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Tiny Apartments

430sf Tiny Apartment That Sleeps Five Renovation 001

Tiny Apartment Renovation

This is a 40m2 (430 square feet) tiny apartment renovation. In a collaboration between The Tiny House Company (design), Georgia Ritchie (design) and Greg Thornton Constructions (construction), this tiny inner-city apartment was renovated to sleep 5 and accommodate short-stay guests.1 Don’t miss other great tiny and small homes – join our FREE Tiny House Newsletter! 430 [...]

Spanish Plumber Builds Secret Studio Under a Bridge 03

Man Builds a Secret Studio Under a Bridge in Spain!

This is the story of a man named Fernando Abellanas, a Spanish plumber turned furniture and lighting designer, who built a secret studio under a bridge in Spain. Wow. Location remains undisclosed. Enjoy! Spanish Plumber Builds a Secret Studio Under a Bridge Read the full article/interview with him on Dezeen and watch the video below to [...]

The World’s Tiniest Hotel One-Room Denmark Vacation

The World’s Tiniest Hotel? One-Room Denmark Vacation

This may or may not be the World’s Tiniest Hotel, one luxurious room located above an adorable cafe in Denmark where you can spend the night and enjoy breakfast the next morning. It’s called the Central Hotel & Cafe and you can read more about the quaint and cozy room (featuring great recycled materials and [...]

MCKA Attic Transformer 13

MKCA’s Attic Transformer: Amazing 225 sq. ft. Apartment

This the Attic Transformer, an amazing 225 st. ft. apartment created from an attic space in West Village, New York City, and wow is it cool. MKCA, or Michael C Chen Architecture designed this multi-functional space that fits everything you need into a very tiny apartment. The main wall can be completely closed up, or [...]


GRAU.ZERO Architecture’s Modern Apartment Makeover

This is GRAU.ZERO Architecture’s Modern Apartment Makeover in Aveiro, Portugal. The Portuguese architecture firm, led by Sérgio Nobre, designed this small space (about 616 sq. ft.) from an outdated existing apartment that’s long and thin. Although currently unfurnished, the interior features bright white walls, fun corners and zig-zagged walls, and a ton of open space. [...]

The Arcade

Microloft Apartments in Oldest US Mall

You might have noticed that mall-shopping is becoming more and more outdated. Many giant malls that used to attract millions of adults (and teenagers) are being abandoned, but the oldest US mall has been renovated and transformed! The Arcade in Providence, Rhode Island is now home to tons of “microlofts” between 250 and 800 sq. [...]


Tiny Modern Apartment in South Korea

This is a tiny modern apartment. According to this post on Imgur, It’s located somewhere in South Korea. Please enjoy, learn more, and re-share below. Thank you! Tiny Modern Apartment in South Korea A few months ago I moved to a new, bigger apartment in Seoul! This apartment is about twice as big as my [...]

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