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Van Conversions

Wallpapered Ford Transit 3

Couple’s Wallpapered Ford Transit Van Conversion

The road to van life hasn’t been easy for this couple. It all started when Daphne outfitted a van for herself and left Matt in New York, so she could go travel. After he spent some time visiting her in the van, he wanted to join her full-time. But, Daphne’s van was totaled in a [...]

Our Van Susan 3

Our Van Susan: Family of 4’s Van Conversion

This wonderful family was frustrated by the rising costs of rentals in the UK, and it led them to explore other living opportunities. That’s when they found van life on YouTube and Instagram and started thinking maybe they could live tiny as well! So they found a van, moved in with family and started their [...]

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Dancing Around Eachother in Van Conversion

They went from a 2000-sq.-ft. home to a van after 18 years of marriage

Alexia and Lorenzo have been married for 18 years and decided to switch things up and downsize from a 2,000-square-foot home into a van. At first, they had an old-fashioned Westy, but it broke down just over the U.S. border. Their Sprinter has been far better for their off-roading adventures. While this tour is of [...]

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Solar Ford Transit 350 Van Conversion (For Sale)

Colby and Eric are two engineers who used their skills to create a lightweight Ford Transit conversion that’s ready to take you anywhere. It includes a convertible queen bed and a u-shaped couch configuration, tons of upper storage, and a great kitchen including a slide-away induction cooktop. They are now in the middle of a [...]

This Desk Lifts Through the Roof! Box Truck Conversion

He Converted This Box Truck into a Zen Office

Quin lives in his converted ProMaster so that he can get closer to his photography opportunities, but he’s actually on his 7th van conversion now! This box truck conversion was his latest conversion, made for a friend with some pretty lofty ideas. He wanted to levitate through the roof — and with some creative electronics [...]

Tree-Branch-Filled Van Conversion 7

Tree-Branch-Filled Van Conversion

Here’s the last conversion by Recycle Inn that we have to show you (for now!). This one shares a similar layout to the mosaic van, featuring a kitchen against the cab and a fixed sleeping area in the back of the van. There’s a fun tree-branch sculpture in the middle of the layout, acting somewhat [...]

Amazing Rear Kitchen in Recycled Van Conversion 3

Amazing Rear Kitchen in Recycled Van Conversion

I really love how this professional van conversion by Recycle Inn does away with the “traditional” layouts for van builds and really mixes things up! The main portion of the van has a modular couch that becomes the bed and hugs a table for food/work needs. But the real showstopper is the kitchen in the [...]

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