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Metalworker & Artist Transcending Existance in His Roof-Raised Skoolie. 4

Metalworker’s ‘Transcending Existence’ Raised Roof School Bus Home

Wess had the travel bug as a young adult but chose parenthood first. When his boys were getting older, he decided to think about tiny living/travel again and that’s when he stumbled across the school bus that he bought to turn into a house (before they were really Instagram-popular). As a metalworker, he had the [...]

Gorgeous French Cabin in the Wild

Gorgeous French Cabin in the Wild

This French Cabin was handbuilt by the host, Mattheiu, and he did a lovely job! The two-story structure features a living/kitchen/bathroom on the first floor, and a ladder takes you up to the loft bedroom with plenty of headroom. The exterior features stunning board and batten clapboarding, and there’s a shaded private terrace where you [...]

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Her Off-Grid Container Condo in Maine 6

Her Shipping Container Tiny House with a Gym

Emily was inspired by what she read in magazines about living off-grid on her own raw land and reducing her carbon footprint. She ended up buying a shipping container before she even purchased land in Maine to put it on. Thankfully it all worked out and she found her perfect spot. For the past decade, [...]

DIY Truck Bed Camper For Sale

DIY Truck Bed Camper For Sale: $8.7K

Over the years we’ve shown you plenty of examples of people who love living in their truck bed campers. Well, here’s your chance to jump in fairly inexpensively. For $8.7K, you can buy this fully-functional truck bed camper that even has a shower and toilet room all set up. It’s an 8×10 with a sleeper [...]

She Went From a Bus to a Van & Visited 48 States. 3

From 60-hour Workweeks to 48-state Van Life 

Gypsy was working 60 hours a week, talking about her dreams of escaping it all, when a coworker told her to just “shut up and do it.” She was shocked, but inspired, and within three weeks had purchased a bus she converted into her first tiny home. That said, the bus was cumbersome and she [...]

1990 Bluebird School Bus w Raised Roof FOR SALE. 2 10

1990 Bluebird School Bus w/ Raised Roof FOR SALE

If you’ve been following #skoolies for awhile, you’ll know that converting a school bus is a lot of work! What if you could get one that’s mostly complete? While this bus does need some updates (a few cracked windows and mechanical issues), the roof is raised and the interior looks stunning. You’ll find an L-shaped [...]

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Jonnie’s Journey Building Vans & Travel Nursing 3

Jonnie’s Journey Building Vans & Travel Nursing

Jonnie wanted to get into travel nursing, and van life seemed like a perfect option for that lifestyle. It turns out that once she started building vans, other people wanted her to build theirs! Now she primarily builds vans and then travel nurses between builds. Her van has a shower, toilet and beautiful walnut accents. [...]

Parents & Two Young Kids Skoolie w Epic Solar Array

Young family traveling in a school bus tiny house conversion

There’s no chance of this family being caught without power! Dad Derek got the wild idea to move his wife and two young kids into a school bus, and he pulled out all the stops with his brilliantly-designed solar system, fold-down bench seat for safe car seat travel, and large IKEA-mattress-sized bunks for his littles [...]

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His Son Had a Stroke & They Went Tiny Together

His Son Had a Stroke & They Went Tiny Together

Nelson’s son, Coley, suffered a stroke four years ago. It took three years of constant care for Coley to become medically stable, and in that time Nelson left his full-time job to be Coley’s full-time caretaker. The two started going up and down the coast for shorter trips that soon became longer ones. Eventually Nelson [...]

His Box Truck Condo with Full PC Gaming Set Up 10

His Box Truck Condo with Full PC Gaming Set-Up

Back in 2018, Jasper had two choices: Van Life or Homelessness. He managed to find a box truck and outfit it to make it a home, but as soon as he got back on his feet he returned to “sticks and bricks.” That’s when he found himself quite unhappy and decided to revamp his box [...]

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Tiny House Workshop in the Catskills May 13-15 5

Tiny House Workshop in the Catskills May 13-15

The Catskills Tiny House Workshop is a one-of-a-kind event where you not only learn everything you need to know about designing and overseeing the build of your little space, you get to *stay* in a tiny house and enjoy the inner workings of tiny house living for a weekend. The workshop costs $495 which includes [...]

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Savannah’s Babe Cave Compact Van Conversion 3

Stealthy ‘Babe Cave’ Van Conversion

Savannah had dreams on #vanlife but originally was worried about what others would think of her. Thankfully, she decided to outfit her own DIY van after realizing no one was living her life but her! The “Babe Cave” she built is gorgeous, with a full-sized bed, micro kitchen, and space for her cat and copilot, [...]

Heidi Lost Her Job & Chose Bus Life

Building an Epic $15,000 School Bus Tiny Home After Losing Her Job

Make lemonade out of lemons, right? Heidi saw her job lost in the midst of the pandemic as the perfect catalyst to bus life — she had been dreaming of traveling for years! With the help of her dad’s garage full of tools, she was able to transform her short bus for around $15K, including [...]

They’re Expecting A Baby & Building a Bus!

They Turned a Shuttle Bus into a Family Tiny Home

Matt and Nikki were supposed to get married in 2020, but when those plans got messed up, Nikki slowly started convincing Matt that a bus conversion would be a super fun lifestyle change. At the time they were childless, but the couple just moved into the bus and are expecting a baby any day now! [...]

International Traveler to Van Lifer in Stealthy Ford Transit

International Traveler to Van Lifer in Stealthy Ford Transit

Blaine loved his life of international travel, but the pandemic shut the world down back in 2020 and he was looking for something to satisfy his wanderlust. When he dove into #vanlife research, he found his niche! His Ford Transit conversion is simple and stealthy and allows him to go just about anywhere. At 6’3″, [...]


He built a Tiny House at age 24 and Updating it at 30

We all grow and change, and unsurprisingly, the first tiny house Richard ever built has needed some updates as the years rolled by. He lived in the THOW for about 18 months after building it, and then had it on Airbnb for about 4 years as he traveled cross-country in a micro tiny house! When [...]

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Chandelier and Velvet Couch in This Rapper & Undercover Treehugger’s Toy Hauler 3

Rapper’s Cargo Trailer Tiny House with Velvet Couch and Chandelier

You might remember Le’shaun’s hit rap single “Doin’ It” which she recorded with LL Cool J. Her first taste of tiny living was on the tour bus she lived on while traveling around the country. But eventually, she became the owner of a 2700 square foot house where she and her daughter lived during her [...]

Parents and FOUR Young Kids Full-Time RVing 2

Parents and Four Kids Life in an RV

This family had been living in Zanzabar before COVID-19 sent them back to the United States. The family quickly fell into “typical” middle-class American life but were unsatisfied. Eventually, they decided to take a family trip, but when they found their awesome Class A RV, they ended up renovating it and traveling full-time. Wait until [...]

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She Used a Boat to Raise Her Bus Roof! 4

She Used a Boat to Raise Her Bus Roof!

Sarah had been dreaming of a nomadic lifestyle since she was 14-years-old, but it took crashing her beloved JEEP to push her into making it a reality. With the insurance money from the accident, she was able to get a jumpstart on her school bus conversion. Originally she thought of dealing with the lower bus [...]

Tech Workers Empowering Van Life Conversion 2

Writer’s Empowering Van Life Conversion

For people who have grown up in a close family or always been in a monogamous relationship of some kind, jumping into solo #vanlife can feel terrifying and nearly impossible. That’s what Melody thought before she took the plunge. Now she feels empowered and happy living in her van with its super-deep sink, closet space, [...]

Liesl and Stu’s Artistic Bus Build with Trapdoor Shower and Cajon Toilet 3

Liesl and Stu’s Artistic Bus Build with Trapdoor Shower & Cajon Toilet

DIY bus conversions certainly aren’t new, but this might win the award for the most gorgeous handcrafted bus we’ve featured here! It’s not just the spacious open concept, the nifty pulley bed, or the epic imported wood stove — it’s the minute details like their tile choice and inlaid cabinet doors and stunning floors. The [...]

Couple’s Backyard Shed to THOW and Tiny House Community Dreams 4

Couple’s Backyard Shed to Cottage Conversion and Tiny House Community Dreams in Kentucky

Linda and her husband wanted a place to stay separate from their kids when they visited family in Kentucky, so they jumped at a good deal on a shed shell and then spent one very-rainy summer living in the shed and converting it. Now Linda has inherited some land and is interested in renting some [...]

Daniel’s 2005 Econoline Bus Conversion

His Bus Build Tiny Home with a Murphy Bed 

Daniel was looking for a vehicle to take with him on outdoor travels during the weekends — something he could toss muddy gear into and not care. A late-night eBay bid made him the owner of this 2005 Econoline bus — and after a cross-country trip to retrieve it, he suddenly found himself caring a [...]

Cancer and Lyme’s Disease Survivor Builds Silver Bullet THOW

Built her Tiny House Against all odds

Vera had gone through a lot before she sold her home and started building her tiny house — 3 bouts of cancer and two battles with Lyme’s Disease. Resilient as ever, she spent two years sourcing and building a sustainable tiny house and has lived in it for nearly a decade now. Vera took the [...]

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