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RV Life From 5 Year Plan to 8 Month Plan 8

They Sold Everything And Moved Into This Motorhome

Meet Anne and Brian, a couple who had originally planned to live on their sailboat but ended up trading it for a motorhome instead. Anne realized that she loved the land too much to live on the water full-time, so they started discussing other options, which eventually led them to full-time RVing sooner. They sold [...]

Content Creators & Family in Their 2021 RV 2

Content Creators & Family in Their 2021 RV

Dan and Sam are content creators (Dan has a hunting podcast and Sam has documented her surrogacy journey) who decided it was time to hit the road in their 2021 RV. Because the RV was newer, they haven’t had to do much to it to enjoy it! Their two kids have a bunk over the [...]

2002 Sunnybrook Fifth Wheel Boho Chic Renovation 16

2002 Sunnybrook Boho Chic Fifth Wheel Renovation

Here’s a fun renovation for you — a 2002 Sunnybrook Fifth Wheel completely overhauled with a beautiful boho chic flair. The changes are mostly cosmetic, and they add so much to this rig! You do get a woodstove with this one, which is a lovely and cozy addition. It’s rather heavy and built more for [...]

Florry The Lorry Empty-Nesters DIY Build 16

Building a Dream on Wheels: The Incredible DIY Box Truck Tiny House Built for Just £30K

Catherine and Chris have been living nomadically in their lorry (box truck) conversion for four years and are loving the freedom and functionality it offers them. “Florry the Lorry” is quite spacious (for a tiny house), and is covered in honey-colored wood that gives it a warm cottage feel. They have a wet bath, fixed [...]

andoit Moov Transit Trail 9

Vandoit Moov Transit Trail Van Conversion

If you’re not already familiar with Vandoit, it’s a professional van conversion company that specializes in a T-track skeleton and marine-grade modules that fit into popular vans and allow a customizable, modular rig set-up. They already sell the “Liv” and “Do” models, but just yesterday they released the all-new “Moov” model, designed to fit the [...]

Casper the Campervan For Empty Nesters 2

Empty Nesters’ Van Life Retirement Plan

Tim and Aimee are empty-nesters who wanted a way to explore — and visit their kids! They spent lockdown converting a 2019 Ford Transit with no prior building experience. They chose to prioritize a big, comfortable bed, coffee, and a bathroom in their rig. They have a cool hidden toilet that transforms into an emergency [...]

1987 Toyota Rogue Camper Total Overhaul. 2

1987 Toyota Rogue Camper Total Overhaul

Annabelle and Tyler graduated college in 2020 and were unsure of what the future was going to look like. They loved travel from the few international trips they’d each taken and they wanted to do more of it, so the search began for a vehicle they could make home. They landed on a 1987 Toyota [...]

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