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Van Dwelling

Single Mom’s California Vanlife with Young Daughter 2

Single Mom’s California Vanlife with Young Daughter

Bathsheva grew up in Paris and Israel, and eventually came to the United States on a work visa and found her “true home” in California. Unfortunately, her business went under in 2020, leaving her needing another option for housing. That’s when she decided on vanlife. She has a young daughter, Sarah, and she designed the [...]

Their Micro Van with a Harry Potty Ceiling!

Their Micro Van with a Harry Potter Ceiling!

Sam and Chris have made it all the way from New York to Oregon in their awesome micro van — with their two dogs! Chris is a tattoo artist, and she’s so excited to be traveling and tattooing on the road, like she’s always dreamed of. They carry an inflatable boat on the roof of [...]

Angry Bird Hotel w 1929 Ford 2

Angry Bird Hotel w/ 1929 Ford Tow Vehicle

Rickey didn’t want to end up in a nursing home after a lifetime of adventure, teaching English and truck-driving, so he used his handy skills to transform a 1968 bus into his home — and he tows it with a 1929 Ford! He designed the exterior of the rig to look like the red Angry [...]

How These Accidental Vanlifers Ended up in Their Dream Rig 3

How These Accidental Vanlifers Ended up in Their Dream Rig

Bai is Australian and Den is from the Netherlands. Their plans to be together were upended in 2020, and they wanted to hurry up and get back to Australia as lockdowns started closing borders — but they weren’t ready to buy a home. Instead, they bought a van to live in “until things got back [...]

1986 Volkswagen Vanagon Fry & Clare

Van Life Since he was 17 Years Old with a 1986 Volkswagen Vanagon

Fry first got this van when he was just 17-years-old, and he later added an awesome wooden pop-top to his rig that’s truly one-of-a-kind. He spent years alone in his van until he met Clare, who moved in after her own solo van life! Between them, they have 14 years of combined vanlife experience. The [...]

From the Netherlands to Discovering Europe in Their Campervan 7

From the Netherlands to Discovering Europe in Their Campervan

Jarrik and Vivian are an amazing couple from the Netherlands who wanted a chance to tour Europe and decided what better way to do so than in a self-built campervan. They spent 10 months, while still working full-time, converting their van and making it a stunning home on wheels. They have a fixed bed in [...]

Her Ford Transit Conversion w Epic Security System 4

Her Ford Transit Conversion w/ Epic Security System

Lindsay is an awesome enterprising woman who has lived in her self-converted van, Beau, for the past year. She’s now selling the rig, which took her 8 months to complete while she worked full-time. She’s converting another van which she may live in or sell when the time comes. Her van is decked out with [...]

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She Bought A Bus & Quit Her Job in 48 Hours

She Bought A Bus & Quit Her Job in 48 Hours

Olivia had been a nurse for about 5 years and was completely burnt out. She saw a listing on Facebook Marketplace for a converted short bus for $10K. She had enough money in the bank from selling her home to immediately purchase the rig — and quit her job — in just 48 hours. Believe [...]

self-built beach cabin-on-wheels 11

Their Self-Built Beach Cabin-On-Wheels

Before the world changes in 2020, Charlotte and Nico went on a magical campervan trip in New Zealand, and fell in love with the concept of nomadic living. So they ended up buying and converting a really cool boxy van into their “beach cabin-on-wheels.” Both inside and out, this van has an airy nautical feel [...]

His Module Van Conversion & How You Can Copy It! 5

His Modular Van Conversion And How To Build Your Own

Florian used his lockdown time to let his creative juices flow. He wanted a campervan conversion that worked for his lifestyle: Something that he could take on weekend or week-long adventures; that could sleep one or two people; that could hold his mountain bike or chest refrigerator if needed. So he created an epic modular [...]

Travelling Europe in Their Starry Night Van 5

From Cargo Van to Stealth Tiny House in 47 Days

Sonja and Jonatan were frustrated with apartment life after needing to hire lawyers when their landlords tried to illegally end their lease. It was time for a change, and just a few weeks later they bought a van and in just 47 days (with no prior experience) created a beautiful home on wheels! The most [...]

Splitting Time Between Homesteading & Vanlife

Splitting Time Between Homesteading & Vanlife

This is Sophie’s second interview with Tiny Home Tours. Two years ago she was a full-time consultant living full-time in her van. Since then, she’s traveled internationally, spent some time in Baja, quit her full-time job, and started homesteading on a friend’s hunting land in Kentucky. Oh, and she gutted and re-did her whole van! [...]

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Archways, Tuck-Away Toilet & Cedar Shower Van Conversion 2

Archways, Tuck-Away Toilet & Cedar Shower Van Conversion

Joe and Lindsay are on their second van conversion, and their experience shines all throughout this build. They added some amazing features such as archways to the bathroom and bedroom, a full bed with bump outs so you can sleep stretched out, and a dazzling quartz countertop! Perhaps the coolest feature in this van is [...]

Buddhism and meditation in her van

Buddhism and Meditation in Her Van

Stacey wanted to live nomadically even before it was popular, but hesitated until two years ago, when she finally found a van and chased her dream! She practices Buddhism and meditation and made sure her van fit her lifestyle. Most of her indoor time she spends at her bench and slide-out table. As a vegan, [...]

1979 VW Riviera Bus Camper Van for 35k 002

1979 VW Riviera Bus Camper

This is a 1979 VW Riviera Bus camper van known as the Struggle Bus on Instagram that’s up for grabs. It’s a pop-top Volkswagen camper van that looks to be in great condition available for $35k out of Tacoma, Washington. Learn more below! Don’t miss other van conversions like this, join our Free Tiny House [...]

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Ram ProMaster Camper Van For Bicycle Enthusiasts 002

This 2019 Ram ProMaster 2500 Van Conversion is Perfect for Cyclists!

This 2019 Ram ProMaster 2500 van conversion comes equipped with a bicycle storage tray with enough space for two bikes in the rear storage area under the bed. The camper van is called Vaniel Larusso and it was built by Wanderful Wheels out of Durango, Colorado, according to the seller on the Van Life Trader [...]

Rock Collector Has Spent 4 Years in Her Awesome Van 2

Rock Collector Has Spent 4 Years in Her Awesome Van

Victory has been living nomadically for nearly a decade. It all started after she turned 18 and went to four different overseas universities, moving from apartment to apartment and seeing the Continent. She had moved nearly 20 times before she settled into her van. At first, Victory planned to travel the U.S. by hitchhiking across [...]

Exploring Australia in Her Volkswagen High Top Transporter 11

Exploring Australia in Her Volkswagen High Top Transporter

Maddi’s former job had her traveling all over the world, but she hadn’t seen much of her home country of Australia. It was time to change that, so Maddi turned to van life. She’s been on the road enjoying all kinds of adventure activities — from spearing fish to scuba diving — ever since. Her [...]

Josiah’s Green Machine 1982 Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon 2

Josiah’s Green Machine 1982 Volkswagen Westfalia Vanagon

Josiah had a successful career in Silicone Valley, but was ready for more! So about 6 years ago he decided to become a nomad, and was surprised at the stigma that accompanied his choice. Still, he regrets nothing and loves what he does outside his van more than his rig itself. His 1982 Volkswagen Westfalia [...]

vansteaders_faces-2 (1)

The Vansteaders Left NYC To Travel the Country

For Alissa and Cody, what began as a simple lockdown project soon transformed into an entire lifestyle overhaul. They quit their jobs, built out this $60k rig and moved in ready to travel the country. They have a hammock, hidden toilet, full-sized bed and tons of storage. They also discuss a hidden laundry chute and [...]

GMC 1989 C3500 Vandura 4

Skoolie Conversion: GMC 1989 C3500 Vandura

Here’s a DIY skoolie that’s an awesome entry-level way to get into bus life. It is simple on the inside with a few sets of cabinets, a sink, and a pull-out pantry and chest refrigerator. The bus is a GMC 1989 C3500 Vandura, and it’s for sale by owner now. Check it out below! Don’t [...]

Airbnb Entrepreneurs Embrace Truck Life!

Couple’s Adventurous Life in a Truck Camper

Eric and Marissa always wanted to travel, but their non-remote jobs were holding them back. Once the couple figured out ways to manage a couple of Airbnbs and a rental van, they found the freedom to enjoy life on the road! Their camper sits on top of a flatbed truck and has all kinds of [...]

13 Years of Vanlife & Now They Have a Baby!

13 Years of Vanlife & Now They Have a Baby!

Allie is one amazing woman — she’s been #vanlifing for 13 years in a number of self-built rigs, and she also built a chalet which they rent out on Airbnb. She met Dan in Baja about three years ago and the couple started traveling together. While they weren’t expecting to add a newborn to the [...]

High Ceiling Camper Van w Articulating Solar Panels

High Ceiling Camper Van w/ Articulating Solar Panels

Erin and Joe were slowly sucked into van life after a fun road trip left them wanting more. They completed their build in early 2020 and decided to go ahead with traveling to outdoor spots after lockdown. They needed a bed that could fit Joe at 6 ft. 4 in., so they have a couch [...]

2019 Ford Transit Conversion 6

Cute And Cozy 2019 Ford Transit Conversion

This 2019 Ford Transit has a charming and cozy home-like feel. Honey-colored floors and upper cabinets contrast beautifully with the mint green lower cabinets. There’s a unique bathroom at the back of the van, with an indoor shower, sink, and toilet (you use a shower curtain to keep water off the bed). Under the queen-sized [...]

zephyr van sleeps 3 22

The Zephyr Van Sleeps 3 & Has Indoor Shower

Here’s a professionally-built van by Boho.Life. It’s been on the road since October 2022, but the owner got a new job without a remote work option, so Zephyr is for sale in Colorado. This rig includes an indoor bathroom that takes up just over 4 square feet! A toilet hides in the cube that can [...]