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Sleek Professional Ford Transit Van w Shower Room 5

This Ford Transit Van has a Shower Room

The founders of Vanning in Plain Sight came from a background of hotel work, which means each of their vans is designed to be a “hotel on wheels” combining luxury and comfort with the ease of traveling wherever your heart takes you. They definitely succeed in their latest build that’s for sale now. The moment [...]

Paraolympian’s Ultra-Accessible Ford Transit Van Life 2

Paralympian’s Ultra-Accessible Ford Transit Van Life

When Lisa was paralyzed at 14, it took a long time for her to find herself doing what she loved again — going outdoors! But eventually, she was able to play basketball at the Paralympian level and even won 6 gold medals during her tenure. A shoulder injury, however, left her lost again and in [...]

Sarge the Simple Beauty Short Bus Conversion 2

Sarge the Simple Beauty Short Bus Conversion

Stephanie went from #buslife dream to reality in just a year, meticulously planning out “Sarge,” her future full-time bus home. She chose a more masculine exterior in order to throw off any would-be thieves, but the inside is 100% her own simple style with bold accents like a black back wall and stunning wallpaper. Since [...]

Chris’ Self-Sustaining Skoolie is his 4th Rig in 11 years 3

He Built a Self-Sustaining School Bus with a Raised Roof and Deck

Chris told his grandmother as a kid that he wanted to grow up and live in the woods with his dog — and for the past 11 years, that’s more or less what he has done! He’s had two vans and a Class A RV before deciding to build his dream rig school bus conversion. [...]

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Family Ditches Rat Race for Coach Bus Living 2

Family Ditches Rat Race for Coach Bus Living

Jenn was running a grooming business, working 60-70 hours a week. Kyle was staying home with their three kids and constantly shuffling them from school to sports to activities. They were fed up with the rat race and decided it was time for something new. A year later, they had moved into their awesome coach [...]

Nature-Inspired Skoolie w Stock Tank Tub 2

Their Nature-Inspired School Bus Conversion

Allison & Nick purchased their bus somewhat impulsively, but they diligently converted it into the gorgeous nature-inspired skoolie it is today over the course of two years! During that time they were largely working full-time, saving money for their adventure. They’ve been on the road for 6 months, enjoying all their hard work. They chose [...]

Unfolding Box Truck Goes from Stealthy to 350 sq. ft. Campervan

Unfolding Box Truck Goes from Stealthy to 350 sq. ft. Motorhome

Mario wanted a way to travel stealthily but still have room to spread out when he found a campervan-friendly spot. So he designed it himself! Altogether, he spent about $40k (in Euros) on his unfolding box truck, doing some work himself and then hiring some freelancers to finish the job. He used the best features [...]

Own a Tiny Cabin on a Mountaintop in NY. 13

Mountaintop Tiny Cabin on 99 Acres in New York

This mountaintop tiny cabin sits on 99 acres of woodland just 2.5 hours outside of New York City. It’s been in Ken Phillips’ family for more than 70 years, but as things go, his family has little time to enjoy the property anymore, and it’s now for sale. While the cabin itself is off-grid and [...]

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Semi-Retired Couple’s Luxury Coach Bus Conversion

Semi-Retired in their Coach Bus Conversion

Yvan and Sylvie are on their third bus conversion and loving every minute of the freedom (and early semi-retirement) that bus life offered them. Their marriage was struggling with Yvan gone for work all the time and Sylvie at home running the family business. So Yvan convinced his company to let him travel in their [...]

Dog Foster Parents Raised Roof Skoolie 3

Their Short School Bus Conversion with an 8-Inch Roof Raise

This couple enjoyed working on yachts for a while until they were inspired to buy a short school bus to convert into their DIY motorhome. They fixed it up and used it on weekends at first, but they grew tired of the “go-go-go” lifestyle and eventually quit their jobs so they could hit the road, [...]

Promaster Renovation For Travel-Loving Couple 2

Working Full Time in their ProMaster Van Conversion

One of the awesome things to happen over the past two years is the influx of remote work opportunities that are allowing people to have more location flexibility. That’s seen in Kristine & Brandon’s #vanlife story. One works as a CPA and the other as a recruiter, and both are able to work full-time in [...]

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Family of 5 Living Debt Free in Renovated RV 3

Family of 5 Living Debt-Free in Renovated Motorhome

When Chuck mentioned the idea of traveling the country in their renovated RV, Shannon was having none of it. But two weeks later, she fell down the Skoolie YouTube rabbit hole and was completely on board. They ended up selling their home, almost all their stuff, and purchasing their Class A RV completely debt-free! Their [...]

World Travelers’ Renovated Motorhome

World Travelers Renovate Vintage Motorhome

Jerome and Meli have spent years traveling the world together. First, they met at the Olympics in Russia, then traveled around Europe and North Africa. They came to North America for what was going to be a one-year adventure and ended up spending three years exploring Canada, the US, and now Baja! Their DIY motorhome [...]

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Mother & Daughter’s Pop Up Camper Makeover 6

Mother and Daughter Renovate a Pop-Up Camper

Melissa and her family love to go on summer camping trips in their pop-up, but the camper was musty and old and really needed a facelift. So she and her daughter got to work transforming the place into a cozy and cute spot for making family memories! They chose a blue and coral/pink theme and [...]

Ecuadorian THOW Vacation 8

Tiny House with a Hot Tub in Ecuador for $36,500

Walter was in Ecuador when borders closed down in 2020, and he was bored. So with the help of some local friends, he crafted this gorgeous tiny house on wheels complete with two king-sized lofts (one enclosed), a spacious living room, a dining area, and a galley kitchen. In addition, you’ll find a bathroom with [...]

Toyota Coaster Bus Made Home for This Australian Couple 9

Australian Couple Turn a Toyota Coaster Bus into their Tiny Home

Max & Miranda shoot elopements for 6 months of the year, and spent the rest of it traveling Australia in their self-converted Toyota Coaster! Today they’re here to tell us all about how they got into #buslife… We purchased a Toyota Coaster bus and converted it into a motorhome. We live in it for 6 [...]

A Valley Girl’s Tiny Trailer Dream Home 15

Her 450 Square Foot Park Model Trailer Home

It’s always a joy to meet people like Linda, a true gem who worked hard to make her tiny home dreams come true! Today, she is going to walk us through her story about how she converted a run-down trailer and made it home. I’ll let her take the wheel… For the price of a [...]

Coach Bus Turned Storage-Packed Tiny Home

Coach Bus Turned Storage-Packed Tiny Home

Everyone has different reasons for choosing nomadic living, but for this family, #buslife is giving them the opportunity to scout out the country in search of land to put a home and homestead! They don’t have any particular ties to one place, so they are trying out all the places. This is actually their second [...]

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She Built a Tiny House with Her Dad at 21

Amanda is one remarkable woman! At 21, she decided to build her very own tiny house. She worked multiple jobs to afford it and then spent all her free time building the tiny house with her dad. Her love for her father is so evident in the tour below, and she admits it never would [...]


His Box Truck Home with Workshop and Jacuzzi

Paul was ready to get away from the Pittsburg area and find a place with friendly and like-minded people who would want to talk to him — but he needed a way to support himself. A handyman at heart, he decided to build out a huge box truck, fill it will all (and I mean [...]

Textile Artist’s Bright & Bold Jungle Bus 2

Artist Life in her School Bus Conversion

Gillian’s school bus conversion, “Jungle” has more color than most 2,500-square-foot homes! She left her career in set design, her 16-hour days, and her long commutes to NYC and LA to enjoy life as an entrepreneur on the road. Gillian’s bus features tons of her own textile work (much made from ice tie-dye techniques), an [...]

Couple’s European Adventure Inspires Them To Jump into BusLife

Early Retirement in their Shuttle Bus Conversion 

Eric and Robbyn were nearing retirement age but thought they still had more years to work. That’s when a trip to Europe completely changed their perspective, seeing people who didn’t work themselves into the ground as they do in the U.S. That’s when they got the idea to stop living normally and find a way [...]

Transit Bus Conversion for Life Coaches & Their Fur Babies 3

Young Couple’s Shuttle Bus Conversion

Ron and Jess were considering upgrading from their one-bedroom apartment when they went on a vacation to a 200-square-foot cabin and realized they could totally live tiny. That’s when they got hooked onto bus life on YouTube and the rest is history. Their shuttle bus conversion is light and airy, with lightly-stained plywood ceilings, sage [...]

Couple Turns Floating Shed into a Gorgeous Houseboat 13

Couple Turns Shed into a Floating Cottage

Meet the Joneses! Brandon and Sarah were living in a normal house when the opportunity arose for them to purchase what would become a gorgeous houseboat. But at the beginning, it was really just a floating shed without any amenities! Eventually, the couple and their dog would love to sail the globe together, but this [...]

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