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Henry: Vanpuravida Model Van Life with L-Shaped Couch

Here’s another incredible bespoke camper conversion from Vanpuravida in the UK, called “Henry.” The van uses its Himalayas layout, which includes a dinette that turns into an L-shaped couch, and a fixed queen-sized bed. There’s even a “spacious” van bathroom with a shower and composting toilet at the front of the build.

When you first walk in, you’ll find a little bench/shoe storage before running into the bathroom. The kitchen has both a two-burner cooktop and an oven upgrade, plus the most gorgeous backsplash! This conversion layout starts at £39,990 (~$49,860) sans the cost of the van base.

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Bathroom, Awning & Full Kitchen in Amazing Van!

Henry Vanpuravida 11

Images via Vanpuravida

Here’s an overall look at the layout.

Henry Vanpuravida

Images via Vanpuravida

The dinette turns into an L-shaped couch.

Henry Vanpuravida 33

Images via Vanpuravida

The queen-sized bed only has cabinets over the feet.

Henry Vanpuravida 4

Images via Vanpuravida

For cooking, you’ll find a two-burner cooktop and a small oven.

Henry Vanpuravida 3

Images via Vanpuravida

This backsplash is so pretty!

Henry Vanpuravida 2

Images via Vanpuravida

A spice rack is built into the wall.

Henry Vanpuravida 1

Images via Vanpuravida

I love all the wood-working details!

Henry Vanpuravida

Images via Vanpuravida

The inside of the shower, where there’s a composting toilet.

Henry Vanpuravida 8

Images via Vanpuravida

The view inside in the dark.

Henry Vanpuravida 7

Images via Vanpuravida

You can store shoes in this little cabinet.

Henry Vanpuravida 6

Images via Vanpuravida

The garage can fit two bikes!

Henry Vanpuravida 9

Images via Vanpuravida

A ladder takes you to the rooftop cargo area.

Henry Vanpuravida 10

Images via Vanpuravida

VIDEO: Unbelievable Van Tour!


  • 1 rigid solar panel, up to 370W (depending on the space available on the roof)
  • 105Ah Roamers Lithium battery smart app monitor control.
  • Battery monitor.
  • Victron MPPT 75/15 smart charger
  • Power inverter Victron Phoenix 12/800
  • Electrical and control panels on the right side in cupboards.
  • USB socket x2
  • 3 pins socket x2
  • 4x recessed ceiling light.
  • 2x wall mounted reading light
  • recessed lights in step or over the sliding door.
  • 2x LED strips
  • Electric certificate
  • GAS
  • 30L underslung LPG tank (refillable bottle system), with external filling point
  • Internal LPG level control panel
  • Thetford Topline 922, double gas hob with 12v ignition
  • 1x Roof extractor Maxx Air fan Deluxe with remote control.
  • 12v fridge/freezer Vitrifigo C85i. 90L (Black or silver colour, optional bespoke colour)
  • Whale Heat Air heater 5kw LPG with touch control panel (underslung mounted).
  • Whale expanse LPG gas and electric 240V water heater (underslung where possible)
  • Whale water pump 30psi (or equivalent) with filter and non return valve.
  • Whale water accumulator (or equivalent).
  • Whale piping.
  • 90L fresh water wheel arch tank with external filing point, 45L waste water tank underslung.(This depends of your vehicle model and year. We use the largest tanks available on the market depending of the underlung possibilities. You can eventually upgrade the tanks capacity or location with bespoke tanks)
  • KUS fresh and waste water level indicator (wall mounted control panel).
  • Bamboo kitchen worktop.
  • Reco surface 3D tiles effect for kitchen backsplash or wall paper special backsplash by Behangfabriek.
  • Plywood kitchen units with white shaker doors (different kitchen doors/front drawers available). 1st unit and 2nd units (W40cm) with drawers, 3rd unit with fridge, 4th unit (W60cm) for the sink with doors. (the optional oven also means a bespoke front door option, to be discussed).
  • 3 top cabinets.
  • Option of black, white or steel sink.
  • Option of black, gold or chrome kitchen tap with hot water.
  • Shelf niche on bathroom wall with spices jars.
  • Shower room with choice of cassette toilet Thetford C223CS or compost toilet Simploo.
  • Air vent from the heater for comfort during the shower and to dry your cloths easily.
  • Wall and ceiling with a choice of vinyl flooring sheets and/or plain white acrylic.
  • Shower set black, chrome or brushed gold.
  • Shelf niche for toiletry.
  • Choice of Tamdour door or homelike door covered with transparent Perspex (-and an internal white shower curtain.).
  • Roof 12v Light/extractor SwiftAir or equivalent.
  • Insulation with PIR board 50mm, 100mm Plastic recycled insulation fleece for cavities and expanding foam. Insulation layer covered and sealed with bubble foil as vapour barrier.
  • Painted plywood for wall and ceiling (Low VOC’s).
  • 2 lateral privacy glass windows (one opening, one fixed) equipped with blackout roller blind.
  • LVT wood effect flooring.
  • Metal part of the van that remain visible are covered with lining carpet when paneling is not possible.
  • Dinette area with 2 seats and storage. Bespoke upholstery cushion-matt x4 with a large choice of colour. Zip on every part for easy wash. Possible child berth (160x60cm).
  • Bamboo table with removable leg.
  • Platform bed (135x172cm), with mattress Premium Reflex 40H, 15cm thick. Zip on the side. To extend the length of the bed to 190cm, the optional flair pods are available (new Crafter model not recommended in this case).
  • 2 top cabinets.
  • Garage with Rubber black floor.
  • Premium garage with all the technical parts covered with plywood units and easy access to each components.
  • Smoke and CO alarm.
  • LPG alarm.
  • Extinguisher and fire blanket.
  • Gas Landlord’s certificate
  • Weight bridge certificate.

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{ 2 comments… add one }
  • Michael
    December 6, 2023, 10:29 pm

    A nicely made and well thought van conversion but unfortunately not suitable for tall guys.
    It lacks standing headroom and bed length because the uniform bodies of the nowadays vans doesn’t allow tall people to sleep across driving direction and standing headroom.
    In the past there were wider and bodies and fiberglass made hi-top roofs but sadly not anymore.
    You need to go for box vans which don’t handle and appear similar.
    On the other hand they have straight walls, allow better insulation and are easier to furnish.

    • James D.
      December 9, 2023, 6:02 pm

      Yes, the main benefit of a van is ease of travel but it isn’t very efficient and is one of the reasons Class B’s are more expensive for their size than just about any other RV type.

      Class C’s, trucks, are more efficient, allow for true 4 season insulation, more bang for your buck, easier to configure, etc. Though, there is a transition point where the 2 overlap, sometimes called Super Class B’s and brands like Winnebago have started to offer options like their Ekko series after high end custom companies started showing the benefits of just going a bit bigger than the van form factor.

      While trucks have been popular conversion options since the earliest DIY RVs, going back to around the 1920’s. So there’s much more history behind them than van conversions but, for some people, freedom of movement can matter more…

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