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Couple’s 2003 International with a Roof Raise

Couple’s 2003 International with a Roof Raise

“We’re living small. But we’re living big!” That’s what Phyllis says about her life with her husband Steve in their 2003 International Bus. Less square footage — and wheels — have allowed the almost-retired couple to travel the country and meet all kinds of people. They prioritized an open concept inside their bus, eventually even [...]

Family’s Van Conversion with Basketball Hoop! 2

Family’s Van Conversion with Basketball Hoop!

This adorable family started their nomadic lifestyle in a bus — but it was too big for them! Originally, the couple was looking for freedom, tired of working tirelessly to afford rent in LA. Then they traded the bus for a minivan and absolutely loved traveling and the lower cost of living. With their daughter [...]

His Wheelchair-Accessible Cargo Trailer Conversion with Elevator Bed 3

His Stealth, Wheelchair-access Cargo Camper with a Lift Bed

Robert was living in Oregon, hunting, fishing, hiking, and chasing his dreams of working at a local restaurant he admired. He had finally made it — he got the job! — when a drunk driver pinned Robert between the vehicle and a tree and Robert lost his leg. For a long time, Robert felt aimless, [...]

Seth’s Pine Cabin Van Conversion 3

Seth’s Pine Cabin Van Conversion

Seth was tired of paying crazy money in California to have crazy roommates. So he decided to save up some money and then jump into #vanlife instead! His pine-clad Sprinter interior features a micro kitchen with a removable stove top, and a bench seating set up that converts to a bed when he wants it. [...]

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They Got Married in College & Moved Into Their Converted Bus! 5

They Got Married and Built a $35k School Bus Tiny House

Ben and Tate are the proud owners of this amazing school bus conversion which they call “Ola.” The couple actually purchased the bus in high school and worked on converting it so they would have a home of their own when they got married in July of 2021. Now they are expecting a little boy [...]

Sam’s Weekend Escape From Corporate Life Van Conversion 2

Sam’s “Weekend Escape From Corporate Life” Van Conversion

Sam’s job requires her to be present while she’s on duty, so full-time van-life was out of the question for her. But, she hated the thought of not traveling and taking advantage of her younger years, so she had a weekender van converted out by a builder! What’s super cool is she’s able to rent [...]

Team USA Paralympian Kayaker 2

Paralympian Kayaker’s DIY Truck Camper

Channing is such an inspiration! Not only is she an elite athlete as Team USA Paralympian Kayaker, she doesn’t let anything stand in her way. She was tired of plane trips and missing out on the places she traveled with her team, so she decided to build out her own wheelchair-friendly truck camper, so she [...]

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