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Micro Houses And Other Ultra-Small Structures on Tiny House Talk


Classic Teardrop Campers by Second Wind Trailers

These are hand built teardrop campers by Second Wind Trailers. I first learned about Nathan Pizzo and his custom-built teardrop campers back in 2014, when he first reached out after building his first camper on a 5×8 trailer. Fast forward to today, and he’s still building them while perfecting the process. If you’re in the [...]

Tiny Cabin Wanderer 4

The Tiny Cabin Wanderer: From ‘Big House’ to Tiny Life

Michael decided to sell his big house in Tennessee and use the equity to buy his very own tiny house to take with him on his US travels. He found this awesome 18 foot Firefly from Little Homes of Texas and prettied it up with an awning, shutters, fold-up deck and more. His home has [...]

Eco-Friendly Moon Lodge Yurt w Milky Way Views 10

Eco-Friendly Moon Lodge Yurt w/ Milky Way Views

The moon lodge yurt is the perfect spot to get your glamp on! While this is a pretty basic and very tiny yurt, the glass ceiling makes it one-of-a-kind, and it’s uninhibited sky views are breathtaking. You can even see the Milky Way some nights. It’s heated in winter by a wood stove, and in [...]


Asteroid of Happiness Van Conversion by B Box Motorhome

Now THIS is a van conversion. Advanced RV, a van building company, has created their signature “B Box,” which is essentially a box placed on a Mercedes Sprinter chassis. It provides a lot more interior space without making the van any wider, or much taller. As a result, they’re able to make these B Boxes [...]

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Tiny Luxury Apartment in Tokyo

This is a tiny luxury apartment in Tokyo, Japan shown by Tokyo Lens/YouTube. It’s a video tour of what is possibly Tokyo’s smallest luxury apartment. According to the video, it’s part of an initiative to develop more affordable housing in the area. What do you think? Don’t miss other interesting stories like this, join our [...]

Painter Builds Truck Bed Beehive Mobile Studio & Home 23

His Whimsical Truck Bed Cabin

Chris Rodiger is a senior at Colby College in Maine and an accomplished artist. As if his gorgeous “En Plein Air” paintings weren’t enough, he built himself a truck bed tiny house with minimal woodworking experience — and the result is stunning! He calls it the “Beehive” and he spent the summer of 2021 living [...]

8×8 Modern Backyard Office-Cabin For Sale 001

Backyard Office-Cabin For $8,900

This is a home office studio cabin. It’s an 8′ x 8′ build with a 10′ x 10′ roof featuring 64-sq.-ft. inside. It’s listed via Studios on the Tiny House Marketplace for $8,900 out of Appomattox, Virginia. What do you think? 8′ x 8′ Office Cabin For $8,900 It’s an 8’x8′ cube structure. The office-cabin [...]

Dad & Son Build Caravan Wagon in Israel 2

Father And Son Build Caravan Wagon in Israel

Amir emailed us this week to show off the awesome caravan wagon he and his 15-year-old son built together. It’s a space for them to hang out and work. The story is that I wanted to build a small wagon for me and my son to have a place for recreation in our village. So [...]

Her Awesome Truck Camper w Shower & Toilet

Her Awesome Truck Camper w/ Shower & Toilet

You might think living on top of your truck would be extra cramped, but Chrissy proves it’s not true with her fantastic 2020 Capri camper that sits on top of her 2011 Chevy Silverado. I don’t think I’ve seen a micro space this tiny that includes a 32″ indoor shower, but Chrissy’s does! She also [...]

Octagon Water Forest Retreat in Connecticut 11

Octagon Water Forest Retreat in Connecticut

Here’s an awesome 144 square foot tiny house that’s similar to a yurt. The wooden octagon is a lovely private getaway secluded on 100 acres of wild land. There’s a comfortable bed inside the cabin, along with an electric fireplace that keeps the place warm. A heated outhouse nearby houses a composting toilet. Wait until [...]

Natalie’s $400 Pallet Shed 18

Natalie’s $400 Pallet Shed Using Reclaimed Materials

It’s Natalie here! I do a lot of the writing about tiny homes here, but today I want to show you what my husband and I have been working on — an 8×6 pallet shed using tons of reclaimed materials and rough cut lumber from a local sawmill. We have three little kids and live [...]

Toy Hauler Turned DIY Camper 13

DIY Toy Hauler Turned Into Vintage Tiny House

This couple bought a homemade toy hauler and turned it into a tiny house/camper with adorable 1950s vintage flair. The before & after is truly impressive. From rusty and dingy to quaint and cozy. Enjoy the photos below. Don’t miss other super-awesome campers like this – join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more! Before [...]

Multiple Tiny Houses on 5 Acres in Ashland OR via Zillow 0040

Property With Multiple Tiny Houses in Ashland, Oregon (Sold)

This is a 5.44-acre property with multiple tiny houses in Ashland, Oregon. It could be a great opportunity for the right person looking to live tiny and/or to give others the opportunity to do so too. Take a look! According to the Zillow listing, there are a total of 9 structures on the property, a [...]

Retired Couple’s 50 Sq. Ft. DIY Vardo 3

Retired Couple’s 50 Sq. Ft. DIY Vardo

Emily fell in love with tiny homes after reading a book by Deek Diedricksen, but it took going to a tiny house festival with her husband, Dan, to get him on board. After that, they spent a week camping to see if they could do it, and decided tiny living was for them! That’s when [...]

Two-Slider Sprinter Conversion W/ Kitchen Divider

Two-Slider Sprinter Conversion W/ Kitchen Divider

Meet this awesome couple who took inspiration from marine set-ups to create a functional Sprinter van home. Unlike many vans we’ve seen, they put the kitchen along the cab of the van, creating a solid divider between the driving and living space. That design choice gave them room to include a full banquette, a breezeway [...]


Marsha’s Truck Camper Remodel (2021)

This is Marsha’s truck camper which she still owns here in 2021 and has actually completely remodeled it. In this post, she shows you the remodel and describes what she did to make improvements to her little truck camper. Check it out and let us know your thoughts in the comments! Thanks! :) Don’t miss [...]

The Granary: Rustic Chic Early 1900s Cottage

The Granary: Rustic Chic Early 1900s Cottage

It’s always lovely when an old building gets new life, and that’s the case of this little cabin on a 2-acre farm property with lush grass and gardens. While the structure isn’t insulated, they have a small heater and electric blankets for cool-weather camping, or you can enjoy it in the summertime! There’s an RV [...]

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CyberLandr Truck Camper For The Tesla Cybertruck

This is the Cyberlandr! It’s a truck camper designed for the Tesla Cybertruck. It’s an incredible concept that’s designed to collapse into the bed of the truck and expands when you want it to. Inside: a bathroom with shower and toilet, kitchenette, multi-functional queen bed, and apparently, even a corner office with a view. I [...]

Hobbit Style Underground Cabin 9

Hobbit Hole Vacation in Virginia w/ Handcrafted Elements

If you’d like a peaceful getaway, this Hobbit Hole in Virginia looks like a stellar spot. Inside the round green door is a one-bedroom cabin with a queen bed, kitchenette and a bathroom complete with a rainfall shower. The owners added all kinds of special touches that are handmade, including the counters and furniture! The [...]

Dad Builds Son Nearly-Free Pallet Cabin 9

Dad Builds Son Nearly-Free Pallet Cabin

Curtis’ wife had an awesome idea: Take pallets and build a cabin playfort for their son. He made the idea come to life and the result is an awesome micro cottage made for almost no expense (his grandparents had the roofing material and siding). Right now with the price of lumber skyrocketing, pallets are about [...]

Cessna Aircraft and Treehouse 11

Cessna Aircraft and Tiny House Vacation in France

I’m always on the lookout for unique vacation stays, and this one lets you sleep in a plane and a tiny house! The Cessna Aircraft sleeps one comfortably, or a couple quite snugly, and would be a great spot for kids or aviation fanatics. It’s in a campground with other unique stays and there are [...]

He Lost His Job & Is Building a Tiny House Business 10

He Lost His Job & Is Building a Tiny House Vacation Business

Like so many others, Jacob lost his job in the pandemic fallout. A former video producer, he decided to use his skills to create a YouTube channel following his build of a gorgeous tiny house cabin — and now, a whole tiny house vacation village in the Cotswolds, UK! Little Orchard Hideaways is Jacob’s amazing [...]

New York DIY 128 Sq. Ft. THOW For Sale:

128-sq.-ft. Tiny House Built by Hobby Carpenter

This is a 128-sq.-ft. tiny house built by a hobby carpenter while he lived in Maine. It’s now in New York and the seller’s lifestyle is changing so he’s selling his tiny house. It has a loft bedroom, and a kitchen and bathroom under it. There’s a little sink, a shower stall, and it’s plumbed [...]


Community First! Village: Mitigating Homelessness Through Community

Homelessness is a problem in every city in the country, and many times when we see tiny homes we think, “We need more of these for the homeless!” Community First! Village in Austin, Texas took that idea and brought it to life, with 51 acres of property with more than 500 homes for the chronically [...]

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