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1.5 Years in their $16K Shed to Tiny Home

Update: 1.5 Years in their $16K Shed to Tiny Home

Tiny house living isn’t always forever, but it’s often a wonderful chapter for individuals, couples, and families looking to save money. That was the case with the Krebs, who transformed an old shed into a gorgeous farmhouse tiny home and lived in it for a year and a half while renovating their forever home. We [...]

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Elfie The Craigslist-Created Box Truck 2

Elfie: The Craigslist-Created Box Truck

When you’re doing a build on a budget, Craigslist and Facebook Marketplace are amazing resources, as Courtney and Sawyer will tell you. They relied heavily on deals for reclaimed materials that created their awesome box truck home. This adorable couple wanted to get into vanlife as soon as they were done with college and had [...]

UK Couple Renovated this Bus in 1 month for US Tour 2

UK Couple Overhauls Bus in 1 Month for US Tour

Nick and Harri are a 23-year-old British couple who graduated from university in 2020, just in time for the world to close down. They decided vanlife would be the best way to make lemonade out of lemons. After traveling in Europe, they decided to come to the US and build out a bus in just [...]

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Family’s Class A RV Conversion with a Playroom

Family’s Class A RV Conversion with a Playroom

The Briles family couldn’t have been more tied down to their standard suburban lifestyle in Texas. They had the job, the house, the cars — but something was missing in their pursuit of the American Dream. So they sold everything and purchased a Class A RV which they transformed into a home on wheels. The [...]

Ruby, the 1990 Volkwagon Vanagon 1

Ruby: The 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon

William is a professional photographer and has made his dreams come true by traveling in Ruby, his 1990 Volkswagen Vanagon that he added a roof raise to for extra comfort and space. His van life allows him to work and to see family and friends all over the country. When he gets together with them, [...]

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Family of 5s Toy Hauler Overhaul 9

A family of 5 living in a toy hauler RV for 2 years!

This family of five (soon to be six!) has been living in their renovated toy hauler now for about two years. They got started on the tiny living journey when husband Troy became a travel nurse — an RV allowed his wife Elizabeth and their three girls to take home wherever he went for work! [...]

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The Ambo: Rough and Rugged Ambulance Conversion

Andy had always been a fan of traveling and living tiny in a number of vehicles, so in 2018, he found a 4×4 ambulance that would make the perfect off-roading tiny house on wheels. He got to work converting it, keeping some original elements, and replacing anything that didn’t work for him. The result? A [...]

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Family of Four’s Full-Time Lux Camping Setup 2

Family of Four Living Full Time in their Jeep Camper

Just wait until you see the incredible off-roading Jeep Camper this family lives in — full-time! Julie, Chris, and their two boys loved camping and kept taking longer and longer trips until they realized they could put “normal” behind them and DIY their own overland camping set-up! They have a beefed-up Jeep that tows a [...]

DIY Tiny on Veggie & Mushroom Farm 3

DIY Tiny on Veggie & Mushroom Farm

Some years ago, David was inspired to build his own tiny house — and he did! He moved it across the country, met Erin, and the couple moved it back across the country to start their own market farm operation selling organic vegetables and mushrooms. The initial cost of the house was about $30,000, and [...]

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Australian emergency response vehicle turned into tiny home 2

Australian Emergency Response Vehicle Turned into Tiny Home

Mike and Lauren enjoyed hiking and other outdoorsy activities, but didn’t enjoy backpacking — so they started hunting for a vehicle they could convert into a home on wheels. This 1981 Emergency Response Landcruiser had already been imported from Australia and was for sale in 2020. They spent lockdown time transforming it into a home, [...]

Their $30K Bus Conversion 9

Their $30K Bus Conversion: 2002 Blue Bird

Brittany and Justin converted their skoolie thinking they’d travel the country and find a new state to call home — but after months on the road, they discovered their hearts were in Colorado after all. They went back and found an awesome mountain cabin, which they bought and are renovating in between travels in their [...]

Mökki Hovland Hut 10

Mökki Hovland Hut Studio Cabin in Minnesota

Tucked in the Minnesota forest near Lake Superior sits this 16×16 Mökki Hovland Hut, built by a local carpenter and an instructor from a nearby school. It has a grand covered porch, tons of windows that let nature inside, and a wood-burning stove to keep you toasty on chilly nights. The interior of the cabin [...]

Getting Degrees Online While Traveling in Their Bumpin Bus 4

Online College In Their $32,000 Bus Conversion

Ginnie and Austin met in the Army and got married, eventually deciding to leave and get degrees with the GI Bill. They’re able to do online school and travel in their skoolie! Pretty amazing. They have a gorgeous self-converted skoolie that cost them $32,000 to build out (including the bus cost). Enjoy the photo tour [...]

Abandoning the American Dream For Real Happiness in Their Skoolie 6

Ditching the American Dream for Skoolie Life

Tawny and Mike had the American Dream — a home, a gym, and all the trappings of modern life. But they felt trapped and unhappy despite their circumstances and wanted to find more. So they started selling everything and building a school bus home! It’s been four years, and they split their skoolie’s time between [...]

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Four Years Overlanding in Europe 10

Four Years Overlanding in Europe in Self-Built Rig

Stuart and Charlotte were no strangers to tiny house life when they bought an old military truck and decided to transform it into an off-roading home. They had already spent a couple of years living vanlife, but wanted a rig that could take them anywhere. They spent much of the 2020 lockdown finishing their build [...]

Live, Work, Travel in Their 1995 Thomas Vista Skoolie 16

Live, Work, Travel in Their 1995 Thomas Vista Skoolie

Tim and Meg wanted to get out of the rut of office work and apartment life, so they converted a 1995 Thomas Vista into their cozy home on wheels. The shorter bus still houses everything they need, like a kitchen (with an oven!), a mini wood-burning stove, and a snug back bedroom. They tell their [...]

Actress & Audio Mixer’s Van with a Laundry Chute 2

Actress and Audio Mixer’s Live-Work Van Life

Jess is an actress and Josh mixes audio for sets — the long hours and travel were keeping them apart, so during the same year they planned their wedding, the couple converted their 2019 Ford Transit. Now they can pursue work side-by-side based near LA. Their van has an awesome functional kitchen with a pantry [...]

Early Retirement Van Life After Cancer Treatments

Early Retirement Van Life After Cancer Treatments

Rich and Robin had enjoyed camping in large RVs over the years, but it was expensive to store the RV and they always needed reservations in order to travel. When Robin was diagnosed with cancer again, they considered getting a van to make travel easier and more compact. Now they can leave home at a [...]

boxeren.barry.beluga 13

Couple’s European Adventure in Barry Beluga the Van

Rakel and Sigurd were teachers with a big house, but they wanted something more! So they decided to make a huge lifestyle shift and purchase a van to convert into their home. The van has a beautiful nature and floral aesthetic, with spring green cabinets, faux plants, and leaf patterns. They have a fixed bed, [...]

Living Full-Time in Their Unfinished Skoolie 9

Living in their Raised Roof Skoolie Project

Lex and Liam decided to take on the amazing — and massive — project of converting a school bus into a tiny home on wheels. But their conversion is even more unique because they’ve been living in it during the conversion process! For a year and a half, they’ve been making progress on the build, [...]

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Selling Everything to Live Better in beelzebus 17

Four Years of Van Life in Scandinavia

Katja & Björn have been traveling Scandinavia in their self-converted van — named Beelzebus — for nearly 4 years now! Most recently they purchased a garage/workshop on Gotland (where they have family) which they’ve been renovating to act as a rental property and a spot they can stay when they come home. Below they share [...]

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Tall Guy’s Self-Built Tiny Home

Tall Guy’s Self-Built Tiny Home

Nick had always admired tiny homes, and with parents in the construction industry and some money in his pocket, he finally decided it was time to build one! He moved in around March of 2020, and has now enjoyed over two years living tiny. He’s quite tall, so he made sure everything in his tiny [...]

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His Life as a Charitable Photographer in Old Military Rig 5

His Military Truck Turned Tiny Home

Rich had the American Dream with a big house and grown kids — but when divorce hit, he needed to pivot after the grief. That’s when he decided to leave his job in corporate photography and gift family portraits to single moms in shelters or who have left domestic abuse situations. Living in his renovated [...]

Courage the Cowardly Bus 11

He Went From Restaurant Manager to Bus Life

Murph and his dog spend their days moving around with the seasons seeking good weather (nothing too extreme) in Courage the Cowardly Bus, their short bus conversion. His bus home has a fixed bed, compact kitchenette, and even a bathroom Murph now thinks is bigger than necessary! You’ll love the photo tour and Murphy’s story, [...]