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Serenity Cocoon 12

39-ft. Serenity Cocoon Tiny Home w/ Ground Floor Bedroom

We have a new (to us) tiny house builder to introduce today — Cocoon Tiny Homes in New Zealand. The family-owned-and-operated business specializes in steel-frame structures, like their 39′ Serenity model that features a first-floor bedroom with its own sliding doors. The other end of the THOW has a full U-shaped kitchen bursting with cabinets, [...]

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Tall Couple Design and Build Their Own Motorhome

Scott and Susan Burbank are a retired couple who decided to build their own Freightliner motorhome because, at 6’8″ tall, Scott simply couldn’t be comfortable in most standardized motorhomes. So they acquired a retired semi-truck and spent 14 months converting it into their dream home on wheels. The truck was originally just an empty shell [...]

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Professor’s Sprinter with Keyboard & Paints 5

Doctor’s Sprinter with Keyboard and Paints

Doctor Serdner teaches psychology online, while also playing music and painting beautiful canvases. She managed to design a Sprinter van that has space for all of those things, including a heavy-duty drawer to house her creative materials. Her build process and results were featured on the TV show Van Go, and she is quite happy [...]

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Beautiful Prefab Backyard Homes by Abodu

Abodu is a startup that specializes in building ADUs, or accessory dwelling units. These are small homes that are built on a concrete foundation and are designed to blend in with the main house. The backyard cottages are often used as rentals or extensions of the main home for family members. Abodu has already built [...]

Millenials’ DIY Debt-Free Tiny Home

Millennials Build a Debt-free Tiny House

Back in 2018, Nicole and Jamie started building their DIY tiny house as a chance to own a home in the high-cost-of-living state of Massachusetts. It took them about 2 years and $30,000 to complete the build, and they have been loving living there ever since. The home features shou sugi ban siding and an [...]

Family Healing in Their RV Conversion 2

Family Healing in Their Motorhome Renovation

Travis had mentioned the idea of RV living, and his wife, Yanai, was having none of it. But a few years later, Yanai lost her dad and the world had changed, allowing Travis to work remotely. She had a change of heart and needed a project to help her process her grief — so the [...]

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Double Decker Bus Goes from Diner to Airbnb

Double Decker Bus Goes from Diner to Airbnb

Whit is a cool guy who left his normal job to start renovating tiny spaces and hosting on Airbnb. His latest project has been giving yet another life to a 1950s Manchester, UK bus. After the bus came to the US, it served as a tour bus, and then passed hands until it eventually became [...]

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Wallpapered Ford Transit 3

Couple’s Wallpapered Ford Transit Van Conversion

The road to van life hasn’t been easy for this couple. It all started when Daphne outfitted a van for herself and left Matt in New York, so she could go travel. After he spent some time visiting her in the van, he wanted to join her full-time. But, Daphne’s van was totaled in a [...]

Plants and Paintings in His 3 Bedroom Tiny Home

Plants and Paintings in His 3-Bedroom Tiny Home

Mike started to realize he used very little of his larger Portland home and was ready to downsize. His new park model tiny home in Durango has two loft bedrooms and a ground floor bedroom with high ceilings. The bathroom is also incredibly spacious, with a shower you could dance in! The living room and [...]

A Cob Home Inside a Glass Dome!

A Cob Home Inside a Glass Dome in Norway

Every now and again, we see a home that just makes our jaws drop — and this is one of them! This amazing Norwegian family designed and built an incredible glass dome around their cob house built only from natural and reclaimed materials. The dome allows them to grow grapes, veggies and multiple fruit trees, [...]

Family of 4 Lives in a Tiny Home, Sailboat & Van! . 1

Family of 4 Lives in a Tiny Home, Sailboat & Van!

Pretty sure we’ve never seen this many coffee-making apparatuses in a tiny home before, but for this coffee-loving couple and their two kids, it’s a must! They run a family-owned coffee distribution/pop-up cart so of course, they need a spot to try out all the varieties. Below, we have a video tour of the family’s [...]

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Colorado Family Bus Conversion. 2

Selling Their Family Bus Conversion for $50,000

This family converted a bus into an awesome skoolie home pre-2020, but life has changed, and they are ready to move it on to new owners! The conversion is almost complete (the bathroom still needs work), and features a bunk space for a child, a fixed queen bed, and then a couch that converts into [...]

Retired Couple’s Amazing Coach Bus Reno 3

Retired Couple’s Bus Reno w/ Commercial Kitchen

James and Doreen had a 4,000-square-foot home, but the upkeep was just becoming overwhelming. So they decided to get a skoolie! Now they can visit their 4 kids (who all live in different places) and spend their springtime boating in Louisiana. Their bus is unlike any we’ve seen before, with a full-size commercial kitchen (including [...]


Their Park Model Tiny Home in Austin, Texas

Momo and Casey own a “big” home, but by renting it out and living in a tiny house, they have the financial flexibility to start a new business — Momo’s Michelada! The couple got a park model tiny home in an Austin tiny house community that meets their needs. I love the video tour with [...]

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