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Beautiful, New Extra Long Boho For Sale Now

Beautiful, New Extra Long Boho For Sale Now

Here’s a beautiful new Boho that’s extra long at 23 feet. It has beautiful shou sugi ban paneling on the exterior, and inside there’s upgraded flooring. Like all Boho models, there’s no loft. Instead, you get a lovely queen-sized bed under a picture window. There’s open upper shelving around most of the walls, and the [...]

Buddhism and meditation in her van

Buddhism and Meditation in Her Van

Stacey wanted to live nomadically even before it was popular, but hesitated until two years ago, when she finally found a van and chased her dream! She practices Buddhism and meditation and made sure her van fit her lifestyle. Most of her indoor time she spends at her bench and slide-out table. As a vegan, [...]

1979 VW Riviera Bus Camper Van for 35k 002

1979 VW Riviera Bus Camper

This is a 1979 VW Riviera Bus camper van known as the Struggle Bus on Instagram that’s up for grabs. It’s a pop-top Volkswagen camper van that looks to be in great condition available for $35k out of Tacoma, Washington. Learn more below! Don’t miss other van conversions like this, join our Free Tiny House [...]

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Rock Collector Has Spent 4 Years in Her Awesome Van 2

Rock Collector Has Spent 4 Years in Her Awesome Van

Victory has been living nomadically for nearly a decade. It all started after she turned 18 and went to four different overseas universities, moving from apartment to apartment and seeing the Continent. She had moved nearly 20 times before she settled into her van. At first, Victory planned to travel the U.S. by hitchhiking across [...]

Epic Skoolie w Giant Bathroom and Adorable Eyes 3

Epic Skoolie w/ Giant Bathroom and Adorable Eyes

I love a touch of whimsy, and Irwin the Skoolie has just that with the adorable curtain “eyes” that grace the front of the bus. Bright blue, they make Irwin seem like a fun place to live. Owners Mike and Mandi would agree! When 2020 hit, Mike’s longtime dream of an alternative living space finally [...]

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Affordable Escape eBoho Go Tiny House Available Now 002

Newly Built Escape eBoho Go Tiny House For Sale

This is an affordable and newly built all-electric Escape eBoho Go tiny house that’s available immediately from the builder. The tiny house is only 16 feet long but it has an impressive list of features and amenities, including wrap-around windows that are all operable, a kitchen with a large solid multi-functional butcher block top, a [...]

He Finished His $15K Tiny House w No Experience 2

He Finished His $15K Tiny House w/ No Experience!

Do you remember David Rule’s tiny house that he started building last summer? Well, he finished it for a grand total of $15,000! And he documented the entire thing in a recap video below, which just might be the most entertaining tiny house video I’ve ever watched. The end result is a completely off-grid home [...]

Josiah’s Green Machine 1982 Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon 2

Josiah’s Green Machine 1982 Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon

Josiah had a successful career in Silicone Valley, but was ready for more! So about 6 years ago he decided to become a nomad, and was surprised at the stigma that accompanied his choice. Still, he regrets nothing and loves what he does outside his van more than his rig itself. His 1982 Volkswagen Westfalia [...]

vansteaders_faces-2 (1)

The Vansteaders Left NYC To Travel the Country

For Alissa and Cody, what began as a simple lockdown project soon transformed into an entire lifestyle overhaul. They quit their jobs, built out this $60k rig and moved in ready to travel the country. They have a hammock, hidden toilet, full-sized bed and tons of storage. They also discuss a hidden laundry chute and [...]

Their Amazing Budget Shuttle Bus Conversion. 2

Their Amazing Budget Shuttle Bus Conversion

Sahil & Maggie are loving the financial freedom that comes with their skoolie lifestyle. For just $17,000 (including the cost of their bus!), the couple has a comfortable tiny home that meets all their needs — including a king-size bed! They lovingly named the bus “Appa” after the flying bison from “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” [...]

Backpacker & Artist Settles Down in a Bus Conversion (1)

Backpacker & Artist Settles Down in a Bus Conversion

Samuel hiked both the Pacific Crest Trail and the Continental Divide Trail, and felt like after all that exploration, there was no way he could go back to stationary life in an apartment. So he got a 1977 Ford B500 short bus and converted it into a home on wheels. He has limo-tinted windows to [...]

GMC 1989 C3500 Vandura 4

Skoolie Conversion: GMC 1989 C3500 Vandura

Here’s a DIY skoolie that’s an awesome entry-level way to get into bus life. It is simple on the inside with a few sets of cabinets, a sink, and a pull-out pantry and chest refrigerator. The bus is a GMC 1989 C3500 Vandura, and it’s for sale by owner now. Check it out below! Don’t [...]

Bofin Modern Tiny Living 20

The Bofin: Modern 24-foot Tiny House on Wheels by Modern Tiny Living

Named after an Irish island that Julie (the owner) loves, “Bofin” is designed as a full-time residence meant to travel the country! It prioritizes the living space and kitchen, with a spacious U-shaped couch that has tons of storage underneath. The galley kitchen has an oven, fridge, and inlaid sink, and there’s a compact bathroom [...]

Airbnb Entrepreneurs Embrace Truck Life!

Couple’s Adventurous Life in a Truck Camper

Eric and Marissa always wanted to travel, but their non-remote jobs were holding them back. Once the couple figured out ways to manage a couple of Airbnbs and a rental van, they found the freedom to enjoy life on the road! Their camper sits on top of a flatbed truck and has all kinds of [...]