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Ange was tired of the grind as a NYC architect, and decided to hit the road. She bought “Big Blue,” a 1986 Toyota Dolphin, in January of 2020, and hit the road in May. She faced a lot of ups and downs from water damage, but her resilience allowed her to create an awesome DIY space.

She admits it was a big adjustment going from full-time city life to suddenly being alone with her thoughts without wifi at times! But now she can spend a day alone in peace. Could you travel alone full-time?

Now she’s been able to see so much of the country she wouldn’t have otherwise. Check out her awesome self-built tiny home tour with Tiny Home Tours at the end of the post. You can also follow her travels on Instagram here.

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Getting Used to Being Alone in Her RV Reno

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Artists Cora and Jose didn’t just create an epic skoolie conversion for their own use, they made it with a mission in mind! Travel 30,000 miles across the Americas sharing art wherever they go! They’ve taught classes, painted murals, and shared their artistic abilities while on the road.

They even built their bus with extra guest beds in case an artist wants to travel with them for a month or so at a time and join in the art-sharing. They call the project, “Art We There Yet?”

This bus has an incredible back bedroom with a Murphy Bed, that doubles as an incredible studio as well. Just wait until you see it all in the interview with Tiny Home Tours. Follow the couple on Instagram.

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Sharing Art with their Traveling Studio

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We’ve been seeing more and more couples and families choose RV conversions for great temporary housing to allow them to travel and save money for a future home. This “temporary tiny” is a great way to learn to live with less and to help people reach their financial goals. Caroline and husband, Daniel, did an amazing job on their 5th wheel conversion!

They were able to buy their RV from the original owners, and then spend about 5 weeks of full-time renovations. While they were previously working seasonally and travelling, they’re now looking for more permanent work and Caroline is growing her photography business.

We got to do a Q&A with the awesome couple, which you can read at the end of the post after a photo tour of their conversion. Follow them on Instagram here.

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They Gave This 5th Wheel an Awesome Facelift

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We recently received an email from reader Gregory all about EconOdome Home Kits. He plans on using his second stimulus check to pay down on some land where he can eventually build one of these awesome hurricane-resistant homes.

There are a lot of size and pricing options available on the website. For example, their higher-quality, fully-insulated 26-foot Econodome costs about $18,000 total, while their very basic 13′ model (sans insulation) comes in at only $1,300! All the options make it easy to buy a kit that fits within your budget and expertise.

You can learn a lot more about Econodomes and why to build them on their website here. I could spent a few hours on the site with all the research and options available! Check out some photos of just what you can do with their kits below…

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Build Your Own Amazing Dome Home

Econodome 2

Images via Littledomes.com

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Today I want to introduce you to Korallus Tiny Homes, a new tiny house builder in Southwest Colorado. The couple who runs the business has 15 years of construction background, and recently completed “Bella,” their flagship tiny house with farmhouse flair.

The 28 foot tiny house is currently for sale, featuring a live-edge desk, built-in couch, and large bathroom! A retro refrigerator adds lots of character to the kitchen area, and just wait until you see the shower stall. There are two lofts, one fits a queen, and the other a king-sized mattress.

There’s also lots of storage in this home, including a closet in the king loft, and an awesome pantry in the kitchen. You can contact the seller to make an offer (asking $80,000) here.

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New Colorado Tiny House Builder Selling First Home!

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I love seeing what people can do with little-to-no experience and a tight budget! Young couple Jason and Taylor spent just $15,000 creating their awesome skoolie home, and neither of them had much of any building experience.

Taylor admits Jason did most of the build himself, and wow he did a great job! YouTube tutorials and lots of research helped through each step of the way, and the finished product is a bright and airy home.

While they’ve lived stationary in the bus for about a year, they hit the road a couple months ago to travel. Get all the details about their build from the Tiny Home Tours interview below.

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You Don’t Need a Lot of Experience To Build a Great Skoolie!

They Only Spent $15K on Their Bus Home Conversion 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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