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They Built A SOLAR-Powered ALL-ELECTRIC Motorhome

This is the incredible story of how Joel and Keegan of Route Del Sol built a solar-powered all-electric motorhome in only two months. Incredible, right?

The downfall? Well, even with all of the solar panels, it’s not enough energy to keep moving every day unless you found somewhere to charge directly. Still pretty amazing, though, right?

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All-Electric Motorhome/Van Conversion With Lots of Solar Panels… They Built It In Only 2 Months!

Solar-Powered All-Electric Motorhome via FLORB 002

Image via FLORB/YouTube

Solar-Powered All-Electric Motorhome via FLORB 003

Image via FLORB/YouTube

Solar-Powered All-Electric Motorhome via FLORB 004

Image via FLORB/YouTube

Solar-Powered All-Electric Motorhome via FLORB 001

Image via FLORB/YouTube

VIDEO – Off-Grid Solar Powered Electric Van Conversion


Joel and Keegan have set up to drive a solar powered Electric van from Alaska to Argentina to promote renewable energy.

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  • Avatar Robert Aulicky

    Are the panels AC or DC?
    You mentioned the voltage at the beginning and end of the loop. Why not series each panel if DC? AC would separate each panel? The difference between AC & DC is no voltage loss if one panel is bad? Cool idea happy travels!

  • Avatar Jerry Dycus

    Great job!! While it might not cover all their driving miles, it’ll supply a lot of air conditioning and everything needed while parked.!!

  • Avatar rachel

    The RV I like is sold with flex solar panels on the roof. They are not the best solar because they cup
    and eventually hold water, so I would instead use 400-500w of regular solar panels as the better option.
    Good for them for promoting solar, it will happen on a larger scale some day.

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