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Small Houses

Our small houses section takes you on a journey to homes on and off foundations from as little as 350-square-feet to as large as 1,200-square-feet. When tiny is too tiny, small is the best way to go!

In this section, you’ll discover homes on foundations with land, floating homes on the water, over-sized motorhomes, and other unconventional homes like ones built with cob, strawbale, and other natural resources.

The best part about a small home is that they are not too big, or too small. It can be good enough for a family, but not overwhelming if you’re a couple or even if you’re single.

Small houses are very versatile and have a better chance of being a long-term solution for most people, which is great because moving, building, or buying a new home can be pretty stressful, right?

What’s your favorite type of small house? Is it a cabin, cottage, houseboat, or what?

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 26
Liz’s Small Home & Seaweed Bath Business 3
pender_island_cabin__Claudia Laurenz
Pink Dome Bungalow 34
400sf Mystic Mountain Tiny House in Alaska 001
The Skinny House (Spite House) is For Sale in Boston 1
Natalie’s $400 Pallet Shed 18
Boxable Unfolding Casita Prefab Tiny House via Faircompanies 001
Dois 2 Bed 2 Bath Cube Cabin
16’ X 32’ Kyka Cottage 8
Sno Scandinavian Cabin Plans Modern 8
Their 850 Sq. Ft. Vintage Cottage on Lake Ontario
Koteji Tiny House by The Small House Catalog 001
The Gras 2-Bedroom Modern Cottage by The Small House Catalog 001
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