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Browse tiny houses for sale and rent on Tiny House Talk for free. If you’re looking for a school bus conversion, van, cabin, cottage, houseboat, or a small home with land, we’ve got you covered too.

Affordable 20′ Tumbleweed Cyprus SHELL 2

20-ft. Tumbleweed Tiny House Shell for $20k

Jim got in touch with us to show us his Tumbleweed Cypress shell that he built back in 2014 on a 20′ Tumbleweed Titan trailer. He did an awesome job with such attention to detail, and now he is ready for it to go to someone who can finish off the inside. While he did [...]

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Gorgeous 30×10 Leola Tiny Home w/ Cozy Living Room

If you’re going to have a loft bedroom, having standing room and a staircase to reach it is the way to go! The Leola model by Liberation Tiny Homes makes that happen in this 30ft x 10ft house. I’m always amazed at how much more spacious a tiny home feels with that extra two feet [...]


Kay’s 280 Sq. Ft. THOW Has an Amazing Bedroom & Closet!

The latest tiny house built by MitchCraft might just be the *perfect* tiny home. I’m not sure what it’s missing. Not only is there a bedroom you can stand up in, but the room also has a washer/dryer AND full closet space, so you can put your clothing away as soon as it’s dry. Downstairs, [...]


32-ft. Belvedere Tiny House With Bright Downstairs Bedroom

This is another gorgeous tiny house model featuring the coveted ground-floor bedroom. The interior boasts tons of sunlight from the many large windows, and there’s even one that opens awning-style in the kitchen to really bring the outside in. The home also has a traditional loft and a full bathroom and space for a washer/dryer. [...]

Conestoga. 9

Conestoga: Tiny Home with a Tiny Office & Tons of Charm

It’s not news that many people who previously worked in offices 9-5 are now enjoying (or hating) work-at-home positions. Jobs that previously tied people to a particular location now allow folks to live anywhere — even tiny! If you’re someone like this, you might love this tiny house. No need to work at the kitchen [...]

The Strausburg THOW Has a Beautiful Ground Floor Bedroom 10

This Strausburg Tiny House has a Beautiful Ground Floor Bedroom

It’s no secret that over the past few years, tiny house builders have gotten the message that clients are really looking for a layout that includes a ground-floor bedroom. Liberation Tiny Homes developed their Strausburg THOW to meet that need. The beautiful farmhouse-inspired tiny home is 28 ft. long, and in that space, they manage [...]

Moovinn Tiny House With Four Bunk Beds! 2

Moovinn Tiny House With Four Bunk Beds!

Here’s a unique tiny house built by Moovinn LTD in Turkey. The tiny house would be great for larger families or a host of friends because of the Murphy-style bunks that fold down for bedtime. There are a total of four bunks, and then an additional loft bedroom where you could put a queen bed [...]

Marietta Tiny House 10

The Marietta Tiny House Has a Mudroom!

If there’s one thing my little house is missing, it’s a mudroom! In a tiny space, it’s so easy for coats and shoes to rapidly take over the living area, but the Marietta model from Liberation Tiny Homes solves the problem. As soon as you walk in, there are hooks, closets, and even a bench [...]

Cahill Works 105 sq. ft. Tiny Guest Suite

Cahill Works 105 sq. ft. Tiny Guest Suite

This is an adorable micro THOW designed by Cahill Works as a little guest suite or office, but of course, the super-minimalist could find a way to make it a home sweet home. It comes in at just 105 sq. ft. with no loft, which helps it feel extra spacious inside. The walls are maple [...]

12×20 Studio Tiny Home on Skids

12×20 Studio Tiny Home on Skids

This 240-square-foot shed-turned-tiny-pottery-studio shows you just how much potential shed kits have! This one has a lovely metal roof with two plastic skylights that let in tons of natural light. The pottery studio is for sale for $19,500 and could be transformed into a studio for just about anything, or a tiny home if you [...]

The Weekender by Nordic & Spruce 2

The Weekender Tiny House by Nordic & Spruce: Tasteful Minimalism

We’re really excited to introduce you to a new-to-us tiny house builder, Nordic & Spruce. The company was founded about three years ago, and they sell two THOW models at affordable prices. Below, we’ll show off their Weekender model. While most of their clients have purchased The Weekender to use as an Airbnb, it has [...]

28′ Lancaster THOW w Gorgeous U-shaped kitchen 4

28-ft. Tiny House with U-shaped Kitchen

What do you think is the perfect kitchen layout? In tiny spaces, I’m partial to the U-shaped kitchen that allows for an easy workflow, like you’ll see in the Lancaster model from Liberation Tiny Homes. The huge picture window over the sink lets you dream of being outdoors while washing dishes, and there’s enough room [...]

24′ and 26′ Carriage Haus Liberation Tiny 9

Carriage Haus Tiny Houses by Liberation Tiny Homes

Liberation Tiny Homes is now taking orders for Fall 2022 for their awesome tiny homes, including their Carriage Haus model. The company has moved away from entirely custom homes, and is now offering select upgrades on their various models. I love their website because you can see how much certain additions/upgrades will cost! Just select [...]

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ALL NEW 2022 M2 travel trailer 8i

2022 M2 Travel Trailer by Tru Form Tiny

While waiting for an entirely-custom luxury tiny house can be rewarding, it’s not always practical. That’s why Tru Form Tiny is now offering pre-built economy units that are efficient and affordable — but still gorgeous! Available as 18 and 22-foot models, they have a Scandinavian feel that’s sure to make you feel at home. Right [...]


Kootenay Tiny House by Tru Form Tiny

It’s no secret that Tru Form Tiny creates some truly stunning tiny homes! If you’re searching for a tiny house and don’t want to wait months for production, here’s your chance to grab a one-of-a-kind Kootenay model that will be ready for pick up in May 2022. Below you can see the renderings of what [...]


30-ft. Tiny House in Florida for $42,500 with Metal and Cedar Siding

This Florida tiny house is a new build that really gives you a cozy spot to “live” in your little home. The living room has space for a regular couch, as well as awesome wrap-around storage for your things. There’s a kitchen with a two-burner electric cooktop and a fridge, a queen-sized loft bedroom, and [...]

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boho.life Laverne 7

Laverne Stealth Van Conversion from Boho Vans for $89,000

Fall is an underrated time of year for road trips. If you’re in the right places in the country, you can enjoy gorgeous foliage and unmatched views — especially with a camper van! Laverne is one of the latest of boho.life’s van conversions that will be ready to pick up in October. Just in time [...]

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Dazzling Tiled Bathroom in this Electic Austin Tiny House

Eclectic Tiny House with a Tiled Bathroom

One thing I love about tiny spaces is that owners frequently go “all-out” because it’s most cost-effective in a tiny space. That’s what happened in the bathroom of this Austin tiny house. It’s completely tiled with gorgeous orange and gold tiles! The rest of the house keeps it simple (which is nice, there is such [...]

Shed To House Conversion For Sale in Iowa

Shed To House Conversion For Sale in Iowa

This 240 square foot shed to house conversion is an awesome little home available right now for a great price! Seller is asking $23,400 (negotiable) and the home is complete (although it doesn’t come furnished). It’s studio-style inside besides the bathroom, and right now it’s set up with a downstairs bedroom, kitchen and living space. [...]

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Shuttle Bus Conversion with Roof Deck for 59k 001

Shuttle Bus Conversion with Roof Deck for $59,000

This is a shuttle bus conversion with a roof deck for $59,000. It’s listed over at the Tiny House Marketplace by Zander out of Las Vegas, Nevada. What do you think? Don’t miss other interesting tiny houses for sale like this, join our Free Tiny Houses For Sale Newsletter for more! Shuttle Bus Conversion with [...]

Maria Berghaus Tri-Level 2

This Tiny House has Three Levels!

When you’ve seen as many tiny homes as we have, it’s gotten difficult to surprise us — but wow, this “Maria” model from Berghaus really different in terms of the layout! You walk into the kitchen and bathroom area — all seems normal. Then, you can step up into the living room. Again, not exactly [...]

Magdelena 8

Space-saving, hinged ladders to the lofts in this German tiny house

Berghaus builds amazing tiny homes in Germany for sale all over Europe. They have basic layouts available which you can then customize in terms of finishes/colors. Each home uses natural and sustainable building materials to give you a beautiful home on wheels. Below you’ll see pictures of their “Magdalena” model, which features double lofts you [...]

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Ontario Dream Tiny Home On Wheels 7

Ontario Dream Tiny Home On Wheels For Sale Now!

This is a “large” tiny house for sale in Ontario right now — and it really is a dream! It utilizes pull-outs to provide extra width in the living area, which as we’ve seen before, really opens up the space. The kitchen has stunning turqoise appliances, and the full bathroom on the other side of [...]

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