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Small Houses

14×40 Tiny House w: Sewing Nook!. 2

14×40 Barn Conversion with Sewing Nook

This tiny house appears to have been built from a fancy shed base, and the result is stunning! The great thing about tiny homes on skids is that you can increase the width. This one is 14 feet wide, and that provides plenty of space for bonuses like a walk-in closet and an under-the-stairs sewing [...]

Shulista Croft Wigwam 1. Isle 9

Isle of Skye Wigwam Cabin with Breathtaking Views

While this pod-style tiny house is undoubtedly simple, the views it affords are truly breathtaking! To this day, the Isle of Skye is by far the most magical place I’ve visited, and getting to experience from this tiny wigwam might be the best way to do it! Each of the pods on the land includes [...]

Pumice Strawbale Tiny Homes

Pumice Strawbale Tiny Home in New Zealand

Innovative construction methods are always exciting, and this Pumice house in New Zealand used 200 bales of barley straw, a waste product, to create an innovative sculptural vacation property. The house has a gorgeous first-floor bedroom with a roll-away TV, and a unique bathroom with a scultped shower stall. The bales are covered in a [...]

Off Grid Barn Tiny House Property Millers Creek NC 002

Tiny Barn Cottage on 10 Acres in Millers Creek, NC

Hey there, fellow tiny house enthusiasts! Today, I’ve got a gem of a property that will make your off-grid dreams come true. Nestled in the serene beauty of Millers Creek, North Carolina, this $124,900 cabin/tiny house is a hidden paradise waiting to be discovered. Let’s dive into what makes this property special! If you’re seeking [...]

Sunset Heights L Pool Spa Above Park 4

Sunset Heights: Two-Bedroom Joshua Tree Home

Sunset Heights is the newest vacation offering from Homestead Modern. The beautiful, historic Joshua Tree home has been remodeled, making it a modern, classy two-bedroom stay. Oh, and there’s a pool! The house has a standard open-concept living room and kitchen, which has full-sized appliances and a dishwasher. They have two King-sized bedrooms and two [...]

Historic Cottage in Galveston 001

Historic Tiny House in Galveston, Texas

Hey there, tiny house enthusiasts! I’ve got an exciting find to share with you today. Imagine owning a piece of history and calling it your home sweet home. We’re talking about the original “Tiny House” in Galveston, Texas! Nestled at 1513 20th St, this 1867 Henry Stringfellow Auxiliary House is up for grabs, and it’s [...]

Tiny Studio Home in Delray Beach 001

528-sq.-ft. Delray Beach Cottage

Hey there, tiny house enthusiasts! I’ve got a real gem to share with you today, and it’s not exactly a “tiny house” per se, but it’s pretty close at just 528 square feet of interior space. If you’ve been searching for a cozy retreat in the sunny state of Florida, this Delray Beach cottage might [...]

Cedrus Small House Plans 8

Cedrus Small House Plans: 945 Square Feet

Cedrus is a lovely 945-square-foot small house design that gets everything you need on one level. The house not only has two bedrooms, but also two bathrooms and a large open-concept living/dining/kitchen area. While this is too big to be tiny, it’s a great smaller option for a family, or for a couple who regularly [...]

Vanlifers Build Little Earth A-Frame Vacation Cabin 43

Van Life Couple Build Minimalist A-frame Cabin​

Michal and Monika built this unique A-frame using the A-frame Bunkhouse Plus plans from Den Outdoors. They live in Poland and built the house on 25 acres of family land. There’s also a sauna on-site to heat up your stay. The bunkhouse has a small kitchenette, a compact bathroom in the back of the A-frame, [...]

Pika and Chikadee Cabins built by Den Outdoors 2

Pika and Chikaree Cabins built by Den Outdoors

Today, we have a double treat for you! Two twin vacation cabins and the plans to build your very own version. Den Outdoors built the Pika and Chikaree cabins for Little Owl Cabin resort near Mt. Rainer National Park. And Den Outdoors also sells the plans (or will build it for you) so you can [...]

Falcon’s Perch by Groupthink Architects for TheHut.Company

Falcon’s Perch House Plans

Introducing the Falcon’s Perch, a 1488 square foot modern take on a traditional ranch-style home. Designed by TheHut.Company, founded by some of the architects at Groupthink Architects, this two-bedroom, two-bathroom home is a perfect small space for a family of four. It has a kids’ bedroom and a primary bedroom with an en-suite bathroom, but [...]

The Sqerly Nest14

The Sqerly Nest: 600 Sq. Ft. Foundation Home

Charlene and her husband built this incredible 600-square-foot tiny house which they currently rent out to travel nurses and plan on retiring in. They had a carpenter frame the space and then did the rest of the finishing work. They used reclaimed materials that enhance the home’s character wherever they could. The space has one [...]

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700sf Log Cabin in Butler KY 001

Kentucky Log Cabin on 5 Acres

This is a Kentucky Log Cabin on 5 acres in Butler, Kentucky. It’s listed for $175,000 with one bedroom and a full bathroom with a heated bathroom floor, a newly remodeled kitchen, new windows, and a generator hooked up to the house. What are your thoughts on this little log cabin in Kentucky? Would you [...]

460 sq. ft. Foundation Tiny House w: Shed Roof Plans

460 sq. ft. Foundation Cabin Plans

These are the plans for a lovely little modern tiny house with 460 square feet. The first floor has an open-concept living room and kitchen, with a bathroom off the side. A spiral staircase takes you up into the loft bedroom, which is almost a full second story because you can stand full height inside. [...]

576 square feet tiny home Alpine 3

Indoor-Outdoor Tiny House Design

If you live somewhere temperate, where the weather is almost always lovely, this would be an incredible house design! Since I live in the North, there’s no way I could manage my living and dining room perpetually outdoors, but I can imagine this could work for some in a more tropical climate. Or, perhaps, if [...]

Magical Dome on the Faroe Islands 14

Magical Dome on the Faroe Islands!

The Faroe Islands is an archipelago that’s part of the kingdom of Denmark, and is a truly breathtaking place in and of itself. If you want to explore these gems, you can spend the night in this “igloo-inspired” dome house with oodles of windows that let you take in the views. The dome has two [...]

Amazing Kit-Built Round Home on His Own Land

Amazing Kit-Built Round Cabin on His Own Land

Eric, an engineer with a love for mountain sports, wanted to get out of the city and closer to the action — so he built himself a 500-square-foot wooden yurt from a kit! He bought the land, routed electric and plumbing, poured a concrete slab with radiant floor heating, and erected the 25-foot-diameter structure right [...]

Small Home Plans w: A Mudroom! 3 2

Small Home Plans w/ A Mudroom!

We hope you’re enjoying the selection of new small home plans we’ve been digging up for you! While many people can handle life in less than 400 square feet, others need a little more elbow room. This 624 sq. ft. uses that extra 224 square feet to add a practical mudroom and a full bathroom, [...]

Storybook A-Frame Cabin 21

Storybook A-Frame Cabin with Monochrome Interior

This Storybook A-Frame looks ready to welcome a whole family of bears, or maybe a couple of children lost in the woods, or a sweet girl wearing a red hood! The A-Frame sits in the woods of North Carolina and has been decorated in a trendy monochrome beige that feels cottage-y and clean. The A-Frame [...]

Tiny on the Tundra 9

Tiny on the Tundra: 399 sq. ft. on 35 Acres!

This “Sweet Haus” is 399-square-foot park model that Ann Marie and her family placed on 35 acres on the Colorado tundra! Dubbed “Tiny on the Tundra,” it was a perfect solution to the lack of affordable rentals in their town. They had the park model shipped from South Carolina and then later built a large [...]

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The Round Haven On Big Glen Lake 6

The Round Haven Cabin in the Woods

I don’t know that I’ll ever get tired of showing off round homes here! While this 30-foot-diameter structure is more “small” than tiny, it looks itty-bitty next to the main house (also round) that stands nearby. The recently renovated space is brimming with luxuries like radiant floor heating, low or no VOCs, and organic cotton [...]

*New* Whiskey Game Cabin 19

“TN Jack”: Whiskey Game Cabin with Smokey Mountain Views

While this tiny house is rented out as an Airbnb, I think the layout and front porch would make it a perfect living space for a couple or small family! The extra width of the home means you get a spacious great room and a full kitchen, as well as space for a private first-floor [...]

714 sq. ft. Modern Rustic Cabin w: Rooftop Deck PLANS

714 sq. ft. Modern Rustic Cabin with Rooftop Deck: PLANS

While we specialize in tiny houses around here, sometimes people need a minimal life with just a little extra elbow room! This 741 sq. ft. design is perfect for a family of four, with a queen-sized bedroom and bunk room upstairs. On the first floor, you’ll find a kitchen with full-sized appliances, an entryway and [...]

Modern Cabin Nestled on 40 Acres w: Hot Tub 1

Scandinavian-Style Stuga Cabin in Kentucky

Tall Stüga is a brand-new Scandinavian-inspired cabin at Adkin Acres in Kentucky. The 600-square-foot cabin sits on 40 acres of gorgeous land that you can enjoy and explore. It sleeps 6 — two in the loft, two in the first-floor bedroom, and two (possibly) on the couch when it unfolds. The rest of the cabin [...]