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Tiny House Engage is a cozy, quality online environment to learn more about tiny house living. And you’re invited to join!

The private group is led by Ethan Waldman and is probably the best place to connect with a limited amount of like-minded people and learn more about tiny living. And you get access to other experts too (not just Ethan – who designed, built, and has been living tiny for years now). Yes, there’s access to expert contractors too if you have specific/custom questions. But there is also a huge library of resources. It’s pretty awesome.

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What Is Tiny House Engage?

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Screenshot via TheTinyHouse.net / Tiny House Engage

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This is the story of a couple named Tawn and Mike who used to own a gym and a 3-story house, but sold it all to renovate and live in the beautiful bus conversion that you see here today. By the way, they’re a family with two teenagers. They used the bus create an entirely different life for themselves with freedom as the foundation. They named the bus Oliver.

Today, they say they are so much happier than they used to be. You can get a look at their life below and enjoy the full video tour with a complete tour of their bus and more about their story, like how they used to work 14 hour days and hardly ever get to see each other. And how they have two teenagers. Please enjoy below! Thanks!

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Gym Owners Sell Everything To Live And Travel In A Bus

They Sold Everything To Live In A Bus Tiny Home Tours 001

Images via Tiny Home Tours/YouTube

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This is the story of how Anna, a seasoned traveler, ended up becoming a van dweller thanks to Tiny Home Tours/YouTube. When she first converted her van, it was a standard low-top conversion, and she used it like that for a while. After a while, Anna decided that she wanted it to feel more like home, so she wanted to get herself a high top van.

After finding out how much money she would lose trading in her van, Anna looked into a company called Fiberine that would raise the roof on her current van for about $5,000 including the windows and additional framing the job would require. So she  originally bought the van for about $24,000 used, and proceeded to spend approximately $31,000, for a total of about $55,000 to turn it into a tiny house, including the cost of turning it into a hightop van. Please enjoy for yourself below!

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Anna’s Van Life in a Custom Cargo Van Conversion

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This is to announce the Tiny Homes Carnival 2020 Sydney Edition in New South Wales.

It’s all happening March 6-8, 2020 at the St Ives Showground. The event is a collaboration with the Australian Tiny House Association and includes various speakers including John Weisbath of Tiny House Nation, various tiny home tours and displays, and more. More info is provided below. Early bird tickets may still be available.

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Tiny Homes Carnival 2020 – March 6-8

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This is the Little Sojourner Tiny House by Hauslein. It’s a beautiful, modern tiny home on wheels designed and built in Australia.

To ‘sojourn’ means to rest, abide, dwell or stay. It’s about having a break from the journey, to be refreshed. There is an element of temporariness to it which we feel is captured by the relocatable nature of our homes. You can stop awhile, & move on in your own time, taking your resting place with you.

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The Little Sojourner Tiny House on Wheels by Hauslein – Australian Tiny Home Builder

The Little Sojourner Tiny House on Wheels by Hauslein 001

Images © Hauslein

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This is a cozy tiny house farm vacation in Lititz, Pennsylvania which you can book via Airbnb. It was built by Liberation Tiny Homes.

Our cozy tiny home is nestled on our working farm, surrounded by beautiful Pennsylvania pastureland.

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Tiny House on a Farm in Lititz, Pennsylvania You Can Rent

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This is a modern 24-ft. tiny house by Liberation Tiny Homes out of Leola, Pennsylvania.

It features 364-square-feet of space including the two lofts accessible by two custom staircases. This is not your everyday 24-ft. tiny home, take a look, and let me know what you think in the comments please!

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364-square-foot Modern Tiny House by Liberation Tiny Homes

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