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This is the story of a solo female living and traveling with a teardrop trailer for around a decade now! It all started in 2007, when she decided to hop on a Harley Davidson motorcycle with her teardrop camper (named tick tack) in tow. With the motor cycle, she would get around 30 miles per gallon (while towing the teardrop).

Today she’s towing it with something a bit more practical, and very likely just as economic on fuel. It’s a Volkswagen Beetle with a TDI diesel engine. That’s right, it’s a diesel Beetle! These are known to get somewhere around 50 miles per gallon, although I’m sure a teardrop camper reduces that to a significant degree, but I’m sure she isn’t complaining about it. Anyhow, hear all about it, and learn more about Jaclyn’s incredible lifestyle below! And tell me, would you ever consider doing something outlandishly awesome like this?

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Solo Female Living And Traveling With A Teardrop Trailer Long-Term!

Solo Female Living And Traveling with Teardrop Trailer Long-Term via Florb-YouTube 003

Images via FLORB/YouTube

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This is the Evergreen Bus, a custom renovated school bus by Daniel and Brooke Cook. Learn more, and see some of their before and after pictures below. Let us know what you think of this skoolie below. Enjoy!

We’ve spent the entire year so far off grid, running our home completely on solar power. No neighbors, no rent, & no utility bills. Just beautiful desert sunsets, quite a lot of dirt, & the freedom to change the views outside our windows whenever we want

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Couple’s 250 sq. ft. Off-Grid Skoolie Conversion

evergreen bus-001

Images via Evergreen Bus

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Breathe is the perfect spot for one or two people to spend a weekend getting away from it all. Located at Tiny Camp in Sedona, Arizona, it’s a lovely little spot with a large yoga deck and the perfect coffee-sipping couch!

You’ll walk into the open-concept main living area with the couch and full kitchen. A staircase takes you up to the loft bedroom with a skylight, and beneath it is the bathroom with a shower stall and flushing toilet.

You can book your stay over at Tiny Camp here.

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Canyon Views & Yoga Porch To Help You Breathe

Breathe Tiny Camp 002

Images via Tiny Camp

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This is to announce that John and Fin Kernohan, of United Tiny House, and @belovedcabin on Instagram, are hosting a live online open house of their tiny houses, this Saturday August 15, 2020 at 3 PM EST.

It’s a completely free event, you’ll get to tour two tiny houses, get a sneak peek of their treehouse, a talk on how to succeed as an AirBnB host, and more behind the scenes from their 16-acre homestead. Enjoy..!

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John and Fin’s Live Tiny Open House! This Saturday, Aug 15, 2020, 3 PM EST.

John and Fin Live Online Tiny Open House

via United Tiny House

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Today we’re introducing you to Rolling Homes in Australia! They’re an amazing family-run tiny house company which specializes in gypsy/vardo-style builds (although they’ve also built a tiny house!).

Their first model, the Gracie, is a traditional roll-top gypsy caravan with a canvas roof and magical queen-sized bedroom nook. It has custom hand-painted artwork on the front and was sold for use as an Airbnb (you can book it here). That said, a caravan like this could make a great guest cottage, office space, or even a full-time home if you’re ok with finding bathroom facilities on the road like many van-lifers.

The home has a stunning vintage feel to it and stands out from the crowd. This model starts at $58,000 AUD )(~$41,000 USD). You can learn more about Rolling Homes here.

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This Family is Building Gypsy Wagons!

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Renew is another traditional-style THOW at Tiny Camp in Sedona, Arizona that’s awesome for a quiet getaway with breathtaking canyon views.

You’ll love the large deck for stargazing (they have a “dark night” policy in Sedona) and early morning yoga. Inside there’s a compact couch for relaxing, and storage stairs that lead up to the loft bedroom. The bathroom has a luxury tiled shower and flush toilet. You can book your stay at Tiny Camp here.

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The Renew Tiny House in Sedona, Arizona

Renew Tiny Camp 008

Images via Tiny Camp

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