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Tiny Houses

Tiny houses come in all shapes and sizes. From as little as 50-square-feet to as large as 400-square-feet. Tiny homes built on wheels, floating platforms, foundations, and even vehicles like school buses that have been converted into tiny living quarters.

The tiny house movement is all about extreme downsizing and minimalism. Tiny homes are all about eliminating the unnecessary so that the necessary can stand out. Here you’ll find the latest designs and builds to fuel your ideas and creativity for your own small or tiny house project.

You’ll find homes here as little as around 50-square-feet up to as large as around 400-square-feet. From houses on wheels to ones on foundations. Why do people choose to live tiny? Find out in the stories ahead.

The Hermitage Log Cabin Park Model In the Woods 2
Vashon Island Glamping Treehouse with Ocean Views 6
Outback Skoolie with a LUXURY Bathroom 2
Vicki Tiny Home 1 2
Yellow Submarine Tiny House in New Zealand 001
paradise tiny homes oasis model 6
HTH 2-Bedroom Tiny House 11
Lauras Amazing 10ft Wide Tiny House by MitchCraft Tiny Homes 0053
Mom and Teen Daughter in Their Expanding THOW 3
Boxable Unfolding Casita Prefab Tiny House via Faircompanies 001
Model One Tiny House Plans 12
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