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Traveling in their Vintage Bus Conversion

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Becca and Danny are a fantastic couple who labored for 17 months while working full-time to convert a school bus into a motored tiny home on wheels. They wanted the chance to travel; a full-size bus conversion was the perfect way to make that happen.

Below, you’ll get a tour of their bus from the beginning through construction to the final product. They share their story of why they went tiny, what they love the most about this lifestyle, and their favorite features of their rig. Check it out below!

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Vintage-Style School Bus Conversion

The main reason we got into tiny living is to travel. We wanted to have the location freedom to see the beauty North America has to offer.

Buying a bus and building out a home on wheels was the option we went with to be able to travel and pursue our dreams.

We bought the bus when it was a normal school bus. From there, we gutted it and did the renovation ourselves.

With both of us working full-time jobs, the bus renovation took 17 months.

There were a lot of long days working our jobs, then going to the bus to push forward on the renovation of our new home.

We would say the most unique feature of our home is our bathroom.

We decided to make the bathroom quite large for a tiny home.

We both can be in it at the same time, which is great. We made this bathroom to serve as a wet room as well.

The second most unique thing is the style of the bus. We went with a vintage look.

Even the fridge and stove is a matching classic set!

We both are lucky enough to have remote jobs.

Becca is a part-time remote triage nurse and also works for a global health company distributing medical grade water ionizers.

I (Danny) work remotely as a recruiter and train new managers for my company, Home City Ice.

Down the road we want to start investing in property. We are constantly looking to generate income through different paths.

Tiny home living has changed our lives in many ways. We are now able to travel and see the places we wouldn’t have otherwise.

We had to get rid of many things to move into the bus. Being more minimalistic has provided a sense of freedom for us.

This new life has provided a lot of new excitement and experiences to our lives.

The hardest adjustment for us with our tiny home on wheels is not having an unlimited supply of water. We have to move the bus once a week to fill water.

We are still new to this lifestyle, so we are positive over time we will be able to conserve water a lot better in the future.

Another hard adjustment has been not being able to have our own space when in need.

Living in a 250 sq ft tiny home does not give us room to have alone time with ourselves.

Everyone needs a little alone time once in a while, which is difficult when living this lifestyle.

VIDEO: Cost Breakdown


  • Becca and Danny chose bus life to allow them to travel!
  • They love having their home with them wherever they go.
  • Remote jobs make it possible for them to live nomadically.
  • They have a matching vintage stove and refrigerator set, which makes the space cozy.
  • Their bathroom is a wet bath, large enough for both of them to be in it simultaneously.

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This post contains affiliate links.

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