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Couple with Twins in Alaskan Tiny Home 3

Young Family’s $20k Tiny Home in Alaska with Twins

This great couple started building their tiny house on land in Alaska. It’s hooked up to electrical and gas from the town and is “phase one” of their future family home. Building in sections has allowed them to spend only $20K so far on the house, which currently stands at 270 square feet. Not long [...]

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A New Beginning in Their Mold-Free Tiny Home

Olivia Farabaugh is a singer-songwriter in the Nashville area who was diagnosed a few years ago with Chronic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (CIRS) after living in an apartment riddled with black mold. Her health was rapidly declining, and they needed a way to control their environment — so they went tiny! This custom tiny house was [...]

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The IncrediBus Family of 5 On the Road for 3 Years! 10

The IncrediBus Family of 5 On the Road for 3 Years!

While you might be able to fathom having a family with toddlers in a skoolie, you might think it can’t be done with teens and tweens — but this family of 5 has proved otherwise! They have a 14, 11, and 10-year-old and have been on the road now for three years after downsizing from [...]

Timbercraft Tiny Homes Bunkhouse 3

Newest Timbercraft Tiny Homes Denali Bunkhouse

Here’s the latest Denali Bunkhouse model built by Timbercraft Tiny Homes for a client who wanted wants of natural light. There’s hardly a space in this tiny house that doesn’t have windows, so they definitely delivered! This model boasts a first floor bedroom with lofted ceilings. The actual loft in this house sits in the [...]

2020 NOAH RDI certified THOW in FL 11

2020 NOAH RDI Certified THOW in FL

Here’s a great starter tiny home for sale in Winter Haven, Florida. Everything but the interior was finished by professionals and inspected along the way, earning it a NOAH RDI certification for your peace of mind regarding what’s behind the walls. Inside, the home has a galley kitchen, 3/4 bathroom with a residential toilet, and [...]

Author & Husband Downsize from 3,000 to 320 Sq. Ft. 4

Author & Husband Downsize from 3,000 to 320 Sq. Ft.

Author Cate Beauman grew up poor, so when her writing career took off, she thought the logical next step was to buy all the bigger and better things. She and her husband got the 3,000 square foot house and were waiting to be happy. But when the happiness didn’t come (because they were so stressed [...]

Flamenco Tiny House by Baluchon with Half Circle Frame and Curved Red Roofing 0016

Flamenco Tiny House by Baluchon

The Flamenco tiny house is a one-of-a-kind, single-story model, built by Baluchon and available to purchase in Europe. It measures 24′ x 8.5′, and can accommodate up to 4 people. It includes a mezzanine, kitchen, living area, and bathroom. Its base price is $70,000. This tiny house has a half-circle frame, covered in a curved [...]