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Adam and Chelsea knew each other in high school, but reconnected after some time in the military where they individually traveled the globe. Once married they kept traveling and one of Chelsea’s friends showed her skoolies.

At first, the couple thought it was insane. But after diving down the #Skoolie Instagram rabbit hole they were committed, and just days later purchased the bus! That said, it would be another 2.5 years before they actually moved in.

Amazingly, they only spent $11K on their bus home. Determined to do it on the cheap in case it didn’t work out for them, they found the cheapest way to do everything and the results are amazing! Watch the video tour to learn more.

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It Took 2.5 Years, but only $11K to Finish This Skoolie!

Family’s Beautiful Bus Build for Under $11K!

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Charles and Bob live in “The Hermitage,” a stunning stacked-log park model tiny house that features a spacious screened-in porch with an attached dog run. It was built by Green River Log Cabins in South Carolina.

For about six years during his adult life, Charles was a monk. The name “Hermitage” is meant to reflect some of the spiritual tranquility he found during that time of his life. And tranquil is exactly how to describe their property. It’s surrounded by trees and feels perfectly secluded.

Inside the home you’ll find live-edge cedar counter tops, a downstairs bedroom with built-in wardrobes and tons of lovely log-cabin decor. Enjoy the Tiny Home Tour below.

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Log Cabin Filled with Live-Edge Countertops

The Hermitage Log Cabin Park Model In the Woods 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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People have been living tiny since they started building homes, which is just what you’ll find at Shash Dine’ EcoRetreat. Set on the Navajo Reservation in Arizona, the “glampground” features a number of tiny dwellings which represent the past and future of Navajo architecture.

On site you’ll find authentic “hogans,” which are round earthen homes that the Navajo lived in generations ago. Additionally there are a couple of bell tents, wagons (which Navajo lived in while caring for sheep), and even a cube home (meant to show the future possibilities for Navajo dwelling).

In authentic Navajo fashion, there is no running water or electricity at the EcoRetreat — you truly get to step into their world and share in the rich history of the Navajo people. Enjoy Jenna’s video tour of the glampground below.

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Hogans, Bell Tents, Wagons & The Cube

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Asha considers herself a nomadic faerie, and her van feels more like a seaside cottage than a home-on-wheels. The quaint cottage interior includes shiplap walls and ceilings, and powdery-blue cabinets with all her not-pretty appliances hidden behind cabinet doors.

She actually lives full-time in the city where she’s studying, which has it’s challenges in terms of finding parking, but the lifestyle is worth it for her to follow her dreams.

Enjoy the video tour she sent us, along with her letter about her van life and philosophy pasted below.

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Full-Time City #VanLife in Australia

Asha’s Quaint Cottage Van 5

Images via Lemurian Fairie

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Dan’s very first project on his property was his “Mancave.” He never dreamed that someone would want to stay in it, but when a friend recommended he put it on Airbnb, it became a popular destination.

That’s when Dan started getting creative: He built a mini-village inside an airplane hangar, and then constructed a yurt, and then went on to build the TREEHOUSE yurt, which includes an elevator, hot tub and resident Alpacas for you to meet and greet.

He’s currently constructing Woodstock, where you can stay in a vintage VW bus and play music on his stage. You have to watch the interview with Tiny House Giant Journey to “meet” the wonderful Dan and his vacation world.

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Danville: This Yurt Has an Elevator, Hot Tub & Alpacas

Airbnb village w Treehouse Yurt 2

Images via Airbnb/Dan

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Skip and Dan found the perfect property on Vashon Island (which is only accessible via ferry!) to put the treehouse they’d been dreaming of. It looks out over the ocean and is tucked in a canopy of beautiful trees.

Because of its remote location, there’s an outhouse and outdoor shower and just enough electricity for a mini-fridge and charging small electronics, making it the perfect place to truly get away from it all.

Up a ladder is a luxurious queen bed that just might make you feel like a kid again. The huge garage door opens up on the first level to the wrap-around deck where you can enjoy a morning cup of coffee, or evening glass of wine. Enjoy the tour with Tiny House Giant Journey below, and book your stay over at Airbnb!

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Private Treehouse on an Island: Perfect Romantic Getaway

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