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Van Conversions

They Bought A House & Then Chose a Van Instead. 2

They Went From Homeowners to Van Life

Josh and Bryn purchased a row home in Baltimore and immediately regretted it — it didn’t fit their goals, and they were sad that they hadn’t traveled around the United States yet. So they started new careers that would allow them to work remotely and bought and converted a van. Their rig has a unique [...]

Couple & Kitty In This 1999 Dodge Roadtrek Camper Van 3

Couple & Cat In This 1999 Dodge Roadtrek Camper Van

Jesse and Janice were saving up to buy a house when they made a major pivot in their lives and decided to jump into vanlife instead! They found a van already DIY-converted by a family that had used it as a weekender vehicle, and they’ve slowly made it theirs. While the bed could convert to [...]

Dishwasher, Shower, Hidden Toilet & Putting Green in One Van Conversion 3

“Sanctuary on Wheels” w/ Dishwasher, Shower & Hidden Toilet

Sofia and Dennis got started in vanlife by just converting their own to live in. But once people saw it on YouTube, the couple got requests to start converting vans. Now they own multiple shops on the West Coast where they and their teams build out vans! They are living full-time right now in their [...]

Brother-in-Laws’ VanBuild Business The Sandy. 17

Brothers-in-Law’s VanBuild Business & The Sandy Van

Get excited today for the story of how these brothers-in-law started a van conversion business in the United Kingdom,  and a photo tour of their latest bespoke creation designed for a tall dog-owner. Jorvik Van Conversions was born in the midst of lockdown, and they’ve been converting vans ever since. The Sandy is their signature [...]

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No Longer Chasing Money Lady Red 2

Breaking Free from Society’s Expectations: One Man’s Van Conversion Journey

This man had been chasing a bigger paycheck his whole life, just like he had been told to, but eventually, he decided that wasn’t what was making him happy so he chose to convert a van instead! Now he lives full-time, traveling around Germany’s Black Forest and enjoying nature and simple living. Take a look [...]

Flight Attendants Beautiul West-Coast-Based Van Life 8

Flight Attendant Chooses Van Life

Amanda is a flight attendant who heard about van life years ago, but when she was looking for an apartment in the chaos of 2020, she decided she’d rather put the money into a van and enjoy the changing scenery. She bought her rig second-hand and hasn’t looked back! She uses her van to commute [...]

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The Astro van w wet bath

This Van Conversion has a Wet Bath & Convertible Bed

Miranda and Kyle had done the “mattress-in-the-back-of-the-car” camping for shorter trips plenty of times, but when they couldn’t travel in 2020, it made them pause and consider what they really wanted out of life. Eventually they decided to purchase a van and have it professionally converted, so they could hit the road sooner rather than [...]