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Tiny Houses For Sale – Tiny House Talk

Browse tiny houses for sale and rent on Tiny House Talk for free. If you’re looking for a school bus conversion, van, cabin, cottage, houseboat, or a small home with land, we’ve got you covered too.

RVIA Park Model THOW w: No Lofts 3

Park Model Tiny House with Covered Porch

One awesome perk of park models is often the built-in covered porches that come with the units! The square footage doesn’t count toward the 399 square feet of interior living space, which means you get an extra living room outdoors. The other great feature is that the wider footprint makes it easier to fit a [...]

2024 Instant Mobile House tiny home 19

24-ft. Green Accent Tiny House with Double Loft Bedrooms

This is a lovely 24′ tiny house on wheels that has a beautiful sage green door and accent panel on the exterior, and bold lime green cabinetry indoors! There’s also a fun star-shaped black-and-white tile backsplash behind the sink for some added character. The house features two loft bedrooms, each of which fits a queen-sized [...]

Rasa Simplify Further Tiny House 10

Rasa: Simplify Further Tiny House on Wheels

Meet the Rasa model, from Simply Further. This gorgeous layout was designed specifically to allow up to six people to sleep comfortably between the two queen-sized lofts and the spacious living room where you could fit another queen-sized bed or a futon/sleeper couch. Besides the sleeping arrangements, the house has a galley kitchen with a [...]

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$26K Fully-Furnished Tiny Home w: Land Possibility

$26K Fully-Furnished Tiny Home w/ Land Possibility

If you’re looking for a tiny and affordable tiny house on wheels, this former Airbnb in New Hampshire is a great choice! The 12-foot house sits on top of a 20-foot trailer, and there’s a deck portion on the front of the trailer. In the house, you’ll find a fold-out bed/couch situation that is the [...]

Tumbleweed Cypress NOAH-Certified DIY THOW

Tumbleweed Cypress: NOAH-Certified DIY THOW

Here’s this gorgeous tiny house on wheels built with the Tumbleweed Cypress plans with a lovely red door! It has a loft bedroom over the bathroom and kitchen, and there’s a built-in bench with additional storage right when you walk in the door. The space has some great upgrades, like the Cubic Mini woodstove and [...]

Three Bedroom Gorgeous Tiny House For Sale

Gorgeous Three-Bedroom Tiny House For Sale

You might have seen our coverage of this incredible home a couple of years ago and coveted the unique layout, the 1.5 bathrooms, and the gorgeous first floor bedroom with a King-sized bed that looks out on their giant covered porch. Well, now it’s your chance to own this RVIA-certified gem. Built for the current [...]

All-pine Tiny Home For Sale

24-ft. Tiny House in Florida by Craftsman Tiny Homes

Look at this stunning 24-foot tiny house built in Florida by Craftsman Tiny Homes. This bright blue tiny home has two lofts, one of which you can get to via a storage staircase. The other loft is over the cozy living room space. A galley kitchen takes up the center of the tiny house, and [...]

2017 MitchCraft Tiny Home For Sale. 10

2017 MitchCraft Tiny Home For Sale

This beautiful tiny house has served as Rita’s home for four years, and she is now selling the MitchCraft-built THOW. It has a compact footprint, but the loft bedroom does have a landing which you can stand on when getting in and out of bed. A built-in bench provides a spot to lounge in the [...]

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Luxury Shipping Container Home for Sale

Luxury Shipping Container Home for Sale

This is a gorgeous 40-foot shipping container built by Telescope Homes in Florida. The container has a modern single-level design, with a private first-floor bedroom on one side of the house, and a spacious living room on the other side. In the middle, you’ll find a galley kitchen with an oven, farmhouse sink and apartment-sized [...]

Cute Tiny Cottage For Sale! 1 bed 1 bath, one level tiny house 24

Single Bedroom Tiny Cottage For Sale!

Here’s a lovely single-bedroom cottage for sale in Pennsylvania. Built as a mold-and-toxin-free environment, the home has an ERV fresh air system, low VOC spray foam insulation, and the studs have been painted with organic, mold-resistant paint. The interior has a shabby-chic feel, with dark wood accent walls, whitewashed pine ceilings, and cream accents. There’s [...]

Traveler XLS Escape Oaks Village 2 552

Traveler XLS Escape THOW in Oaks Village

It’s always exciting when a new tiny house with a lot rental opportunity pops up, and this gorgeous Traveler XLS from Escape comes with a lot in the Oaks Village in Tampa Bay! The rent is $650/month which includes water, sewer, garbage/recycling, a private deck, landscaping maintenance, security, and parking. The house itself is amazing, [...]

Brook’s End Tiny House 3

Double Loft Brook’s End Tiny House

This cozy cedar cabin, dubbed the “Brook’s End Tiny House,” is a lovely THOW with dual overhanging lofts for sale in Stockton, New Jersey for $60,000. The main loft is accessible via a storage staircase and has a large skylight to keep the space feeling open. Downstairs, there’s a compact bathroom with a Nature’s Head [...]

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Wilding Woodworks Tiny Homes in Oregon For Sale

Wilding Woodworks Tiny Homes in Oregon For Sale

This 28′ tiny house on wheels can sleep up to 6 people in the two lofts and private first-floor bedroom. When you first walk in, you’ll find yourself in the living room/dining area where there’s a bench seat and a table. The kitchen is just adjacent, with storage stairs that lead up to one of [...]

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Escape Plus One Sale 7

eBoho Escape Plus One Sale

This is a gorgeous eBoho XL on a “Plus One” sale from ESCAPE. Plus One units are extra units they produce for immediate sale that are extremely popular, and the single-level eBoho XL makes the perfect home for one or two people. The XL features a private bedroom with a sliding door and a spacious [...]

28 Ft Modern Farmhouse THOW

28 Ft. Modern Farmhouse Tiny House For Sale in New Jersey: $79K

Here’s a beautiful 28-foot Modern Farmhouse tiny house that’s for sale in New Jersey. The new construction home has a loft bedroom accessible via storage stairs that is well-lit with a large skylight. The kitchen sports a double farmhouse sink, periwinkle cabinets, an apartment-sized fridge, and an oven. In the bathroom, you’ll find a Separette [...]

Tiny house Elèbore

Tiny House Elèbore with Creative Living Room Loft

Baluchon recently released pictures of one of their gorgeous new build, the Elèbore, which they built for a couple as their full-time residence. This unique build has the living room in the loft area, with the bedroom tucked underneath. There’s a small pocket door to separate the bedroom from the rest of the space. The [...]

Cedar Cabin Sprinter Van Conversion 001

2023 Cedar Cabin Sprinter Van Conversion

Hey there, fellow tiny house and van life enthusiasts! Today, I stumbled upon a listing that made me do a bit of a double-take, and I just had to share it with you. Imagine hitting the open road, with all the comforts of home packed into a sleek, modern van. Sounds like a dream, right? [...]

Rustic Mountain Tiny House 3

Rustic Mountain Tiny House For Sale in Colorado

Kahla has been living in this amazing tiny house she built herself for six years! Her now-husband lives in it with her, and the two of them are breaking ground on a larger permanent home and are ready to sell this labor of love. The house has a loft bedroom design, with a big comfy [...]

12 WIDER eOne XL Wide

eOne XL Wide Tiny House in Florida Village For Sale

The latest tiny house from ESCAPE is now available, and it’s — HUGE! The eOne XL Wide is a full foot wider than a standard eONE, making the interior extra spacious. The second floor has incredible headroom in the main loft, and the walkway takes you to the other well-apportioned loft. The living area has [...]

11×40 tailored hensley home 1

11×40 Hensley Home: Tiny House Built for Retirement

Sean and Kristi Hensley completed their amazing retirement tiny house in September 2022, and now they’re open for business helping others reach their tiny house dreams! Sean worked in construction his whole life, and after a few smaller-scale projects, including converting a cargo trailer for a cross-country trip, he and Kristi realized they were ready [...]

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28ft Tiny Home Pine Clad North Carolina 8

28ft Pine Clad Tiny Home in North Carolina

We don’t see as many pine-clad tiny homes as we once did, so a throwback like this is always welcome. THOWs like this give off a lovely cabin vibe! This one is single level, with a multipurpose living room and bedroom. And there’s no loft in sight. A small kitchen area has a two-burner cooktop [...]

Magnolia 7

Magnolia: First Floor Bedroom Tiny House with a Loft

Come check out the latest tiny house built by Minimaliste in Quebec that was shipped all the way to California! This custom home is a version of the Magnolia layout, which has a first-floor bedroom and a loft bedroom, both of which accommodate a queen-sized bed. The rest of the house has a galley kitchen [...]

40 Ft. Lofted THOW w: Full Size Appliances 9

40 Ft. Lofted Tiny House with Full Size Appliances

This is a beautiful hand-built tiny house for sale in Anabel, Missouri. The home has a unique design, with a small kid-sized room right when you walk in the front door. It has a lovely amount of built-in storage! Step down, and you’ll enter the living room, where there’s a built-in couch and a clever [...]