! [...]

Braveheart Properties Tiny House Village 8

Braveheart Properties Presents Peacewind Tiny House Village

While there are plenty of tiny house villages popping up around the country, few of them allow you to outright purchase your own lot. In most cases, you bring your own tiny house and pay a yearly lease. Peacewind in Florida, however, has a number of lots where you can own a little lot and [...]

Off Grid Barn Tiny House Property Millers Creek NC 002

Tiny Barn Cottage on 10 Acres in Millers Creek, NC

Hey there, fellow tiny house enthusiasts! Today, I’ve got a gem of a property that will make your off-grid dreams come true. Nestled in the serene beauty of Millers Creek, North Carolina, this $124,900 cabin/tiny house is a hidden paradise waiting to be discovered. Let’s dive into what makes this property special! If you’re seeking [...]

Historic Cottage in Galveston 001

Historic Tiny House in Galveston, Texas

Hey there, tiny house enthusiasts! I’ve got an exciting find to share with you today. Imagine owning a piece of history and calling it your home sweet home. We’re talking about the original “Tiny House” in Galveston, Texas! Nestled at 1513 20th St, this 1867 Henry Stringfellow Auxiliary House is up for grabs, and it’s [...]

Tiny Studio Home in Delray Beach 001

528-sq.-ft. Delray Beach Cottage

Hey there, tiny house enthusiasts! I’ve got a real gem to share with you today, and it’s not exactly a “tiny house” per se, but it’s pretty close at just 528 square feet of interior space. If you’ve been searching for a cozy retreat in the sunny state of Florida, this Delray Beach cottage might [...]

10 Acres in Ranger Texas with 3 Tiny Homes 006

10 Acres in Ranger Texas with 3 Tiny Homes

This is a 10-acre property in Ranger, Texas that comes with three tiny homes built by Nomad Tiny Homes. According to the listing on Zillow, it’s nestled in the 3,300-acre Big Bear Ranch community and is being offered for $650,000. The deal includes two 8.5 by 28′ double loft tiny homes along with a third [...]

700sf Log Cabin in Butler KY 001

Kentucky Log Cabin on 5 Acres

This is a Kentucky Log Cabin on 5 acres in Butler, Kentucky. It’s listed for $175,000 with one bedroom and a full bathroom with a heated bathroom floor, a newly remodeled kitchen, new windows, and a generator hooked up to the house. What are your thoughts on this little log cabin in Kentucky? Would you [...]