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Birdie Safe and Sonder Vans 3

Birdie: Family-Friendly Van Conversion!

Birdie is one of Safe + Sonder Van‘s recent conversions, custom-built for a family of four. Instead of building in permanent bunks (which they did a great job of in their North model), this family chose an innovative Cabbunk system. The bunks are like hanging cots that can be put up and down when needed. [...]

Off-Grid School Bus Conversion Apartment 001

School Bus Conversion: Apartment on Wheels

This school bus conversion is like an apartment on wheels! It’s a 2012 Chevrolet Express with 77,000 miles on the odometer. The high-top conversion is available on Van Life Trader out of San Diego, California, for $49,999. This School Bus Conversion is like an Apartment on Wheels School Bus Turned Apartment on Wheels Step inside [...]

Couple Travels in DIY Van w Parrot

Couple Travels in DIY Van w/ Parrot

After weekend traveling out of their SUV, Shay and Luis decided to sell their home and their food truck and live full-time in a Ford Transit van. With zero former DIY experience, they learned all they needed from YouTube to create a cute and functional home on wheels. The van has a nifty hidden bathroom, [...]

Ultimate DIY Van Build Shaiden 2

Shaiden’s Ultimate DIY Van Build: The Mothership

Shaiden has lived in several DIY vans over the years, but his “Mothership” is the best, most incredible van he’s created to date! A lover of all things futuristic/SpaceX/innovative, Shaiden has added luxury features throughout the rig using the latest technology. While it would be hard to get this level of perfection from your first [...]

His Moody & Luxurious RV Conversion 3333

His Moody & Luxurious Motorhome Life

DiNeil has an eye for interior design and a heart for travel, and he’s brilliantly combined those two things in his RV conversion. Between the camper’s cost and his conversion, DiNeil spent about $43,000 creating his dream home, including a home office, luxury bathroom, and total blackout bedroom for a fantastic sleep. He even found [...]

Bert DIY Van w: Clever Desk 5

Couple’s DIY Van with Clever Desk & Heating System

Bert is a van conversion built by Ermenegildo and Lou in Quebec, Canada. It took them about six months to create their dream rig, complete with a convertible home office, functional van kitchen, and nifty bathroom with a zip-up door. They made the rig perfect for their lifestyle, installing a unique heating system with hoses [...]

2022 VedaHawk Tiny Homes tiny house on wheels 7

2022 VedaHawk Tiny Home in Alberta

This is an exciting gooseneck tiny house on wheels built by VedaHawk Tiny Home in 2022. It’s never been lived in before and is for sale again in Alberta, Canada. The house also has a loft bedroom, which could be storage, a child’s space, or an office. Beneath that loft, you’ll find a cozy living [...]