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Tiny Houses

Tiny houses come in all shapes and sizes. From as little as 50-square-feet to as large as 400-square-feet. Tiny homes built on wheels, floating platforms, foundations, and even vehicles like school buses that have been converted into tiny living quarters.

The tiny house movement is all about extreme downsizing and minimalism. Tiny homes are all about eliminating the unnecessary so that the necessary can stand out. Here you’ll find the latest designs and builds to fuel your ideas and creativity for your own small or tiny house project.

You’ll find homes here as little as around 50-square-feet up to as large as around 400-square-feet. From houses on wheels to ones on foundations. Why do people choose to live tiny? Find out in the stories ahead.

David’s Kenya Bush House 12

Kenya’s First Tiny House on Wheels!

A couple of weeks ago we showed you David’s awesome garage transformation in France, but that was far from his first tiny project. He built this awesome tiny house on wheels in Kenya, where he and his wife live while she was researching for a book on African myths. His design is remarkable, with “two-floor” [...]

Average Brad’s Short Bus 2

Average Brad’s Short Bus w/ Tons of Storage

If you’ve watched any of the Tiny Home Tours videos we post here, you are probably familiar with Brad’s work. He is a regular videographer for their YouTube Channel, but that’s not all! He’s an amazing photographer and sells his prints and works some commercial gigs as well. This isn’t his first rodeo with tiny [...]

Escape ONE Tiny House on sale 001

Lightly Used Escape ONE Tiny House on Discount!

This is a lightly used Escape ONE Tiny House with an $8,000 discount that’s available now! Lightly used ONE…like new, available now!  Efficiency A/C heat pump, kitchen with butcher block top, induction cook top, tall fridge/freezer, on demand water heater, furnace, window coverings,  USB outlets, composting toilet….many new items! Don’t miss other interesting tiny homes [...]

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Le Lagöm Scandinavian Stay in Quebec 19

‘Big Tiny’ Scandinavian Solar Cabin

This one-of-a-kind solar-powered vacation cabin sits in the Quebec mountains, secluded from neighbors with absolutely gorgeous views! Called “Le Lagöm,” it’s supposed to encapsulate the Swedish idea of “living life with less.” The huge glass tower surrounds the living room and lets the loft bedroom lookout on the snow-capped evergreens. If you come during the [...]

Preowned 24ft Moseying Around Together Tiny House For Sale by Wind River Tiny Homes 001a

Moseying Around Together Tiny House For Sale!

This is the ‘Moseying Around Together‘ tiny home on wheels and it’s for sale. It’s a 2021 24-ft. Toccoa model tiny house on wheels built by Wind River Tiny Homes located in Tucson, Arizona offered at $77,999 (it starts at $79,900 new excluding upgrades). Learn more below! Don’t miss other awesome tiny homes for sale, [...]

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Orange Sunshine Secluded Yurt by the River 14

Orange Sunshine Secluded Yurt by the River

One of the lovely parts about yurt-living is the built-in skylight in the center of the yurt roof. This one sends “Orange Sunshine” into the interior, thus the building’s quaint name. This electricity-free structure sits in the “middle of nowhere” with beautiful river views and plenty of natural seclusion. In the cold months you can [...]

Boutique Retail Tiny House For Sale in Orlando via Michael Dillon-THB 007

Boutique Retail Tiny House For Sale in Orlando

This is a retail store tiny house for sale in Orlando, Florida. According to the listing via Michael Dillon on Tiny Home Builders, it was built in 2019 as a mobile boutique retail unit with storefront display windows, air-conditioning, and two fitting rooms. We think businesses like this go well with tiny living, so why [...]

Lockdown Living in Gite Over Garage in France 11

France Lockdown Living in 300 Sq. Ft. Gîte Over Garage

David and his wife have been building a small home in Kenya, but just before the pandemic hit they were in the process of selling their country home in France and renting out their townhome, leaving them with nowhere to stay! So they took the space above their garage and created a 300 square foot [...]


Four Years of Fifth Wheel Living in Nashville

Four years ago, Kirs and Devin wanted to escape the rising rent in Nashville and decided to go tiny and move into a fifth wheel. They renovated that one, and later moved into a toy hauler. Most recently the couple purchased a gorgeous 44 ft. fifth wheel that hasn’t needed any work and they are [...]


From Van to Bus to Home to Van Builders & Glamping Hosts

Get ready for a wild ride with this awesome family! Jake, Gianna and their daughter first set out with van life in 2018. When Gianna found out she was expecting again, they upgraded to a bus. But after three years on the road, the family ultimately decided to “settle down” again and purchased a home, [...]

Single Mom’s Solution to Retirement Tiny Living! 4

Single Mom’s Solution to Retirement: Tiny Living!

Hillary raised her three children on her own since they were 6, 4 and 2, and while her job in law enforcement provided for them, it was never enough for Hillary to save for retirement. Once her kids were grown and out of the house, she chose tiny living so she could retire comfortably! She [...]

12’ x 30’ Deluxe Tiny House Shed 8

12’ x 30’ Deluxe Tiny House: $25K

Here’s your chance to get into tiny living for a great deal! This 360 square foot tiny house (not on wheels) is for sale in Massachusetts for just $25,000. With the prices of lumber these days and skyrocketing prices for everything else, it’s pretty rare to see a tiny house this inexpensive. You will have [...]

28 ft. Murphy Bed THOW w Tons of Storage 2

28 ft. Murphy Bed THOW w/ Tons of Storage

Indigo River Tiny Homes just finished up this 28 ft. “Pioneer” model tiny house for someone in Oklahoma. The new owners chose a bold red cabinet color that really brightens their THOW interior! It features an open-concept floor plan, with a Murphy bed and oodles of built-ins on one side of the tiny house, and [...]

Canterbury Tiny Earth Cabin 11

Tiny Earth Cabin on 60 Acres in Canterbury

This magical reclaimed earth cabin is tucked in 60 acres of privately-owned land in Canterbury, New Hampshire. The one-room cottage houses a comfortable bed, unique kitchen set-up, and a cozy wood-burning stove to warm you on chilly winter nights. There’s a nearby outhouse, and wonderful trails all around perfect for forest bathing and getting away [...]

Tarzan Tree House with Hexagonal Bed

Tarzan Tree House with Hexagonal Bed

This 250 square-foot tree house that feels like a Tarzan-family hideaway overlooks breathtaking views of Silicon Valley. A 14-foot spiral staircase leads you up to the large deck, and then inside the “actually-in-a-tree” house. There’s a compact kitchenette on the first floor, along with living space. Up a ladder you’ll find two connected lofts with [...]

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Tiny Tahoma Couple’s Home w Ground Floor Bedroom & 2 lofts

Couple’s Tiny House With A Bedroom And Two Flush Rooms

Anna & Nick had this adorable tiny house, which they call “Tiny Tahoma,” built for them by Mint Tiny Homes. They came to Acony Bell Tiny Home Community not long ago and are loving the people who live there and of course, tiny living. You’ve never seen a tiny house layout quite like theirs! They [...]

Potter’s Tiny House w Studio in Community 4

Potter’s Community Tiny House With A Studio

M was one of the first 5 long-term tiny homes that rolled into Acony Bell Tiny Home Community in North Carolina. Her lot abuts two winding creeks on the 56 acres in the community and features not only her professionally-built THOW but her pottery studio as well. She’s a professional artist and sells her pottery [...]

Interior Designer’s Tiny House in Texas

Interior Designer’s Tiny House in Texas

Sydne, an interior designer, was living in a one-bedroom apartment when she felt like it was time for a change. Buying a three-bedroom home seemed excessive when she barely “filled out” her apartment. That’s when she got the idea to design her own tiny home. Her unique design includes a foyer with washer/dryer, oodles of [...]

Dr Suess Inspired Treehouse in Vermont via Jordan and Dan Von Trapp 002

Whimsical Tree Cottage at Bliss Ridge Farm

This is a whimsical tree cottage at Bliss Ridge Farm in Moretown, Vermont. Dr. Seuss-inspired, luxury treehouse perched at the top of an 88-acre, organic hill farm, further surrounded by 1000s of acres of wilderness. Designed by B’fer Roth, DIY network TV show host of The Treehouse Guys, this is an authentic treehouse built within [...]

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Family of 3 Paid off $200K in Debt Living in 5th Wheel! 2

Family of 3 Paid off $200K in Debt Living in 5th Wheel!

Not only does living in an RV provide this family with the chance to see the country and explore with their adorable son, Aiden, it has given them the freedom to pay off $200,000 in debt in just 18 months! That’s astounding! They chose a spacious 5th wheel for their adventure that is packed with [...]

Michelle’s Life-Size Gingerbread House Holiday Decor! 7

Michelle’s Life-Size Gingerbread House Holiday Decor!

I absolutely adore over-the-top holiday decorations, and Michelle takes the cake for creativity! If you’re going to have a tiny house, why not have a Hansel-and-Gretel-worthy Gingerbread House for Christmas? She says her grandkids love it! You can read more about Michelle’s tiny life in our previous post, and enjoy all the pictures of her [...]

Bicyclists Spend Two Years Creating Awesome Bus Home 7

Bicyclists Spend Two Years Creating $28K Bus Home

Vanessa and Braden loved camping and taking overnight bicycling trips, but wanted an option that would allow them a better nights’ sleep and to travel further. They stumbled upon the skoolie community and were hooked! They’d never built anything before, but with the help of Braden’s dad and two long years of effort, they created [...]

Tiny House with Heated Outdoor Shower For Sale For 50k 001

This Tiny House Has A Heated Outdoor Shower!

This tiny house on wheels has an interesting outdoor shower that I wanted you to see. It’s an interesting option to consider if you’re ever to design/build your own tiny house. What do you think of this outdoor shower wedged into the porch of the house? For cold days, the shower can be enclosed and [...]

15k tiny log cabin with bunk beds for sale 001

Tiny Log Cabin with Bunks for $15k

This is a tiny log cabin with bunk beds for $15,000. It’s a 7′ by 15′ cabin and it’s on a new trailer with a covered front deck and a wood swing. Inside there are bunk beds as mentioned, along with a table, chairs, fan, lights, and electricity. What do you think? Don’t miss other [...]

18k Train Car Tiny House For Sale 001

500-sq.-ft. Train Car Tiny House For $18k

This is a train car tiny house project in Longview, Texas for $18,000. It’s listed for sale over at the Tiny House Marketplace via Sifu_Rhi. The 500-sq.-ft. tiny home is built using a recycled train car. It needs some minor work, appliances, and a new location. Check it out and learn more below! Don’t miss [...]

Gamer’s Park Model Tiny Home in Austin 2

Gamer’s Park Model Tiny Home in Austin

Vandila was ready to make the “next step” and get out of apartment living, but the housing market in Austin was crazy and she hated the thought of jumping into so much debt and not getting a great deal. Plus, she didn’t think she needed all the space a full home would offer. That’s when [...]

Estate Uncharted Tiny Homes 6

Estate Tiny House with First Floor Bedroom

The Estate is just one of many tiny house models on the market today that are addressing people’s desire for a ground-floor bedroom. And this one does more than that! It includes two lofts connected by a catwalk as well. There’s a galley kitchen, bathroom with space for a roomy shower, and an entryway/living room [...]

Huge Bus Home w Musical Horn & Side Door Access

Couple’s Tour Bus Tiny Home Conversion

Sure older buses can have plenty of mechanical downsides, but you might also get a musical horn that plays 99 different tunes! Hannah and Cody got that lovely surprise when they started renovating their bus pre-pandemic. Unfortunately, they got scammed by some bus-builders who never built out their bus, so they had to go the [...]

acorn treehouse 15

Acorn Tree House w/ Rainfall Shower & Outdoor Tub

This three-floor tree house offers all kinds of luxurious finishes inside that are sure to make you wish you always lived up in the trees! There’s a soaking bath under the covered ground-floor porch, a rainfall shower with gorgeous tilework, and a large comfortable bed in the main living space. Climb the spiral staircase up [...]

Student-Built THOW 6

Student-Built THOW For Sale in Ohio: $49K

The students at EHOVE Career Center in Ohio built this amazing tiny house, and the sale will pay for next years’ build! They are asking $49,000. Experts in construction, carpentry, electricity, plumbing, insulation, heating, flooring and interior design assisted the students to make sure you’re getting a quality home sweet home! Plus there’s an elevator [...]

Wilhite – 39′ 9

Fancy Tiny House With Bedroom And Wardrobes

This is Indigo River Tiny Home’s fanciest model yet — a 39-foot gooseneck THOW complete with two storage lofts, a living room gooseneck, and a ground-floor bedroom with built-in wardrobes. The owners added tons of upgrades to make this a truly luxurious tiny home. Especially in tiny homes, the kitchens and living rooms tend to [...]

Retiree’s Park Model w Crafting Room 2

Her Retirement Park Model Tiny House with a Crafting Room

Brandy retired just before 2020, and the pandemic set her on a new path to tiny living. She’s honest about her downsize — it hasn’t been easy to purge her items or give up wall space for relatives’ artwork. But she’s also found ways to make the space work for her, including using her downstairs [...]

Empty Nester’s Little Homie Skoolie Conversion 2

Empty Nester’s Little Homie Skoolie Conversion

When their kids moved out, Mike and Jenny decided to go tiny! Or, Jenny did and Mike said, “sure” haha. Despite choosing to downsize significantly, the couple brought in elements and inspiration from their big home in designing their little one. It took about 7 months for them to complete the build, and every detail [...]

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