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Their Incredible Custom THOW w Arches & 2 Baths

Their Incredible Custom THOW w Arches & 2 Baths

Carmen and Bill were living in a 5,000-square-foot home and decided it was time to retire and seriously downsize. But their smaller home is anything but simple! They have two bathrooms, a mudroom, and an expansive kitchen with a half dishwasher. Underneath their standing-loft bedroom is what they call the “basement” where they have a [...]

Newly Built Escape eONE Tiny House Available (2023)

Escape eOne Tiny House Available

Escape has a new eOne tiny house just built and available now. This modern tiny home features large windows, an all-wood interior, and two spacious lofts that are connected via catwalk. There’s a video and photo tour below to enjoy along with more information about the unit at the bottom of this page. This all [...]

Luxury VanLife w Three Dogs 2

Married Couple’s Van Life with Three Dogs

Steph is a full-time vanlifer who knows what she wants! A microwave, so she doesn’t have to cook, and a big enough water tank and hot water heater for daily showers. The van she built with her husband, Alejo, proves you can be a little “spoiled” and still live in a van. The couple actually [...]

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Tiny Home Built on a Humvee Chasis 3

Tiny Home Built on a Humvee Chasis

Mr. Wolf originally convinced his wife into a skoolie conversion, so long as he built it out like a home. But after some trips, they realized it couldn’t get them where they wanted to go! So Mr. Wolf had an idea – build a 4×4 Overlanding rig on a Humvee chassis. Using aluminum and marine-grade [...]

High Ceiling Camper Van w Articulating Solar Panels

High Ceiling Camper Van w/ Articulating Solar Panels

Erin and Joe were slowly sucked into van life after a fun road trip left them wanting more. They completed their build in early 2020 and decided to go ahead with traveling to outdoor spots after lockdown. They needed a bed that could fit Joe at 6 ft. 4 in., so they have a couch [...]


They Gutted & Rebuilt This 70s Class C Campervan

Allison and Eric started off backpacking around the world, and when their backs started hurting, they turned to suitcase travel. But in 2020, they decided to fulfill their longtime dream of renovating a vintage RV and finally seeing the United States! They didn’t realize upon purchasing their 70s Class C campervan that it had so [...]

eONE XL for sale 10

Rare Escape eONE XL Tiny House For Sale

Here’s a brand new and rare Escape eONE XL tiny house from ESCAPE that has some awesome upgrades like a tile shower, sliding patio door, and gorgeous dark bronze metal siding. The home is entirely run on electricity and has two large lofts connected by a wide breezeway. The galley kitchen includes an oven and [...]

The Royal Scott Double Decker Airbnb 3

“The Royal Scott” Double Decker Airbnb

It’s awesome to see old vehicles getting a new lease on life! This 1950s British double-decker bus retired from service, came over to the U.S., was transformed into a diner, and is now an Airbnb in Oregon. How awesome! The entire second floor of the bus is a spacious, yet cozy, bedroom with a queen [...]

His Super Cool Weekender Ambulance Conversion 3

His Super Cool Weekender Ambulance Conversion

Like so many others, Grant needed a lockdown project. Unimpressed by the costs of school buses and the quality of RVs, he came across this 1997 Freightliner FL70 MPV and decided it was the perfect rig. He works full-time at Tesla, so it took about 1.5 years for him to complete the conversion. He has [...]

Retired British Couple’s Snowplow Turned Overlander

Retired British Couple’s Snowplow Turned Overlander

Phil and Lynn are a charming English couple who retired and decided it was time to travel. Their overlanding rig was built off of an old military vehicle — so old that it doesn’t have any computer parts controlling the engine, making it easy for just about any mechanic to repair. Phil built the entire [...]

2019 Ford Transit Conversion 6

Cute And Cozy 2019 Ford Transit Conversion

This 2019 Ford Transit has a charming and cozy home-like feel. Honey-colored floors and upper cabinets contrast beautifully with the mint green lower cabinets. There’s a unique bathroom at the back of the van, with an indoor shower, sink, and toilet (you use a shower curtain to keep water off the bed). Under the queen-sized [...]

Artist’s $9K Shuttle Bus Conversion 3

Artist’s $9K Shuttle Bus Conversion

Rita does amazing paintings and murals as she travels the country in her pig-pink bus named “Wilbur” (like from “Charlotte’s Web”). What’s extra impressive is that she only spent $9,000 on the entire bus and build to create a warm, homey and functional rig. A large section of her bus is dedicated to her art [...]

Family of 7 Living Full-Time RV Life for 3 Years 4

Family of 7 Living Full-Time RV Life for 3 Years

You might think a family of 7 would try out tiny living for a few months and discover it just doesn’t work, but that wasn’t the case for this family! They’ve been on the road now in two different RVs for more than 3 years. They renovated their current 370-square-foot rig to work for their [...]

Military Truck Overlander w Airplane Cockpit 3

Military Truck Overlander w/ Airplane Cockpit

Parker and Isabelle wanted to do something different, and none of the rigs they could find really fit their needs — so they went wild and took a military truck base, a shelter pod and a whole lot of ingenuity to create a massive overlanding vehicle home that can fit all their outdoor toys and [...]