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Micro Houses And Other Ultra-Small Structures on Tiny House Talk


CyberLandr Truck Camper For The Tesla Cybertruck

This is the Cyberlandr! It’s a truck camper designed for the Tesla Cybertruck. It’s an incredible concept that’s designed to collapse into the bed of the truck and expands when you want it to. Inside: a bathroom with shower and toilet, kitchenette, multi-functional queen bed, and apparently, even a corner office with a view. I [...]

Hobbit Style Underground Cabin 9

Hobbit Hole Vacation in Virginia w/ Handcrafted Elements

If you’d like a peaceful getaway, this Hobbit Hole in Virginia looks like a stellar spot. Inside the round green door is a one-bedroom cabin with a queen bed, kitchenette and a bathroom complete with a rainfall shower. The owners added all kinds of special touches that are handmade, including the counters and furniture! The [...]

Dad Builds Son Nearly-Free Pallet Cabin 9

Dad Builds Son Nearly-Free Pallet Cabin

Curtis’ wife had an awesome idea: Take pallets and build a cabin playfort for their son. He made the idea come to life and the result is an awesome micro cottage made for almost no expense (his grandparents had the roofing material and siding). Right now with the price of lumber skyrocketing, pallets are about [...]

Cessna Aircraft and Treehouse 11

Cessna Aircraft and Tiny House Vacation in France

I’m always on the lookout for unique vacation stays, and this one lets you sleep in a plane and a tiny house! The Cessna Aircraft sleeps one comfortably, or a couple quite snugly, and would be a great spot for kids or aviation fanatics. It’s in a campground with other unique stays and there are [...]

He Lost His Job & Is Building a Tiny House Business 10

He Lost His Job & Is Building a Tiny House Vacation Business

Like so many others, Jacob lost his job in the pandemic fallout. A former video producer, he decided to use his skills to create a YouTube channel following his build of a gorgeous tiny house cabin — and now, a whole tiny house vacation village in the Cotswolds, UK! Little Orchard Hideaways is Jacob’s amazing [...]

New York DIY 128 Sq. Ft. THOW For Sale:

128-sq.-ft. Tiny House Built by Hobby Carpenter

This is a 128-sq.-ft. tiny house built by a hobby carpenter while he lived in Maine. It’s now in New York and the seller’s lifestyle is changing so he’s selling his tiny house. It has a loft bedroom, and a kitchen and bathroom under it. There’s a little sink, a shower stall, and it’s plumbed [...]


Community First! Village: Mitigating Homelessness Through Community

Homelessness is a problem in every city in the country, and many times when we see tiny homes we think, “We need more of these for the homeless!” Community First! Village in Austin, Texas took that idea and brought it to life, with 51 acres of property with more than 500 homes for the chronically [...]

LA’s First Tiny Home Village for the Homeless 5

LA’s First Tiny Home Village for the Homeless

An awkwardly-shaped piece of city-owned property went from an abandoned lot, to a colorful village of 39 tiny homes built to give temporary shelter to some of the city’s homeless population. Each home is 64 square feet, and there are shared laundry facilities on site. Units cost $7,500 each, including labor and materials, and were [...]

Michael’s $3K Micro Trailer 6

Michael’s $3K Micro Trailer: Traveling the US

I love seeing what people can do with limited resources! For just $3k, Michael was able to create a super cool house on wheels using mainly reclaimed materials. He even has a sun porch! He uses his micro THOW to travel the US and stay for free on BLM land. He’s spent most of his [...]

8×12 Shed Guestroom in Cabin Backyard 7

Sunflower House: 8×12 Shed Guestroom in Cabin Backyard

Steve and his wife moved to a 600 foot cabin on 5.5 acres after living in an even smaller space in town. There was an existing 8×12 tool shed on the property, and his adult daughter claimed the space as her own for when she visits. It was then that he got the idea to [...]

Flip-Open A-Frame Cabana w/ Murphy Bed & Bathroom 4

Flip-Open A-Frame Cabana w/ Murphy Bed & Bathroom

This amazing flip-open A-frame cabana in Brazil looks like it was built using Deek Diedrickson’s $1,200 a-frame plans, and the results are amazing. What I particularly love is that this little vacation cabana includes a bathroom, and has a two-tier deck overlooking a little natural paradise. They even included a Murphy bed so you can [...]

Micro Cabin On The Red Rocks Sedona AZ via Matteo-Airbnb 002

Modern Micro Cabin With Bathhouse in Sedona

This is a modern micro cabin with an outhouse in Sedona, Arizona. The little cabin has a queen-size bed, mini-fridge, coffee maker, microwave, and toaster. The bathhouse is right behind the cabin in a separate structure. What do you think of this arrangement? Have you ever considered building a tiny house with a nearby bathhouse? [...]

TopperEZLift: Turn Your Truck into a Tiny House! 3

TopperEZLift: Turn Your Truck into a Tiny House in Just 30 Seconds!

More and more people are ditching the 9 to 5 so they can explore the country and travel. While we’ve seen tons of van conversions, what about setting up your truck bed for travel? Marsha showed us you can DIY it here, but TopperEZLift has another option: A lift kit with insulated siding that allows [...]

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Budget 75 Square Foot Garden THOW in Europe 27

Under-$5k, 75-sq.-ft. Garden Tiny House Built on Budget

For years, Thilo has wanted to live off the land. When he got the opportunity to buy an old home with lovely property in Southern France, he jumped at the chance. But, he wanted to wake up and see his gardens — so he decided to build a budget tiny house! Legally, he’s living in [...]

Oregon Teardrop Trailer Camper Pop-up Elopement Wedding

Teardrop Camper Wedding Packages in Oregon

Have you ever considered a teardrop camper Weddings On Wheels packages from Oregon Teardrop Rentals? Many might not have ever thought of such a novelty, but it could be the perfect way to embrace the outdoors. Whether for you or for someone you know who may be tying the knot, it could be the perfect [...]

London Couple Travelling Europe in Their Van Conversion 6

London Couple Travelling Europe in Their Van Conversion

This couple was living in London, paying high rent, and running the rat race. So they decided to save up their money and go experience the other cultures of Europe — and find minimalism in the process. While they miss friends and family — and a proper bathroom — the experience has been fantastic for [...]

COVID-Project: 1987 Dodge Roadtrek Campervan $8K Conversion 2

1987 Dodge Roadtrek Campervan $8K Conversion, Their Unexpected 2020 Project

Sometimes good things really do just fall in your lap! Hanna and Cody weren’t looking for a van, but when they saw one on the side of the road for sale by owner, and they had plenty of COVID-era free time on their hands, they chose to jump at the opportunity to convert it into [...]

Whimsy Wagon 10

Whimsy Wagon: Handcrafted Caravan For Sale

Now here’s a micro home for you! This handcrafted whimsy wagon has so much character in such a small space. The exterior looks like something from another time, and there are lovely carved and painted details all over. Seating for two on the covered porch, and inside there’s a couch/bed taking up the back of [...]


Off-Grid 5×8 Micro Cabin on Wheels for Sale: $8,999

Always wanted a cabin, but want to bring it anywhere you please? This micro cabin for sale in Pennsylvania is just 5×8 and easy to tow, letting you bring that cozy cabin feel all over the US! While the THOW is currently set up off-grid, the builder can add electricity, shelves, or a sink to [...]

Remote Work & Travel from her Promaster Van

Remote Work & Travel from Her Promaster Van

Karissa has been working remotely for four years, so when she sold her new car, she was able to purchase her Dodge Promaster van and hit the road just like she’d always dreamed! With the help of a friend, she outfitted the interior with a hand-painted mural, kitchenette with IKEA cabinets, and plenty of room [...]

Black Wolf’s Travel Trailer Reno: Just $400!

Black Wolfs’ Travel Trailer Reno: Just $400!

It’s easy to look at vanlifers and skoolie conversions and get discouraged that you just don’t have the funds to get a large vehicle or the know-how to fix it up. Meg and Ben managed to get on the road spending only $400 on their renovation of an outdated travel trailer — and as long [...]

Prison Cell in Margate, England 9

Penny Rope Luxury Prison Cell Vacation

Want to stay in a prison cell without getting a record? Ok, maybe not, but this unique micro stay in Kent, England makes a night in prison luxurious! The barely-there mattresses have been replaced with cushy ones, and you’ll find a tea kettle, reading material, private bathroom facilities plus an outdoor patio with BBQ and [...]

Helicopter Stay 7

You’ve Heard About Van Life: How About A Helicopter Stay?

Recycling old vehicles is such an eco-friendly way to give them a new life — and that’s what you get when you “glamp” at the Helipad by the sea in Skegness, England. The Converted Lynx Helicopter sleeps 2 and features under-bed heating to keep you warm. The hosts also tucked in a coffee table, mini [...]

Tiny House Built For Only 100 Bucks 002

A Teeny Tiny House Built For Around $100

This is the story of Brother Paul Wright’s teeny tiny house that was built for just around $100 over in Dothan, Alabama. You see, Paul has been building tiny little structures like this ever since he can remember, using wood and even cardboard as a kid to build temporary forts. So now, Paul is bringing [...]

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