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In Manchester, Vermont, one of our Tiny House Talk readers, Bernard, has an amazing off-grid tiny cabin on three beautiful acres with mountain views. He’s been living there since 2007, but now the home is for sale.

It’s permitted/approved for a 4-bedroom home, with a septic system and leech field in place, but you could always just enjoy living off-grid in the little cabin already there.

The rest of the lot is wooded and close to skiing and hiking opportunities. It’s listed on Zillow if you want to buy it!

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Your Very Own Off-Grid Tiny Cabin on 3 Acres!

6. Tiny House

Images via Zillow

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“Limitations inspire creation.”

“I don’t design; I follow logic.”

“We are not smarter than nature. We often think we are, but we are not.”

These are just a couple of the wise and witty comments of 87-year-old Charles Bello who has been living off-grid on his own 400 acres of Redwood Forest for 50 years! The first many years he and his late wife went without any electricity, refrigeration, or even a phone line! The couple raised their two boys in a “chopped-off” A-frame (which cost around $2,800 to build), and then later built a larger 3-bedroom home.

Their final home endeavor was/is a gorgeous window-laden Parabolic Glass House that’s the primary focus of Kirsten Dirksen’s video tour of Bello’s estate. They only spent $8,500 on the home, using materials from their land, and it comes complete with a partially-underground greenhouse that grows tomatoes even in winter. I know the video is nearly an hour long, but you really need to watch it. Bello is absolutely fascinating!

The icing on the cake, though, is that Bello is looking for three middle-aged couples to act as land stewards of his property (which is now worth  between $4-6 million!!). It looks like you’ll need some pioneering experience (and to be debt-free!), but what a wild opportunity. Learn more here.

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Become a Caretaker of 400 Acres of Redwood Forest!

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This is the story of Scott’s 400-sq.-ft. whimsical treehouse named Sir Cedric that he built he built in his backyard as his passion project. And best of all, he built it with mostly reclaimed materials.

The even better part? You can actually stay here and experience the place yourself! Does it get better? Yes, because Jenna over at Tiny House Giant Journey already did that and she’s here to share the experience with you! Enjoy…

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Meet Sir Cedric, The Magical Tree House in Ferndale, Washington

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How would it feel to have all your credit cards, student loans AND home paid off? Ask Shana! She sold her car and got a second job so she could make her debt-free tiny house life a reality. Now she and her two dogs live happily in a Tiny House Community in Durango, Colorado.

She had her home built by Rocky Mountain Tiny Houses, and spent $50,000 on the build. While the 103.5 square-foot space is tight, it has everything she wanted including hidden appliances, a wood-burning stove, and a custom couch for her and her pups. Allison at Tiny Home Tours did a fantastic video tour with Shana, so be sure to check that out!

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She Sold Her Car & Has Zero Debt in Her Micro Tiny House!

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This is the story of one couple’s beautiful, cozy, and stealthy cargo trailer tiny house conversion named Minnie. It’s a 112-sq.-ft. trailer turned into a very nice camper!

Why is it so exciting? Well, when you see it you’ll understand. But it features a king bed, full bath with toilet and shower, and a flip-up table. It’s really cool what you can do with one of these trailers, don’t you think? With this one, they used the area over the trailer hitch to create a spacious shower.

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Cargo Trailer Turned DIY Tiny House RV with Awning. It All Started With This 16′ Trailer.

Cargo Trailer Turned DIY Tiny House RV with Awning via Chatfield Court 001

Images via Chatfield Court

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This is an oversized van conversion with a luxury shower, lush bed, fancy kitchen, private cockpit, and it even has a little fireplace.

It’s actually available for purchase as I write this and listed for $114,500 over at Van Life Trader. Check it out, learn more, and share your thoughts in the comments. Is this the sort of van conversion that would work for you? Do you like this layout? Why or why not? Let’s talk about it below…

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Oversized Van Conversion… 2018 Ford Transit 250 with 33k Miles in Sebring, Florida

Oversized Van Conversion with Luxury Shower via Van Life Trader 001

Images via Van Life Trader

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