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Couple’s Second DIY Van Conversion Elevator Bed 3

Couple’s Second DIY Van Conversion has a Lift Bed

Kyle and Stephanie first got into vanlife to escape the city. It was more of a weekend van that they built out on the fly. But that experience equipped them to create this amazing second rig, which they worked on tirelessly for 8 months. Kyle’s previous work in sculpture prepared him to make some of [...]

His Epic $10K Short Bus Conversion 2

His Epic $10K Short Bus Conversion

Meet Nathan and his amazing skoolie which he built out for under $10K! His budget build has a “Modern Island Vibe,” which includes some cool Hawaiian and Filipino art, rock climbing drawer pulls, and burnt wood accents. He included a closet for hanging clothes, a rooftop deck, and a few window fans and diesel heaters [...]

Omni Tiny Home 4 4

From Hong Kong to Their DIY Tiny House in Australia

When David got inspired by prepping and off-grid living, he wanted to move out of Hong Kong. He and Lizzie compromised and moved to Australia to build a tiny house on wheels. Eventually, they found an incredible off-grid property to move to, where they are making a self-sufficient haven! We had the privilege of interviewing [...]

Unique Container Holiday Escape 20

Unique Container Cabin with Rooftop Deck

This is a 160-square-foot container home in Blue Ridge, Georgia that’s perfectly situated among the trees. One of the coolest features of the cabin is a giant rooftop deck that extends out from the edges of the container to act as a roof for the lower wrap-around deck. It’s down there that you’ll find a [...]

The Ugly Truckling Her Cedar Shake Truck Home

The Ugly Truckling: Her Cedar Shake Truck Home

Kai’s dream of living in a cabin in the woods manifested itself in her building an incredible house truck inspired by the funky wooden marvels of the 60s and 70s. Her home is bursting with character, covered with cedar shingles, and took Kai five years to make it livable, and another five to get it [...]

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Couple Builds Tiny House & Skoolie in New Zealand 24

They Built a Tiny House & Skoolie in New Zealand

Mati and Luli moved to New Zealand about 7 years ago and lived for a time with a woman in her treehouse. During that time, they discovered they needed far less than they originally thought and got the idea to build a tiny house! They built the entire thing from the trailer-up, and did it [...]

Her DIY Tiny House Led Her To Become a Carpenter!

Building a Tiny House Turned Her into a Carpenter

Marie, like so many others, was introduced to tiny homes on YouTube, and that sparked her curiosity about building her own home. With a lot of hard work and trial and error, she was able to complete a gorgeous little space that meets all her needs. She loved building her own space so much, she [...]

Brothers (& Dad) Build $1K Truck Camper! 2

Brothers (& Dad) Build $1K Truck Camper!

Chay and his brother Colby wanted a truck camper they could use to go camping, and it had three requirements: It had to cost under $1K, it had to sleep both of them in bunks, and it needed to come *off* the truck. With a lot of hard work and ingenuity — and only 10 [...]

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They Turned an Old Airplane into a 650 Sq. Ft. Home 4

They Turned an Old Airplane into a 650 Sq. Ft. Home

An airplane as a vacation home? It’s not exactly tiny (650 square feet) and wasn’t inexpensive ($600K+), but it’s really neat! Jon and Stephanie own and operate a flight school in Alaska, and started building tiny homes to house their students. During construction, Jon got the wild idea that an aircraft-turned-home would be a less [...]

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Adventurous Family of 7 in Bus w: Amazing Second Story 6

Family of 7’s Two-Story School Bus Home

Anna, Jeff, and their five children live full-time on the road, traveling across the country and enjoying amazing experiences together! Their DIY conversion had two phases, and their current phase includes an amazing second story for their older children. We got the chance to interview the family about their tiny life, so be sure to [...]

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Nigel & Sue’s Van Conversion

Nigel & Sue’s Van Conversion: Exploring Australia

Like so many others, Nigel and Sue had travel plans for 2020 that were upended by lockdowns — and they shifted their focus to a van conversion! With no prior building experience, they learned how to do everything via YouTube and trial and error. But you’d really never know they were novices based on the [...]

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Supporting Her Mental Health in DIY Tiny Home 56

From Shed to Sanctuary: Building a DIY Tiny Home to Foster Mental Wellness

Veerle was at University when her mental and physical health needed a break. While she could move back home, she needed her own space and the housing market was pricing her out of an apartment. That’s when she got the idea to build a tiny home in her parents’ backyard! Her 75-square-foot cottage was once [...]

Single Mom Builds Off Grid Tiny House for Her and Her Daughter 4

Her Self-Built Mom and Daughter Tiny House

This single mom wanted a way to raise her daughter in their own space, and regular homeownership was out of the question financially. But a DIY tiny home? Stephanie knew she could do it if she committed herself! And she did! For the past six years, she’s been living with her daughter in their custom [...]

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Hit the Trail InnHabit Tiny House Resort 4

Tiny Shipping Container Trail Cabin in Oklahoma

Julie and Noel have built an incredible container home village in Oklahoma, where you can stay in one of 10 container cabins and visit the container businesses on the property, including a taproom, restaurant, and shops. There’s a central grain silo gazebo where you can grill and mingle with other vacationers! Each container house is [...]

The Yeti Promaster 2500 High Roof 159. 15

The Yeti: Pre-Owned Promaster 2500 High Roof 159″ Stealth Cabin Van

Meet the Yeti: An awesome Boho.Life campervan conversion for sale by owner in Santa Clarita, California. The van has a stealthy exterior and a beautiful red cedar interior with a “honey” stain. There’s a fixed queen bed in the back and two smaller bench seats facing one another. A pull-out table provides a space for [...]

Teenager Cooks Thanksgiving Meal in Her DIY Tiny House 4

Teen Cooks Thanksgiving in Her DIY Tiny House

Chloe is an amazing teenager in Georgia who built a tiny house on wheels with her dad! The home sits on a standard utility trailer and includes a twin-sized bed, mini table, and Mr. Buddy heater to keep her warm and cozy. In the videos below, you can watch her build the home from start [...]

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London Actors’ DIY 10×30 THOW

London Actors’ DIY 10×30 Tiny House

Harrie and Joe live outside London in an incredible tiny house on wheels they built with the help of Harrie’s dad, Mick, who had just retired from carpentry a day before they presented the idea of building a tiny home on wheels! They started in September 2019 and pushed to complete the build during that [...]

Classic Van Conversion w: Amazing Shower Stall

Luxury Stealth Van Conversion with a Shower

Vanning in Plain Sight is a great van conversion company in Florida that creates stealthy vans with luxury interiors that provide true micro homes on wheels. There’s no “roughing-it” in these vans! You have an oven, a cozy bedroom, a shower and toilet, bench seating, and an incredible solar system  — all impeccably designed to [...]

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He’s 21 & Built His Own £5K Tiny Home! 4455555

21-Year-Old Builds his own £5K Tiny Home!

Jack fulfilled one of his teenage dreams: Building his very own tiny house, with the help of his dad! He built his first micro cabin at the age of 13, and he actually reused material from that to build his current house. In fact, he reused so many materials he found free or cheap that [...]

She Rebuilt This Truck Camper from the Foam Up! 4

She Rebuilt This Truck Camper from the Foam Up!

Alexandria has been living on the road for a number of years and has tried out nearly all the nomadic vehicle options. First, it was a camper van conversion, then a skoolie, and now a truck camper! Despite the camper being known for its water-tightness, Alexandria found after purchasing it that it was largely rotted, [...]

3-Bedroom Family THOW in Texas For Sale

Big Dreams, Tiny Space: Family-Friendly 3-Bedroom Tiny House in Texas

I don’t know that I’ve seen a home of this size for such a great price in a long time! Built for a family of 7, this tiny house has THREE different loft bedrooms to give everyone a cozy spot to sleep. It is extra tall, at 14 ft. 6 in., which means it requires [...]

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Traveling Musician in his DIY Shuttle Bus

Traveling Musician in his $16K Shuttle Bus

Stefan first bought a van for his band to use for traveling to gigs, but when the band broke up, Stefan was already hooked on vanlife! The algorithm started showing him more people living in vehicles and he realized a shuttle bus would give him more of the space he wanted, so he upgraded! Amazingly, [...]

Former Professional Theatre People Traveling North America w: Kids in an RV 11

Family & Pets Enjoying Cross-Country Road Trip

The O’Phalen family was just going to enjoy a summer away exploring a remote part of Maine, but that led to a year staying in Airbnbs which finally led them to RV life! They contacted us to share their awesome RV conversion and tell us more about their life. Enjoy hearing from them below. Don’t [...]

Grain Bin Farm Stay 66

Georgia Grain Bin Farm Cabin

This is a grain bin (a.k.a. silo) turned into a lovely little cabin on a farm in Georgia. The quaint little room includes both a queen-sized bed and a bathroom space, with the shower stall separate from the toilet room. There’s also a small table for two (although only a microwave in terms of cooking [...]