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This is the Orca Tiny House on Wheels featuring dual lofts with staircases.

It’s a 32ft tiny home out of Florence, Oregon that’s currently for sale.

Please enjoy the tour below and let me know what you think about it in the comments. Thanks!

Orca Tiny House on Wheels in Florence, Oregon For Sale!

Orca 32ft Tiny House on Wheels For Sale 001

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Sylvie bought a tiny house to have a permanent, full-time home for her and her teenage daughter.

Living tiny gives her more financial freedom. Her house will be paid for in 10 years, and she already has more flexibility to travel and spend time doing what she loves.

She also hopes that her new minimalist lifestyle will allow her to help save money for her daughter’s studies when the time comes.

Mother and Daughter’s Minimalist Lifestyle

Mother Daughter Tiny House – Exploring Alternatives 5

Image © Exploring Alternatives

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This is the Journey Tiny House on Wheels.

It’s a 30ft tiny home on a bumper pull trailer built by Alabama Tiny Homes.

How would you like living tiny in the Journey?

30ft Journey Tiny House on Wheels by Alabama Tiny Homes

The Journey by Alabama Tiny Homes 001

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This is the 400 sq. ft. Courtyard Villa park model tiny house that’s for sale and located in a tiny home friendly community near the Palm Springs, California area.

The price is $49,000 and the home has a bedroom with a closet and king bed, a full bathroom, full kitchen, high ceilings, an entertainment center, storage cabinets, and a nice outdoor living space too.

Have you ever considered going with a park model tiny house like this? It’s still on wheels, but it’s on a much wider trailer so you get more space. The drawback is that you’ll need to hire professional movers whenever you want to move it. So what do you think, would you live tiny here? Why or why not?

Living Tiny in a 400 Sq. Ft. Park Model Tiny Home?

Courtyard Villa Park Model Tiny House For Sale 001

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This is the Philo 12 Tiny House on Wheels. It’s a tiny house design by Michael Janzen that you can buy to build your own.

The Philo is a 12-foot long tiny house on wheels with a 10/12 gable roof. It has a bathroom sized to fit a 32″ square shower stall, composting or standard toilet, and small wall mounted sink. A small kitchen could be placed in the center of the house. A sleeping loft above the bathroom & kitchen space provide enough space for a queen sized mattress. Two skylights and a small window open to provide ventilation in the loft. Flip-up steps provide access to the front door when the house is parked.

Included in this tiny house plan download are three files: (1) digital copy (.pdf) framing plan, (2) a materials list (.xls), and (3) the original SketchUp 3D drawing (.skp).

The Philo 12 Tiny House on Wheels and Plans to Build Your Own


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This is the 24ft Baby Blue Tiny House on Wheels built by Indigo River Tiny Homes.

It features a king-size sleeping loft, full kitchen, bathroom, and additional storage loft.

This tiny house is currently for sale out of Dallas, Texas for $59,500. What do you think?

280 Sq. Ft. Baby Blue Tiny House For Sale by Indigo River Tiny Homes

Baby Blue Tiny House For Sale by Indigo River Tiny Homes 001

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This is a 28ft Payette Urban Tiny Home with a bump out which actually makes it 31ft of total living space.

This is built by Tru Form Tiny for a customer who wanted to maximize the living space. It features an office space downstairs which could also easily be a toddler’s bedroom. What do you think, could you see yourself living tiny in a space like this?

28ft Payette Urban Tiny Home on Wheels with a Bump Out That Extends Living Space to 31ft!

28ft Urban Payette Tiny Home with Bump Out 001

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