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This is the story of how tiny house villages are being built for Seattle’s homeless by the Low Income Housing Institute and its volunteers and donors.

When they built the first tiny house, the first homeless person who got it cried (of joy) because it was the first time they’d been able to shut a door in years. Not only that but also the first time to be able to have a place to leave their belongings. And the freedom and lightness of not having to carry everything everywhere.

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Tiny House Villages Being Built To Help Seattle’s Homeless

Tiny House Villages for Homeless in Seattle by LIHI 001

Images via Derek Armstrong Mcneill/Vimeo

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Shirley Loomis’ Tiny House is for sale for $19,500. It’s located in the Manchester area but can be shipped anywhere, you must arrange that on your own though.

The house is built on an 18ft car hauler trailer. Take the tour below, let me know what you think, and if you’re interested in you can get in touch with Shirley below.

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Shirley’s 18ft Tiny House Is For Sale… $19,500 OBO

Shirley Loomis Tiny House For Sale 001

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This is a modern tiny house in Paihia, North Island, New Zealand with a large covered porch.

Inside, it features an open layout with a queen bed, living area, kitchenette, and bathroom. And best of all, it’s near the beach.

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Modern Tiny House Rental in Paihia, New Zealand

Modern Tiny House in Paihia 001

Images via Glamping Hub

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This is the story of a family of four living in a farmhouse-style tiny house with a playground built-in to their backyard!

This has to be the best family tiny house I’ve ever seen. Their kids must love it! And they (the parents) seem very happy as well. Be sure to watch the video below thanks to Living Big In A Tiny House.

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Family of Four’s Farmhouse-style Tiny House with Amazing Outdoor Space

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This is the Villa Max Tiny House. It’s a 10ft wide tiny house on wheels by Tru Form Tiny.

I don’t know about you, but I always love it when tiny home builders build park models. This one is 28ft long including the enclosed porch and 10ft wide. So what do you think of this tiny house?

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10ft Wide Villa Max Tiny House by Tru Form Tiny (FOR SALE)

Villa Max Tiny House by Tru Form Tiny 001

Images via Tru Form Tiny

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This is the custom hand-built tiny house trailers from Tiny House Basics.

These trailers are designed for tiny house construction. Check them out and request a quote if you’re interested. They also offer tiny house shells too! In these cases, you would only have to finish the inside of your tiny house.

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Custom Hand-Built Tiny House Trailers… This is Their 10-Foot Wide Trailer…


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