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Van Conversions For Sale

144 Sprinter Van Cottage with Indoor Shower by Monsai Conner 006

They Turned a Sprinter Van into a Cottage!

This is a 2018 Sprinter van that was converted into a cottage-style campervan in 2021. It has a privacy wall between the cockpit and the living space. The van also has a kitchenette, indoor shower, a rear bed that converts into a dining space, and storage underneath. All of that in a 144 wheelbase Mercedes [...]

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Live By The Mile Buckeye Van 009

Live By The Mile ‘Buckey’ Van Conversion

This is the ‘Buckey’ van conversion by Live By The Mile, a Veteran-owned campervan conversion company out of Austin, Texas. It’s a beautiful and sleek 2021 Ram ProMaster van build that’s styled with a rustic yet luxurious touch and it still might be available. Learn more below! Don’t miss other interesting camper vans kind of [...]

Emraald ProMaster Van by Vandamme Conversions 0011

The Emraald Van Build by Vandamme Conversions

This is the Emraald van build by Vandamme Conversions. They’re a custom camper van company based out of San Diego, California. Don’t miss other interesting van conversions like this, along with other sorts of tiny homes, join our Free Tiny House Newsletter for more! The Emraald Van Conversion Details THE COMPANY Built by Van Damme [...]

Cargo Van With Indoor Shower by Perry Vans 003

Cargo Van With Indoor Shower by Perry Vans

This is a 2019 Ram ProMaster cargo van conversion with an indoor shower by Perry Vans. It was converted in 2021 and includes a full-size indoor tiled shower, platform bed with storage, a kitchen, solar, lithium battery power storage, and more. Don’t miss other interesting van conversions for sale, join our Free Tiny Houses For [...]

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Ex-Military Police Force Member Finds Freedom in VanLife

Former Military/Police Force Member Finds Freedom in VanLife

Candyss was used to her life being defined by her military and police force obligations, so when she decided to transition out of that career, she had to find what freedom meant for her. That led her to van life! She started traveling during the pandemic and now is on the road full-time. She didn’t [...]

Bougie Builds – Couple’s Vanbuild Business 3

Bougie Builds – Couple’s Vanbuild Business

Chris and Bobby met soon after Chris sold her Florida home. The couple wanted to travel together internationally, but the pandemic sidetracked those plans. Before they knew it they were dreaming of a van! While they still have a “home base,” they spent nearly 2 months on the road together in their van travelling the [...]

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Eva’s Solo Female VanLife in Her Ford Transit Connect

Eva graduated college and wanted to hit the road and travel. She has a full-time remote job and made this 2013 Ford Transit Connect into a gorgeous, very tiny, home on wheels. While most people hide their stuff in a “garage” under the bed, she created secret wall cubbie you’re going to love. Despite how [...]

Bev’s Bohemian Van Update! 2

Bev’s Bohemian Van Update! 59 & Awesome

When Beverly first got into vanlife three years ago, she kept things simple and to a tight budget just to make sure she really wanted to live in a van. You might remember her last van tour we showed off here. Well now she’s had some time to make renovations and wanted to share her [...]

2000 Dodge Ram 350 Camper Van For 9k 001

$9k Dodge Ram 350 Camper Van Conversion

This is a 2000 Dodge Ram 350 with just 68,000 miles on it and it has recently been converted into a camper van. It’s for sale out of Grafton, North Dakota for $9,000. It’s a 2WD van with a clean title, automatic transmission, gas engine, and was converted in 2020, according to the listing on [...]

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Sprinter Van Tiny House with Fireplace and Skylight For Sale in Portland 001

Sprinter Van Tiny House w/ Skylight

This is a 2011 Mercedes Sprinter 2500 camper van by GottBuilt Mobile Architecture. It has 93,000 miles, and is available for $72,000 out of Portland, Oregon, according to the listing on Conversion Trader. What do you think of this van build out? Don’t miss other awesome vans and tiny houses for sale, join our FREE [...]

ProjectYonder VW Van Renovation 004

VW Transporter Van Build by Project Yonder (For Sale)

This is Project Yonder’s latest van build project. It’s a Volkswagen Transporter cargo van turned into a modern day camper van with a pop top roof and all! Yes! It’s like a modern day VW camper van with a kitchenette, beautiful custom shelving, bedding, and more. See how it was turned into a beautiful one [...]

Four Years of Eco-Friendly Vanlife 2

Four Years of Eco-Friendly Vanlife

This is one awesome woman! She has been living solo van life now for four years — just because she wanted to. Which is the best reason. Her travels are funded by selling essential oils, which she was doing pre-van-life and translated well to life on the road. Her only complaint about living in a [...]

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4×4 PowerStroke E350 High Roof Van Build by VanLife247 004

4×4 Quigley High-Roof Camper Built on 1996 E350 Power Stroke Van

This is a 4×4 Quigley High-Roof Camper built on a 1996 Ford E350 Power Stroke van chassis in 2021. It’s listed for $59,000 by Van Life 247 out of Fowlerville, Michigan over at Van Life Trader but it is already pending with a deposit in hand. But you can still look at it and learn [...]

Freedom Vessel Balboa Motorhome For Sale 001

Vintage, Original Balboa Motorhome Built on 1970s Dodge Van Chassis

This is a rare, vintage, and original Balboa motorhome camper van conversion built on a 1970s Dodge van chassis. It looks to be in really good condition inside and out. It’s located in Encinitas, California, and listed for $33,000 $27,000 by Freedom Vessel on Van Life Trader. Learn more below! Don’t miss other vans and [...]

1987 Toyota Winnebago Completely Rebuilt 6

1987 Toyota Winnebago Completely Rebuilt For Sale

Now this is a fun renovation! According to the builder, they stripped this 1987 Winnebago down to the truck frame and rebuilt the entire camper. While he was able to salvage some of the original appliances, everything else is new. And that comes with benefits! Firstly, no mold. Secondly, he used low-or-no VOC materials to [...]

2019 ProMaster 159 Bohdi Van 7

2019 ProMaster 159 Bodhi Van Conversion for Sale

This beautiful Bohdi Van Conversion of a 2019 Pro Master 159 is up for sale in Tennessee. It features a Baltic ceiling and walls, as well as bamboo cabinets that give it a stunning, modern flair. The hammered copper countertops and blackened bronze hardware are an awesome touch, and LED lighting provides all the glow [...]

Move-in Ready RV Conversion with Low Miles $28K 8

Motorhome Renovation For $28K

Want to hit the road right away? This RV renovation in Tennessee looks like a great fit. With just 50K miles, it should still have plenty of life left to take you wherever you want to go. Inside it has a creamy white paint, subway tiles, faux leather accents and some gorgeous, bold wallpaper. The [...]

Rare 1993 VW California Camper For Sale 001

1993 VW California Camper

This is a rare 1993 VW California Camper imported from Germany in September of 2020, according to the ad. It’s listed for sale on the Facebook Marketplace via RVT.com for $43,000 out of Naples, Florida. It’s a pretty cool little van, seems to be in good condition, hence the hefty price tag. Take a look [...]

IKEA-Style Van Kits You Can Build Yourself!.6

IKEA-Style Van Kits You Can Build Yourself!

Ok, so we’ve all had a bad experience trying to put together IKEA furniture, BUT, it sure beats the effort of building your own furniture from scratch or spending a fortune on something fancy you can buy at a furniture store. Van Lab’s DIY kits are similar — you don’t have to go through all [...]

2014 Mercedes Pop Top Adventure Van 44k (1)

2014 Mercedes Pop Top Adventure Van For $44k

This van’s current owner is getting ready to purchase a tiny home and is eager to make a deal, so his fully-converted Mercedes Pop Top is selling for just $44,000. The pop top is outfitted with paneling, swivel seats, a platform bed and a 12v fridge. It has 116,000 miles on it, and seems to [...]

Carolina Van Builders Ram Promaster 2021 6

Carolina Van Builders Ram Promaster 2021

With this van conversion, you won’t have to worry about the troubles that come with a used or older vehicle — this is a nearly-new Ram Promaster that has been transformed into a gorgeous tiny house on wheels. It only has 4,000 miles on it. It features wool insulation, beautiful paneled ceilings, custom cabinetry and [...]

Mercedes Sprinter 144 Premium Build Out For Sale 8

Mercedes Sprinter 144 Premium Build Out For Sale

Here’s a super neat van conversion built out by Detour Vans in Canada. It has all the latest in bells and whistles, and it’s ready for any off-grid adventure you can throw at it. Birch cabinets with locks have a sleek Scandinavian vibe, while marine flooring is ready for all the mud that off-roading entails. [...]

Completely Converted RAM Promaster 3500 with Full Bath 8

Completely Converted RAM Promaster 3500 with Full Bath For Sale

If you want to hit the road soon, this van is a perfect option for you! It’s entirely built out already with everything you could want including a shower & toilet combo. The ceiling has beautiful paneling; they painted the cabinets a lovely green; and there’s an awesome slide-out fridge. Ram Promaster vans are a [...]

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2003 VW Eurovan Weekender 3

2003 VW Eurovan Weekender w/ GoWesty Conversion

Now this a pretty cool van! Originally a 2003 VW Eurovan Weekender, this van got a full overhaul from GoWesty back in 2011. Since then, its second owners drove it all over the West Coast. The van has a pop-up top that sleeps two, and you can sleep two more on the “first floor.” What’s [...]

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