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Small Houses

Our small houses section takes you on a journey to homes on and off foundations from as little as 350-square-feet to as large as 1,200-square-feet. When tiny is too tiny, small is the best way to go!

In this section, you’ll discover homes on foundations with land, floating homes on the water, over-sized motorhomes, and other unconventional homes like ones built with cob, strawbale, and other natural resources.

The best part about a small home is that they are not too big, or too small. It can be good enough for a family, but not overwhelming if you’re a couple or even if you’re single.

Small houses are very versatile and have a better chance of being a long-term solution for most people, which is great because moving, building, or buying a new home can be pretty stressful, right?

What’s your favorite type of small house? Is it a cabin, cottage, houseboat, or what?

501 Sq. Ft. Laneway House by Robert Johnson Architect in British Columbia 7
Contemporary Tiny Cabin on a Creek in Bowling Rock via Sara Airbnb 009
Tiny Loft Apartment in Los Angeles California via Jeremiah-Airbnb 001
Escape Mobile Home a Two-Bedroom Two-Bath Tiny Home on Wheels via ESCAPE 003
Last Stand TX 320-sq-ft Shipping Container Conversion via Airbnb-Amy 002
Tiny House Couples Small House Rehab bluecutt-instagram 001
Appalachian Container Cabin in Otto North Carolina on Airbnb Built by Backcountry Containers 004
Rustic Little Cabin with Mountain Views via NWMLS Zillow 001
Whimsical A-frame Cabin in Hoodsport for 175k on 3 Lots via Zillow 0018
Colonel Island Cottage Vacation near Savannah via Glamping Hub 004
786sf Cabin with Land in Hoodsport Washington via NWMLS Zillow 001
Whimsical Fairytale Silo Cottage Airbnb Tour via Levi Kelly YouTube 001
1500-sq-ft Cabin with Tiny House Style via VRBO 0016
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