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Couple Tiny House Living

heir DIY Van Build. 2

Professional Baker & Makeup Artist in their DIY Van Build

Brad and Shyla wanted to switch things up in life, so they went down the van life rabbit-hole on YouTube, purchased a van, and then moved in — when all they had in it was a platform and their Tempurpedic mattress! Neither had any construction experience, but the finished product is gorgeous. They included an [...]

Party Bus Turned Tiny Home!

Party Bus Turned Tiny Home!

Hugo and Kaori started dating and later discovered that both of them wanted to travel the United States — he wanted a van, and she wanted an RV. They compromised and bought a short bus that had been used as a party bus for a few years, complete with a ball pit and neon lights. [...]

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Tonya & Dustin’s Fitness Bus Shower Toilet Big Kitchen 2

Tonya & Dustin’s Fitness Bus w/ Shower, Toilet & Big Kitchen

Tonya & Dustin love fitness and nutrition — they love it so much, they lead an online fitness community and are taking their short skoolie on tour around the country sharing about their health and wellness journey. Since cooking is a huge part of nutrition, the couple made sure to have lots of prep/counter space [...]

1990 Toyota Land Cruiser 2

Headed to Alaska in Their 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser

Tim and Kelsey first spent two years living out of their truck in South America, but before heading north for Alaska, they upgraded to this 1990 Toyota Land Cruiser — a 4×4 wonder ready to take them just about anywhere! They had the German company, Maltec, convert their interior into a perfect set-up that gives [...]

Step Up Truck Reno w Tub & Toilet 2

Step Up Truck Reno w/ Tub & Toilet

Candice and Simon had tried out vanlife in Australia pre-pandemic, but when COVID sent them back to their home countries (Canada and the UK, respectively), Candice started looking for a bigger vehicle that could serve as a future home for the couple. A family friend sold Candice the step up truck which she spent 8 [...]

They Remodeled the Interior of Their Sprinter for $8K! 2

They Remodeled the Interior of Their Sprinter for $8K!

Becky and Austin had started saving to build a tiny house after Austin’s motorcycle accident changed their perspective on life. But, as life should have it, the pandemic derailed their going-tiny plans. But instead of giving up, they shifted goals and chose to go build out a van and travel domestically! They purchased their Sprinter [...]

They Downsized from a Bus to a Van!

They Downsized from a Bus to a Van!

Meet Nat & Don, a couple who wanted to go tiny — and then chose to go even tinier! They started out with a bus conversion, but after some time realized it was too big, and made it tricky to find spots to boondock. With their sleek matte-black Mercedes Sprinter, they can go pretty much [...]

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