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Her 333 sq. ft. Apartment Transformation

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This is Cristiana Felgueiras, a woodworker, artist, creator, and YouTuber known for her channel GET HANDS DIRTY. She transformed a 333 sq. ft. office space into an incredible tiny apartment.

Cristiana transformed the neglected 1970s-era space from worn-out walls to a fantastic, multi-functional tiny living space for which many would likely trade their larger homes if they could.

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Cristiana’s Office to Apartment Conversion

Before the renovation, it was just an outdated office space. Just wait until you see what she was able to do with the space.

Now, Cristiana has turned it into the most beautiful and functional tiny apartment. She shares just how she did it through her YouTube channel, website, and social media. She even sells plans so anyone can build some of the furniture items she designed for the office-turned-apartment.

She designed and built everything, from the fold-down bed and couch with built-in storage to the sleek piano desk that houses her keyboard. Everything looks so lovely. Even the coffee table has multiple functions: it features a lift top and also supports the bed when in sleep mode.

The apartment features a multipurpose Murphy bed and sofa, a piano desk, a shoe.  cabinet, a spacious wardrobe, a media console, a vertical pantryle dining table.

As you can see, she designed almost everything for multiple purposes, one of the secrets to getting the most out of a small space. For example, her wardrobe acts as a room divider, providing a cozy entrance to the home, almost like a mudroom with storage for shoes, clothes, and other knickknacks. What’s your favorite thing about this incredible tiny apartment?

She Built Everything in the Apartment – Start to Finish

Get a glimpse of Cristiana’s comprehensive skills as she takes on the challenge of building everything in the apartment from start to finish. Her dedication and craftsmanship are evident in every corner of the space, making it a true testament to her woodworking and artistry.



  • Cristiana Felgueiras transformed a once drab 70s office into a vibrant and efficient 333sqft living space in downtown Porto.
  • Custom-built birch ply furniture maximizes space, featuring a convertible sofa bed system and a large integrated storage unit.
  • A dual-purpose wardrobe acts as both storage and a room divider, adding privacy and organization.
  • The piano desk serves as a testament to Cristiana’s musical and artistic talents, blending functionality with creativity.
  • Plans for the furniture built in the apartment are available for purchase, allowing others to recreate the innovative designs in their own spaces.
  • Cristiana’s story from a childhood creator to a YouTube creator with GET HANDS DIRTY is a true inspiration for DIY enthusiasts and artists.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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  • sandy
    April 25, 2024, 12:37 am

    what an incredible job she did. so much storage in a small space. I’m in awe.

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