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Van Conversions

00010 Brown Bird and Company Campervan Conversions Nevis 4

Brown Bird and Company Campervan Conversion: The Nevis

We’ve seen tons of van conversions, but the Nevis van conversion from Brown Bird and Company has some truly one-of-a-kind features. The L-shaped couch really stands out, and there’s a wet bath partitioning off the double bed in the back of the conversion. Unlike most conversions, the kitchen is in the front of the van [...]

Buddhism and meditation in her van

Buddhism and Meditation in Her Van

Stacey wanted to live nomadically even before it was popular, but hesitated until two years ago, when she finally found a van and chased her dream! She practices Buddhism and meditation and made sure her van fit her lifestyle. Most of her indoor time she spends at her bench and slide-out table. As a vegan, [...]

1979 VW Riviera Bus Camper Van for 35k 002

1979 VW Riviera Bus Camper

This is a 1979 VW Riviera Bus camper van known as the Struggle Bus on Instagram that’s up for grabs. It’s a pop-top Volkswagen camper van that looks to be in great condition available for $35k out of Tacoma, Washington. Learn more below! Don’t miss other van conversions like this, join our Free Tiny House [...]

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Ram ProMaster Camper Van For Bicycle Enthusiasts 002

This 2019 Ram ProMaster 2500 Van Conversion is Perfect for Cyclists!

This 2019 Ram ProMaster 2500 van conversion comes equipped with a bicycle storage tray with enough space for two bikes in the rear storage area under the bed. The camper van is called Vaniel Larusso and it was built by Wanderful Wheels out of Durango, Colorado, according to the seller on the Van Life Trader [...]

Rock Collector Has Spent 4 Years in Her Awesome Van 2

Rock Collector Has Spent 4 Years in Her Awesome Van

Victory has been living nomadically for nearly a decade. It all started after she turned 18 and went to four different overseas universities, moving from apartment to apartment and seeing the Continent. She had moved nearly 20 times before she settled into her van. At first, Victory planned to travel the U.S. by hitchhiking across [...]

Exploring Australia in Her Volkswagen High Top Transporter 11

Exploring Australia in Her Volkswagen High Top Transporter

Maddi’s former job had her traveling all over the world, but she hadn’t seen much of her home country of Australia. It was time to change that, so Maddi turned to van life. She’s been on the road enjoying all kinds of adventure activities — from spearing fish to scuba diving — ever since. Her [...]

vansteaders_faces-2 (1)

The Vansteaders Left NYC To Travel the Country

For Alissa and Cody, what began as a simple lockdown project soon transformed into an entire lifestyle overhaul. They quit their jobs, built out this $60k rig and moved in ready to travel the country. They have a hammock, hidden toilet, full-sized bed and tons of storage. They also discuss a hidden laundry chute and [...]