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Their $45K Roof-Lifted Skoolie Pulls a Truck 2

Their $45K Roof-Lifted Skoolie Pulls a Truck

Chris and Brandy were tired of their standard working life and decided to make the change to traveling full-time in their DIY school bus conversion. Brandy says she used to suffer from constant anxiety, but their life on the road has dramatically reduced her anxiety! They chose a spa-like grey and light blue interior and [...]

Their Custom Mountain Tiny Home 2 Beds 2 Baths 14

Two Bed Two Bath 10×40 Tiny House

Incredible Tiny Homes has several communities offering different levels of privacy, lot sizes, and rent prices. The Mountain has some truly spectacular lots that are private and spacious. Bill and Carmen snagged one of the lots before the electricity and plumbing made it up there, so they live entirely off-grid right now. Bill has done [...]

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Hyper Minimalist THOW in Rural Queensland 7

Her Minimalist Tiny Home in Rural Queensland

Nixie’s off-grid tiny house sits in a magical woodland setting overlooking a pond filled with lily pads and little creatures. Incredibly, her “remote” parking spot in rural Queensland is only 15 minutes from town, allowing her all the joys of nature while still having access to the conveniences of 2024. After a stint of skoolie [...]

From a Van to a Box Truck

From a DIY Van to a Box Truck Conversion!

Eric and Ashley have been living nomadically for four years. The first three years they spent in a low-top van conversion, before spending 6 months converting a box truck into their home on wheels. The truck gave them space to stand, and they were happy to build out a vehicle with square walls! They both [...]

He Built The World’s Smallest Functional Home!

He Built a 22 sq. Ft. Micro Home for $1,470

David Rule built the world’s smallest (functional) home for $1,470 — and you need to see it! Another YouTuber had previously built a 25-square-foot tiny house complete with a sink and kitchen space, but David wanted to go smaller — and he did it. He built an adorable tiny home that’s just 22 square feet [...]

Warm & Cozy Ski Wagon 2019 Ram Promaster 136″

Warm & Cozy Ski Wagon: 2019 Ram Promaster 136″

You’d never know by the stealthy exterior that this 2019 Ram Promaster is an incredible cabin on wheels! When the doors open, you step inside a cozy space decked with wood finishes and a wood burning stove for maximum comfort. Originally built by the owners as a “ski wagon,” this van has been a resting [...]

Their $10K DIY Budget Van Conversion

Their $10K DIY Budget Van Conversion

While it’s fun to see brand-new vans luxuriously outfitted with all the latest technology, that kind of rig is a pipe dream for most of us. But this $10,000 DIY conversion of a 1991 Ford Econoline is far more attainable — and inspiring! The team at Tiny Home Tours purchased this van for $5,000 and [...]