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Game Changer in Electric Camper Vans: The ePro by Maxwell Vehicles

Here at our Tiny House Talk, we love celebrating innovative designs that blend comfort, functionality, and eco-friendliness. Today we’re talking about something truly exciting – a vehicle that might revolutionize the way we approach camping, road trips, and van life.

Introducing the Maxwell Vehicles ePro Vanacea Electric Camper Vans, a fusion of modern technology and classic adventuring spirit, all powered by reclaimed Tesla parts (battery and motor) and a Ram ProMaster chassis. Maxwell’s Vanacea is a 100% electric camper van that combines driving and camping into a single electric ecosystem, simplifying your journey and leaving a lighter footprint on our planet. So, buckle up as we take you on a tour of this incredible vehicle and its awe-inspiring features.

Maxwell’s ePro Vanacea: Combining Camping and Driving in One Electric Ecosystem

the eNook electric camper van collaboration with Maxwell Vehicles ePro chassis

Image via Nook Vans

Maxwell Vehicles and Nook Vans: A Collaboration for Sustainable Living on the Go

Creating a top-of-the-line electric camper van isn’t a solitary endeavor. Maxwell Vehicles has teamed up with Nook Vans, renowned for their quality van conversions, to offer fully outfitted camper builds on the Vanacea platform. This strategic collaboration elevates the entire electric camper van experience with a solar power roof and large batteries.

Nook Vans’ builds are tailored explicitly for the all-electric Vanacea platform. By eliminating the need for a separate house battery or generator, Nook Vans can focus on designing layouts that optimize the space and comfort afforded by the Vanacea. These bespoke designs cater to modern van-lifers, who desire a balance of functional living space and the environmentally conscious performance of the electric Vanacea.

Together, Maxwell Vehicles and Nook Vans streamline the complete build process. This collaboration simplifies the path to owning an all-electric camper van, combining the cutting-edge technology of Maxwell’s electric vehicles with Nook Vans’ expertise in creating comfortable, functional living spaces within the camper van’s confines. It’s a perfect pairing for those seeking a sustainable and comfortable van life experience.

High-Voltage Adventures with Maxwell’s Vanacea Electric Camper Vans

Maxwell Vehicles have truly outdone themselves with the creation of Vanacea, their 100% electric camper van. With a high-voltage battery at its heart, the Vanacea promises to “recharge your adventure” through a combination of EV chargers, the power of the sun via a solar rooftop, and traditional RV hookups. Centralizing power control and minimizing unnecessary systems, Vanacea offers adventurers more space and less to worry about, truly embodying the motto of simplicity and efficiency.

Maximizing Space with Clever Design

One of the main benefits of the Vanacea is its innovative space-maximizing design. The complete solar roof and battery placement under the floor, along with the front-wheel drive system, keep power systems out of the cabin. This intelligent placement leaves more interior space for you and your travel necessities. What’s more, an integrated heating and air-conditioning system eliminates the need for space-consuming rooftop A/C units and secondary heaters, making the Vanacea a spacious, comfortable home away from home.


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Empowered by Green Energy

At the heart of Vanacea’s green energy system is the impressive solar roof. This provides up to 1,400 Watts of charging any time the vehicle is in the sun. This means whether you’re on the move, parked, or camping, the Vanacea is always harvesting energy. The robust 7,800 Watt AC inverter and up to 100 amps of 12V DC house power ensure that you can run everything you need, all at once. With this level of house power, the Vanacea even boasts that it can power your house!

Sustainable Comforts: Hot Water and Climate Control

Comfort isn’t sacrificed in the Vanacea. The van offers instant hot water with a 5.5kW heating element that takes up 90% less space than traditional RV water heaters. Alongside this, an integrated heating and air-conditioning system ensures a comfortable temperature inside the vehicle, all while maintaining silence so as not to disturb the tranquility of nature.

Getting Your Own Vanacea

Maxwell offers three ways to get your hands on a Vanacea. You can buy a Vanacea chassis and build it out independently, purchase a fully built-out camper by Nook on the Vanacea chassis, or convert your fully built-out gas ProMaster with the Vanacea package. They have also partnered with Nook Vans to offer quality complete van builds on the Vanacea platform, streamlining the process for potential buyers.

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Join the ePro Camper Van Movement: An Invitation to Builders

The momentum for electric, eco-conscious van living is on the rise, and Maxwell Vehicles is extending an invitation to experienced builders to join in on the Vanacea movement. This is a call to be part of a network of official Vanacea upfitters, creating custom solutions for van lifers seeking sustainability and convenience. With Maxwell Vehicles ready to deliver build-ready vans equipped with custom electrical integration, builders are provided with a platform to express their design prowess. By aligning with the Vanacea platform, builders have an opportunity to contribute to the growing electric van life community, crafting unique spaces that reflect the balance of innovative technology and comfortable, sustainable living. Learn more and get in touch via Maxwell Vehicles’ contact page if you are an experienced builder looking to partner with them to build EV camper vans!

Video: The Maxwell ePro Electric Camper Van


  • Maxwell’s Vanacea is a 100% electric camper van, merging camping and driving into one electric ecosystem.
  • The vehicle’s design maximizes interior space with a complete solar roof and under-floor battery placement.
  • The Vanacea solar roof provides up to 1,400 Watts of charging anytime the vehicle is in the sun.
  • With a 7,800 Watt AC inverter and up to 100 amps of 12V DC house power, the van provides significant power for all needs.
  • An integrated heating and air-conditioning system ensures comfortable temperatures while maintaining quiet operation.
  • Buyers have three options to acquire a Vanacea: buy the chassis, buy a fully built-out camper, or convert an existing gas ProMaster.

Nook Vans Video

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  • jerry dycus
    May 28, 2023, 4:10 pm

    This is great!!! We have huge numbers of totaled Tesla battery packs, drives that need to be used as only 10-20% of their lives used up. Since so many, they are going cheap.
    Because of 140mph plus gearing, it should have extra motor cooling.
    On the interior, wasting that much space on a bathroom doesn’t make any sense. The toilet needs to be in the shower and the rest of the space has many far better uses.
    I do like the front seats spinning around as again wasting too much space not to. And one really needs comfortable seating.

    • Michael
      May 29, 2023, 7:32 am

      Indeed, it’s great but it is proven that Lithium batteries take fire easy and it’s hard to fight against it.
      I disagree with Jerry when it comes to bathroom size. Most van bathrooms are very tiny and not everybody is thin. The Nook one is the first spacious one I have seen on vans of this size. Placing it in the back where doors are allows to use it as a mudroom when returning from a sandy beach, muddy hike or totally wet after a heavy downpour. Beside that it can be used to store your hear when under way. I agree when it comes to sitting. I would prefer at least as an option to have a dinette arrangement which allows facing each other when eating, talking or whatever. But I believe it can be done without giving up the queen bed function. However, for my 6’4″ it’s to short to sleep comfortable as standing headroom of the Mercedes is. As to my knowledge the Ford offers more standing headroom.
      But overall it’s well thought and designed.

      • James D.
        May 29, 2023, 9:37 am

        “Indeed, it’s great but it is proven that Lithium batteries take fire easy and it’s hard to fight against it.”

        Types like Lithium Ion, definitely, but LiFePO4 is very stable and safe. Most solar power generators, power walls, etc. will now be using the LiFePO4 variety. So you mainly only have to worry about extreme cold but proper BMS will have cold charge cut off to prevent issues and the ability to heat the battery in cold temperatures. While people are using them in hot climates like Nevada without issue…

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