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BOHO XLS PLUS All-Electric THOW: Separate Ground Floor Bedroom

At 32′ long, this BOHO XLS PLUS is the longest BOHO model ESCAPE has designed to date. The extra length allows for a spacious first-floor bedroom with built-in storage and a door to keep it private. In the main area, there’s still room for a full-sized couch, 7 feet of table, an extra storage cabinet, [...]

Flight Attendedant’s Budget DIY Van Conversion 5

Flight Attendant’s Budget DIY Van Conversion

Samantha was flying around the world and paying for an apartment she was rarely in, and she knew something had to give. When the events of 2020 shut down travel, she bought a van and converted it in 3 months. It’s been the best option for her, allowing her to bring “home” to the airport, [...]

Chef & Cookbook Author’s Bus Conversion

Cookbook Author & Jewelry Maker’s Bus Conversion

Aj and Ayana were both separately interested in a nomadic lifestyle when they fell in love. It didn’t take long for them to find a bus that they built into a home, complete with a rooftop deck, fixed bed, and hide-away composting toilet. Aj is a writer and chef, and authored a cookbook about how [...]

Their Stealthy Ambulance Conversion with Laundry Chute

Their Stealthy Ambulance Conversion with Laundry Chute

Seth was already converting a rig when he met Christy, but when they got married, she wasn’t interested in living in a vehicle. Eventually, however, she warmed up to the idea, and they ended up converting an ambulance together, so they could see more of the United States. While they removed the name “ambulance” from [...]

His $22K Bus Conversion (In 50 Seconds) 5

Their $22K Bus Conversion with a Murphy Bed

Aaron and his wife Sarah live full-time in the 2002 Chevy Express 2500 that he converted for just $22k (including the $6k for the bus itself). He had always dreamed of traveling, so he could enjoy all kinds of adventure sports, and was lucky enough to find a partner who loved the same things. Amazingly, [...]

Is This The Most Adorable Van Conversion Ever. 3

Her Shabby-Chic Farmhouse Van For Weekend Trips

Aries Soul Traveler loved traveling but couldn’t keep dropping $600 for a weekend stay in a hotel. When she found vanlife, it seemed like the perfect solution — her own budget-friendly hotel room on wheels! She lives in a townhome and takes her van on adventures during the weekends (and vacations). She hired a local [...]

Beared Van Life Mercedes Conversion 2

He Went From Flipping Homes to Van Life

Chad was flipping homes on the West Coast, but the cost of living was getting out of hand. Someone suggested vanlife to him, and at first he balked at the idea of living in a van post-40-years-old. But when he found out he could design and plan the whole thing, he got interested. Due to [...]

Cynthia & Her Dog in Their Ford Transit Connect Conversion 2

Cynthia & Her Dog in Their Ford Transit Connect Conversion

Cynthia had been thinking of going tiny for a while, but she was initially nervous about telling her grown children and friends about her idea. But she conquered her fear, bought a Ford Transit Connect, and converted it all herself! She made sure her conversion fit her lifestyle and her 60-pound dog. She has a [...]

10 Years Sober in his Uhaul Tiny Home Conversion 2

10 Years Sober in His Uhaul Tiny Home Conversion

James was excited to be sober, but he was facing homelessness again due to rent issues. That’s when he found a UHaul and spent a whole year watching YouTube videos to help him convert it into his own home. He really prioritized a comfortable bathroom and plenty of water storage. He has a standard 32×32 [...]

Miles O’ Smiles bus 1.5 Years of Buildling

1.5 Years Building his $3,000 School Bus Tiny Home

Johnny got his bus for $3,000 — and it needed a lot of work, especially regarding rust! A year and a half later, he was able to move into his truly beautiful skoolie. He made sure to keep his two large dogs in mind when building, making them a comfortable under-bed lounge area and making [...]

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Content Creators & Family in Their 2021 RV 2

Content Creators & Family in Their 2021 RV

Dan and Sam are content creators (Dan has a hunting podcast and Sam has documented her surrogacy journey) who decided it was time to hit the road in their 2021 RV. Because the RV was newer, they haven’t had to do much to it to enjoy it! Their two kids have a bunk over the [...]

They Bought A House & Then Chose a Van Instead. 2

They Went From Homeowners to Van Life

Josh and Bryn purchased a row home in Baltimore and immediately regretted it — it didn’t fit their goals, and they were sad that they hadn’t traveled around the United States yet. So they started new careers that would allow them to work remotely and bought and converted a van. Their rig has a unique [...]

Hitched Traveling Wedding Chapel 99

Hitched Traveling Wedding Chapel by Movable Roots

In the past, we’ve seen little churches turned into tiny homes, but this tiny chapel was built specifically as a mobile wedding venue! It was designed for Hitched Traveling Wedding Chapel by Movable Roots as a commercial build. It’s a minimalist chapel design, with beautiful arched windows, white shiplap, and honey-colored hardwood floors. It would [...]

Couple & Kitty In This 1999 Dodge Roadtrek Camper Van 3

Couple & Cat In This 1999 Dodge Roadtrek Camper Van

Jesse and Janice were saving up to buy a house when they made a major pivot in their lives and decided to jump into vanlife instead! They found a van already DIY-converted by a family that had used it as a weekender vehicle, and they’ve slowly made it theirs. While the bed could convert to [...]