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Maxwell’s ePro Electric Reefer Van Built with Reclaimed Tesla Parts

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Admittedly, the ePro Cooler from Maxwell Vehicles doesn’t quite fit into our regular spectrum of tiny homes and van life explorations. Nevertheless, we couldn’t resist bringing it to your attention due to its significant advancements in sustainable and efficient transport. As dedicated enthusiasts of compact living and efficient utilization of space, we believe in sharing all things innovative, especially those that could significantly impact our environmental footprint. While the ePro Cooler might not be your next tiny house or mobile home, it’s an exceptional vehicle with a range of impressive features worth reporting. So, let’s dive into the details of this remarkable electric reefer van!

While the focus of our post is the ePro Cooler reefer van, it’s worth noting that Maxwell Vehicles also uses this same ePro platform to craft cutting-edge electric camper vans, offering an eco-conscious and efficient solution for those embracing the van life. In the realm of refrigerated transportation, the demand for efficiency, reliability, and sustainable practices is on a constant rise. Meeting this demand head-on, Maxwell Vehicles introduces its pioneering innovation – the ePro Electric Reefer Van, equipped with an integrated refrigeration system, the Cooler. This groundbreaking van, powered by a 75kWh battery, is set to transform the refrigerated transport industry, offering remarkable benefits in terms of long-term cost efficiency, convenience, and environmental consciousness.

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Introducing Maxwell’s ePro Cooler Electric Reefer Van: A Leap in Refrigerated Transport

Maxwell ePro Electric Refrigeration Vans

Images via Maxwell Vehicles

Images via Maxwell Vehicles

The Value of No Idling: How the ePro Maximizes Savings

The ePro Cooler brings an amalgamation of advanced features that not only ease the operation but also contribute significantly to sustainability. By eliminating idling, offering more payload capacity, and reducing upfront and operational costs, the Cooler maximizes savings, making it a valuable addition to your fleet. This blog post aims to acquaint you with the exciting attributes of Maxwell’s electric reefer van, making a compelling case for why it may be a worthy investment for the right business owners.

Maxwell ePro Electric Refrigeration Vans 002

Images via Maxwell Vehicles

Efficient Design and Operations: Unpacking the Features of the ePro Cooler

The ePro Cooler boasts a simplified design, saving over 250 lbs, thus, offering more payload capacity. Unlike traditional reefer vans, the ePro Cooler has no rooftop condenser. This innovative design reduces drag and overall height while also simplifying the system and minimizing component failure. An additional perk is the extra cold storage—perfect for a sudden increase in capacity needs.

Maxwell ePro Electric Refrigeration Vans 003

Images via Maxwell Vehicles

Command and Control: Advanced Wireless Control of Your Reefer

One of the key features that set the ePro Cooler apart is the advanced wireless control. The Maxwell Portal interface allows for remote monitoring and adjustment of reefer settings anytime, anywhere. The system also offers instant alerts, notifying users of any faults to prevent the load from going bad. The Cooler’s smart operation pauses when the doors open, conserving energy and making operations smooth and user-friendly.

Maxwell ePro Electric Refrigeration Vans 005

Images via Maxwell Vehicles

Staying Power: Extended Runtime with Flexible Charging Options

The ePro Cooler’s flexibility and efficiency don’t stop at just design and control. The van is also equipped to run up to 60 hours, ensuring your cargo stays cold between charges. It offers flexible charging options, compatible with standard 110V, 220V, or public DC fast chargers. Plus, the Cooler’s big battery ensures the refrigeration system keeps running—be it driving, charging, parked, or off—with zero emissions.

Unveiling the Tesla Connection: Reclaimed Components in the ePro Cooler

One fascinating aspect of the ePro Cooler reefer van by Maxwell Vehicles is its connection to Tesla, the world-leading electric vehicle and clean energy company. Maxwell’s conversion process utilizes salvaged Tesla components, marrying the cutting-edge technology of Tesla with their own innovative design.

The ePro Cooler’s 75kWh battery, for instance, is a Tesla component. Reclaimed from Tesla electric vehicles, these batteries still possess considerable capacity and durability, making them a reliable and sustainable source of power for reefer vans. The salvaging and repurposing of these batteries further exemplify a commitment to sustainability by reducing waste and maximizing resource efficiency.

Maxwell ePro Electric Refrigeration Vans 004

Images via Maxwell Vehicles

Moreover, Maxwell’s ePro conversion process doesn’t just borrow parts from Tesla. It also utilizes Tesla’s electric drivetrain technology, making the vans more efficient, eco-friendly, and easier to maintain. The electric drivetrain, paired with the Cooler’s integrated refrigeration system, results in a reefer van with fewer components to fail, better clearance, and more efficient operation.

The utilization of Tesla parts provides these reefer vans with the dual advantages of Tesla’s world-renowned quality and performance, along with the innovative design and usability of Maxwell Vehicles. The result is an electric reefer van that champions efficiency, sustainability, and performance.

Installation and Pricing: Investing in the ePro Cooler

The Cooler refrigerated van package can be installed on any ePro, offering significant savings if installed during the initial ePro conversion. The system cost stands at a competitive price of $8,500 if installed on a vehicle with existing insulation, otherwise, it starts at $17,000.


  • Maxwell’s ePro Cooler offers a revolutionary approach to refrigerated transport with its integrated refrigeration system.
  • The Cooler is 100% electric, offering significant savings by eliminating idling, offering more payload capacity, and reducing costs.
  • The ePro Cooler utilizes a 75kWh battery, sourced from Tesla, ensuring high capacity and reliability for sustained operation.
  • The battery provides the ePro Cooler with the capability to run up to 60 hours, maintaining cold storage of cargo between charges.
  • The powerful battery allows for continuous operation of the cooler, whether the van is driving, parked, charging, or off.
  • The ePro Cooler offers flexible charging options, compatible with standard 110V, 220V, or public DC fast chargers.
  • The big battery pack in the ePro Cooler contributes to zero-emission operation, aligning with clean and green energy initiatives.
  • Advanced features like wireless control via the Maxwell Portal interface and instant alerts offer users complete control of the system.
  • The installation cost of the Cooler refrigeration package stands competitively at $8,500 on a vehicle with existing insulation. This includes the integration of the refrigeration system with the ePro’s electric drivetrain, providing a more efficient operation.
  • For a complete ePro Cooler conversion, including the vehicle, battery pack, and refrigeration system, pricing starts from $17,000. The final cost depends on the specific requirements and features added.
  • The Cooler refrigerated van package can be installed on any ePro. If installed during the ePro initial conversion, it saves time and money.
  • The ePro Cooler offers significant savings in comparison to traditional reefer vans. Its electric operation eliminates fuel costs, and the simplified design minimizes maintenance expenses.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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