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Micro Houses And Other Ultra-Small Structures on Tiny House Talk

Tee Tiny THOW in Athens, Texas 2

$28K Tiny House in Athens, Texas

This is an adorable tee tiny THOW for sale in Athens, Texas. The DIY build is just large enough for a single person (or maybe a very close couple), with one sleeping loft and another small storage loft. There are stairs to the bedroom, which is rare in such a tiny space. The bathroom has [...]

Overlanding Micro Military Camper 55

Overlanding Micro Military Camper for Solo Traveler

Juliana Rose is a fantastic woman! She started SUV-camping out of her FJ Cruiser and one day decided to do it full-time. After living out of her vehicle, she purchased and built a micro camper to give her and her two dogs more space. The 30-square-foot space was originally a military generator, but Juliana Rose [...]


Simple Living in his Bonsai Tiny House ​

Yann, his wife, and their two daughters love spending time in their getaway cabin, a tiny house on wheels he purchased from three friends who built the home as a fun project. He spent about $55,000 on the 13-foot tiny home, and has it parked in South France, about a two-hour bike ride from where [...]

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The Venice Unique Micro Home w: Breezewa 13

$15K Micro House on Wheels with Built-in Breezeway

After looking at tiny homes every day for years, it takes a lot to surprise us! But this lime green micro tiny house is truly one of a kind. The unique layout includes a bathroom and bedroom, completely separated by a mini patio area/breezeway — but it’s all built on one 12-foot trailer. The budget [...]

She’s Been Living Out of Her Honda Element for Six Years! 3

She’s Been Living Out of Her Honda Element for Six Years!

Rosa is one incredible person! While some people might be able to live out of a car for a season, Rosa has done it for six years and has no intentions of stopping. For the first five years, she did a mix of seasonal work and gig work, but her YouTube channel took off enough [...]

Unique Cabana in Colombia 9

Villa Tiny House in Colombia with City Views

I love this unique cabana in Colombia, although I have no idea how to describe it! The floor plan is in the shape of a plus sign (+), but it has curved archways and cozy alcoves. And just wait until you admire the views from the large arched windows. The home sits on a beautiful [...]

The ultimate van build: Wilford's Nissan NV2500 cabin on wheels

Nomadic Van Life in his Nissan NV2500 That’s Built Like a Cabin

He transformed a Nissan NV2500 van into his personal cabin on wheels, tailored perfectly to his unique requirements. The moment you slide open the van door, you’ll quickly realize that this is far from an ordinary vehicle. It boasts a bespoke wooden entryway equipped with screen doors, effectively warding off Florida’s pesky mosquitoes. For the [...]

Supporting Her Mental Health in DIY Tiny Home 56

From Shed to Sanctuary: Building a DIY Tiny Home to Foster Mental Wellness

Veerle was at University when her mental and physical health needed a break. While she could move back home, she needed her own space and the housing market was pricing her out of an apartment. That’s when she got the idea to build a tiny home in her parents’ backyard! Her 75-square-foot cottage was once [...]

Teenager Cooks Thanksgiving Meal in Her DIY Tiny House 4

Teen Cooks Thanksgiving in Her DIY Tiny House

Chloe is an amazing teenager in Georgia who built a tiny house on wheels with her dad! The home sits on a standard utility trailer and includes a twin-sized bed, mini table, and Mr. Buddy heater to keep her warm and cozy. In the videos below, you can watch her build the home from start [...]

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He spent 26 days and $3k on his teardrop 7

He Spent 26 Days and $3k Building His Teardrop Camper

Phil, a professional woodworker, was going to archery competitions where he would camp in a tent. It was always a bit annoying setting up camp, but the nail in the coffin came the day his tent got entirely flooded by the rain at an annual event. After that, he decided to challenge himself and build [...]


Three New Tiny House Plans! An A-Frame, Cottage & Office

Are you searching for some tiny house plans? Small House Catalog released three excellent choices recently: A 336-square-foot A-frame, a 224-square-foot studio cottage, and an itty bitty writer’s cabin. If you’re looking for a full-time residence, the A-Frame is likely your best bet as it has a first-floor bedroom, a loft, and a kitchen and [...]

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Itty Bitty Heirloom Tiny Home Available Now 8

Itty Bitty 6×16 Tiny House by Tiny Heirloom

Looking for a home office or a guest space but don’t want an addition, or want something that you can move around? Willing to live *micro*? This beautiful itty bitty Tiny Heirloom build could be just what you’re looking for. The space is just 6×16, making it super compact, but large enough for a twin [...]

16 Ft. NOAH-Certified Dragon Tiny Home 14

16 Ft. NOAH-Certified Dragon Tiny Home

This is a 16-foot loft tiny house designed and built by Dragon Tiny Homes in Georgia. The NOAH-certified home has a traditional THOW layout, with a bathroom on one end and a small living area on the other. A ladder goes up to the loft bedroom, and there’s a kitchen underneath with a two-burner cooktop. [...]

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ALONE Contestant Builds $5K Vardo 3

Alone Contestant Builds $5K Vardo Tiny Home

Brooke is a wilderness survivalist and was a contestant on the History Channel’s “ALONE” — and now she’s a tiny house builder! Her amazing Vardo tiny home took her just 2 months and $5,000 in materials to build. The off-grid space has awesome wooden cutouts on the exterior that show different scenes which are important [...]

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Micro House on Japanese Truck 2

Incredible Micro House Built on Tiny Japanese Truck

Here’s another amazing micro house build on a Japanese truck bed! While I don’t know the exact measurements of this truck, many Suzuki truck beds are 6.5 x 4.5 feet, meaning this micro house is around just 30 square feet — now that’s tiny. Below, you can watch a time-lapse of the entire build, or [...]

MoonPass Lookouts 55

MoonPass Lookouts Stargazing Tiny House

Remember the Potato cabin? That was the brainchild of Kristie Wolfe, and she’s back at it again with her most ambitious project yet! A set of five “Moonpass Lookouts” inspired by fire lookouts set on the 55-acre historic site of the Great Fire of 1910 in Idaho. These vacation cabins will feature smart glass roofs [...]

They Built TWO Micro Homes for Homeless People 3

They Built Two Micro Homes for Homeless

Hope and Manny are an awesome couple who recently completed their own DIY van build and are traveling the country with their dogs working on other vans and doing philanthropic work in their spare time. The couple built not one, but two different bike trailer micro homes for homeless men on the West Coast. Their [...]

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Lake-Front THOW And Or Lot For Sale 7

Lake-Front Tiny House with a Lot For Sale

Here’s your chance to get LAND for your tiny house (and you can buy a tiny house with it if you want!) in Corsicana, Texas. This lake peninsula tiny house community in Texas has a lot for sale, and you can either purchase it with an IndigoGo! Towable Tiny Home or purchase just the lot [...]

youtu.be-Uthp7wpEvss (3)

Life in his Self-Converted Chevy Camaro Camper

Imagine living in a car, not just any car, but a Chevy Camaro. Yes, you read that right. One man has taken the concept of tiny living to a whole new level by converting his Camaro into a fully functional living space. His Camaro is not just a place to sleep, but also a place [...]

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She Built This Epic Vardo in 2 months

She Built This Epic Vardo in Just 2 Months!

Brooke of “Girl in the Woods” is an amazing woman — author of two books, filmmaker, builder, outdoor educator, speaker — who loves to spend time in the woods and built herself an amazing 10×7 vardo caravan in just 2 months! She plans to use it for her camping adventures and included a foot-pump sink, [...]

Their Micro Van with a Harry Potty Ceiling!

Their Micro Van with a Harry Potter Ceiling!

Sam and Chris have made it all the way from New York to Oregon in their awesome micro van — with their two dogs! Chris is a tattoo artist, and she’s so excited to be traveling and tattooing on the road, like she’s always dreamed of. They carry an inflatable boat on the roof of [...]

Health Professional’s Office Tiny Home. 17

Health Professional’s Office Tiny Home

This 13-foot tiny house was designed as an office for a health professional, and I can hardly think of a more lovely spot to have an office visit! There’s a comfortable bench for patients, a consultation desk with sleek chairs, and even a 3/4 bathroom with a shower. A mini wood-burning stove provides warmth during [...]

Images: @magjagpottery

Her DIY Pottery Studio Tiny House!

Originally, Maggie and her father were thinking of building a full-time-residence tiny home, but when her pottery hobby really took off back in 2020, the two decided a mobile pottery studio was in order. Their 12×8 creation is absolutely stunning, and it has heating, AC, electricity, and plumbing. It acted as her storefront for a [...]

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Grandma & Grandson Build Awesome Micro THOW 9

Grandma & Grandson Build Awesome Micro THOW

Remember tiny-house-extraordinaire Marsha? She’s built 8 (or 9?) different amazing tiny homes, and recently helped her 19-year-old grandson build a micro THOW to sell! Due to lots of unexpected happenings this fall (read the story below), Marsha finished up the building process on her own. This little tiny home fits a bed and a kitchenette [...]