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RV Life as a Family – Their Home on Wheels 77

Family RV Life with Daughters

The McCarters are an incredible family who decided to sell their 3,000-square-foot home in Florida, purchase a 5th-wheel RV, and travel the country nomadically! They have two elementary-aged girls (who have an epic bunk house in the back of the RV) who they take on all these amazing adventures. Their RV is remarkable, with multiple [...]

His Epic Yellowstone 4×4 DIY Ambulance 9

His Epic Yellowstone 4×4 DIY Ambulance Camper

After his divorce, Tom was looking for a new purpose and focus for his life, and he remembered how much he loved camping. Eventually, his camping trips turned into full-time living from an incredible former Yellowstone ambulance, which he converted into a home on wheels. He has the coolest convertible bathroom in his ambulance, which [...]

How a Summer of Vanlife Turned into 4 Years!

Anjali’s 4 Years of Van Life

Anjali has been living on the road for more than four years, first out of a basic build that was supposed only to last the summer until 2020 hit, and her job went remote! She loved the van so much that she decided to stay on the road and eventually upgraded to this ProMaster, which [...]

90 Recycled Skoolie for Family of 3 21

Family of 3’s 90% Recycled School Bus Conversion

The Samaniego family lives full-time in their converted skoolie, which they built using primarily recycled materials! The couple have a 6-year-old son, who they homeschool while traveling. Oh, and their fantastic vintage stove has a name. How sweet! We interviewed the family about their nomadic lifestyle and what they loved about living tiny. Check it [...]

Adventurous Couple’s Second Van Conversion 77

Traveling Couple’s Custom Sprinter Van Life

This adventurous couple met at a climbing gym and, not too long afterward, did a 4-weekend conversion of their first inexpensive van. They used that rig for two years as a weekender van but then started the search for a Sprinter so they could do a full conversion. Once that van was complete, they decided [...]

2022 Ram ProMaster 3500 Ext l 7

Stunning 2022 Ram ProMaster 3500 by New Life Conversions!

Today, we want to show off this stunning 2022 Ram ProMaster conversion from New Life Conversions. This new-to-us builder is a family-run business with two brothers-in-law and a father-in-law! One lived in a van full-time and convinced the others to leave their day jobs to build high-end custom vans. The men plan to expand into [...]

Her RV was too big so she bought a van 2

Her RV Was Too Big So She Bought a Van

Madilyn struggled with van life when she started. She missed her boyfriend, her family, her friends — and she had severe driving anxiety! But with frequent exposure and monthly trips back home, Madilyn has overcome the worst and successfully lived on the road for a year. Her 32-square-foot camper van is her second rig. The [...]

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