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Couple Tiny House Living

From C-Suite to Seaside Tiny Cottage Renovation 2

They Downsized from 2800sf to a 448sf Cottage

Like so many people, the events of 2020 forced Stacey and her husband to reevaluate their priorities. The frenzied life of a c-suite executive in healthcare lead the couple to seek out a second home on the beach, where they could escape city life and get some fresh air. But in the summer of 2022 [...]


How a Trip to Iceland Inspired Their Skoolie Life

This couple ran into a coffee shop in skoolie while traveling in Iceland, and that sparked something inside of them. Before they knew it, they converted their own short bus, so they could hit the road. Their bold blue bus has a cozy interior, with dark wood and paint, that makes it feel like a [...]

Howling Wanderers Bus Life w Four Dogs! 11

Howling Wanderers: Bus Life w/ Four Dogs!

Jessie and Ashley — the “howling wanderers” — had always wanted to travel, but when they saw friends decide to go tiny, they knew they were ready to make the change for themselves. But it wasn’t immediate! A project they thought would only take a year ended up taking nearly two years as they worked [...]

Their Amazing Budget Shuttle Bus Conversion. 2

Their Amazing Budget Shuttle Bus Conversion

Sahil & Maggie are loving the financial freedom that comes with their skoolie lifestyle. For just $17,000 (including the cost of their bus!), the couple has a comfortable tiny home that meets all their needs — including a king-size bed! They lovingly named the bus “Appa” after the flying bison from “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” [...]

Two People, Two Dogs & Two Cats in One Tiny Cottage 4

Life in their 372-sq.-ft. Tiny Cottage in the Woods

When rent was about to hike up again, Eric and Gladys wanted to look for a less expensive and more sustainable long-term option. By chance, they landed on the perfect little cottage for sale on Facebook Marketplace that they could put on a wooded patch of land owned by Gladys’ parents. The 372 sq. ft. [...]

Airbnb Entrepreneurs Embrace Truck Life!

Couple’s Adventurous Life in a Truck Camper

Eric and Marissa always wanted to travel, but their non-remote jobs were holding them back. Once the couple figured out ways to manage a couple of Airbnbs and a rental van, they found the freedom to enjoy life on the road! Their camper sits on top of a flatbed truck and has all kinds of [...]

Four Window Short Bus Becomes Beautiful Home 2

Four-Window Short Bus Becomes Beautiful Home

Audrey was a nurse and Brad had come to the States from Australia for school. When they met, pursuing their dream of traveling the country in a converted shortbus. They just recently found a place they want to settle down, so the bus is for sale. It has a beautiful long countertop with a big [...]