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Sheridan started his career as an electrician, and still considers himself an “electrical nerd.” But after years of that profession, he jumped ship and turned to photography and travel writing. He had been traveling the world for a couple of years when COVID stopped him in his tracks and forced him to re-evaluate things.

Eventually, he settled on van life and used his electrical skills to create an amazing 4-season electrical set-up. His van includes a shower and toilet, as well as a nice kitchen and a walled-off cab. It’s still a work-in-progress, but it looks pretty amazing!

Be sure to watch the Tiny Home Tours interview with Sheridan below to see all the awesome details of his van home.

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Sherdian’s 4-Season Van Conversion With Shower And Toilet

Electrical Turned Travel Writer and His Van

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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This is the story of Maria and Tino, their baby, and the tiny house they’ve been living in.

They’re a young couple who moved to the United States from Germany and have been living as a young family with a baby in this customized tiny home. For example, they built a really clever floating wardrobe that I think you will like! Check it out below! This story is based on this video from the Tiny House Expedition YouTube Channel.

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Their Family Tiny Home in Portland

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If you’re headed to Austin, Texas sometime soon, this private studio cottage is just a mile from downtown, with free parking and a beautiful modern interior.

There’s a comfortable bed, a bathroom with a spacious tile shower, and a kitchenette for basic meal/coffee prep. The whole home boasts lofted ceilings and crisp white paint.

Enjoy the photos below, and book your stay on Airbnb.

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Modern Cottage Vacation Home

Private Modern Studio Cottage in Austin 2

Images via Airbnb/Rui

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Check out this awesome new house for sale:

The Wabi-sabi tiny house was built in 2018 in Terrebonne and Portland, Oregon. The shell was built with the help of professional builders at @harmonwickedwoodworking. The owner then finished the interior with lots of hand-crafted love. The design employs a multi-level design, with the main room raised by 22″. This creates drop-downs into the the bathroom and kitchen, with the two lofts creating a third level. The tiny tea nook looking out a large window below the secondary loft adds even another level. Combined with the hardwood French Doors, dropped axles for 4 extra inches of height, an abundance of windows, the levels make the house feel spacious. An added bonus is that there is a huge space under the main floor for storage.

Pictures and builder contact are below after the photo tour!

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Tiny Home w/ Custom Woodwork for Sale: $80K

The Wabi-Sabi Tiny House 24

Images via Ramsel Ruiz

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“Hey, whose bus is in the driveway?” – Chris

“That’s our tiny home.” – Chris’ wife, Carol

And that’s how it all started! After Chris and Carol saw skoolies at an Atlanta tiny house show, Carol caught the bug, and two weeks later Chris came home to the bus Carol purchased.

Then he and some friends got to work on building out their vacation skoolie, which they use as empty-nesters to travel wherever their hearts take them. Chris is a true gem, so be sure to watch the Tiny Home Tours interview below!

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Husband & Wife’s Vacation Skoolie

He Came Home to a Bus in His Driveway This is Our Tiny Home2

Images via Tiny Home Tours

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So this is totally on my project list! A greenhouse built from recycled windows is a perfect shabby-chic addition to your backyard AND you can use it to start seeds or grow some year-round produce. This one was built by Mustard Seed Tiny Homes near Atlanta, Georgia.

Right now the company is only building these, on foundation, within an hour radius of their headquarters. So if you happen to live locally, I’d definitely contact them! This could even be used as a warm-weather Airbnb if you had a private spot to tuck it into.

Enjoy the pictures below and contact the builder here.

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Giving Old Windows New Life in this Tiny Greenhouse

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