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Small Houses


Earthen Block Home Built for $50K From Local Earth!

People have been building homes from earth for thousands of years, but here in the U.S. we have gotten far away from the practice. AECT Earth Block hopes to change that, and they produce innovative machines that compress earth into compact building bricks that are resistant to just about anything! The company owner, Ryan, built [...]


Charming Couple’s 520 sq. ft. Cottagecore Life in Sleepy Hollow

While many people would be put off by the thought of living in a cottage near a Sleepy Hollow, NY cemetery, Lindsay and Jonas thought it was fate. The international couple (Swedish & American) were nearly homeless, trying to find a roof over their heads and a spot to put down roots. When they moved [...]

Robertas Small Cottage In Costa Rica After Remodel

Roberta’s Small Cottage In Costa Rica

This is Roberta’s small cottage in San Isidro de El General, Costa Rica. She bought the house sight unseen, later remodeled it, and has been living there since 2015. Not long after settling in, she built a tiny house (casita or ‘cabina’) on the property as well! She now rents that out on Airbnb for [...]

Outer Banks Art Deco Dome 26

Outer Banks Art Deco Geodesic Dome Home

Originally built in 1971, this art deco dome home recently underwent a major facelift, and the result is a bright and colorful art-deco dome home that sleeps 7! Inside there’s a full kitchen (with dishwasher), two queen bedrooms downstairs, and then two loft bedrooms upstairs and a bathroom. It looks like a fun place to [...]

Liz’s Small Home & Seaweed Bath Business 3

Her Garden Shed Tiny House

This is Liz’s lovely small home, built from an old garden shed on her parents’ property. Her mom and dad are excellent DIY-ers, and did much of the work together with Liz to help build out her awesome little home. It features a bedroom that connects to the rectangular living/kitchen/bathroom via a small breezeway. The [...]

pender_island_cabin__Claudia Laurenz

Pender Island Cabin: Sisters Build 600-sq.-ft. Modern Cabin

Architect Stephane Gaulin-Brown designed this gorgeous 600-square-foot cabin for her mother and aunt. It sits on a rocky cliff on Pender Island, British Columbia. Stephane told us, “The cabin uses vernacular building methods and is recognizably Westcoast in style, yet it has a contemporary edge. The clients were two sisters who wanted to build a [...]

Pink Dome Bungalow 34

Pink Dome Cottage in Galveston, Texas

This is an amazing Pink Dome Bungalow in Galveston, Texas where you can enjoy an awesome family vacation. It’s about 1,400 square feet, so “small” rather than tiny, and features three bedrooms and two bathrooms! The deck surrounding the dome adds another 2,000 square feet of outdoor living space, which is pretty incredible. Of course, [...]

400sf Mystic Mountain Tiny House in Alaska 001

400-sq.-ft. Mystic Mountain Tiny House in Alaska

This is a 400-sq.-ft. mystic mountain tiny house near Seward, Alaska. The little cabin is nestled in the forest, has mountain views, and features an outdoor deck. It’s located 5 minutes outside of the City of Seward on the Kenai Peninsula. Check it out and learn more below! Don’t miss other awesome tiny homes like [...]

The Skinny House (Spite House) is For Sale in Boston 1

The Skinny House (Spite House) is For Sale in Boston

The story goes that there were two brothers: One went to fight in the Civil War, while the other remained in Boston. During the war, their father died, and the Boston brother built an expansive home on the land the brothers inherited. When Civil War brother came home, he found all that was left for [...]

Natalie’s $400 Pallet Shed 18

Natalie’s $400 Pallet Shed Using Reclaimed Materials

It’s Natalie here! I do a lot of the writing about tiny homes here, but today I want to show you what my husband and I have been working on — an 8×6 pallet shed using tons of reclaimed materials and rough cut lumber from a local sawmill. We have three little kids and live [...]

Boxable Unfolding Casita Prefab Tiny House via Faircompanies 001

$50k Prefab Tiny House Ships At 20-Ft. And Unfolds To 375-sq.-ft. In An Hour 

This is a $50k prefab small house with a kitchen and bath that unfolds in as little as an hour. It’s the Boxabl prefab housing unit that can be customized in several ways. The units can be stacked to build a two-level home, and they can also be used as a larger home by building [...]

Dois 2 Bed 2 Bath Cube Cabin

Dois: 2 Bed 2 Bath Cube Cabin Plans (For Sale)

Here’s the Dois, another awesome cabin design that’s great for it’s relatively compact footprint. It packs in a full 800 square feet of living space, though, by going up to a second floor (with a staircase and full ceiling height!). Dois has two bedrooms on that second floor, and also a downstairs and upstairs bathroom [...]

16’ X 32’ Kyka Cottage 8

16’ X 32’ Kyka Cottage Plans from Small House Catalog

If you’re looking for something just a bit smaller than the Sno cabin we showed you earlier, the Kyka cottage might be just what you want! The Kyka has a nice open layout, with the living room and kitchen in one “Great Room” and then a bathroom and master bedroom adjacent to it. There is [...]

Sno Scandinavian Cabin Plans Modern 8

Sno: Modern Scandinavian Cabin Plans for Sale!

While it can be difficult to find municipalities that allow for foundation homes under 400 square feet (our usual threshold for “tiny”), bumping up the square footage a bit can allow you to have a littler home on land. The “Sno” plans from Small House Catalog looks like a perfect cabin home for a small [...]

Their 850 Sq. Ft. Vintage Cottage on Lake Ontario

Their 850 Sq. Ft. Vintage Cottage on Lake Ontario

Get ready to tour one of the most precious small homes I’ve ever seen. I’m taking notes for our own small home — the way that Lynne and JR use vintage pieces in such practical and stylish ways to create a completely unique cottage is truly inspirational! About 5 years ago they chose to sell [...]

Koteji Tiny House by The Small House Catalog 001

A 288-sq.-ft. Tiny House You Can Build

This is a 288-sq.-ft. tiny house with a sleeping loft, kitchen, bathroom, and deck. It’s an easy-to-build design, according to the plans description. It’s called the Koteji and it’s designed by The Small House Catalog, where you can get the plans and license to build it yourself. Don’t miss other interesting small house designs like [...]

The Gras 2-Bedroom Modern Cottage by The Small House Catalog 001

1008-sq.-ft. Modern Cottage With Covered Porch

This is a 1008-sq.-ft. two-bedroom cottage with a covered porch. When you include the living space alone, it’s an 896-sq.-ft. home. It’s called the Gras and it’s designed by The Small House Catalog, where you can get the plans. Don’t miss other interesting small house designs like this, join our FREE Small House Newsletter for [...]

850sf Small House ADU by Bunch Design 003

850-sq.-ft. Small House Built Legally As An ADU In Los Angeles

Oftentimes not only is building a tiny house illegal but so is building a small one. One way to get around it, is by building what’s called an Accessory Dwelling Unit, or an ADU for short, if eligible. Then this ADU can be operated as a guest house, in-law suite, vacation home, Airbnb, or what-have-you. [...]

Morgan’s Mission to Help Others Embrace Minimalism (and her 1,200 sq. ft. home)  2

Morgan’s Mission to Help Others Embrace Minimalism (and her 1,200 sq. ft. home)

One of the first steps to living tiny is to downsize one’s belongings. At the end of the day, there simply isn’t enough space to fit 2,000 square feet of stuff into 200 square feet! While decluttering coach Morgan lives in a modest (but not tiny) 1,200 square foot home, her organization advice is relevant [...]

The “Chicken Coop” Studio-Style Cabin

Backyard Studio-Style Tiny Cabin in Colorado Springs

Here’s an awesome vacation property in Colorado Springs, just minutes from the “Garden of the Gods” and downtown. Dubbed the “Chicken Coop” because there used to be a coop on the property, this fully-renovated cabin looks nothing like a home for poultry! Grand vaulted ceilings with skylights make the small space feel especially open. The [...]

The Cobb Haus in Cobb California 14

The Cobb Haus Woodland Cabin w/ Bright Interior

Located in Cobb, California, the Cobb Haus is a lovely cottage tucked in the pines with a large deck and open interior. While the exterior of the cabin looks very traditional, inside you’ll find white-painted wood that makes the place feel modern and bright. There’s an open-concept living/dining/kitchen space complete with a farmhouse kitchen table [...]

Hygge Supply Kit Homes

Tiny Houses And Cottages From Hygge Supply

Our reader, Sam, recently introduced us to Hygge Supply — a reinvented kit home that offers all kinds of modular options for building! While the company can build standard-sized houses, their smallest unit is a 149 square foot cottage, and the next size up is a still-tiny 307 square foot “Large Cottage.” These aren’t prefabricated [...]

Jack Hanna’s 700 Sq. Ft. Cabin in Montana 2

Jack Hanna’s 700 Sq. Ft. Cabin in Montana

Famous Zookeeper Jack Hanna could have built any retirement home he wanted, but he chose a simple 700-square-foot log cabin, tucked in the Montana forest. The cabin, built in 1996, features one bedroom and one bathroom, and is decorated in classic lodge style. Sadly, Hanna was recently diagnosed with dementia which has been rapidly progressing, [...]

Modern Off-Grid Cob House Tour - Outside - Exploring Alternatives

This Epic Cob House is Off-Grid and Earthquake Resistant!

This monolithic cob house is completely off-grid with a 1-kilowatt solar power system and a backup generator for electricity, a Rumford fireplace and propane radiant in-floor heating, and a constructed wetland for natural wastewater treatment. The modern interior living space is approximately 1,000 square feet in size with an open-concept kitchen, dining, and living room, [...]

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