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Rejecting Social Norms at 30 in Their Skoolie

Rejecting Social Norms at 30 in Their Skoolie

Karson and Brendon were turning 30 and not ready to commit to a house or kids or pets like so many of their peers. So they decided to ditch their 9-5s and do something alternative — buy a shuttle bus and make it into their tiny home! They have a great rig with a comfortable [...]

Their Wine-Themed Part-Time Bus Conversion 3

They Bought a House but Kept the Bus

Jordan & Sam lived full-time on the road in this amazing renovated Skoolie for a few years before buying an old home that they’re now renovating! They still live part-time in their rig, chasing adventure when they hear it calling. Their skoolie is all wine-themed, complete with a cork wall, “wine cellar” drawer, and wine [...]

How Standing Rock Inspired Her Tiny Bus Life 45

How Standing Rock Inspired Her Tiny Bus Life

Jagaloria went to Standing Rock and met so many people living alternatively, she said it just didn’t feel right to stay in her apartment and work her life away. Thankfully, she made connections while there that allowed her to find a short bus and make it home! Amazingly, her conversion only took one month of [...]

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His AstroVan Life (Now He Lives on a Bike) 2

His Astro Van Life (And Now He Lives on a Bicycle)

Caleb was in college when he realized college wasn’t for him, and he needed a new direction. A friend urged him to just go for something, so he converted the back of his Subaru and started traveling. Eventually, he upgraded to his DIY Astro Van which he lived in for another year. The video below [...]

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The Forest – Grampians 6

Shacky in the Forest: Modern Tiny House in Australia

Here’s a one-floor “Shacky,” a tiny house vacation cabin in the Grampians, Australia. Shacky has a number of tiny homes in scenic, peaceful locations around Australia. Each Shacky has a shed-style roof that curves into the back of the home. This unit features a studio-style layout, with a bench couch, compact kitchenette, double bed, and [...]

Flight Attendedant’s Budget DIY Van Conversion 5

Flight Attendant’s Budget DIY Van Conversion

Samantha was flying around the world and paying for an apartment she was rarely in, and she knew something had to give. When the events of 2020 shut down travel, she bought a van and converted it in 3 months. It’s been the best option for her, allowing her to bring “home” to the airport, [...]

Chef & Cookbook Author’s Bus Conversion

Cookbook Author & Jewelry Maker’s Bus Conversion

Aj and Ayana were both separately interested in a nomadic lifestyle when they fell in love. It didn’t take long for them to find a bus that they built into a home, complete with a rooftop deck, fixed bed, and hide-away composting toilet. Aj is a writer and chef, and authored a cookbook about how [...]