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Iris 16×20 Two Floor Tiny Home Plans 10

16×20 Two-Story Cottage Plans

One of the great things about building tiny on a foundation is that you aren’t limited in terms of highway height rules. That’s shown in these tiny house plans that have a second-floor loft bedroom with full standing height. Leaving the room open to the living space makes the home feel larger by eliminating extra [...]

714 sq. ft. Modern Rustic Cabin w: Rooftop Deck PLANS

714 sq. ft. Modern Rustic Cabin with Rooftop Deck: PLANS

While we specialize in tiny houses around here, sometimes people need a minimal life with just a little extra elbow room! This 741 sq. ft. design is perfect for a family of four, with a queen-sized bedroom and bunk room upstairs. On the first floor, you’ll find a kitchen with full-sized appliances, an entryway and [...]

Model One Erik Haglund 192 sq. ft. 4

Tiny Container House Plans: The Model One by Modern Dwelling Inc.

Erik Haglund of Modern Dwelling Inc. designed this incredible studio-style shipping container home and now the plans are for sale! Yes, you can purchase a turn-key version of the home (called the “True Studio” on his website) from Modern Dwelling Inc, but you can also get the plans for $359.00 from Tiny House Plans! The [...]

Lumina 24 ft tiny house plans. 3

Lumina: Sleek & Modern 24 ft Tiny House Plans

Here’s a beautiful set of plans for the Lumina tiny house on wheels, a 24-foot, road-legal tiny home with a fun roofline. This home features minimal, clean lines throughout and built-in furniture that perfectly fits in the space. There are lots of windows in this THOW, including a cascading skylight-to-window in the loft that ensures [...]

Sol Haus 11

Sol Haus: Magical 140 Sq. Ft. Tiny House Plans

Vina Lustado brings these incredible tiny house plans for the Sol Haus, a tiny house design that made her famous, and for good reason! This 140-square-foot tiny house design features a traditional roofline, but brings in modern lines and elements that elevate the space. You walk in through French doors into the living area with [...]

24′ x 8’ LightHaus Plans 7

Tiny House Plans for Tall People

These are awesome tiny house plans by Vina Lustado of Sol Haus Design. The home was designed for a couple with a staggering height difference. He is 6’4″ and she is only 5′ tall! As such, they needed a home with extra head clearance to make living inside comfortable for him. The extra tall tiny [...]

Barndominium House Plan- Tiny House Floor Plans, 2 Bedroom 800 sq f 3

Barndominium House Plan: 2 Bedroom 800 Sq. Ft. Farmhouse

Meet the Barndominium, a 2-bedroom, 800-square-foot small home that includes a garage space, bathroom, and open-concept living/kitchen area. You can purchase plans for this design on Etsy from Karmim House Plans. The actual “house” portion is about 416 square feet, while the garage add-on is another 200 square feet. Since the upstairs bedroom is a [...]