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Tatoo Artist’s Epic Raised-Roof Rig. 3

Tattoo Artist’s Epic Raised-Roof Rig

Libre and Stephen are long-distance hikers who wanted the freedom of a different kind of life — so they got a school bus and transformed it into their full-time home — and Libre’s tattoo parlor! The bus has a mini rooftop deck, a back deck, and a bathroom in the back so the shower and [...]

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Financially Free in Their Van Conversion 3

Financially Free in Their Van Conversion with a Wet Bath

This awesome couple purchased their unfinished van in January of 2020 and were engaged on March 13, 2020. A week later, they found themselves with tons of time on their hands and went to work making that van into a home. They’ve spent two years traveling the country and are now working to support the [...]

The Moth. 13

The Moth Tiny House Welcomes Storytellers & Listeners

Meet The Moth: A unique tiny home designed to bring the feel of a Georgia front porch (complete with light-seeking moths) to New York, where poet and novelist George Dawes Green can host story-telling events. This THOW has a four-panel front door that completely opens so the indoors and outdoors can collide. Inside there’s seating, [...]

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Family-Friendly Skoolie Conversion w Raised Roof For Sale.

Family-Friendly Skoolie Conversion w Raised Roof For Sale.

Get excited to tour this 2003 40ft Bluebird All-American bus renovated by Erika and Matt for their family. The couple is transitioning to doing volunteer work abroad, and they’re selling their DIY conversion, so someone else can enjoy it as much as they have. The bus truly has everything you could need, from a spacious [...]

20ft Model B by Tiny House Anywhere for $35,500 7

20ft Model B by Tiny House Anywhere for $35,500

It’s always awesome to find a tiny house at a steal of a price, and this 20ft Model B by Tiny House Anywhere is just that. At only $35,500 for the base model, you’ll get a complete home AND there’s no loft. Instead, the builder installed a DIY Murphy bed that also has a flip-down [...]

Base Cabin

This Architect-Designed Tiny House is Inspired by Countryside Animal Shelters

Meet Base Cabin, an architect-designed tiny home that’s style was inspired — believe it or not — by animal shelters in the countryside! They wanted a human shelter that looked just as unassuming, but contained everything necessary for a full life. There’s a kitchen and closet space on the front wall, a seating bench, a [...]

Crazy Micro Apartment in Tokyo 3

Four-Level Tokyo Micro Apartment

While we’re no strangers here to tiny spaces, this crazy 4-story micro apartment in Tokyo is something totally new! The apartment consists of 4 stories — two of which are a micro wet-bath and a twin-sized loft area. The other two stories are just 6.5 feet x 6.5 feet and act as the kitchen and [...]

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Off-Grid Switzerland Boat House 4

Off-Grid Switzerland Boat House

Get ready for a lovely tour of this A-Frame (plus an addition) tiny house that sits on a lake in Switzerland, about 2 hours outside of Berlin. The off-grid boat house runs on minimal solar power without running water, Wi-Fi, or much phone connection, giving you a chance to unplug. When you walk in, there’s [...]

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Person Chef Jeff & His DIY Van Conversion

Personal Chef’s DIY Van Conversion

Jeff is a personal chef who bought a van to act as his daily driver, adventure vehicle, and a unique setting for his private meal offerings. Now you can get a professionally-prepared meal from Jeff and eat at his U-shaped dinette or outside at his slide-out table. While he doesn’t live in the van full-time, [...]

Family’s Skoolie w Giant Solar Array. 4

Family’s Skoolie w/ Giant Solar Array

This awesome family was on a mission to travel from Canada to Baja, Mexico — and they made it! They have enough solar power to provide electricity to nearly three buses —  which is quite impressive. The husband and wife have two young kids who sleep in sleek bunks painted to their tastes. They kept [...]

Instead of Getting Bitter, They Got a Bus 3

How These 3 Ended Up Building a Skoolie Together

What would you do if you found out your boyfriend was dating multiple other women? Well, when Becah, Abi, and Morgan discovered they all had the same boyfriend — they ditched him and bought a school bus! Unconventional? Certainly. Awesome? Definitely. These three went from complete strangers to DIY buddies to roommates in about 6 [...]

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Solo Travel in Her A-Frame Camper 3

Solo Travel in Her A-Frame Camper

Luz started her tiny living journey by building out the back of her Subaru Forester. After about 8 months on the road, she upgraded to her awesome A-Liner camper, which she lives in full-time (without running water!). She has some solar-powered battery banks to charge her devices and uses solar lights indoors. During her life [...]

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Thier High-Tech Almost-Perfect Truck Tiny Home 5

Their High-Tech Box Truck Tiny House

Nico & Jona are on their third tiny house on wheels, and by now they knew exactly what they needed to make their truck tiny home nearly perfect. Learning from past builds, they got this one professionally-designed by Nico’s brother-in-law (an architect) and it really shows! Plus, they chose to splurge on all kinds of [...]

His Bright & Bold Affordable Tiny Home 5

Sharing his Tiny House with Roommates

Tragically, Derek lost his mother when he was 18 years old. He got around $40,000 from her life insurance and was able to use that money to purchase his $26,000 home on wheels. Now he feels like his home is an extension of her. Derek immediately painted his home a variety of bold, wonderful colors [...]

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