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Treehouses are magical, but how about a treehouse overlooking a Fjord in Norway? This spectacular modern wonder has all the amenities you’ll need for a vacation stay, and views that will make you never want to leave!

The building is in fact built around one single tree (safely, so the tree can keep growing!) and includes a shower, flushing toilet and kitchenette.

And best of all, the builders of the Woodnest used non-toxic and sustainable products to create their dwelling, so you can feel good about staying here! Book your vacation (well, when it’s safe to do so…) here.

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Take in Fjord Views from a Nordic Treehouse

Woodnest Norway

Images via Woodnest

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Once again, here’s a family with small kids taking advantage of the skoolie lifestyle! The Stone family is homeschooling in their DIY rig, called the “Green Bean,” which they spent about $15,000 making into their home on wheels.

The couple did all the work themselves, saving a lot of money in the process. They’ve been on the road for a couple months now, chasing the coastline and searching for warmer weather. Because the home is off-grid, their month-to-month expenses really only include the cost of fuel and the occasional campsite (they boondock most of the time).

Their girls, Pepper and Violet, have awesome bunks near the back of the bus with climbing stones, and plenty of room for toys under their dinette. Watch the full tour from Tiny Home Tours below!

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Living & Homeschooling on the Road: The Stone Family

Family of Four in “Green Bean”: Their Bus Conversion Home 4

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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Something tells me Kimberly is the kind of teacher we all wished we had growing up! This amazing woman lives with her cat and dog in her DIY Ford E-350 conversion. The former shuttle bus has everything she needs, including a very original shower set-up.

Because Kimberly (@she_van_igan) loves to cook, she made she to include a gas stove with as much counter space as she could muster. She even added a “china cabinet” shelf to display some beautiful plates she owns.

Her build is just another example that vanlife doesn’t have to be expensive to be functional. Hopefully her story inspires you to find the freedom you’re longing for. Watch the whole video from Tiny Home Tours below.

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This Teacher and Her Pets Are Loving the Shuttle Bus Life!

This Awesome Teacher Lives in Her DIY Shuttle Bus Conversion 6

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This is the story about OBY House, a new organization that wants to lease a space in your backyard (for 99-years) and pay you $500 a month so that they can build a tiny house and rent it out to a qualified tenant long-term. Their mission is to create more affordable housing.

OBY will pay you up to $500/month if you let us build and rent out an affordable, sustainable, OBY House in your backyard.

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OBY House, Paying Homeowners To Build 576-sq.-ft. Tiny Homes in their Backyard, With 99 Year Lease Agreement!



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Caleb hated paying for rent, so he started saving up for a school bus conversion. He found his rig for $3K on Facebook Marketplace, and used the remaining $7k on renovations. You would never believe he spent so little! This has to be one of the most gorgeous skoolies I’ve seen, and it strays from the norm with it’s innovative layout.

He (@roamerbus) is currently a architecture Master’s student, and he put his training into action when creating his floor plan — you walk right into the kitchen (complete with semi-truck-bed countertops), and then move back through an eating area with a hidden keyboard and a huge closet, and finally to the open living and bedroom area.

In the very back, Caleb tucked his toilet and shower (which he is still waiting on funds to complete). I can’t say enough good things about his design, so check out the video tour with Tiny Home Tours below!

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Gorgeous Budget Bus Conversion with Industrial Design

Architecture Student’s $10k Skoolie Bus Transformation 2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This is the latest 34 foot Loft Edition by Mint Tiny Homes. This design features a downstairs office/bedroom area as well as two lofts! But the coolest feature has to be the luxurious bathroom complete with a soaking tub that doubles as a shower with a rainfall shower head!

There’s also a great amount of living space, and a spacious kitchen complete with an oven and a stove top, and even a flip-up tabletop space.

This home cost about $88,000 as pictured, and you can contact Mint Tiny Homes with questions about getting your own.

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This Tiny House Can Sleep 6-8 People!

Mint Loft #9 with a Large Bathtub! 5

Images via Mint Tiny Homes

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