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2018 triple axle Kangaroo THOW 2

2018 Triple Axle Kangaroo THOW For Sale

Looking for a pre-loved tiny house with no loft? This 2018 Triple Axle Kangaroo THOW features a Murphy-Bed-over-couch setup on hydraulics that’s easy to convert from night to day. French doors lead into the kitchen of the tiny home, where you’ll find lots of honey-colored cabinets, stained-glass, and apartment-sized appliances. The bathroom has a composting [...]

eONE XL for sale 10

Rare Escape eONE XL Tiny House For Sale

Here’s a brand new and rare Escape eONE XL tiny house from ESCAPE that has some awesome upgrades like a tile shower, sliding patio door, and gorgeous dark bronze metal siding. The home is entirely run on electricity and has two large lofts connected by a wide breezeway. The galley kitchen includes an oven and [...]

20′ Classic Floor Plan 8

20′ Indigo River Tiny Home w/ Amazing Half Loft

Here’s a great 20′ tiny home that puts a unique twist on a loft. It features a half loft — on the bottom half is the bedroom, and on the top is the living room with plenty of standing room. This means no climbing downstairs in the middle of the night to the bathroom (which [...]

All-electric eVista with upgrades 3

All-Electric eVista Tiny House with Upgrades For Sale

Do you love one-floor tiny house designs? Look no further than the all-electric eVista model from ESCAPE. This model is available now with a number of upgrades for a discounted price. The eVista has an electric cooktop, a built-in bedroom area with tons of upper storage, and a comfortable-sized bathroom. Take a look below! Don’t [...]

Big Bertha Indigo River Tiny Homes

32×10 Big Bertha Tiny Home Sleeps 6!

It’s always amazing how much more spacious the 10-foot-wide tiny homes feel compared to the 8-foot-wide ones, and this “Big Bertha” from Indigo River Tiny Homes is no exception. You especially feel it in the U-shaped kitchen on the far end of the tiny home. The primary bedroom is a loft with standing room around [...]

Major Discount on ESCAPE ONE Model 5 (1)

Major Discount on ESCAPE ONE Model

Here’s the deal of the year on an ESCAPE tiny house! This slightly used ESCAPE ONE model has been recently updated and you can get it for $26K off the regular price. Like all ONE models, it has beautiful double lofts, a galley kitchen, and a living room with a huge picture window. Enjoy the [...]

30ft tiny home 56

30 Ft Tiny Home with First Floor Bedroom For Sale

Here’s a beautiful tiny home that’s all one floor for sale in Texas. It has all you need for full-time living, including a lovely kitchen with full-sized appliances. There’s a bathroom with a glass-door walk-in shower, and the bedroom has tons of rooms to walk around the bed and plenty of built-in storage for a [...]

Eartheart Boho Camper Van For Sale 002

This Boho Cabin Van Seats and Sleeps up to Three

The Earhart Boho camper van is a perfect option for anyone looking for a custom ‘cabin van’ that sleeps up to three. This van is available for $87,500 in February 2023 and can accommodate up to three people with its removable third seat. It’s also outfitted with sleeping accommodations for up to three people, making [...]

Grandma & Grandson Build Awesome Micro THOW 9

Grandma & Grandson Build Awesome Micro THOW

Remember tiny-house-extraordinaire Marsha? She’s built 8 (or 9?) different amazing tiny homes, and recently helped her 19-year-old grandson build a micro THOW to sell! Due to lots of unexpected happenings this fall (read the story below), Marsha finished up the building process on her own. This little tiny home fits a bed and a kitchenette [...]


26-Foot Napa Edition THOW by Mint Tiny House Company

If you’re looking for a minimalist and bright tiny house, then check out this 26′ Napa Edition by Mint Tiny House Company. While the home has a traditional exterior style, the interior has a more modern flair with clean lines and minimal fuss. It has a loft bedroom, storage stairs, and a large galley kitchen [...]

25 Ft THOW for $34K in Ontario. 15

25-foot Tiny House with No Loft for $34,000

Here’s an affordable and loft-free tiny home that’s for sale in Ontario. The 25 ft THOW has a cozy back bedroom. When you walk through the archway you’ll find a mini woodstove, desk/office space, and a compact kitchen with an RV range and apartment-sized fridge. There’s a bathroom on the other end of the THOW, [...]

2016 Tiny Home 10

14-foot Tiny House on Wheels for $24,400

THOWs don’t get much smaller than this 14×8 tiny house for sale in Hurricane, Utah. Impressively, it contains all the necessities! You walk into the mini kitchen with a cooktop, sink, and space for a mini fridge. Next is the living room which is nestled beneath the loft bedroom, accessible via wrought iron hand-holds. Finally, [...]

2012 Chevrolet express short bus conversion 14

2012 Chevrolet Express Shuttle Bus Conversion For $45,000

Ready to hit the road and join the #vanlife and #buslife community? Check out this awesome short bus for sale in Georgia. It features a real front door, lots of windows, and a mini bathroom with a shower and Nature’s Head composting toilet. The cork walls are a fun touch, and the rest of the [...]

24 Ft. Little Rock Tiny Home 8

24-foot Little Rock Tiny House w/ a Lift Bed for $30,000

Here’s an awesome, affordable tiny house on wheels for sale in Little Rock, Arizona. The main bed is on a pulley system, so it can be lifted out of the living room space during the daytime to provide maximum space! A galley kitchen takes up one wall of the main space, and there’s a loft [...]

Affordable One Floor Tiny Home $21.9K 7

Affordable One Floor Tiny Home $21.9K

Get excited for this little gem! Today I’m showing you a simple THOW for under $22,000 — a price that is getting rarer and rarer these days. It’s understandably simple, but still includes all the necessities, such as a 3/4 bathroom and kitchenette. The one-floor design (no lofts) puts the bed in the “living room” [...]

Wandering Roots 20′ Tiny Home For Sale 50

Wandering Roots Tiny Home

Wandering Roots builds beautiful tiny homes in Georgia, and “The Ridge” is their latest tiny house on wheels. At 20 feet, it features a beautiful robin’s-egg-blue kitchen with a little two-burner cooktop and space for a fridge and a stacking washer/dryer. There are two lofts (both ladder-accessible) and a lovely bathroom with a tile shower [...]

Escape eOne Tiny House 001

Escape eOne Tiny House w/ Large Kitchen Option

This is an Escape eOne tiny house! It’s the all-electric version of their popular Escape ONE tiny house. The floor plan is slightly different than the original ONE with a large back loft, larger kitchen, and larger storage area. This tiny house is perfect for living tiny, setting up a vacation rental, guest house, office, [...]

Modular Dwelling. 7

Nordic-Style Tiny House Built in Tennessee by Modular Dwellings

This beautiful Scandinavian-Inspired tiny home is called the Nordic Abode and features a striking minimalist design. There’s a kitchen and bedroom space, divided by a compact bathroom with a shower, toilet, and vanity. The interior walls are whitewashed pine and there’s a sink, cooktop, and spot for a mini-fridge under the counter. Big picture windows [...]

36×10 Rambler Deluxe

Sweet Melissa: 36×10 Rambler Deluxe Tiny House

The latest custom build from Indigo River Tiny Homes defies the odds with an incredible King-Sized loft that you can stand up in! I really think stand-up lofts are the best of both worlds. Not only can you comfortably get dressed in your room, you double your floor space by being able to tuck a [...]

26′ Tiny House NOAH Certified 2

26 Foot Double Loft Tiny House: NOAH Certified

While lofts still aren’t the most popular choice among tiny home buyers, their ability to provide ample first-floor space to a living room, kitchen and bathroom still makes them a good option in shorter/smaller THOWs. You’ll see that in this beautifully-crafted tiny home for sale in Texas. The NOAH-certified home is 26 feet long and [...]

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Teton Timbercraft Tiny Homes 2

New Beachy Teton by Timbercraft Tiny Homes

A few months ago, Timbercraft Tiny Homes released their newest model, the Teton. Well, here’s another iteration of that model with a beachy interior feel. It has washed-out wood tones and blue-grey cabinetry. There’s a first-floor bedroom with lots of storage and beautiful high ceilings, as well as a loft bedroom/bonus space over the bathroom. [...]

Preowned Escape One Tiny House For Sale 003

Lightly Used Escape One Tiny House For Sale!

If you’re in the market for a tiny house that’s lightly used, don’t miss this Escape One. It features a full kitchen, a comfortable bedroom loft, a full bathroom, and even a washer and dryer! The Escape One is small enough to be easily towed, but it’s still got all the amenities you need to [...]

Gorgeous Slope-Roof Tiny Home in Poland 10

Gorgeous Slope-Roof Tiny Home in Poland

This 29.5-foot tiny house in Poland is every bit classy and functional. Giant sliding glass doors let you connect the living room to the outdoor terrace. The black metal exterior contrasts with the white paneled interior. The full kitchen has sleek black cabinets and dark wood counters. There’s room for a laundry unit near the [...]

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