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Ethan and Kim are the proud owners of this fantastic bus conversion, complete with a separate fridge just for their craft beer selection. Priorities. 🙂

The couple have two Great Danes and have a hard time finding apartments that will allow their large fur babies, so getting a bus allowed the couple a permanent home — and a way to travel — while keeping their dogs with them.

Because they spent more than a year on the build, they were able to scour Craigslist and Marketplace for nearly everything in their bus, which kept the cost for this gorgeous conversion at just $20,000! And this looks like a $100,000 bus. Tiny Home Tours did a great interview which you can watch below.

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They Only Spent $20K On This Amazing Bus Conversion!

Two Humans, Two Dogs & a Separate Craft Beer Fridge Bus Life 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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While a professionally-built tiny house is often the dream, it can come with a pretty hefty price tag. Cheeky Monkey is trying to make tiny homes more financially accessible by selling plans, shells, and trailers so you can DIY a tiny house.

You can purchase plans for their Jude and Strawberry tiny homes, and they also sell 18/24/28-foot trailers. Finally, their Blackbird and Jude shells are also available to purchase on their website.

Additionally, they are trying to help connect homeowners/landowners with tiny home dwellers looking for a spot to park. They’ve created a webpage where people with land and those looking for it can connect here.

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They Offer Trailers, Shells, And Are Even Leasing Land

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There is a new tiny house floor plans book now available by Michael Janzen with hundreds of new designs and I was just able to get my hands on one of the first digital copies of the book, and so far I’m really impressed! There are over 350 new floor plans all designs for tiny homes on wheels from 12-ft. to 36-ft. lengths.

To celebrate Michael’s new book, I’m giving away a signed copy of his other book from 2017, 101 Tiny House Designs. All you have to do to be eligible to win the book is 1) leave a comment at the bottom of this post stating what size tiny house you want or have (12-ft, 16-ft, 20-ft, 36-ft, etc.) and 2) re-share this post on your Twitter and/or Facebook or via email to a friend (just CC us [email protected] and tag us on social media @tinyhousetalk). From there, I’ll pick a random winner within 30 days and reach out to you on where to ship the signed book. 🙂

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Over 350 Tiny House Floor Plans In His New Book!

Tiny House Floor Plans Book by Michael Janzen

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This epic DIY truck house is 8′ long x 6′ wide and sits on the flatbed of a 1996 Ford F-350.

It was designed and built by Timmy from Truck House Life as a full-time home on wheels for his adventurous lifestyle in Alaska.

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Living Off-Grid In A DIY Overland Truck Cabin

Camper Truck House Life - Exterior - Exploring Alternatives

Image © Truck House Life

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While we see a lot of positive things about vanlife here at Tiny House Talk, it was refreshing to hear some raw truth from vanlifer, Rania, who hit the road with her dog Sequoia in “Egg,” their Transit van conversion.

She didn’t enjoy those first weeks of vanlife. She was scared and felt like she’d made a huge mistake — being on her own and in such a small space felt claustrophobic. But her story has a happy ending. After sticking it out and learning how to make her van space work for her, she has spent a year in her van successfully!

Wait until you see her van’s sleek black interior with fun vintage pops of color. Thanks Tiny Home Tours for the interview!

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Transit Van Conversion for Woman & Her Dog

Overcoming VanLife Struggles and Regrets 3

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This is the story of DualEX and how he has recently transformed this old RV into his very own high-tech tiny house so that he can move to upstate New York with a friend.

Remember when he built out a $3500 van-based tiny house? That was cool! Now you can see how he has transformed this old travel trailer into a beautiful and affordable new living space for himself. How awesome is that?

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Travel Trailer Turned Into High Tech Tiny House

He Turned Old RV Into High Tech Tiny House via DualEx-YouTube 001

Images via DualEx/YouTube

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