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Freedom Teardrop Camper by Second Wind Trailers For Sale 003

Freedom Teardrop Trailer With Off-Road Package (For Sale)

This is a Freedom Teardrop Trailer for sale on discount by Second Wind Trailers. It’s available out of Roseville, California. The original cost for this unit is $22,370 with all of the upgrades on it, while a new one starts at $17,500. The asking price for this one, even with all of the upgrades, is [...]

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New Off-grid Vista Tiny House For Sale Available Now 001

Off-Grid Vista Tiny House For Sale (Sold)

This is a brand new, off-grid Vista tiny house on wheels from ESCAPE that’s for sale and available now. It features a modern design with one-level living, a tongue and groove exterior, oversized windows, modern French door keyless entry, and it comes fully equipped with an air-conditioner, solar system, on board water tank, tall solar [...]

The Osage Tiny House on Wheels by Made Relative 002

Osage Tiny House by Made Relative

This is the Osage Tiny House by Made Relative. It’s their sixth tiny house build and it features a modern look and feel with dark wood accents. It’s a 30-ft. tiny house on wheels and it’s for sale out right now (while it lasts, of course) out of Wichita, Kansas. Would you consider living in [...]

Boho XL Tiny House – SAle

Boho XL Wide Escape Tiny House (Sold)

This is a brand new Boho XL Wide Escape Tiny House on wheels that’s available now sold but you can still customize and order a new one. Submit a quote here. It features a floor plan with a separate bedroom with a walk-around bed, tall cabinets, smart TV, kitchen with stone countertops, induction cooktop, stainless [...]

Boss Cubez Prefab Tiny Shelters 002

Steel-built Shelters by Boss Cubez

These are steel-built shelters by BOSS Cubez out of Los Angeles, California that can be deployed quickly. They have several designs, configurations, and layouts to choose from. What do you think? Don’t miss other interesting stories like this, join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter for more! BOSS Cubez Steel-Built Shelters The Cube64 – 64-sq.-ft.; 8×8 [...]

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4×4 PowerStroke E350 High Roof Van Build by VanLife247 004

4×4 Quigley High-Roof Camper Built on 1996 E350 Power Stroke Van

This is a 4×4 Quigley High-Roof Camper built on a 1996 Ford E350 Power Stroke van chassis in 2021. It’s listed for $59,000 by Van Life 247 out of Fowlerville, Michigan over at Van Life Trader but it is already pending with a deposit in hand. But you can still look at it and learn [...]

Freedom Vessel Balboa Motorhome For Sale 001

Vintage, Original Balboa Motorhome Built on 1970s Dodge Van Chassis

This is a rare, vintage, and original Balboa motorhome camper van conversion built on a 1970s Dodge van chassis. It looks to be in really good condition inside and out. It’s located in Encinitas, California, and listed for $33,000 $27,000 by Freedom Vessel on Van Life Trader. Learn more below! Don’t miss other vans and [...]

Heather’s 37’ Goose-neck Tiny Home 23

Heather’s 2-Bedroom Tiny Cabin on Wheels

I feel like it’s been awhile since we appreciated the “gooseneck” tiny house and all it has to offer. This awesome set-up is perfect for allowing a stand-up bedroom even if it isn’t on the ground floor. This great design by Mitchcraft Tiny Homes is no exception. The lovely French doors open right up into [...]

Liberation Tiny Homes Strasburg 28 ft. 12

Strasburg 28 ft. Farmhouse THOW w/ Downstairs Bedroom

Here’s another awesome 28-foot tiny house built by Liberation Tiny Homes in Pennsylvania which they call the Strasburg. It starts at $91,000 and can be built as an 8.5 or 10-foot wide home. The best part? It has a dedicated downstairs bedroom so you don’t have to climb up to the loft to sleep! There’s [...]

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2018 Escape Traveler Tiny House For Sale 001

2018 Escape Traveler Tiny House on Wheels For Sale

This is a 2018 Escape Traveler Tiny House for sale. It’s located in Hudston, New York, and available for $67,000, according to the listing. 2018 Escape Traveler Tiny House For Sale Highlights Located in Hudson Valley, NY All wood construction Insulated for 4 season use Traveler model from Escape Lower level bedroom with queen mattress [...]

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Lancaster Tiny House With U-Shaped Kitchen by Liberation Tiny Homes

The Lancaster is Liberation Tiny Home’s newest tiny house model, and it doesn’t disappoint. In the stunning u-shaped kitchen you’ll find bench seating, a flip-up counter top, and a blend of open and closed shelving. The living room sits in the middle of the tiny house, with a bench storage couch facing not one, but [...]

Carols Rustic Tiny House For Sale 001

Rustic And Affordable Tiny House; For Sale

This is a rustic 8’x20′ tiny house on wheels originally built by Incredible Tiny Homes in 2020. It’s listed for $36,000 via Carol on the Tiny House Marketplace out of Newport, Tennessee. Check it out and learn more below! Affordable & Rustic 20-ft. Tiny House This tiny house has a combination of wood and batten [...]

120sf Self-Built Tarleton Tiny House For Sale 0015

Self-Built Tarleton 120-sq.-ft. Tiny House; For Sale

This is a 120-sq.-ft. tiny house on wheels with an add-on deck self-built in 2011 using Tumbleweed Tarleton plans. It’s for sale for $39,000 via Gabi & Evan on the Tiny House Marketplace. Learn more below! 120-sq.-ft. Tumbleweed Tiny House Built in 2011 Highlights Built in 2011 “For Sale” 120-sq.-ft. Fully furnished Built on a [...]

8×8 Modern Backyard Office-Cabin For Sale 001

Backyard Office-Cabin For $8,900

This is a home office studio cabin. It’s an 8′ x 8′ build with a 10′ x 10′ roof featuring 64-sq.-ft. inside. It’s listed via Studios on the Tiny House Marketplace for $8,900 out of Appomattox, Virginia. What do you think? 8′ x 8′ Office Cabin For $8,900 It’s an 8’x8′ cube structure. The office-cabin [...]

25k Shipping Container Tiny House For Sale in Central Illinois 001

$25k Shipping Container Tiny House

This is a $25k shipping container tiny house in Carlinville, Illinois. It’s listed via Lynde on the Tiny House Marketplace. Learn more below! Affordable Shipping Container Tiny House The container is outfitted as a tiny house inside. It features a custom built fold down bed with overhead storage. There is an in-wall air conditioning unit. [...]

400sf Park Model Cabin in Austin TX For Sale 002

400-sq.-ft. Park Model Cabin in Austin Texas

This is a 400-sq.-ft. park model cabin in Austin, Texas. It’s listed for sale via Mason on the Tiny House Marketplace. Learn more below! 400-sq.-ft. Park Model Cabin in Austin This park model tiny house features a built in screened in deck. A park model can be a great option because they live like a [...]

399sq-ft Log Cabin Park Model Tiny House RV For Sale in NC 002

Log Cabin Park Model Tiny House

This is a log cabin park model tiny house for sale out of Rutherfordton, North Carolina via Tiny House Marketplace. According to the listing, it’s a two-year-old Green River park model RV with 399-sq.-ft. of space. It features quartz counters, bronze fixtures, a mini-split system, keyless entry, a four-burner stove oven, a full-size refrigerator, a [...]

Move-in Ready RV Conversion with Low Miles $28K 8

Motorhome Renovation For $28K

Want to hit the road right away? This RV renovation in Tennessee looks like a great fit. With just 50K miles, it should still have plenty of life left to take you wherever you want to go. Inside it has a creamy white paint, subway tiles, faux leather accents and some gorgeous, bold wallpaper. The [...]

Rare 1993 VW California Camper For Sale 001

1993 VW California Camper

This is a rare 1993 VW California Camper imported from Germany in September of 2020, according to the ad. It’s listed for sale on the Facebook Marketplace via RVT.com for $43,000 out of Naples, Florida. It’s a pretty cool little van, seems to be in good condition, hence the hefty price tag. Take a look [...]

Two Dormer THOW Cabin for Sale

Two Dormer THOW Cabin for Sale: $39.9K

Here’s a sweet little home for sale in Sharon, Massachusetts. It’s 23 feet long and the standard 8.5 feet wide and features two bedroom lofts with dormers looking out the front. The exterior of the home is beautiful board and batten with a metal roof, and then interior is also all wood. Just wait until [...]

The Skinny House (Spite House) is For Sale in Boston 1

The Skinny House (Spite House) is For Sale in Boston

The story goes that there were two brothers: One went to fight in the Civil War, while the other remained in Boston. During the war, their father died, and the Boston brother built an expansive home on the land the brothers inherited. When Civil War brother came home, he found all that was left for [...]

Boxable Unfolding Casita Prefab Tiny House via Faircompanies 001

$50k Prefab Tiny House Ships At 20-Ft. And Unfolds To 375-sq.-ft. In An Hour 

This is a $50k prefab small house with a kitchen and bath that unfolds in as little as an hour. It’s the Boxabl prefab housing unit that can be customized in several ways. The units can be stacked to build a two-level home, and they can also be used as a larger home by building [...]

Newlywed’s Custom-Built THOW w Oodles of Storage

Newlywed’s Custom-Built THOW w/ Elevator Bed!

Just wait to meet one of the sweetest tiny house couples Tiny Home Tours has interviewed. Janae and Blaine designed and built their amazing THOW and have been living it since they got married back in 2019. It’s entirely off-grid, as well, and they have three adorable kittens. But they don’t just live tiny — [...]

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