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This is a Hawaiian tiny house with an incredible bathroom featuring a dome-window-lit bathtub.

It was commissioned by a woman in Maui, a custom Oasis model tiny house by Paradise Tiny Homes with quartz counters, the incredible bathtub with custom dome nature window, the fully functional kitchen, and more. What do you think?

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Incredible Bathroom In This Hawaiian Tiny Home

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Here’s a super neat van conversion built out by Detour Vans in Canada. It has all the latest in bells and whistles, and it’s ready for any off-grid adventure you can throw at it.

Birch cabinets with locks have a sleek Scandinavian vibe, while marine flooring is ready for all the mud that off-roading entails. The 2017 Sprinter has just 41,000 miles on it, which means it has plenty of life left to take you all over the U.S. and Canada!

It’s for sale right now for $129,000 over at Van Life Trader.

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Ultra-Modern Van Conversion by Detour Vans

Mercedes Sprinter 144 Premium Build Out For Sale 2

Images via Van Life Trader

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This mom planned and built an amazing two-bedroom tiny house for her and her teen daughter. The two lived in it for three years before the single mom married her partner and they purchased a fixer-upper together.

Now, she’s selling the plans to her awesome home so others in situations like hers can enjoy it, too! She designed the space with two private bedroom lofts, complete with staircases, closets, and DOORS. Brilliant.

The galley kitchen and large bathroom also have plenty of room for a little family. You can purchase plans here.

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Single Mom Sells Designs to her Two-Bedroom Home

HTH 2-Bedroom Tiny House 21

Images via Tiny House Plans

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This is a 10-ft. wide tiny house on wheels with a mudroom!

It’s Laura’s tiny home built by MitchCraft Tiny Homes. Check it out!

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Tiny House With A Mudroom Entry

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Vaughn, like so many others, was ready to stop wasting money on LA rent month after month. He took the plunge and bought a box truck which he has made into a fantastic home — and he dreams of someday building his own shipping container house.

Inside his big green machine you’ll find a spacious shower with a dry flush toilet, and what he considers the quickest bed set-up in a vehicle ever — his Murphy bed which flips down in under 3 seconds.

Vaughn says he wants to be an inspiration to other men of color that they, too, can enjoy the travel/van/truck lifestyle. Enjoy his video tour below!

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Vaughn Unleashes His Creative Side in His Truck Home!

His Bright Green Truck Home w Shower and Murphy Bed! 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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After a divorce, this single mother was looking for a place that she and her teen daughter could call home. They were downsizing from more than 3,000 square feet, but not wanting to get into the rental market again, this mom chose to go tiny!

She was able to park her THOW, built by Mint Tiny House Company in Canada, on her parent’s property under an exemption for caretakers. Now she’s able to take care of her elderly parents, and give her teen daughter a cool hangout (all her friends love that she lives in a tiny house).

The home has two large slide-outs that give it’s road-worthy 8-foot dimensions lots of extra wiggle room. Oh and mom has her own downstairs bedroom. Enjoy the full video tour below!

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Legal THOW Parking as Caretakers for Elderly Parents

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