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Van Dwelling

Her Murphy Bed Van w Earring Display & Safety Wall.jpg 3

Her Murphy Bed Van w/ Earring Display & Safety Wall

Kati had dreamt about vanlife for nearly a decade, but about 3 years ago she made it her goal to transition into a van — and then she made it happen! The result is a really cool ProMaster with a folding safety wall that blocks off the cab when needed, but opens up otherwise. She [...]

Their $12K Simple Ambulance Conversion 2

Their $12K Simple Ambulance Conversion

They weren’t looking for an ambulance when they decided to transition from backpacking to vanlife, but it’s what popped up in their budget — and they made it into an awesome home for two digital nomads. Because of the extra width (compared to a Sprinter), they were able to comfortably fit a stationary full-sized bed. [...]

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Elliot’s Meticulously-Planned Rig w Murphy Bed 2

Elliot’s Meticulously-Planned Rig w/ Murphy Bed: FOR SALE

Elliot’s van is honestly a marvel of van engineering! Not only did he do everything “differently” than the norm, he did it well. You’ll find a queen-sized Murphy bed, 8 feet of counter space, no garage, and one powerful power system made possible by Tesla batteries. He lived in the van from summer 2020 until [...]

Doggie Foster Mom’s 2019 Ford Transit Build Out

Doggie Mom’s 2019 Ford Transit Van Life

This is the story of Casey and her four-season 2019 Ford Transit camper van build, where she lives tiny and travels with her dogs. Casey has always had van life brewing in the back of her mind, and when the pandemic hit, the timing seemed ideal. She designed her 2019 Ford Transit tiny home by [...]

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20-Year-Old EJ & Her Dad Built This $20K Short Bus Home 2

She Built a $12k Raised-Roof, Short-Bus Skoolie with her Dad!

When EJ saw one of her friends head out traveling with his mom, she felt jealous and wanted that kind of freedom! Thankfully, her dad was totally on board with her plan and helped the 20-year-old completely transform this short bus into a raised-roof school bus tiny home. She only spent $12k on the entire [...]


Jed and Sandy’s Full-Time Van Life

This is the story of Jed and Sandy and their full-time van life. The couple initially sold their home, quit their jobs, and downsized into a 30-ft. travel trailer. Years later, they decided they wanted to downsize once again into a van so that they can get to more remote places during their travels, allowing [...]

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Sarah, Banjo & Vanna White Digital Nomad Vanlife 3

Sarah, Banjo & Vanna White Digital Nomad Vanlife

Sarah had experience traveling and camping, but her launch into vanlife wasn’t as predetermined as one might expect! It was a bit on a whim when she was tired of apartment living that she went and bought her van. Thankfully she’s been working remotely for a long time, so she had the job part all [...]

2016 Isuzu flatbed truck 2

Dad Chooses 2016 Isuzu Flatbed Truck Life

After his divorce, Joe was looking for a way to avoid renting a room with a bunch of guys or buying real estate in Oregon, but he still wanted to be near his kids. Taking this box truck and turning it into a home was the perfect solution, and allows him to join his teens [...]

Chad and Pauls Storyteller Camper Van Tour via Tiny Home Tours 002

Chad and Paul’s Storyteller Van Life

This is the story of Chad and Paul’s Storyteller Van Life with their 4×4 Sprinter Storyteller Overland Stealth Mode! After having another van, they traded up for a Storyteller Overland in Stealth Mode which features a unique and highly functional layout that they are much happier with. The campervan also features a unique interior shower [...]

Roger and Melissas The Custom Rustic Van Conversion by Drifter Vans 002

The Custom ‘Rustic Cabin’ Van Conversion by Drifter Vans

This is a ‘Rustic Cabin’ custom van conversion by Drifter Vans, a camper van builder out of Detroit, Michigan. The van has a kitchen, bathroom, and plenty of lounging and storage space. From the outside, it looks like a cargo van with some extra windows and an awning, but when you go inside it looks [...]


FedEx Truck turned into his Stealth Tiny House

This is the story and tour of John’s Ex-FedEx step van conversion. That’s right – he took a FedEx delivery truck and turned it into his stealth tiny house! Don’t miss other interesting stories and tours like this, join our Free Tiny House Newsletter for more like this! His Stealth Ex-FedEx Truck Tiny House The [...]


Stealth Van Conversion with Rain Shower

This is the Arden, a stealth van conversion with a luxury rain shower built on a 144 wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter cargo van by LTV Customs featuring an impressive interior. It has a cockpit with seating for three thanks to a unique two-seater swivel passenger bench seat. Check it out and learn more below! Don’t miss other [...]

Former Children’s Ambulance Becomes a Home 2

From Children’s Ambulance to his Tiny Home

While there’s certainly nothing wrong with gutting something like an ambulance and transforming the bare bones into a cozy house, the way Keith made a liveable space while using most of the original hardware/furnishings of the vehicle is impressive. He wanted to pay homage to the first responders and children who used the ambulance before [...]

Stephanie & Pebbles Her Van w Oven, Toilet & Shower. 3

Her Van Life with Kitchen, Toilet, and an Indoor Shower

Stephanie made sure to include everything that was important to her in her van, including an oven and three-burner stove so she could cook anything she dreamed up. She also made space for a shower and a toilet, making this truly a micro home on wheels. Before van life, Stephanie was a chef and owned [...]

Ex-Gov’t Rig Insulated w Local Alpaca Wool 2

Their Custom, DIY, High Top, 4×4 Van Build

Anna and Devin made DIYed this amazing minimalist off-roading rig and even added a raised roof! Anna did most of the interior carpentry while Devin worked full-time, and while she calls it “wonky,” she really did an excellent job. The vehicle was once a government rig, which means it had some special features. Their blacked-out [...]

144 Sprinter Van Cottage with Indoor Shower by Monsai Conner 006

They Turned a Sprinter Van into a Cottage!

This is a 2018 Sprinter van that was converted into a cottage-style campervan in 2021. It has a privacy wall between the cockpit and the living space. The van also has a kitchenette, indoor shower, a rear bed that converts into a dining space, and storage underneath. All of that in a 144 wheelbase Mercedes [...]

Showgirl & Personal Trainer’s Glam Van, Loretta

From NYC to Van Life After the Pandemic 

Dottie had spent 13 years living in New York City and working as a burlesque dancer, showgirl, personal trainer, and bartender. The pandemic put her out of work and eventually she left the city and moved back home. Her mom and stepdad have actually been living the RV life for a while, so it runs [...]

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Digital Nomad & Travel Nurse’s Van Sanctuary 3

Digital Nomad & Travel Nurse’s Van Sanctuary

I don’t know that I’ve ever heard of a vanlife couple who spent as much time and forethought regarding making the move into a vehicle! They spent a full year plotting and planning and discussing all the things that could go wrong in order to prepare themselves. Now that they’ve been living tiny for over [...]

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Average Brad’s Short Bus 2

Average Brad’s Short Bus w/ Tons of Storage

If you’ve watched any of the Tiny Home Tours videos we post here, you are probably familiar with Brad’s work. He is a regular videographer for their YouTube Channel, but that’s not all! He’s an amazing photographer and sells his prints and works some commercial gigs as well. This isn’t his first rodeo with tiny [...]

Sam & Kelly’s Sprinter w Bathroom & Guest Bed

This Sprinter Van Conversion has a Shower and Guest-Bed!

There’s no denying that vans are just about as tiny as tiny living comes, but Sam & Kelly included the major comfort of a shower and toilet into their van design. For Kelly, it was a must-have when they moved in after 10 months of converting their Sprinter into a home — but now? She [...]

Lefty’s Promaster with Epic Bug Net Installation 2

He went to all the National Parks in his ProMaster Van Conversion

Lefty is a thyroid cancer survivor on the trip of his life visiting all the national parks! He rock climbs, bikes, and camps out in each park until he’s seen it all, and then he moves on to the next location. When he’s done with all the physical exertion of his day, he crawls into [...]

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Emraald ProMaster Van by Vandamme Conversions 0011

The Emraald Van Build by Vandamme Conversions

This is the Emraald van build by Vandamme Conversions. They’re a custom camper van company based out of San Diego, California. Don’t miss other interesting van conversions like this, along with other sorts of tiny homes, join our Free Tiny House Newsletter for more! The Emraald Van Conversion Details THE COMPANY Built by Van Damme [...]

Nomad Brad’s Uhaul Bachelor Pad

Nomad Brad’s Uhaul Bachelor Pad

Brad was a business-and-home-owner stuck in the grind, and he wanted a change. After a trip camping in nature in his SUV, he started the downsizing process – selling and tossing his stuff so he could go mobile. This Uhaul conversion is his third rig, and it has everything just the way he wants it! [...]

Cargo Van With Indoor Shower by Perry Vans 003

Cargo Van With Indoor Shower by Perry Vans

This is a 2019 Ram ProMaster cargo van conversion with an indoor shower by Perry Vans. It was converted in 2021 and includes a full-size indoor tiled shower, platform bed with storage, a kitchen, solar, lithium battery power storage, and more. Don’t miss other interesting van conversions for sale, join our Free Tiny Houses For [...]

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Lauren & Her Dad Built Out this Stunning Blue & White Van 5

Lauren & Her Dad Built Out this Stunning Blue & White Van

Lauren had been dreaming of #vanlife for awhile, but thought it would never happen. But when lockdown hit, she got her chance. She managed to convince her dad to help her build out the interior of her Ford Transit while she was living at home. They did an absolutely amazing job! The inside is a [...]


From Van to Bus to Home to Van Builders & Glamping Hosts

Get ready for a wild ride with this awesome family! Jake, Gianna and their daughter first set out with van life in 2018. When Gianna found out she was expecting again, they upgraded to a bus. But after three years on the road, the family ultimately decided to “settle down” again and purchased a home, [...]

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