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Travel Trailers

Travel trailers can be a great alternative to a tiny house on wheels, especially if you want to travel and move around often.

Manufactured trailers are usually lighter in weight so they can oftentimes be easier to tow thanks in part also to their lower height (there are usually no sleeping lofts).

Travel trailers are usually built with a one level design so they’re not usually built as tall.

Some are compact and light enough to be towed with a small car, and there are other travel trailers that seem to have more space than many small apartments.

In this section, you’ll dive into the world of travel trailers. We also love to show you trailers that have been customized into tiny homes.

Travel trailers with customized interiors are homier and they don’t attract as much attention as tiny houses on wheels do.

On top of that, they cost less.

Especially if you buy used.

This can leave you with enough extra money in your budget to do some modifications and customizations to your trailer.

The downfall is that you will likely not have very good insulation versus a custom-built tiny home on wheels…

So please take that into consideration if you need to make it through any extreme climate conditions (you may need to reinsulate your travel trailer).

Anyway, please explore and enjoy the world of travel trailers and trailer-to-tiny-house conversions that we’ve been lucky enough to feature here. 🙂

Amazing Bunk Room for 4 Kids in this RV 2

Amazing Bunk Room for 4 Kids in this RV

Steve, Erin and their four children made a major lifestyle change after their oldest son asked if his dad didn’t love him because he was always working at the family business. They purchased a camper to spend weekends together and went some place local every single weekend! When they saw families in Florida living full-time [...]

From a Van Rental in Iceland to Their Own 5th Wheel RV. 3

From a Van Rental in Iceland to Their Own 5th Wheel RV

This couple took a van vacation around Iceland and Lauren fell in love with the nomadic lifestyle. She finally pestered Jon enough that they purchased a small Class C campervan and started living in it full-time. Eventually, they wanted a bit more space, though, so they upgraded to a 40-foot Heartland Elkridge Fifth Wheel. This [...]

Quebec Man Retires in His Self-Built Campervan

Quebec Man Retires in His Self-Built Campervan

Serge worked hard his entire life, but when it was time to retire, he was ready to start living for himself! After converting his campervan, he’s found a wonderful community and passion for the arts, including dancing and joining a band. He has an outdoor shower, hidden toilet-under-a-bench and a fixed bed he can crawl [...]

From 6000 sq ft to an RV Family of 5

Family Went From 6000-sq.-ft. to Nomad Life in an RV

The Hadleys had enjoyed RV vacationing and even a park model in the past, but that was with a 6,000+ square foot home base with three stories and lots of stuff. When Craig lost his job in 2020, he joked with Allison that they should sell the house and live in an RV. But that [...]

Her Truck Camper Running on Giant Dakota Lithium Power Grid 2

Her 4×4 Truck Camper Lifestyle

Valerie worked in the Navy as a Corpsman and got married — and divorced — young. What some people might have expected to upend her life instead jumpstarted the best parts of it! She left the Navy, bought a small travel trailer, and started her solo adventures. Eventually, she got an awesome gig with Dakota [...]

Their Awesome $15K Bus Conversion 3

Their Awesome $15K Bus Conversion

Sheena and Thom wanted to travel and see the places they kept seeing on TV and Instagram. A shuttle bus was the most affordable option for them and including the cost of the conversion, they were able to create a home on wheels for just $15K. They have just about everything you could want in [...]

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Living in her 30 Ft Keystone RV Full-Time

Full Time in her 30-ft. Travel Trailer

Like so many others, Danielle’s dreams of traveling the world were crushed in 2020, leaving her to find a way to satiate her wanderlust in the United States. So she decided on an RV — a 30-foot Keystone model with a bunk house that she transformed into an all-purpose room to give her a place [...]

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