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Tristan Van Conversion from Bemyvan

Meet the Tristan, a gorgeous professional van conversion from Bemyvan. This “B van” as they call it is specifically designed for off-grid living and boondocking! Built in a 2022 Sprinter, you won’t have to worry about any mechanical issues. The van features double swivel chairs, a flip-up countertop, a cooktop, a mini sink, and a [...]

Chris’ Self-Sustaining Skoolie is his 4th Rig in 11 years 3

He Built a Self-Sustaining School Bus with a Raised Roof and Deck

Chris told his grandmother as a kid that he wanted to grow up and live in the woods with his dog — and for the past 11 years, that’s more or less what he has done! He’s had two vans and a Class A RV before deciding to build his dream rig school bus conversion. [...]

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Unfolding Box Truck Goes from Stealthy to 350 sq. ft. Campervan

Unfolding Box Truck Goes from Stealthy to 350 sq. ft. Motorhome

Mario wanted a way to travel stealthily but still have room to spread out when he found a campervan-friendly spot. So he designed it himself! Altogether, he spent about $40k (in Euros) on his unfolding box truck, doing some work himself and then hiring some freelancers to finish the job. He used the best features [...]

Semi-Retired Couple’s Luxury Coach Bus Conversion

Semi-Retired in their Coach Bus Conversion

Yvan and Sylvie are on their third bus conversion and loving every minute of the freedom (and early semi-retirement) that bus life offered them. Their marriage was struggling with Yvan gone for work all the time and Sylvie at home running the family business. So Yvan convinced his company to let him travel in their [...]

Dog Foster Parents Raised Roof Skoolie 3

Their Short School Bus Conversion with an 8-Inch Roof Raise

This couple enjoyed working on yachts for a while until they were inspired to buy a short school bus to convert into their DIY motorhome. They fixed it up and used it on weekends at first, but they grew tired of the “go-go-go” lifestyle and eventually quit their jobs so they could hit the road, [...]

Family of 5 Living Debt Free in Renovated RV 3

Family of 5 Living Debt-Free in Renovated Motorhome

When Chuck mentioned the idea of traveling the country in their renovated RV, Shannon was having none of it. But two weeks later, she fell down the Skoolie YouTube rabbit hole and was completely on board. They ended up selling their home, almost all their stuff, and purchasing their Class A RV completely debt-free! Their [...]

World Travelers’ Renovated Motorhome

World Travelers Renovate Vintage Motorhome

Jerome and Meli have spent years traveling the world together. First, they met at the Olympics in Russia, then traveled around Europe and North Africa. They came to North America for what was going to be a one-year adventure and ended up spending three years exploring Canada, the US, and now Baja! Their DIY motorhome [...]

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