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37.9K Studio House on Wheels 10

Studio Tiny House on Wheels by Dragon Tiny Homes in Georgia

Here’s an adorable 16 ft. studio tiny house built by Dragon Tiny Homes in Georgia. The one-floor tiny house has a ground-floor bedroom, a little kitchenette, and a compact bathroom. This would make an awesome Airbnb, but it could be modified for a full-time living! It’s for sale now for $39,750. Dragon Tiny Homes in [...]

28ft NOAH Certified Luxury Tiny House 7

28ft NOAH Certified Luxury Tiny House with Loft

Get excited for the photo tour of this lovely 28-foot tiny house in Idaho that’s for sale. The NOAH-certified build features a stunning built-in reading nook with storage, a spacious loft bedroom, and the builders made room for a stackable washer and dryer in the bathroom. The galley kitchen has butcher block counter tops and [...]

Embracing Sustainable Living Introducing Our Tiny House on Wheels 6

Sustainability Tiny Homes in Romania

Today we get to introduce you to Sustainability Tiny Homes, a new tiny house builder in Romania that’s building homes for the European market! This is their flagship model, a 19-foot tiny house on wheels with a single loft over the kitchen/bathroom area. The house has simple finishes which gives you room to customize it. [...]

Urban Payette 28′ 9

Tiny House Dreams: Urban Payette’s 28′ Modern Beauty with First-Floor Sleeping

Here’s a stunning new build from TruForm Tiny, the latest rendition of their Urban Payette model. This 28′ tiny house has both a large loft bedroom and a cozy first-floor bedroom nook that looks like the perfect spot to curl up with a long book and a cup of tea! But this THOW doesn’t just [...]

2023 Movable Roots jojo bean 24 11

24′ Jojo Bean Tiny House by Movable Roots

Check out these amazing renderings of a new 24′ Jojo Bean tiny house that will be completed next month. This is a great single-level design with a back bedroom featuring cathedral ceilings and a walk-around queen bed. The bathroom with a tiled shower is just across from the galley kitchen which has a nearly-full-sized refrigerator [...]

20’x8.5′ Tiny House on Wheels 10

20-ft. Tiny House on Wheels in New Hampshire

This beautiful tiny house in New Hampshire has cozy cottage vibes with the lovely Anderson sliding glass doors that lead into the living room. The area fits a small sectional and quickly transitions into the galley kitchen with white cabinets and slate gray countertops. Above the generous bathroom is the only loft in the house, [...]


Tour a 24-ft. Double Loft Tiny House on Wheels by Dragon Tiny Homes!

Dragon Tiny Homes in Georgia does it again with this stunning NOAH-certified THOW complete with two lofts and tons of windows. I love that they chose a staircase on the back wall to lead up to the main loft bedroom. You still get all the benefits of stairs and storage, but they don’t take up [...]

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Tiny Living in Tampa: Explore Lot-9’s One XL Tall in The Oaks Village

The Oaks Village is nearly full, and the original ESCAPE Village has been filled for years, but here is your chance to move on in! The One XL and Tall in Lot-9 recently became available and it could be your forever home. There is plenty of headroom in the loft bedroom and a sturdy storage [...]

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2023 NOAH certified 28′ double loft Tiny Home 10

2023 NOAH-Certified 28′ Double Loft Tiny Home by Nomad Tiny Homes

This is a brand-new NOAH-certified tiny house that’s 28 feet long and has two lofts. One loft is accessible via a staircase loaded with storage underneath, and another can be reached by a removable ladder. There’s a large galley kitchen with a farmhouse sink, and the spacious bathroom includes a tiled shower stall and a [...]

Upgraded All-Electric eVista tiny house 5

Upgraded All-Electric eVista Tiny House: $4.5k DISCOUNT

Here’s an incredible all-new, all-electric eVista model from ESCAPE. For a limited time, ESCAPE will be building these upgraded eVistas for purchase. The first one sold immediately, but a second one will be ready to purchase in about 30 days. The studio-style tiny house is all one level, with a queen bed in front of [...]

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Bjarne Builds Scandinavian Tiny Home

Scandinavian Tiny Home by BjarneBuilds: FOR SALE

Look at this gorgeous Scandinavian-inspired tiny house by BjarneBuilds in Oregon! It has a ground floor bedroom with a queen bed that you can walk all the way around — plus there’s storage under the bed. There are a couple of really fun additions to this house, including an office desk that extends down from [...]

16 Ft. NOAH-Certified Dragon Tiny Home 14

16 Ft. NOAH-Certified Dragon Tiny Home

This is a 16-foot loft tiny house designed and built by Dragon Tiny Homes in Georgia. The NOAH-certified home has a traditional THOW layout, with a bathroom on one end and a small living area on the other. A ladder goes up to the loft bedroom, and there’s a kitchen underneath with a two-burner cooktop. [...]

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Introducing our Pre-Loved Kootenay A Tiny Home with a Heart 8

A Pre-Loved Kootenay: A Tiny Home with a Heart

Here’s a beautiful pre-loved Kootenay that’s looking for a new home! The original owner is moving into assisted living but wants the tiny house community to get a chance at enjoying their home for many more years. This model has a spacious loft bedroom accessible via a storage staircase. There’s a bathroom with a Separette [...]

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Ocoee Double Loft Tiny Home 3

Ocoee: Bright & Bold Double Loft Tiny Home

Meet the Ocoee! This stunning tiny house model features a unique two-loft design where each loft has a landing with a standing clearance of 6 feet. This nice touch makes it easier to get dressed and get into bed without excessive crawling. Besides the lofts, the house boasts plenty of storage between two staircases and [...]

The Rutlage Wind River Tiny Homes 6

The Rutledge 38′ Tiny House by Wind River Tiny Homes

Wind River does it again with their gorgeous Rutledge model. At 38′ long, it’s a big home, but that allows for a spacious, private first-floor bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, as well as a king-sized loft accessible via storage stairs. There’s also no lack of counter space in this model, with a unique kitchen layout [...]

30′ Etowah from Wind River Tiny Homes 2

One-Floor Tiny Home with Walk-Around Queen Bedroom: Etowah by Wind River Tiny Homes

A couple of weeks ago we showed you the beautiful Pingora model from Wind River Tiny Homes, and today we’re showing off one of their single-level homes called the “Etowah.” The house comes in a few lengths, and you can see a 32′ one below. This one has been outfitted with modern farmhouse finishes which [...]


Living Large in Limited Space: Grand Sojourner’s Living Room Slide-Out!

A while back we introduced you to the Grand Sojourner from Häuslein. While that version featured a ground-floor bedroom, this second layout of that model uses that area for the living room, with a nice slide-out for the couch. Like the original model, this one has a large galley kitchen with beautiful butcher block countertops. [...]


The Luna Tiny House on Wheels by Hauslein in Australia

The Luna is a stunning one-floor model from Häuslein in Australia. The 27′ tiny house offers a private first-floor bedroom with a built-in closet, a living room slide-out for a comfortable couch, and a beautiful galley kitchen with a tile backsplash. There’s a small bathroom at the end of the THOW with a shower stall, [...]


Häuslein’s Sojourner Tiny House with Slide Out and Standing Loft

Häuslein is an Australian tiny house builder that produces some truly gorgeous homes, such as the “version 3” of the Sojourner. This 26.5′ tiny house includes a slide-out in the living room, a storage staircase, and a landing in the main loft which allows you to stand upright as you get into bed. You’ll adore [...]

OSLO $110,000 89

The OSLO Two-Story Tiny House by Little Byron

The OSLO by Little Byron, an Australian tiny house builder, is a stunning contemporary tiny house featuring a second-floor bedroom in which you can stand up! It also has large French doors that connect the living room with the outdoors. The kitchen has an eat-in island, a two-burner cooktop, and a 3/4 bathroom with a [...]


Modern Tiny House with Plywood Interior

Here’s another lovely tiny house by Atomic Homes, this one with a “modern” look, complete with a plywood interior and black finishes. Like the “farmhouse” model we’ve shown you, it has a main floor bedroom with closets and upper cabinet storage. The home has all you’ll need for full-time living, including an oven, washer/dryer combo [...]

ORCA POD Models QUail

Prefab Pod Homes by ORCA

ORCA has a revolutionary new way of providing people and communities with steel-framed prefab homes built with pop-up factories that help reduce overhead. They offer a variety of home sizes and layouts, all with a modern feel and luxurious upgrade options. Below you’ll find a video tour of one of their pop-up factories and one [...]

26′ Liv-Connected Via Standard Ground Floor Bedroom 24

26′ Liv-Connected Tiny House with Standard Ground Floor Bedroom

If you’re in the market for a beautiful single-level tiny house, this 26′ one designed by Liv-Connected, manufactured by ATOMIC Homes, and sold by Endeavor might be the perfect option! It’s a studio-style layout, but the bedroom is separated from the living space just slightly by the bathroom. The home is sleek and modern, with [...]

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