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Tiny House Real Estate

This is our tiny house real estate section. It’s where we cover any real estate that has any relation to tiny or small homes. So you’ll find a variety of types of homes from studio apartments and tiny homes to tiny cabins and small cottages.

Occasionally, you may even find a plot of land that can be your next opportunity for your home. We also cover real estate listings that feature grandfathered-in homes that are smaller than you would normally be allowed to build. Pretty cool, right?

What sort of property are you looking for? Who knows, you might find your dream tiny or small home (with land) here!

Tiny house friendly lot in Port Hope Michigan For Sale via Zillow 001
The Small House Book by Jay Shafer
Backyard tiny houses helping Californias housing problem via Faircompanies 001
Delta Bay Tiny House Village 001
Tiny House Estates Community in Northern Indiana 001
500 Tiny Homes Coming to Austin Area Communities
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