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Family of 4s Incredible South African Van Life 2

Family of 4s Incredible South African Van Life

Matt, Amy, and their two young children live full-time in their van conversion, which they DIYed in South Africa where they live. The van has an innovative bed set-up in the back, which allows all four of them to get some shut-eye! The kitchen takes up a large portion of the van so that they [...]

His DIY Bamboo Van Conversion

His DIY Bamboo Van Conversion

In 2020, Anton found himself building out a van conversion, largely because some of his best friends were jumping into vanlife, and “you are who your friends are.” Three years ago he couldn’t even hang a picture, but you’d never know based on the incredible rig you’ll see below. He chose bamboo for the interior, [...]

Davey Jackson

Davey Jackson by Off Highway Van: Rugged Luxury Van Life

While we love showing off budget builds and how creative people can be with just a little bit of money and a lot of heart, sometimes it’s fun to see what tiny can look like when you aren’t worried about the bank account. This luxury rig from Off Highway Van is their newest design called [...]

Joey’s Amazing DIY Four Season Van Build

Joey’s Four Season DIY Van Build: From FBI to Van Life

Joey’s story isn’t one you’d expect — he nailed the “dream job” of working in mechanical and biomedical engineering for the FBI in Washington, D.C. — and then realized it wasn’t for him! He got a different job working as a software engineer that ended up going remote in 2020 — and before he knew [...]

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Pineapple Princess Retired Couples 6

Pineapple Princess: Retired Couple’s Ford Transit Van

JK and Kim live part-time in a Ford Transit van which they purchased second-hand and are actually the third owners of. Despite the van being built out when they first got it, they’ve gone through about 4 layout iterations to get it to the point it is today — and that’s come at the pricetag [...]

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Her Gorgeous DIY Van Has a Shower & Convertible Bed

Her Gorgeous DIY Van Has a Shower & Convertible Bed

Alexi works as a travel nurse, and a van allows her to have a home away from home while she goes from spot to spot. She initially thought she’d get a cheap old van and throw a mattress in it, but her dad encouraged her to “do it right” and that she did! Her van [...]

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They Built The Most Futuristic Van Conversion For $25K

Hey there tiny house enthusiasts! Today, we’re diving into the future with a sneak peek inside the most futuristic campervan you’ve ever laid eyes on, courtesy of the creative minds behind Ladi & Margaret’s YouTube channel. First off, let’s talk about this DIY masterpiece. Can you believe this camper started its life as a humble [...]

Loving Vanlife Despite Terminal Illness 2

Embracing Van Life Despite Medical Condition

Now, this is an inspirational van life story! Caleigh was born with cystic fibrosis, a medical condition that attacks the lungs. She spent the majority of her childhood and adult life seriously ill, and in and out of the hospital. After not one, but two double lung transplants, she was finally well enough to enjoy [...]

Byron Bay Mercedes Sprinter 2017 MWB 13

MWB 2017 Mercedes Sprinter by Byron Bay Van Fitouts in Australia

While plenty of people build their campervans, not everyone has that initial build turn into an incredible business that has now converted 40 different mobile spaces into homes on wheels! But that’s the story of Gina and Matty, who own and operate Byron Bay Van Fitouts in Australia. We got the chance to interview them [...]

Cedar Cabin Sprinter Van Conversion 001

2023 Cedar Cabin Sprinter Van Conversion

Hey there, fellow tiny house and van life enthusiasts! Today, I stumbled upon a listing that made me do a bit of a double-take, and I just had to share it with you. Imagine hitting the open road, with all the comforts of home packed into a sleek, modern van. Sounds like a dream, right? [...]

fat pony stay-001

The Fat Pony Hideaway: an Off-Grid Cabin on Wheels

This off-grid cabin on wheels, The Fat Pony Hideaway is a 1983 Mercedes 608D box truck cabin located in Devon, UK. With the capacity to sleep up to four people, the box truck tiny home accommodates 2 adults and 2 children over the age of 8, ensuring that the entire family can revel in the [...]

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Live More Campervans: Custom Van Builder near Atlanta Georgia

Introducing Live More Campervans: Your Gateway to Adventure-Ready Vans. Are you ready to embark on a journey where freedom meets mobility? Look no further than Live More Campervans, a premier custom van builder based just outside of Atlanta, Georgia. Live More Campervans specializes in turning your travel dreams into reality, offering a range of layouts [...]

Interior Designer Shares Her Cozy RV Tiny Home 1

Interior Designer’s $20K Vintage RV Conversion

Sarah’s first taste of nomadic life came when she took a lengthy road trip, moving from New York to California. She had a tiny house life ruminating in her brain for years, and when she was laid off in 2020, she decided to take the plunge and use all her savings to buy a vintage [...]

Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro

Photographer’s $40k Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro

Riley started his nomadic life living out of his CRV, but after discovering how much he enjoyed nomadic life, he decided to purchase a Volkswagen Vanagon Syncro. He lived in it for some time without any upgrades, but when he got some garage space for three months, he was able to do his full build-out. [...]

Finding Freedom in her van conversion (1)

Freedom on the Road in Her Van Conversion

Abby’s love for an adventurous lifestyle led her to convert her own van! She fit a bike, paddleboard, camping gear, and tools under her bed, so she can enjoy the outdoors. Her conversion was a DIY build, that cost her $37,000. She used plenty of reclaimed materials to keep costs down, but the van’s aesthetic [...]

peace love and vans-001

Peace Love and Vans – Epic Florida Camper Van Gathering

Are you a dedicated van lifer or just curious about the van life movement? Get ready for an unforgettable experience at Peace Love & Vans Florida, taking place from February 16 to 19, 2024, at the picturesque Withlacoochee River Park in Florida. Presented by Vanlife Outfitters, this event promises to be one of the largest [...]

Former Travel Nurses’ Awesome Van Home 5

From Nurse to Yoga Teacher Van Life

Mary grew up camping and enjoying the outdoors, so after graduation, she was excited to move to Arizona, get a job in nursing, and spend her free time exploring. Eventually, travel nursing was calling her, and she decided to live out of her car between assignments. But she hit a crossroads with her nomadic life [...]

Annie By Safe + Sonder Vans 3

Annie’s Van Life with an Innovative Kitchen

Annie is an incredible, custom-built van conversion by Safe + Sonder Vans. It has a layout I’ve never seen in a van conversion, with an L-shaped kitchen that divides the bedroom from the rest of the home. This layout allows for oodles of counter space and a bench seat that can double as a chaise [...]

Over 50, Living in Her Honda Element!

Over 50, Van Life in Her Honda Element!

Mindy is one incredible woman! She purchased her 2003 Honda Element in 2008 to use for her catering business, and in 2022 she decided to convert it into a camper for travel. When her home sold in just 24 hours, she decided to just live full-time in her rig until she found the perfect piece [...]

RV Share Try Out Vanlife

RV Share: Try Out Vanlife in This Luxury Rig!

Michael got into vanlife before vanlife was cool! But his first conversion garnered so much popularity, he ended up with a van-building business that has set him up for success. He then built this amazing $250K van conversion that has all the bells and whistles and luxury finishes you could imagine in a van. This [...]

VanFest USA 005

VanFest 2024 in Viera, Florida

Are you ready to trade in your winter coat for some Florida sunshine? Get ready for VanFest 2024, the ultimate vanlife event happening on January 26th to 28th at Space Coast Daily Park in Viera, FL! I’m thrilled to share all the exciting details about this must-attend event for van life enthusiasts. Whether you’re a [...]

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Travel Journalist Built Her Van in 15 Days! 2

Travel Journalist Built Her Van in 15 Days!

Jennie is a remarkable woman who has lived a full life traveling the globe as a journalist. She had to pivot when the world shut down in 2020, and ended up living out of her car while planning her van conversion. Once she got her hands on the van, it only took her 15 days [...]

Couple’s Campervan Conversion w: Roof Raise 2

Couple’s Campervan Conversion w/ Roof Raise

Alex and Meg are “slow roamin'” the Americas in their recently redone 2006 Chevy Express 2500. They added a roof raise and tons of awesome exterior gear to ensure they can get to and stay just about anywhere on their journey! Their van, named “Betty” has gotten a total overhaul, including a much larger kitchen [...]

4×4 Dually Van Conversion w: Pop-Up Tent

4×4 Dually Van Conversion w/ Pop-Up Tent

Dan was ready to take his love for outdoor adventure to the next level and decided on this awesome custom-built adventure rig! He has tons of lights, a 4×4 dually set up, and solar panels on his rooftop deck that he can point toward the sunshine. The interior of the rig is just as sleek [...]