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Van Dwelling

Macrame-Creator’s Gorgeous DIY Van Conversion 2

Creative Lifestyle in her Gorgeous DIY Van Conversion

For Francesca, travel was a part of life, and van life gave her the opportunity to *live* her travels. So she and her dad spent five months building a truly gorgeous van! You’d never know this wasn’t a professional conversion. She chose a convertible bed in the back and while this layout is “controversial,” she [...]

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Big Van Dreams in Their DIY Rig 14

24 Countries in 2 Years: Big Dreams in Their DIY Van Life

Chantal (from the Netherlands) and Lukas (from Switzerland) were dating long-distance and tired of being apart but didn’t know where to settle down. So they decided to ignore the question, convert an Opel Movano bus, and travel Europe! In the past two years, they’ve visited 24 countries and have big dreams to see more of [...]

He Built His Own Wheelchair-Accessible Van

He Built His Own Wheelchair-Accessible Van

Loren was in a baseball accident in his 20s that left him with paralyzed legs and limited arm mobility — but that didn’t stop him from converting a power wheelchair-accessible van with a fellow friend who uses a wheelchair! Now Loren and his wife, Karla, can take trips in the van, get into the wilderness [...]

Author & Blind Dog on Book Tour in a Van

Author & Blind Dog on Book Tour in a Van

Dawn adopted the blind and toothless Daphne when Daphne was four years old. Their time together inspired Dawn to write a children’s book series about the adventures of a blind dog. Living in a van was a way for Daphne and Dawn to tour the country and promote the book. Shortly after their tour began, [...]

His $80K Van w Incredible Garage Storage

His $80K Van Life with a Full Bathroom and Garage Storage

Ryan has always loved outdoor activities and wanted a lifestyle that would allow him to do more of what he loved. Vanlife was the answer. But instead of rushing into a conversion right away, Ryan took his time, carefully planning out every detail of his future home on wheels, and spent a solid 13 months [...]

Couple’s Bright and Airy Campervan w Epic Security System

Their Bright and Airy Van Life

Sarah had done a simplified van life with her ex and loved it, but it took her awhile to “grow the guts” to set out on her own. She finally took the plunge and later met Tori and they started dating long-distance. Tori would fly into wherever Sarah was staying, and they took short trips [...]

Long-time Tiny House Fan Traveling in Ford Econoline 2

Long-time Tiny House Fan Traveling in Ford Econoline

Nick has been “into” the tiny house movement since it first gained popularity, but it took a while for him to finally take the plunge and start traveling full-time. He began his journey in a larger RV, but hated that he couldn’t get to the more remote spots he wanted to — so he downsized! [...]

He Left Everything Behind for Freedom in Vanlife 2

He Left Everything Behind for Freedom in Vanlife

Joe had done all the things society says will make you happy — he excelled in Real Estate, got married, had kids, and moved into a 3,500-square-foot home — but he was pretty miserable! So he got divorced, put others in charge of his properties, and bought/converted a van. His life has never been the [...]

He Added a Pop Top to His Sprinter Van 2

Pop Top with a Sliding Bed in his Sprinter Van

While pop-top campers are nothing new, adding your own to a regular Sprinter van is quite remarkable. That’s what Stu did! He had a low-top Sprinter and wanted more headroom and amenities, and he was able to get that with his innovative DIY. The downstairs of the rig is equally impressive, with great storage, a [...]

Touring National Parks in Their ProMaster w Convertible Bed 2

National Park Adventures: Couple’s Van Conversion Journey

The biggest debates when converting a van seem to be 1) Should you install an indoor shower? and 2) Should you have a fixed bed or a convertible one? Blake and Tabby chose to maximize space and leave out the shower. They also chose a convertible bed that sets up as a U-shaped conversation area [...]

Meg’s Simple & Practical Van Conversion (w pets!) 3

Her Simple & Practical Van Life with Pets

Meg was going through a divorce with her partner of 15 years just as 2020 pushed her Boston-based job remote. With nothing tying her to Massachusetts anymore, she decided to move home to Colorado and find a van to convert. Her goal wasn’t a fancy conversion, but something practical that met her needs and the [...]

DIY ProMaster w Office & Rooftop Deck

Van Life with an Office & Rooftop Deck

Garrett and Staci met in preschool, dated in high school, got married, got jobs, and got a house. They “had it all” and yet something was missing. After some serious soul-searching, they realized that being able to travel and explore was just what they were longing for! Their DIY ProMaster conversion has all kinds of [...]

New Glampervan CEO Shows Off His Rig

CEO Moves into Van Life

Drew came to Glampervan a few years ago to help create amazing custom rigs for others. He realized rather quickly that it didn’t make sense to pay for an apartment in the Bay Area when he was spending all his time building vans, so he soon moved into one himself! He has moved up the [...]

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They Spend 9 Months on a High End Build 5

Nine Months Building their Camper Van

Andrea and Jacob lost their field of work in 2020, and were feeling isolated with all the travel bans. The Swedish couple decided a van would be a great way to save on rent and be able to see more of Europe. Their original plan was to do a quick budget build, but they ultimately [...]

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They Turned An Amazon Van into a Tiny Home

They Turned An Amazon Van into a Tiny Home

Remember Hope and Manny who built two micro bike trailers for homeless people? Well, here’s a look at their personal van conversion! They spent about two months converting a former Amazon van into an awesome little home. Before this, they lived in a bus conversion. They have a bench that converts into a child bed, [...]

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Building a Box Truck in 90 Days 3

Building a Box Truck Tiny House in 90 Days

These scuba divers were working in Honduras when they met and wanted to spend more time together. Polly had always dreamed of #vanlife and Isaac had already built out one rig, so they decided to build something together. They only had 90 days, though, because that’s the longest Isaac’s Visa would let him stay in [...]

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the eNook electric camper van collaboration with Maxwell Vehicles ePro chassis

Game Changer in Electric Camper Vans: The ePro by Maxwell Vehicles

Here at our Tiny House Talk, we love celebrating innovative designs that blend comfort, functionality, and eco-friendliness. Today we’re talking about something truly exciting – a vehicle that might revolutionize the way we approach camping, road trips, and van life. Introducing the Maxwell Vehicles ePro Vanacea Electric Camper Vans, a fusion of modern technology and [...]

1997 GMC Savanna Conversion Van 001

1997 GMC Savanna Boho Camper Van by Florida Van Life Co.

Get ready for a thrilling journey with a newly renovated boho dream conversion van! This 1997 GMC Savanna 2WD by Florida Van Life Co. could be the perfect companion for creating lifelong memories on the road and it is available for $24,850. From its off-grid capabilities to its cozy interior, this camper van might have [...]

Pamela Van-Dernson Short Wheelbase Camper Van 2

Stealth Cargo Van Life with Her Pets

Pamela wanted to travel but didn’t know how to afford it or how to bring her pets along. When she discovered van life, it was the solution to her problems! She even added a unique built-in screen door to keep her cats inside the van as well as the fresh air. This is actually her [...]

Her Gorgeously-Designed Ford Transit Conversion 2

Life Coach and her Beautiful Van Life

Abigail works as mystic guide/life coach, leading others to a phenomenal life while living her own amazing life in her gorgeously-designed Ford Transit. She loves the shape of these vans, which allowed for more overhead storage and even a closet area to hang nicer clothing. She chose a slightly moody color scheme, with white ceilings [...]

7 Years of Vanlife w No Plans of Settling Down 3

Seven Years of Van Life with No Stop in Sight

Patrick was in college, but it wasn’t working for him. When he saw a video about #vanlife on YouTube, he decided to drop out and chase his dreams! Seven years and six rigs later, he’s living in his dream van with no plans of ever stopping. “Gadget” the van is bursting with innovative features, including [...]

His Awesome Professionally Built Van w Toaster Oven 3

His Awesome Professionally Built Van w/ Toaster Oven

Josh lost his beloved dog in 2020, and started reevaluating his life and goals. He found out about vanlife on TikTok and within four months he had sold his house and gone to pick up the van he had built by a professional to meet his needs. Since then, he’s been traveling with a group [...]

Van Baja has a fleet of Van Rentals

Van Baja Has a Fleet of Van Rentals! Look At This One

Van Baja offers tourists an adventurous and affordable way to see all the ins and outs of Baja, Mexico by renting one of their awesome vans! There’s a special cabinet designed to fit carry-on luggage, an optional portable toilet that hides under the dinette, and swivel seats, so you can sit and socialize or eat [...]

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DIY Ram Promaster with Oven & Round Table

DIY Ram Promaster with a Skylight

Elizabeth suggested vanlife to Destiny as a joke, but before they knew it, the couple was leaving regular 9-5 city life behind and jumping into converting a van. Neither of them had a lot of experience, but you’d never know looking at their gorgeous home on wheels. I love that they chose a round table-top [...]

2022 Ram ProMaster Van Life Rental in Tennessee by CT Vans 001

Try Van Life: Rent this 2022 Ram ProMaster Off-Grid Campervan

Are you curious about the van life experience but hesitant to commit to a full-time lifestyle change? Well, we have fantastic news for you! Imagine having the opportunity to hit the open road and explore the beauty of nature in a fully-equipped campervan without a long-term commitment or huge financial risk. Today, we’re excited to [...]

Upgrading from a VW to an Awesome Sprinter 3

From a VW Bus to a Ford Transit Van Conversion

Johnny’s van life began in 2019 in a VW Bus which he loved, but ultimately he wanted some more space. So he upgraded to a Ford Transit with an incredible convertible system that can be set up in a number of wild combinations (bed, desk, dinette, and more!). He does have a storage unit where [...]