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When David got inspired by prepping and off-grid living, he wanted to move out of Hong Kong. He and Lizzie compromised and moved to Australia to build a tiny house on wheels. Eventually, they found an incredible off-grid property to move to, where they are making a self-sufficient haven!

We had the privilege of interviewing Lizzie and David about their experience, so be sure to read their story and enjoy the photo tour of their space. You can follow their journey on Instagram!

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Couple Builds DIY Tiny House to Become More Self-Sufficient

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After going through a big breakup, Rebecca had to live with her sister in a room without windows for a time. She says that was good practice for tiny living and solidified her resolve to have her own tiny space someday. With the housing prices in New Zealand at well over $780K, she saved a lot of money, even though she spent $250K NZD (~$147K USD) on her home.

Her son has a lovely first-floor bedroom with plenty of space for his clothing and toys, while she has a loft bedroom adjacent to her separate loft office space where she can work from home. There’s a great U-shaped kitchen, a large living room, and lots of hidden storage spots! Enjoy the incredible tour below.

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Mother & Son in Two-Bedroom Tiny Home

Single Mom’s Incredible THOW w: Office Mezzanine

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This is a 160-square-foot container home in Blue Ridge, Georgia that’s perfectly situated among the trees. One of the coolest features of the cabin is a giant rooftop deck that extends out from the edges of the container to act as a roof for the lower wrap-around deck. It’s down there that you’ll find a hot tub and rocking chairs with a view.

Inside the container, there’s a studio-style set-up with a queen-sized bed in the middle. A kitchenette on the left has a two-burner cooktop, mini-fridge, microwave, and coffee maker. To the right of the bed, there’s a bathroom with a residential toilet and shower stall. What do you think of this shipping container cabin?

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Blue Ridge, Georgia Shipping Container Vacation

Unique Container Holiday Escape 20

Images via Airbnb/Maura

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Kai’s dream of living in a cabin in the woods manifested itself in her building an incredible house truck inspired by the funky wooden marvels of the 60s and 70s. Her home is bursting with character, covered with cedar shingles, and took Kai five years to make it livable, and another five to get it to its current state.

The house has a big round window, a Dutch door, and a cozy loft bedroom with a porthole. Enjoy our interview with Kai below and check out her incredible home. You can follow along with her journey in “The Ugly Truckling” on Instagram!

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Five Years in her DIY Truck Tiny Home

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Here’s another incredible bespoke camper conversion from Vanpuravida in the UK, called “Henry.” The van uses its Himalayas layout, which includes a dinette that turns into an L-shaped couch, and a fixed queen-sized bed. There’s even a “spacious” van bathroom with a shower and composting toilet at the front of the build.

When you first walk in, you’ll find a little bench/shoe storage before running into the bathroom. The kitchen has both a two-burner cooktop and an oven upgrade, plus the most gorgeous backsplash! This conversion layout starts at £39,990 (~$49,860) sans the cost of the van base.

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Bathroom, Awning & Full Kitchen in Amazing Van!

Henry Vanpuravida 11

Images via Vanpuravida

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Here’s an Escape Traveler XLS Wide that was built in 2020 and owned by a couple (no pets) for the past few years located near Austin Texas. They’ve had it parked in one place, so there hasn’t been a lot of extra wear and tear on the home. This model comes with two smaller lofts and a queen-sized private first-floor bedroom.

The house has a galley kitchen with full-sized appliances, including a stacked washer and dryer. The bathroom has a 5-foot shower stall with dual shower heads and a large storage vanity.

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$93.5K Tiny Home w/ First Floor Bedroom

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This Storybook A-Frame looks ready to welcome a whole family of bears, or maybe a couple of children lost in the woods, or a sweet girl wearing a red hood! The A-Frame sits in the woods of North Carolina and has been decorated in a trendy monochrome beige that feels cottage-y and clean.

The A-Frame has a first-floor queen bedroom as well as a loft bedroom. The loft is accessible via a sturdy staircase, so there’s no fear of midnight ladder climbing. You can make meals in the L-shaped kitchen before sitting down at the rustic table for a meal. What do you think?

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One Bedroom, One Loft Cabin in North Carolina

Storybook A-Frame Cabin 21

Images via Airbnb/Kimberly

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The Sourwood Cabin is the ultimate romantic getaway! Complete with a hot tub, outdoor shower with twin shower heads, an outdoor bed-sized lounge swing, a luxurious indoor King-sized bed, and a spa-tastic bathroom with a walk-in shower and giant soaking tub — what’s not to love?

You can cook simple meals in the kitchentte that has two burners and a coffee station, or go out to eat at one of the nearby restaurants. The home has breathtaking views of the mountains, and you’ll feel secluded and at rest during your stay.

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Luxurious Cabin w/ Hot Tub & Walk-In Shower

Sourwood Cabin at Kindle Ridge 24

Images via Airbnb/Andi

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Mati and Luli moved to New Zealand about 7 years ago and lived for a time with a woman in her treehouse. During that time, they discovered they needed far less than they originally thought and got the idea to build a tiny house! They built the entire thing from the trailer-up, and did it using reclaimed materials for around $18,000 USD.

We had the privilege of interviewing the couple, and you can read more of their story below and take a tour of their home first, and then their bus conversion. Enjoy!

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Their Tiny Home From Reclaimed Materials & Bus Conversion!

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