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Van Conversions For Sale

Sleek Professional Ford Transit Van w Shower Room 5

This Ford Transit Van has a Shower Room

The founders of Vanning in Plain Sight came from a background of hotel work, which means each of their vans is designed to be a “hotel on wheels” combining luxury and comfort with the ease of traveling wherever your heart takes you. They definitely succeed in their latest build that’s for sale now. The moment [...]

1988 Chevrolet G20 Classic Camper Van with Solar for 18k 001

1988 Chevrolet G20 Classic Camper Van with Solar for $18k

If you’re looking for a classic car that’s made for adventure, then check out this 1988 Chevrolet G20 Conversion Van that’s for sale out of Los Angeles, California for $18,000. This van looks like it is in excellent condition and includes features like a solar power system, a new mattress, all bedding, a rug, and [...]

Margo the Commuter Queensland Van Fit Out 6

Margo the Commuter: Queensland Van Fit Out

Today, we’re excited to introduce you to Sunshine Coast Van Fit Outs in Queensland, Australia. They do gorgeous professional van conversions that are bright, beachy, and ingenious. This is their latest build called “Margo the Commuter.” Margo features one of the cleverest designs I’ve seen in a van, with a full pull-out kitchen that includes [...]

Ford Transit 3500 4×4 with Lift Bed and Kitchen 006

4×4 Ford Transit 3500 Camper with Lift-Bed

This is a 4×4, 2020 Ford Transit 3500 camper with a lift-bed. It’s listed for $87,000 out of Orange, Virginia. What do you think? Don’t miss other interesting tiny homes, join our Free Tiny House Newsletter for more!  Ford Transit 3500 Conversion with Lift-Bed and Kitchenette The kitchen in the van has a microwave, magnetic [...]

Modern Ram ProMaster Conversion 7

Modern Ram ProMaster Conversion w/ Bathroom

This is a “used” van conversion looking for its next owners. The design was meant to look and feel like a micro-apartment, with all the luxuries of home, including a toilet and an expandable shower! The light wood used throughout keeps the place feeling especially open. In the daytime, the back area can transform from [...]

4×4 blue grey 2021 Sprinter 10

Bohdivan 4×4 Blue Grey 2021 Sprinter w/ Archway & Plaster-Style Walls

This is probably the first time we’ve seen an archway inside a van conversion, and Bohdivan does it well! They use lime paint to create a plaster-style texture all around an arched feature wall that separates the living/kitchen area from the bedroom. The result is truly stunning! This van is brimming with features, from the [...]

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ProMaster Camper by Challenger Vans 001

Multi-functional ProMaster Conversion by Challenger Vans

This is a 2021 ProMaster conversion by Challenger Vans. It’s built on a Ram ProMaster 1500 136 wheelbase van with 2WD and features a unique multi-functional layout. This Challenger Van seems to have everything you can imagine for full-time van life! What do you think? Don’t miss other interesting vans like this, join our Free [...]

boho.life Laverne 7

Laverne Stealth Van Conversion from Boho Vans for $89,000

Fall is an underrated time of year for road trips. If you’re in the right places in the country, you can enjoy gorgeous foliage and unmatched views — especially with a camper van! Laverne is one of the latest of boho.life’s van conversions that will be ready to pick up in October. Just in time [...]

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Shuttle Bus Conversion with Roof Deck for 59k 001

Shuttle Bus Conversion with Roof Deck for $59,000

This is a shuttle bus conversion with a roof deck for $59,000. It’s listed over at the Tiny House Marketplace by Zander out of Las Vegas, Nevada. What do you think? Don’t miss other interesting tiny houses for sale like this, join our Free Tiny Houses For Sale Newsletter for more! Shuttle Bus Conversion with [...]

Billie Sandstone Pearl Ram Promaster For Sale 3

Billie: Sandstone Pearl Ram Promaster For Sale

We’ve introduced you to boho.life and their awesome van rental service, but did you know when they are ready to retire fleetmembers, they sell them? As of June 20, 2022, their “billie” van will be up for grabs and can be your new van home. If you’re not into DIY but still want to enjoy [...]

Tech Workers Empowering Van Life Conversion 2

Writer’s Empowering Van Life Conversion

For people who have grown up in a close family or always been in a monogamous relationship of some kind, jumping into solo #vanlife can feel terrifying and nearly impossible. That’s what Melody thought before she took the plunge. Now she feels empowered and happy living in her van with its super-deep sink, closet space, [...]

Gloria Ram Promaster 10

Warm & Rustic Gloria Ram Promaster by Boho Vans

Have you ever wanted to rent a van? Maybe for a vacation, or to help you decide if #vanlife is right for you? Well, Boho Vans not only builds custom vans (which are amazing), they also rent out their vans for short-term excursions. They recently sold their Gloria model, which they previously used as a [...]

Her Fourth Tiny Rig 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon 3

Her Fourth Tiny Rig: 1985 Volkswagen Vanagon

Halle’s first introduction to #vanlife was actually in her Kia Soul which she used to travel the entire country for 3 months. The experience left her wanting more, and she eventually decided to jump into full-time nomadic living. She had two other rigs, including a Sprinter she shared with a former partner, and then downsized [...]

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Their Black & Copper Promaster (Toilet & Shower) 3

Their Black & Copper Promaster (w/ Toilet & Shower)

We’ve all had a bad first date, but for Dan and Kenz, they knew something was “right” when they both discussed their desire to someday live in a van! They just needed “a push” and the pandemic made their jobs remote, allowing them to take the plunge. Their van has a gorgeous black-and-copper design with [...]

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Vanlifing w Disabilities

Grad Students Van Life with her Cats

Below is a beautiful van tour with Kalen and her cats. Unfortunately, the van and most of her belongings are gone since she had an accident and rollover. Fortunately, she and the cats are all okay. Watch her pre-accident tour below (her van was beautiful) and consider donating here to help her get back on [...]

Legend Conversions Van with All Glass Shower 007

Camper Van with Glass Shower

This is a four-season camper van with a glass shower by Legend Conversions. It’s built on a 2021 Ram ProMaster 3500 cargo van with a 159 wheelbase. It’s listed for sale over at Van Life Trader and you can learn more about it below! Be sure to also check out the video tour of it [...]

Roger and Melissas The Custom Rustic Van Conversion by Drifter Vans 002

The Custom ‘Rustic Cabin’ Van Conversion by Drifter Vans

This is a ‘Rustic Cabin’ custom van conversion by Drifter Vans, a camper van builder out of Detroit, Michigan. The van has a kitchen, bathroom, and plenty of lounging and storage space. From the outside, it looks like a cargo van with some extra windows and an awning, but when you go inside it looks [...]

144 Sprinter Van Cottage with Indoor Shower by Monsai Conner 006

They Turned a Sprinter Van into a Cottage!

This is a 2018 Sprinter van that was converted into a cottage-style campervan in 2021. It has a privacy wall between the cockpit and the living space. The van also has a kitchenette, indoor shower, a rear bed that converts into a dining space, and storage underneath. All of that in a 144 wheelbase Mercedes [...]

Live By The Mile Buckeye Van 009

Live By The Mile ‘Buckey’ Van Conversion

This is the ‘Buckey’ van conversion by Live By The Mile, a Veteran-owned campervan conversion company out of Austin, Texas. It’s a beautiful and sleek 2021 Ram ProMaster van build that’s styled with a rustic yet luxurious touch and it still might be available. Learn more below! Don’t miss other interesting camper vans kind of [...]

Emraald ProMaster Van by Vandamme Conversions 0011

The Emraald Van Build by Vandamme Conversions

This is the Emraald van build by Vandamme Conversions. They’re a custom camper van company based out of San Diego, California. Don’t miss other interesting van conversions like this, along with other sorts of tiny homes, join our Free Tiny House Newsletter for more! The Emraald Van Conversion Details THE COMPANY Built by Van Damme [...]

Cargo Van With Indoor Shower by Perry Vans 003

Cargo Van With Indoor Shower by Perry Vans

This is a 2019 Ram ProMaster cargo van conversion with an indoor shower by Perry Vans. It was converted in 2021 and includes a full-size indoor tiled shower, platform bed with storage, a kitchen, solar, lithium battery power storage, and more. Don’t miss other interesting van conversions for sale, join our Free Tiny Houses For [...]

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Ex-Military Police Force Member Finds Freedom in VanLife

Former Military/Police Force Member Finds Freedom in VanLife

Candyss was used to her life being defined by her military and police force obligations, so when she decided to transition out of that career, she had to find what freedom meant for her. That led her to van life! She started traveling during the pandemic and now is on the road full-time. She didn’t [...]

Bougie Builds – Couple’s Vanbuild Business 3

Bougie Builds – Couple’s Vanbuild Business

Chris and Bobby met soon after Chris sold her Florida home. The couple wanted to travel together internationally, but the pandemic sidetracked those plans. Before they knew it they were dreaming of a van! While they still have a “home base,” they spent nearly 2 months on the road together in their van travelling the [...]

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Eva’s Solo Female VanLife in Her Ford Transit Connect

Eva graduated college and wanted to hit the road and travel. She has a full-time remote job and made this 2013 Ford Transit Connect into a gorgeous, very tiny, home on wheels. While most people hide their stuff in a “garage” under the bed, she created secret wall cubbie you’re going to love. Despite how [...]

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